Chapter 50 The fortune teller

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Chapter 50 The fortune teller

After Lu Bu asked Zang Ba to buy a banquet, the three of them went to a hotel to eat and drink.

After drinking for three rounds, Lu Bu picked up his wine glass and said to Dian Wei: “Now that the Yellow Turbans are uprising and the world is in chaos, it’s time for heroes to be brave. I see that your martial arts skills, Dian Wei, are really extraordinary. Have you ever thought about becoming a soldier?” , serve the country?”

When Dian Wei heard that he had served the country, he laughed and said: “Although I, Dian Wei, am a country man, I still know what is good and what is good. How much better the government today is than those bandits who burn, kill, and loot. Although I think I want to serve the country, but I don’t want to take refuge in the government and have my fellow villagers scold me in the back.”

Hearing Dian Wei’s words that he had no way to serve the country, Lu Bu chuckled and said, “Brother Dian Wei is wrong. Those officials who do evil are certainly hateful, but there are still good officials in the Han Dynasty.”

Lu Bu paused here and was about to say Ding Yuan’s name. Lu Bu has worked under Ding Yuan for the past two years and has already felt that Ding Yuan is a good official.

Although Ding Yuan died unexpectedly in history, Lu Bu felt that history was not unchangeable. As long as he works hard, maybe Ding Yuan won’t have to die so miserably. If Ding Yuan could defeat Dong Zhuo and take control of the Han Dynasty, he might be able to revive the Han Dynasty. In this way, the Chinese nation would be spared many disasters.

As for striving for world hegemony, although Lu Bu also has such ambitions, compared to the hardships he has to pay for striving for world hegemony, Lu Bu prefers to live a free and easy life. There is wine, meat, and beauties. Why go to war on the battlefield? This is the place where Lu Bu has been most influenced by Ding Yuan after getting to know him in the past two years.

But before Lu Bu had time to tell Ding Yuan’s benefits, Zang Ba on the side had already said: “Our General Lu is a good officer. If nothing else, I have never been hungry since I followed General Lu. Every meal makes me full.” Zang Ba said to Dian Wei while eating.

After hearing Zang Ba’s words, Dian Wei’s eyes lit up, he looked at Lu Bu and asked, “Are you really an official?”

Lu Bu smiled and nodded and said, “Yes, I, Lu Bu, am an official and currently the chief of the Bingzhou Army.”

When Dian Wei heard this, he immediately became energetic and said: “You can also be an official like this? But I like officials like you. If you really beat me, then I will follow you from now on.”

After saying this, Dian Wei hesitated slightly and continued: “But after I follow you, you also want me to be an official. Don’t worry, I will be a good official.”

After saying this, Dian Wei looked at Lu Bu with wide eyes, waiting for Lu Bu’s answer.

Lu Bu smiled and nodded, and said: “Okay, don’t worry, with your strength, even if you want to be a small soldier, I won’t let you go. Just be my personal guard commander, and try it with a hundred soldiers first.” try.”

When Dian Wei heard that he had gotten an official position so quickly, he was very happy. Who makes the Chinese people so addicted to officialdom? At this time, Dian Wei no longer thought about the martial arts competition. He stood up, took two steps back, bowed his head and said, “My lord, my subordinate Dian Wei kowtows to you.”

Seeing that Dian Wei had caught a hundred households so quickly, Zang Ba over there also stood up and laughed.

When Lu Bu saw this, he laughed and said: “Don’t worry, with the force you have, of course these hundreds of households can’t escape. But there are military rules in the army. You have no merit. If you are a bigger official, I will I can’t give it to you easily. But once you have made a contribution, your reward will naturally be inevitable.”

Although Lu Bu has conquered Dian Wei, Lu Bu knows that there is no way to truly conquer Dian Wei just by relying on official positions. Lu Bu must come up with some real materials. Martial arts competition is the best way. The more powerful a person is in terms of force, the more obsessed they are with the pursuit of force. But for Lu Bu, it is not difficult to defeat Dian Wei.

In the past two years, Lu Bu has never given up his martial arts. Lu Bu was very knowledgeable about the sword skills he had acquired in his early years in his village, as well as the ancestral halberd skills. This time fighting against Dian Wei allowed Lu Bu to test his cultivation over the years.

Lu Bu, Dian Wei and Zang Ba exchanged cups and cups and talked happily. After a while, they felt that they had met each other too late.

The three of them were enjoying themselves while drinking, when a voice came from outside.

“Life is short and destiny is wasted. Why not ask divination to seek good fortune and avoid misfortune.”

As the voice came, an old man with white beard and hair appeared not far from Lu Bu and the three of them. He also held a white sail in his hand, with the four characters “Calculate all mysteries” written on it.

