Chapter 47 Yuan Shao of Nanyang

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Chapter 47 Yuan Shao of Nanyang

When Wen Chou saw Zang Ba shouting, his heart moved, and he no longer valued Tian Feng’s reputation and jumped off his horse. He took two steps forward and flew forward to fight with Zang Ba. It’s just that Zang Bana also grew up fighting. How could he suffer such a disadvantage? He blocked Wen Chou’s fist with one hand, pushed forward with one foot, and suppressed Wen Chou’s fist with one hand. He grabbed it at the waist.

Seeing Zang Ba’s steady and steady fighting stance, Wen Chou knew that he had been too impatient and had not stabilized his position first. If Zang Ba was knocked down like this, his Wen Chou face would be in great disgrace. So Wen Chou quickly retreated. Then he steadied his horse and moved forward to grapple with Zang Ba again.

Lu Bu saw Zang Ba and Wen Chou fighting lively back and forth. It seems that the two of them are matched in chess, and there will be no winner for a while. Lu Bu felt reassured when he saw that Zang Ba had not revealed his defeat for a while. It seems that Lu Bu and Zang Ba have been sparring these days, and Zang Ba’s martial arts has improved a lot, and now he can compete with the famous Hebei general Wen Chou.

Lu Bu looked relaxed and casual as he watched Wen Chou and Zang Ba compete. However, they did not miss any details and were seen by Tian Feng on the side.

In Tian Feng’s opinion, with Wen Chou’s force, he should at least be able to compete with Lu Bu. But he didn’t expect that Zang Ba, just a follower next to Lu Bu, had already made Wen Chou waste a lot of effort. Even if he defeated Zang Ba, it wouldn’t be easy. Looking at the relaxed expression on Lu Bu’s face, Tian Feng already knew in his heart that with the force Wen Chou showed today, he was probably unable to compete with Lu Bu.

By this time, Tian Feng had a rough understanding of Lu Bu’s military power. Then there is no need to continue the battle on the field.

At this time Tian Feng laughed, came to Lu Bu and cupped his hands and said: “General Lu, today is a misunderstanding. The person who is competing with your subordinates is my master’s favorite general Wen Chou. I think this is the end of the competition. Let’s stop it, don’t get angry all of a sudden and hurt the harmony.”

Upon hearing Tian Feng’s words, Lu Bu laughed and said, “Mr. Tian is overly worried. People who practice martial arts rarely meet opponents. I only see the two of them as equals in martial arts. Maybe they will have feelings for each other.” .”

Lu Bu actually blamed Tian Feng for his words. Since everyone knew him, why didn’t he stop it at the beginning? Lu Bu felt that if he listened to Tian Feng in everything, he would not be looked down upon by Tian Feng.

Lu Bu said this and looked at Tian Feng’s expression. Tian Feng heard what Lu Bu said, but his face turned red, and he said helplessly: “Since General Lu is interested, let them compete again.”

This time, Lu Bu did not insist. He laughed and said: “There is plenty of time to learn martial arts, so there is no rush. I am really afraid that they will get angry.”

Having said this, Lu Bu took a few steps forward and came between Zang Ba and Wen Chou. He stretched out his upper hand, held down Zang Ba’s and Wen Chou’s fists respectively, and pushed them to both sides, separating Wen Chou and Zang Ba. .

Wen Chou and Zang Ba were fighting in a lively place. At this time, Wen Chou had gradually gained the upper hand. Just when he was thinking that he would be able to defeat Zang Ba in dozens more rounds, unexpectedly, Cheng Yaojin suddenly appeared. Wen Chou and Zang Ba were separated within one move. Although Wen Chou was deeply angry at Lu Bu’s rude behavior, he did not rush to speak out. Because Wen Chou had already sensed the danger, fortunately this was a martial arts competition. If he went to the battlefield, with this man’s martial arts skills, Wen Chou would probably only be beheaded. Thinking of this, Wen Chou’s scalp felt numb and cold sweat broke out.

Tian Feng, who was on the side, was greatly moved when he saw what Lu Bu did. Tian Feng originally thought that Yi Wen Chou’s martial arts skills were unparalleled in the world, but he did not expect that Lu Bu could actually defeat Wen Chou and Zang Ba, who were equally matched with Wen Chou. What kind of force is this.

Thinking of this, Tian Feng had already made up his mind to recruit Lu Bu into his master’s tent.

After Lu Bu separated from Wen Chou and Zang Ba, he hugged Wen Chou and laughed loudly: “We are all martial arts practitioners. There are opportunities to compete in martial arts at any time. Let’s not make people laugh on the street.”

Lu Bu’s words were obviously a bit arrogant. If someone had said that to Wen Chou in normal times, Wen Chou would have turned against him. But now that these words came out of Lu Bu’s mouth, Wen Chou felt that it was so natural. He hurriedly stepped forward and said: “What this person is saying is that I, Wen Chou, usually like to make friends with heroes from all over the world. Now that I have met you, how about I invite you to have a drink today?”

Hearing Wen Chou’s invitation, Lu Bu chuckled, turned around and asked Tian Feng, “Mr. Tian Feng, are you interested in coming with us?”

Tian Feng over there felt relieved when he saw Wen Chou and Lu Bu were going to drink. Originally, Tian Feng was still thinking about how to take Lu Bu to meet his master. But then I thought about it, with Lu Bu’s talent, who would take the initiative to seek refuge with him? You should find a way to get the master to invite Lu Bu. Although Lu Bu might not be able to invite Tian Feng’s master in his current capacity, it would be nice to at least look familiar to him.

