Chapter 4 A feast

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Chapter 4 A feast

Ren Yufei looked for a stool and sat down on it doubtfully.

She didn’t know why, but she could feel a very special sense of security from Fang Lin, and subconsciously felt that she had no reason not to trust him.

Maybe it’s because he is Fang Tianai’s brother, so he doesn’t resist him?

Ren Yufei convinced herself in this way, but she couldn’t help but recall the scene in the water room where Fang Lin looked at her.

“Hey” Just at this moment, Fang Lin’s hand held her ankle, and her whole body trembled violently, letting out a somewhat ecstatic moan.

“Does it hurt? Bear with it.” Fang Lin looked up at her, told her, and then lowered his head again.

Ren Yufei’s feet are very beautiful, as white as jade, tender in her hands, and her calves are slender and straight.

Her ankle is indeed sprained. If it is not corrected as soon as possible, she may not be able to walk properly for a week, and it will soon swell.

Fang Lin used a unique technique to massage Ren Yufei. She didn’t feel any pain at all. Instead, Ren Yufei felt like her heartbeat was being gently caressed by her lover.

Unknowingly, Fang Lin straightened her foot injury and healed it. He put down Ren Yufei’s foot and said, “It should be fine. You try to stand up and walk.”

Ren Yufei was surprised. She stood up and walked a few steps doubtfully. She was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t hurt anymore and she could walk normally!

“You are so awesome!” Ren Yufei gave a heartfelt praise.

Just at this moment, Ren Yufei’s stomach made a gurgling sound, and her face suddenly turned red.

“What? Are you hungry?”

Fang Lin shook his head in a funny way. Although Fenghuang Village was poor, Ren Yufei was still a village party secretary, so her stomach growled because of hunger. It was really speechless.

Little did he know that Ren Yufei was in embarrassment. She just ate a dry steamed bun to satisfy her hunger today.

Ren Yufei blushed with embarrassment and didn’t know how to explain it for a moment.

Fang Lin said: “If you have nothing to do, you can go to my house for dinner later.

I brought a lot of good things when I came back this time, and Tianai and my dad were cooking at home. ”

It is very common for rural people to invite others to their homes for dinner, not to mention that Ren Yufei is alone and is Fang Tianai’s good friend.

So Fang Lin didn’t think too much and just invited him.

“You just came home and had a family reunion dinner. Isn’t it suitable for me to go there?” Ren Yufei brushed her hair beside her ear, feeling a little embarrassed.

“What are you sorry for? Let’s just say this. I have to go to the mountain to do some errands. You can go to my house first.” Fang Lin waved his hand and planned to leave.

Ren Yufei stopped being pretentious. She was indeed hungry, and she was also very greedy.

Then he packed up his things and left: “Then I’ll go to your house first to see if I can help you. I might as well start with you.”

After parting ways with Ren Yufei, Fang Lin followed his memory and went to the mountain and picked a lot of medicinal herbs.

Most of these herbs are wild grasses, and most of them are used by villagers to feed pigs, but in Fang Lin’s hands, they have unique uses.

Returning home with half a basket of herbs on their backs, Fang Baoguo and Fang Tianai had indeed prepared a sumptuous table of dishes.

The beautiful village chief Ren Yufei, salivating over the table of food, was busy working on the side.

Judging from the cordial appearance of her and Fang Tianai, they really got along well.

Fang Lin processed the herbs cleanly, pinched the heads and removed the roots according to the memory in the inheritance, selected the necessary replacement parts, and finally brewed the medicinal wine in a fixed proportion.

I brought back two bottles of white wine, one was used to make medicinal wine, and the other was opened and placed on the table for a few sips with Fang Baoguo later.

Fang Tianai very considerately served a portion of the food and served it to Wang Xiu’e, and then came to the table to eat with Fang Lin and others.

The Fang family’s life has been very tight recently, and they have been living on almost nothing but rice and pickles.

At this time, eating such a table of food, together with Ren Yufei and others, was so delicious that they could even swallow it with chopsticks.

Seeing his parents and sister like this, Fang Lin felt uncomfortable.

But since he is back, he will naturally not let his family live a hard life in the future.

What really left Fang Lin speechless was that Ren Yufei’s eating habits were almost more exaggerated than Fang Tian’s love for them, as if she was a starving ghost reincarnated.

Fang Lin couldn’t help but said: “Party Secretary Ren, eat slowly and don’t be in a hurry.

I’m a little curious. If you have such a good appetite, how do you maintain your figure? ”

Ren Yufei’s face turned red and her heartbeat seemed to skip a beat. Thinking of the previous scene of being naked in the Taoist temple, she thought hesitantly: “Is he hinting that I have a good figure?”

Seeing Fang Lin’s faint smile, she strengthened her thoughts and immediately secretly spat: “You stinking scoundrel, men are all really big pigs.”

Fang Tianai didn’t know what happened between the two of them before, so he explained from the side:

“Sister Ren is from the city and doesn’t know how to cook, so she makes do with meals every day.

In the past, when our mother was well and our family was cooking delicious food, Sister Ren could come to our house for a meal from time to time.

Since our mother’s accident, my father and I have been busy every day. Sister Ren, I probably haven’t even had a hot meal during this time. ”

“So that’s it.” Fang Lin nodded with sudden realization, and turned to ask: “I remember that there are several houses in the village committee compound. Can village chief Ren use one room to live in? Why do you live in a Taoist temple? Where is it?”

Ren Yufei smiled bitterly, while Fang Tianai explained angrily: “Sister Ren’s life is actually very difficult.

She came to our village to be the party secretary, but was excluded by the village committee.

The village committee house was obviously empty, but Liu Xiangyang said that no one could live in it, so Sister Ren had to live in a Taoist temple. ”

“Liu Xiangyang? Liu Ze’s father?” Fang Lin was stunned for a moment before he remembered who Liu Xiangyang was.

Liu Xiangyang is the father of Liu Ze who came to Fang’s house to cause trouble today. If Liu Ze is a gangster running rampant in the countryside, then Liu Xiangyang is the tyrant of Fenghuang Village.

It was because of Liu Xiangyang’s influence that Liu Ze dared to act recklessly in the village.

Fang Lin still remembers that Liu Xiangyang was a scoundrel when he was young, too lazy to even plant the land.

Later, he went to the city to hang out, took the blame for a big brother in the city, and spent several years in prison. After he was released, he received a huge sum of money and built a two-story Western-style building in the village, and he lived a prosperous life.

“Yes, Liu Xiangyang paid the villagers to elect him as the village chief four years ago, and he said everything in our village.

Fundamentally speaking, the reason why the village committee excluded Sister Ren was because Liu Xiangyang was squeezing Sister Ren.

Fenghuang Village was the voice of his Liu family, and he was not willing to let Sister Ren have any say in the village. ”

“Oh.” Fang Lin nodded. After a moment of silence, he picked up his wine glass and had another drink with Fang Baoguo, then asked a few people to continue eating.

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