Chapter 46 Encounter with Tian Feng and Wen Chou

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Chapter 46 Encounter with Tian Feng and Wen Chou

Half a month later, Lu Bu brought Zang Ba to Yecheng. Lu Bu has never been to the capital, but Yecheng is the most majestic city Lu Bu has ever seen in ancient times. I saw Yecheng being busy with traffic. A recruiting notice at the city gate attracted many people to watch.

It turns out that since the Yellow Turbans rebelled, the Han Dynasty has expanded its military force in various places. Yecheng is an important town in Jizhou, so naturally the task of recruiting troops is extremely urgent.

Lu Bu and Zang Ba came to the city gate. At this time, there was a group of soldiers at the city gate. While checking the passers-by, I saw Lu Bu and Zang Ba approaching. A small leader shouted at Lu Bu: “Stop, check. Who are you? Why do you want to enter the city?”

Lu Bu didn’t feel surprised when he saw the military leader’s strict inspection. Lu Bu and Zang Ba must have brought weapons. And this Zang Ba’s appearance is really easy to associate with the bandit.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu reached into his arms to take out his guard. But after searching back and forth for a long time, Lu Bu still couldn’t find it.

Lu Bu was looking for his own defense, and the little military leader over there was indeed impatient. It turned out that the little army leader saw that Lu Bu was tall and powerful, so he led the tall horse and brought weapons. I knew there was a reason. However, Lu Bu and Zang Ba were both unfamiliar, and they were not famous people in Ye City.

Usually for this kind of person, as long as the military leader gives a slight signal, he will bribe the military leader with money. Naturally, the little military leader was spared the trouble and let things go.

But today, the little military leader saw that Lu Bu had been stroking his arms for a long time, but he didn’t give him even half a penny. He was immediately furious, but the little military leader looked at the white horse chasing the wind that Lu Bu was holding. As soon as he rolled his eyes, he had a bad idea.

Just listen to the little military leader shouting at Lu Bu: “Where are you thieves from? You have a sly look. You also brought weapons. At first glance, they are made of the Yellow Turban.”

Having said this, the little military leader wanted to greet his soldiers and said: “Brothers, come here and help me with these two people.”

As soon as the little army leader shouted, dozens of soldiers surrounded them with cheers, and each of them aimed their spears at Lu Bu and Zang Ba.

Seeing everything in front of him, Lu Bu was a little helpless. Come to think of it, Lu Bu was already a well-known general in Bingzhou, but he was bullied at the gate of this small town in Yecheng. Although it is not a dragon trapped in the shallows, it still feels like being tricked by a shrimp.

Seeing Lu Bu’s defeat, Zang Ba laughed loudly and said to Lu Bu: “It seems that your official position is not very good. Let me, Zang Ba, take the lead for you today.”

On the road these days, Zang Ba asked Lu Bu for martial arts advice from time to time, but every time he was severely punished by Lu Bu. So Zang Ba was sulking at Lu Bu. Today, Zang Ba finally found the opportunity to laugh at Lu Bu. How could Zang Ba not seize the opportunity?

However, he didn’t say anything. He just looked at the soldiers in front of him with pity. Lu Bu didn’t know when Zang Ba would vent out all the grievances he had suffered from Lu Bu these days. Will the military leader who really wants to rip off the situation regret it?

Thinking of this, Lu Bu whispered to Zang Ba: “Be careful, don’t kill anyone.”

Although Lu Bu had a strong opinion of these bullies, he was not the kind of person who liked to kill people at will.

Zang Ba turned around, gave Lu Bu a knowing smirk, shouted and rushed over to fight with the soldiers.

Don’t look at those soldiers, they are holding their spears in a decent posture. But when they really fought, it was a completely different scene. After just a moment, Zang Ba knocked him to the ground. It turns out that this Zang Ba got into a group fight and had a different situation, and even used people as weapons. Zang Ba was seen holding up both hands, grabbing a soldier in his hand, and throwing it away, he quickly laid all the dozens of soldiers on the ground.

Fortunately, Zang Ba remembered Lu Bu’s words and did not kill anyone. So every time Zang Ba grabbed a soldier, he only used the soldier’s body to hit one or two people, and then dropped the human weapon. Otherwise, if Zang Ba had to use one person to hit dozens of people, it would be difficult for that person not to die.

Look at Zang Ba placing dozens of soldiers on the ground. The little soldier’s mouth had turned into a round shape in surprise. The little military leader never expected that his greed would bring out such a powerful character. Seeing Zang Ba looking at him with evil intentions, Xiao Juntou turned around and ran away.

When Zang Ba saw the little soldier trying to run away, he hurriedly chased him. But he was stopped by Lu Bu. Just listen to Lu Bu say: “Why do you Zang Ba still want to rush into Yecheng and show off your martial arts?”

Hearing what Lu Bu said, Zang Ba scratched his head in embarrassment. Although Zang Ba is honest, he is not stupid either. Knowing that there was such a fuss, the two of them could not enter Yecheng.

Just when Lu Bu and Zang Ba were about to turn around and leave Yecheng. A burst of clapping came from the crowd.

When Lu Bu looked back, it was a middle-aged scribe who clapped his hands. This scribe was quite tall and wore a simple scribe’s robe, which made him look somewhat elegant and refined.

