Chapter 10 The Mysterious Bottle

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Chapter 10 The Mysterious Bottle

Han Li slowly walked out of the Divine Hand Valley and walked along the path in the mountain towards the vaguely visible Chishui Peak out of habit.

He didn’t have anything important to do now. The reason why he ran to Zhang Tie on time every day in the past few days was just to see Zhang Tie’s strange grin when he was practicing under the waterfall.

This “Elephant Armor Skill” is really not something that ordinary people can endure. It’s just that the first level has to endure such great torture. In the later levels, it has to be practiced to the point where the person can shed at least a few layers of skin.

“I guess Zhang Tie has some regrets now. The tyranny of this “Elephant Armor Skill” is far beyond the imagination of little brats like them.” Han Li thought as he walked, and used his feet nonchalantly. He casually kicked the fallen leaves and branches on the ground.

“After a few days, the two of them will beg Doctor Mo together to let Zhang Tie practice other martial arts so as not to suffer the consequences.” Han Li thought, thinking that he could find a way for his friend to escape from the present situation. There is a way out of suffering, and I feel a little inspired.

Han Li looked up at the trees on both sides of the road. At this time, it was already late autumn, and the branches of all the trees were bare. There was a thick layer of fallen leaves and dead branches piled up on the path. It was soft and uncomfortable to walk on.

At this time, from a mountain not far away, there were faint sounds of the collision of weapons, mixed with several loud cheers from time to time.


Hearing these sounds, Han Li looked at the mountain peak again, and his mood that had just improved turned bad again.

These are the teaching brothers of Baifengtang, training the new disciples in weapons combat.

Whenever Han Li saw other disciples gathering together for training with real swords and guns, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, and he wanted to pick up real swords and guns and play hard with them. Unfortunately, for some reason, since he officially became a disciple of Dr. Mo, Dr. Mo has strictly prohibited him from touching these things, and has not allowed him to go to other teachers to learn other martial arts, saying that it will hinder his progress in practicing the formulas.

Therefore, Han Li could only covet it. Occasionally, in private, he could borrow a few weapons from a few close friends and dance back and forth a few times to enjoy himself.

Really, what’s so good about the set of formulas I’ve practiced? Until now, I haven’t seen any use in it. The other disciples who started together are getting better and better as they practice, and their martial arts are advancing by leaps and bounds, but he is standing still and cannot see any changes at all.

Even Zhang Tie, who had only practiced the “Elephant Armor Kung Fu” for two months, had become thicker and rougher, more able to withstand beatings, and his strength was much greater than before.

But if he hadn’t been accepted by Doctor Mo, he might not have been able to pass the registered disciple test two months ago, let alone stay in the mountain and be able to send so much money home.

If you can’t learn anything else, just don’t learn it.

Han Li complained in his stomach while comforting himself.

Han Li withdrew his gaze from the distance. He was still muttering in his heart, but his energy was even more distracted. He looked at both sides of the path with a dull gaze, not knowing what he was looking at.

Suddenly, Han Li took a breath of cold air, his expression became strange, and then he almost grinned behind his ears. He squatted down like a nervous reflex, pressed his right toe firmly with both hands, and then lay half-ly on the grass in pain. This sudden and severe pain suddenly made Han Li After being knocked down, his face turned a little pale, and a heartbreaking pain came from his toes from time to time.

It seemed that he accidentally kicked a very hard stone in the pile of leaves.

Han Li stood up, hugged his ankles with both hands, and subconsciously blew air into his injured toes through the cloth shoes on his feet. At the same time, he secretly worried in his heart whether he would The injury will be serious, and the toe will suddenly become bruised and swollen, affecting your daily walking.

After a long time, Han Li finally got over the pain. He raised his neck and glanced around in the pile of leaves near his feet, trying to find the culprit that had caused him this terrible misfortune.

The leaves scattered on the ground all around were all the same monotonous yellow color, and it was impossible for me to find the target I was looking for among the messy leaves.

, Han Li frowned, scratched the ground a few times with his hands, grabbed a relatively thick branch, stood up carefully, leaning on his heels and tiptoeing.

Then, as if unwilling to give in, he used the branch in his hand to push hard into the thick pile of leaves around him a few times.

Hey, something the size of a fist was picked out from a branch.

Han Li took a closer look and found that the culprit that caused his glorious injury was a round bottle-shaped object with a slender neck. The surface of the bottle was covered with soil and turned completely earthy gray, with no trace of its original color visible.

Originally, Han Li thought it was a small porcelain vase, but when he got it in his hands, he found that the weight was wrong. It was heavy and very heavy.

Is it made of metal? No wonder this thing is not big, but it hurts my feet so much. However, it is rare to see bottles made of metal.

Han Li was now interested in this small bottle and temporarily forgot about the pain in his feet.

I rubbed the soil on the neck of the bottle with my hands, and the original color of the bottle was revealed. It was green and very beautiful. There were also some exquisite dark green leaf-like patterns on the surface of the bottle. There was a small bottle cap tightly sealing it at the top. Bottle mouth.

There couldn’t be anything inside. I put the bottle to my ear with my hand and shook the bottle gently. I couldn’t feel anything shaking inside.

I put my hand on the bottle cap and twisted it hard, but it didn’t budge.

Han Li became more curious and was about to take the next step when suddenly he felt severe pain from his feet.

How could I have forgotten that the bad consequences of close contact with this thing are still on my feet?

Since I was injured, it seemed that I couldn’t go to Zhang Tie’s place, so I had better go back to my residence first, get some medicine for the wound, and then think about this unexpected little bottle.

Thinking of this, Han Li put the bottle in his arms, turned around, and limped back in order to prevent others from seeing it and not think it was too dirty.

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