Now looking at Lu Bu and Wen Chou, they both had expressions of regret for meeting each other so late. Tian Feng felt happy and decided to go to his master to discuss it immediately. He replied to Lu Bu: “General, just go ahead and don’t worry about Tian Feng. Tian Feng still has some things to deal with. When the things are done, he will naturally go to the general to talk to him.” .”

When Lu Bu saw that Tian Feng was leaving, he refused to stay. There must be a lot of things Tian Feng can’t say. Lu Bu also wanted to find a chance to ask, who is the mysterious master in the legend? Why did this man gather Xu You, Tian Feng, and Wen Chou together so quickly? What is the purpose of this person? Naturally, it would be much easier for Lu Bu to get these words out of Wen Chou than from Tian Feng.

After Tian Feng left Lu Bu and the others, he went straight to an elegant large house in Ye City. On the door plaque of this house, two strong and upright characters “Yuan Mansion” were written freely and elegantly.

This Yuan Mansion is different from ordinary wealthy families. As soon as you enter Yuan Mansion, you can see the bustle of people going back and forth. Some people are dressed as scribes, while others are dressed as military generals. People who don’t know think they have joined a theater troupe.

Tian Feng went straight to a study room in the middle of Yuan Mansion, pushed the door open and entered. Looking at a man inside who was about twenty-seven or seventy-eight years old, richly dressed, and powerful, he nodded slightly and said, “Tian Feng has met the master.”

When the man saw Tian Feng coming in, he laughed out loud, grabbed Tian Feng’s hand and said, “Mr. Tian, there is no need to be like this. I have told you so many times that everyone just needs to call me Mr. Yuan. In this way, master, master, They’ve all been called out for their lives.”

It turns out that this middle-aged man with a pleasant smile is Yuan Shao, the eldest son of the old Yuan family, the fourth and third prince of the Han Dynasty.

Although this Yuan Shao is the eldest son of the old Yuan family, it is a pity that he was not born to the main wife of the old Yuan family. Although Yuan Shao was well-rounded in both civil and military affairs and was very motivated, his position in the Yuan family in Nanyang seemed a bit awkward. He was often ostracized by his younger brother Yuan Shu and Mrs. Yuan Jiazheng. Yuan Shao, who grew up in this kind of family, has a tough mind and is determined to achieve something in his career and make his family members who treat him badly regret it.

Therefore, Yuan Shao came to Hebei early and used the connections of the old Yuan family to make friends with powerful local officials. Although Yuan Shao’s status in Lao Yuan’s family is awkward, in the eyes of outsiders who don’t know what’s going on, Yuan Shao is the orthodox heir of Lao Yuan’s family because of his promising youth and personable demeanor.

After Yuan Shao came to Hebei, he also learned from the ancients to cultivate scholars and recruited many celebrities from Hebei to serve as his staff, among which Xu You and Tian Feng were the outstanding ones.

After listening to Yuan Shao’s words, Tian Feng was moved and felt that Yuan Shao was approachable. As expected, Tian Feng was not with the wrong person, but he still insisted on his opinion: “It is really touching what the master said, but there are no rules, and the master cannot abolish the rules.”

Yuan Shao felt a little unhappy when he saw Tian Feng talking and looking like he was doing something to his elders. Then he changed the subject and said, “Sir, you are here in such a hurry. Is there anything you want to talk to Yuan Shao about?”

When Yuan Shao said this, Tian Feng hurriedly asked: “Master, do you still remember the Lu Bu that Xu You mentioned before?”

Yuan Shao thought for a while and said: “There was such a person, and Xu You asked me to give away a good pair of armor. It’s a pity that I just gave away the armor but couldn’t recruit that person for myself. ”

Speaking of this, Yuan Shao couldn’t help but lament.

Tian Feng on the other side had already started, talking happily.

“Mr. Yuan, Lu Bu has arrived in Yecheng. I wonder if Mr. Yuan wants to meet him?”

After hearing what Tian Feng said, Yuan Shao was not surprised, and just said: “Since Lu Bu is here, go and find him. It is best for me to use this kind of person.”

Tian Feng heard what Yuan Shao said, but he shook his head and said: “Mr. Yuan, this Lu Bu is the adopted son of Ding Yuan, the governor of Bingzhou. I’m afraid we won’t take it for our own use. It’s just that Lu Bu’s military strength is not as good as the rumors.” What’s more, even if Wen Chou and Yan Liang were put together, they might not be able to defeat this person.”

Tian Feng and Yuan Shao were discussing, but two people pushed in the door. When Yuan Shao looked, he found that it was Xu You and Ju Sue. When the two came in, they vaguely heard Tian Feng and Yuan Shao talking about Lu Bu again.

As soon as Xu You opened the door and came in, he said to Yuan Shao: “Master, this Lu Bu’s military force is indeed great, but when he was in Wuyuan County, he was only comparable to General Wen Chou now. I didn’t expect that he has made such rapid progress now. From Xu You’s point of view, Since this kind of person cannot be used by me, it is better to kill him quickly so as not to become a disaster for us in the future.”

Upon hearing Xu You’s words, Yuan Shao’s eyes flashed with murderous intent. Immediately, orders were given to kill Lu Bu.

Tian Feng on the side was a little anxious. Originally, Tian Feng came back in such a hurry because he wanted to persuade Yuan Shao to invite Lu Bu. Even if you can’t invite Lu Bu, you should at least be on good terms with him. Ding Yuan, the governor of Bingzhou, is definitely not someone to be trifled with. But I never thought things would turn out like this.

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