Chapter 49 Dian Wei of Chenliu County

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Chapter 49 Dian Wei of Chenliu County

A few days later, on the official road outside Chenliu City, two war horses, one in front and one behind, were heading towards Chenliu. Standing on the horse was a handsome and tall man, it was Lu Bu. On the other horse was a tall, strong man with a black face, it was Zang Ba.

After Lu Bu left Jizhou, he took Zang Ba all the way to Chenliu. Lu Bu’s idea is very simple. Now that Yuan Shao has started to take action, it will be difficult to poach Yuan Shao’s corner.

So Lu Bu decided to come to Chenliu to poach Cao Cao. Lu Bu’s favorite general among Cao Cao’s subordinates was the Xiahou brothers, but these Xiahou brothers were Cao Cao’s sect. Now that Lu Bu was on the line, he might betray Lu Bu and defect to Cao Cao in the future.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu could only sigh secretly, wondering whether he could find a famous general in Chenliu this time. Everything can only depend on Lu Bu’s own luck.

Lu Buhe and Zang Ba were walking forward when they suddenly saw a commotion in front of them. Many people were surrounding a strong man, as if they were fighting. As soon as Zang Ba saw someone in front of him, he immediately became excited.

He smiled and said to Lu Bu: “There is a fight in front. Let’s go take a look.”

I saw Zang Ba smiling sarcastically, and before Lu Bu could answer, he had already rushed over.

Seeing Zang Ba rushing over in such a hurry, Lu Bu showed a wry smile and said, “It’s better to be a fool and be carefree.”

Zang Ba Pegasus rushed forward and happened to see a group of ragged men holding weapons surrounding a tall man. One of the leaders said to the big man surrounded by them: “Who are you? You dare to cause trouble with us. Do you think your life is too long?”

Although the man was surrounded by such a group of robbers, he didn’t care at all and said: “Just a few of you dare to come to our village to cause trouble. Hand over the things you robbed from our village quickly, or you will die.” There is no place to bury the body.”

The bandit leader chuckled ferociously and said, “I never spit out what I eat.”

As he spoke, the bandit leader greeted the people around him: “Let’s all come together and kill this arrogant boy.”

Following the leader’s greeting, the bandits around him also charged towards the strong man one by one. But these robbers didn’t expect that the strong man was extremely brave. He could hit a robber with every punch and kick he drew from the left and right. Despite how rampant these bandits were, they were knocked to the ground by the big man with three punches and two kicks. Seeing how brave the big man was, the other people helped each other and exited a circle, surrounding the big man without attacking.

For a while, the two parties were at loggerheads.

Zang Ba rushed over here. After seeing these scenes, he laughed and said, “Hey, are you robbing?”

Seeing Zang Ba, this group of people rushed over with dark faces. Thinking that someone was coming, they tightened the hilts of their knives and took half a step back again in a defensive posture.

Unexpectedly, after Zang Ba rushed up, he picked up the horse’s reins and stopped aside. He did not rush over, but just asked such an unclear question. Everyone was in a daze, and they really couldn’t figure out what Zang Ba was going to do.

Zang Ba saw these people looking at him. Then he waved his hand generously and said, “I’m just passing by, go ahead and don’t worry about me, I’m just here to take a look.”

After listening to Zang Ba’s words, this group of people became even more helpless. You look at me, I look at you, but for a moment I don’t know what to do. The little leader was even more anxious. They could no longer deal with a big man, and now there was a black-faced man. What should they do?

However, the little leader saw that everyone’s legs were spinning, and he had no intention of holding on. He secretly took two steps back and said loudly: “The wind is blowing hard.” He made a lunge and took the lead into the woods on the side of the road.

A group of robbers saw their leader and ran away, and the wind blew under their feet one by one, and they ran away. Seeing these robbers fleeing, the big man rushed up to stop them.

The big man had just chased him towards the roadside, but Zang Ba picked up the reins of his horse and stepped forward to stop him. I just heard Zang Ba chuckle and say: “Looking at your good martial arts skills, how can you fight with me?”

Zang Ba stopped him, but the man didn’t make a sound. He stepped forward and punched Zang Ba who was on the horse.

Zang Ba was not an easy man either. When he saw this man punching him, he took advantage of the situation and kicked him in a condescending manner. The two fists and kicks exchanged sounds of “boom, boom, boom”. Zang Ba then fought with this man.

The man and Zang Ba were fighting fiercely here, and Lu Bu was riding over slowly. Lu Bu saw Zang Ba fighting with others and did not step forward to stop him. Lu Bu knew in his heart that Zang Ba had been bullied by Lu Bu these days and had always wanted to find someone to vent his anger on. But Zang Ba couldn’t beat Lu Bu and was defeated by Lu Bu every time. In desperation, Zang Ba could only endure it. Now that he suddenly saw such a capable man, how could Zang Ba give up such a good opportunity so easily and let go? We fought with that man.

