Chapter 9 Elephant Armor Skill

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Chapter 9 Elephant Armor Skill

When Han Li recalled this, a knowing smile appeared on his face.

In the past six months, he and Zhang Tie had naturally become close friends who talked about everything because of their similar temperaments and similar backgrounds.

Han Li slowly uncrossed his legs and rubbed his calves with his hands. The long period of meditating and practicing had made his legs a little numb and his blood vessels were not smooth.

After rubbing it for a few more times, he felt that the feeling in his legs was completely restored. Han Li stood up from the mat, patted the dust on his body a few times as usual, pushed open the door of the stone room and walked out.

Looking back at the stone house where he practiced, Han Li laughed at himself a little.

This house is entirely made of hollowed-out solid granite mountain walls, and the door is made of a whole piece of bluestone. If ordinary people want to break in from the door, they don’t need to chop it with a giant axe. For a moment or three, don’t even think about achieving your goal.

Except for the sect masters, elders, and hall masters who have a certain status in the Qixuan Sect, even the core disciples of the Qi Jue Hall cannot have such a quiet room for practicing. This kind of stone chamber is specially built for people who practice advanced internal skills to prevent them from being disturbed by external factors during their practice and avoid going crazy. I don’t know what method Doctor Mo used to force several elders to agree to build such a stone room on the mountain wall in the Divine Hand Valley that ordinary disciples cannot enjoy.

As soon as this stone room was completed, Doctor Mo designated it for Han Li’s sole use. As soon as this decision was made, Han Li was somewhat flattered.

Doctor Mo was too kind to his apprentice. From the day he officially became his disciple, Doctor Mo gave himself several different medicines every day, and also used some unknown herbs to make soup to soak himself. Although I didn’t recognize the names and functions of these medicines, I saw that whenever Dr. Mo used these medicines, his usually expressionless face would show a look of reluctance, and he could understand a few things about these medicines. Precious place.

Obviously, these external forces are still very effective. Han Li’s cultivation speed has obviously improved a lot. He finally succeeded in breaking through the level not long ago and mastered the first level of this unknown formula.

It was just that when I was crossing the barrier, several meridians were almost broken, and I suffered some moderate internal injuries. Thanks to Dr. Mo’s superb medical skills, the damaged meridians were not too serious, and his willingness to use good medicine, there were no sequelae.

After Han Li was injured, Doctor Mo was even more nervous than Han Li himself. He was restless during the entire treatment process. After seeing that his injury finally improved, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Doctor Mo’s behavior was far beyond the normal affection between a master and a disciple, and it made Han Li feel a little uneasy for no reason. If it weren’t for the fact that no one in the Han family, except for his third uncle, had left the poor valley where his family lived, Han Li almost thought that Doctor Mo was a distant relative of his family.

After Han Li walked out of the stone room, he stretched and then slowly walked to his residence. After becoming official disciples, Han Li and Zhang Tie had moved out of the original house, and each of them had their own private cabin.

When passing Zhang Tie’s house, Han Li glanced casually.

Sure enough, Zhang Tie was not in the house again. He probably went to practice at the waterfall under Chishui Peak again.

After becoming Dr. Mo’s official disciple, Dr. Mo still asked Han Li to only practice this unknown formula without any intention of teaching him other skills. Perhaps to comfort him, Doctor Mo had no reservations about teaching him medical skills and taught him step by step. When he asked questions about his medical skills, Doctor Mo answered them to his satisfaction and allowed him to freely browse all the medical books in his house.

As for Zhang Tie, Doctor Mo taught him another very practical set of skills based on what he had said before.

The kung fu practiced by Zhang Tie is very strange. According to Dr. Mo, it is a rare martial art called “Elephant Armor Kung Fu”. According to him, few people in the world have seen this martial arts, and many people have even heard of it. I have never heard of it again, let alone anyone practicing it.

Different from the ordinary martial arts circulating in the world now, the general martial arts training process is from easy to difficult. The higher you get to the higher level, the more difficult it is to practice, and the effort required doubles as you go up. This martial arts is divided into nine levels. The first three levels are very easy to practice, and there is no difference in difficulty from ordinary martial arts. Starting from the fourth level, it suddenly becomes difficult, and you have to endure a lot of unimaginable pain and torture. Many people who practice this skill cannot bear this inhuman pain, so they stop here, and their cultivation has stagnated ever since. Not to mention the fifth and sixth levels of cultivation, the pain you have to endure is several times more than before.

However, this skill only needs to break through the sixth level and reach the seventh level. After that, the journey will be smooth and unimpeded. However, there are still a few days every month where you have to endure the pain of life and death on a regular basis.

All these discourage those who want to practice this skill, which is also the main reason why this skill is almost lost now.

This martial art is so unique, and its power is truly astonishing when it reaches the upper levels. It is said that a person who has practiced to the ninth level is as if he is wearing precious armor. He is invulnerable to weapons and weapons, and is invulnerable to water and fire. Not to mention the strength of his palms and fists, even precious swords and swords cannot seriously injure him.

What’s even more eye-catching is that after practicing this skill, ordinary people will gradually have the power of giant elephants, and when they reach high levels, they will become extremely powerful. They can capture evil wolves alive and tear tigers and leopards alive, which is extremely powerful.

This skill can be said to be both feared and loved by those who know him. Except for the master who created this skill, no one can practice this skill to the ninth level. Legend has it that this expert was born with no pain perception, so he was able to create such abnormal martial arts and bring this skill to the extreme.

Although Dr. Mo told Zhang Tie the pros and cons of this technique in detail, Zhang Tie had no personal experience of the harmful effects of this technique and did not take it seriously. He just coveted the power of the “Elephant Armor Kung Fu”, so he agreed to practice it without hesitation, and this martial art seemed to suit him very well. In just two months, Zhang Tie practiced it to the top of the first level.

Recently, Zhang Tie, in order to break through the first level of the “Elephant Armor Kung Fu”, under the advice of Dr. Mo, practiced every afternoon under the dozens of meters waterfall at Chishui Peak, withstanding the huge impact of falling from a high place.

According to Zhang Tie himself, this method is quite effective. There is only a thin layer of paper between the second layer and the bottleneck can be broken through with more effort.

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