Monster cultivating in a mountain village

The Chinese state has one of the most secret special forces, numbered "Hidden Dragon". The captain and instructor of the Hidden Dragon Force, the king of soldiers code-named "Dragon Teeth", was performing an extremely dangerous and important mission half a month ago. Although he successfully completed the mission goal, he was blocked and died overseas. A week ago, the Hidden Dragon Army held a funeral for Long Ya. The military awarded "Long Ya" nine first-class merits, 43 second-class merits, and 156 third-class merits. Posthumously named a special combat hero. ..."Phoenix Village, I'm back!" His body was upright, his movements were invisible...

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Chapter 5 Going to the city to sell wine

Chapter 5 Going to the city to sell wine

That night, Fang Lin talked a lot with his family. Fang Baoguo and the others were curious about what happened to Fang Lin in the army in the past few years, and Fang Lin talked about some things about the confidentiality regulations.

As for getting the inheritance of Huilong Jue and going to the special forces Hidden Dragon, he kept silent.

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