I saw this middle-aged scribe walking over to Lu Bu and Zang Bayi, cupping his hands and saying, “I’m in Tianfeng, Jizhou. What should I call these two strong men?”

Lu Bu was shocked when he heard Tian Feng’s name. Lu Bu didn’t expect that he would be so lucky to meet the famous Tian Feng here, a man with the talents of a king.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu quickly raised his hands and was about to answer, but was overtaken by Zang Ba on the side. Zang Ba laughed loudly and said, “You, Tian Feng, have some knowledge. My lord is the governor of Bingzhou, and Lü Bu and Lü Fengxian, the son of Lord Ding Yuan and Ding, are the governors of Bingzhou.”

This Zang Ba was usually vague, but this time he spoke in a clear-cut manner, quite a bit of a dog-eat-dog manner. Of course, Lu Bu just thought about this and would not say it out loud.

Seeing Zang Ba come out to chat first, Lv Bu also hurriedly replied: “I am Lu Bu, Lv Fengxian. I have long heard that Mr. Tian Feng is a great scholar in the world and has the talent of a king’s assistant. It is truly a blessing to meet him today.”

As the saying goes, a person can be flattered by nothing, and this is indeed true. When Tian Feng heard Lu Bu praise him for his talents as a king, his eyes immediately became much more eager to look at Lu Bu. But on the surface, he still laughed and said: “These are just some false names spread among the people. It must be those many words from You You that made Fengxian get these false praises.”

After a few polite words, Tian Feng invited Lu Bu and Zang Ba into the city.

“You two have come a long way, so please come with me, Tian Feng, to meet my master. My master has just returned from Luoyang these days. I believe that my master will be particularly happy to see these two warriors.”

When he heard that Tian Feng actually had an owner, Lu Bu’s heart suddenly became cold, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured from beginning to end.

However, Lu Bu was also very curious. Xu You said that he had a master, and this master was not the Zhen family of Jizhou. And it’s very powerful. Now Tian Feng also said that he has a master. Could it be that the master of these two people is still the same person?

Thinking of this, Lu Bu suddenly had an inexplicable idea: Could it be that someone had traveled through time like Lu Bu, and had he taken action in advance to snare all these talented people? If this is the case, it will be even more difficult for Lu Bu to conquer the world.

Lu Bu was thinking wildly, but Tian Feng on the side smiled and asked: “Did Xu You not mention my master’s affairs to you? Haha, this Xu You is too careful. It makes Fengxian worried.”

Lu Bu was about to ask Tian Feng about his master, when he saw a group of officers and soldiers at the gate of the city, cutting through the endless flow of people, rushing towards them. The first person was the little guard guard who had just escaped.

The little military leader came all the way, his face was already covered with dust, and the sweat on his head was mixed with it, so that he looked unkempt and embarrassed. But when the little military leader ran over panting, he saw that Lu Bu and Zang Ba still hadn’t left, and a gloating smile appeared on his face.

Behind this little army leader was a strong horse. This horse was a tall, mighty man with a stern face. The man raised his sword eyebrows and asked the young soldier: “Where is the troublemaker you mentioned?”

Seeing the people on the horse asking each other, the young military leader hurriedly turned around and said with a smile: “General Wen, those two people are the ones who caused trouble here and injured many of our brothers.”

As he said this, the little military leader pointed at Lu Bu and Zang Ba.

It turned out that this person was Wen Chou, who had already become the general of Yecheng. Today, Wen Chou was wandering around without anything to do, when he suddenly saw the little soldier guarding the gate leading a group of soldiers towards the city gate in a hurry. Wen Chou was fine at first, but when he saw the aggrieved look on the little soldier’s head, he knew there was going to be fun today.

When I asked, it turned out to be true. Especially when Wen Chou heard that a black-faced man had beaten more than a dozen soldiers with his bare hands. The greedy food in Wen Chou’s mouth was about to fall out. So there is the current scene.

Wen Chou looked in the direction pointed by the little soldier, and happened to see Tian Feng, Lu Bu and Zang Ba. Originally Wen Chou wanted to go on a killing spree and have a good fight with others. But when I suddenly saw Tian Feng, I felt a little overwhelmed. I secretly thought that if these two people knew Mr. Tian Feng, how could they have a conflict with the guards guarding the city?

Wen Chou calmed down his emotions and was about to step forward to talk to Tian Feng. However, Tian Feng shook his head slightly at Wen Chou, and then nodded slightly.

Although Tian Feng’s movements were light and natural, he could not escape Lu Bu’s gaze. Lu Bu watched Tian Feng and Wen Chou frowning and already knew what Tian Feng meant.

Tian Feng shook his head to let Wen Chou pretend not to see him, and nodded to hope that Wen Chou could take this opportunity to find out the details of Lu Bu and Zang Ba. Tian Feng must have heard about Lu Bu’s bravery, and Tian Feng only heard some hearsay from Xu You. It’s just right for Wen Chou to give it a try today.

However, Tian Feng nodded and shook his head again, which made Wen Chou on the horse confused for a while. He didn’t know what kind of medicine Tian Feng was selling in his gourd.

Wen Chou hadn’t come up to call for battle yet, but Zang Ba on the side was a little upset. Zang Ba took a step forward, pointed at Wen Chou and said loudly: “Hey, that man, are you going to fight or not? If you want to fight, come here quickly.”

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