What Zang Ba didn’t understand was that in the face of Zang Ba’s fierce offensive, the man just accepted the move and did not attack. He also turned around from time to time and looked at Lu Bu on the side. It seemed that he had deliberately reserved some energy to deal with Lu Bu and had no intention of fighting Zang Ba.

Zang Ba felt that he was being despised, so he attacked even more crazily. This caused a lot of trouble for the man.

Seeing the two fighting like this, Lu Bu laughed loudly, held his hands to the man and said, “Brother, just give it a try. I, Lu Bu, will never take advantage of someone’s danger to sneak up on you.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, the man nodded, no longer guarding against Lu Bu, and began to deal with Zang Ba wholeheartedly. The man became serious.

As soon as the man became serious, Zang Ba immediately felt the pressure. I saw the man’s big palms and condensed fists, which were blowing with the wind. Every time he received the man’s fist, Zang Ba felt very stressed.

Slowly, Zang Ba’s momentum was suppressed by that man. After dozens of rounds, Zang Ba gradually fell behind and seemed a little weak.

Seeing that Zang Ba was completely at a disadvantage, Lu Bu was surprised and happy in his heart. He was shocked that this man’s martial arts was so strong that he could suppress Zang Ba. You must know that Zang Ba’s martial arts is not weak in the first place. In these days’ fights with Lu Bu, he has improved a lot. Now Zang Ba’s martial arts is at a level where he is rarely matched by opponents. And now that man was able to suppress Zang Ba, what kind of force that was.

But when Lu Bu saw this scene, he felt happy again. The happy thing is: Lu Bu made a circuit from Hebei and finally met a fierce man. I just don’t know who the fierce guy is in front of me.

Lu Bu was lusting over there, but the man over here had punched Zang Ba away. Of course, Zang Ba already knew that he did not underestimate the man in front of him, so he took advantage of the power of this man’s punch and backed away.

After Zang Ba got a firm foothold, he turned to the man and said, “Brother, you are very skilled. I am Zang Ba. I wonder who you are?”

When the man saw Zang Ba’s question, he didn’t answer. He just looked at Zang Ba and said, “I’m here to get back the things in our village. Since you let those robbers go, you will pay for the things that were lost in our village.” Bar.”

Upon hearing what the man said, Zang Ba’s eyes widened and he shouted angrily: “What did you say? You want me to accompany you?”

No wonder Zang Ba was angry. Zang Ba was originally a pauper. He finally found Lu Bu, a man who was willing to support him. How could he get the money to accompany others?

Just as Zang Ba was about to send his troops, Lu Bu, who was on his side, laughed and walked over and said, “My dear friend, don’t worry about these things.”

After saying this, Lu Bu looked at the man and said, “Lü Bu, if you can defeat me, I will pay for all the things your village has lost. What will happen if you can’t defeat me?”

The man looked at Lu Bu, snorted and said: “If the Sa family can’t defeat you, I will give you this little life and let you do whatever you want. But if the Sa family wins, you have to lose everything in the village.” Pay it all.”

“Okay, a gentleman’s words are hard to chase. I, Lu Bu, keep my word.” Lu Bu said confidently.

When Lu Bu thought about it, what good things could be found in this small mountain village was nothing more than some food, which was not a piece of cake for Lu Bu now. After all, Lu Bu is now quite wealthy. But what happened next made Lu Bu dumbfounded. Lu Bu had to get to know the man in front of him again.

I saw the man listening to Lu Bu’s words, laughing loudly and saying: “This is what you said. A gentleman’s words are hard to catch up with, and you can’t regret it. Hahaha, I didn’t say I would only accompany the things I lost this time.”😦/

After hearing what the man said, Lu Bu felt helpless. What kind of world is this? Why do these seemingly honest people regard Lu Bu as their villain? First it was Zang Ba, and now it’s this guy.

Zang Ba on the side also turned his head to the side and laughed secretly when he heard the man’s words.

Lu Bu could only shake his head helplessly. At this time, the man had already set up his stance and was about to fight Lu Bu. It was as if he was afraid that Lu Bu would regret it.

Seeing this scene, Lu Bu chuckled and said, “You have fought two games in a row today and are already tired. How can I, Lu Bu, take advantage of you? How about we find a place to rest together and compete again tomorrow?”

As soon as the man heard Lu Bu’s words, he nodded immediately and said: “You are really interesting and a man. I am Chen Liuji, Dianwei. Come to my house today.”

When Lu Bu heard that the person in front of him turned out to be Dian Wei, his heart skipped a beat and he was overjoyed. Dian Wei was one of the few loyal and brave men among the Three Kingdoms, with outstanding military strength.

Lu Bu was still in a daze, and Zang Ba on the side could no longer hold back. He took a step forward and said with a smile: “It’s rare to meet someone like you who can beat me. From now on, when the three of us are together, it won’t always be me who gets beaten. Haha.” .”

After hearing this, Lu Bu finally understood. No wonder Zang Ba didn’t care even though he suffered a loss from Dian Wei’s fists. It turned out that he wanted Dian Wei to act as a shield for him in the future. It seems that the three of them will be quite lively together in the future.

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