Lu Bu looked at the “Calculating all mysteries” written on the white sail in the old man’s hand, and his heart moved. This old man was so good at deceiving him. All things in the world are so magical. Who can understand his own destiny? The so-called “calculating all the mysteries” is just a way for the old man to make ends meet.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu nodded lightly and ignored it.

Who knew that when the old man saw Lu Bu, he took the initiative to come over. He cupped his hands towards Lu Bu and the others and said, “Three of you, your life is short and your destiny is wasted. I see that each of the three of you is very powerful and will achieve great things in the future. Why don’t you let me make a fortune for the three of you?” How about good luck and avoiding bad luck?”

Upon hearing that the old man wanted to tell fortunes, Lu Bu smiled noncommittally.

Zang Ba on the side had his eyes shining, stretched out a thick black hand and said: “Old sir, let’s show it to the Sa family to see if the Sa family is destined to be rich and noble?”

Seeing Zang Ba stretching out his hand, Dian Wei also stretched out a strong arm and said: “Then let’s show it to the Sa family and see how lucky the Sa family is?”

Looking at the outstretched arms of Zang Ba and Dian Wei, Lu Bu also laughed loudly and said: “Old man, just show it to these two brothers. This is a small amount of money, just think of it as money for tea from me.”

As he spoke, Lu Bu took some money from his body and put it on the wine table with a shake of his hand.

Lu Bu didn’t believe in this kind of charlatanism. Lu Bu felt that no one in this world could know the fate of others. And the so-called fate is even more absurd and bizarre. If there is destiny, then wouldn’t it be meaningless for people to live?

But Lu Bu didn’t care and listened to the old man’s compliments. Listening to some auspicious words when going out can also cheer you up. What’s more, this old man is out to make a living at his age. Now that Lu Bu has met him, he can’t help but support him.

Unexpectedly, when the old man saw Lu Bu’s posture, he laughed and said, “What? You three, do you think you are an old beggar who cheats you with food and drink? Although fate is bizarre and beyond human imagination, it is But it is not traceless. The little old man is not calculating your future, but your human heart. Although everything seems difficult to predict, it all comes from the human heart. Your future destiny does not depend on heaven or your heart. The earth is in your hearts.”

Having said this, the old man stroked his beard, smiled, and continued: “I am lucky enough to meet you today, and we are destined to do so. I will test a word for each of you today, without taking any money. What do you think?”

When Lu Bu heard this, he realized that the old man only spoke a few words, but there was something mysterious about it. Could it be that this old man was some kind of hermit master? Thinking of this, Lu Bu began to pay attention to the old man.

Zang Ba and Dian Wei on the other side blew their beards and glared angrily when they heard the old man’s words. Both of them had already stretched out their hands, but they didn’t expect that the old man wanted to take a calligraphy test instead of reading his palm.

Doesn’t this make Zang Ba and Dian Wei look ugly? What are the identities of Zang Ba and Dian Wei, and what words do they recognize? But looking at Lu Bu’s attitude towards the old man, Zang Ba and Dian Wei couldn’t say anything and could only sulk.

Lu Bu here chuckled and said to the old man: “I thought that today I just met an old man who was looking for a living, but I didn’t expect that you are Gao Xian. Since Gao Xian has such an elegant spirit, then I will invite you Gao Xian gives some advice.”

After saying that, Lu Bu put his finger into the wine glass, held it for a while, and wrote the word “LV” on the table.

Seeing the word “LV” written by Lu Bu, the old man frowned slightly, looked at Lu Bu again, and made a look that was difficult to say.

When Lu Bu saw this scene, he was secretly shocked. Of course Lu Bu knew his fate in history. Seeing the old man’s unspeakable expression, his heart moved. Could it be that this old man could know Lu Bu’s fate with just one word? This is incredible.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu chuckled and said: “Besides Gao Xian, there are only two brothers like me here. What you say, sir, comes out of your mouth and into the ears of the three of me. No one else knows about it, so you don’t have to be taboo.”

At this point, the old man saw that Lu Bu seemed to have made up his mind, and then he said quietly: “This character Lu has two mouths, one up and one down, as if ready to go. One mouth is for heaven, the other is for earth.”

When the old man said “Heaven-loving”, his tone was particularly heavy, and he looked towards the crowd in the distance, as if he was afraid of being heard. But as long as you pay a little attention to the old man’s gaze, you will find that the old man’s gaze is always staring at Lu Bu’s expression, as if he wants to take in every trace of Lu Bu’s expression.

After the old man said this, he stood up, cupped his hands towards Lu Bu and said, “Character testing is just a little unpopular way. Although it comes from the heart, there will be deviations from time to time. Only by consolidating one’s own mind can one truly master it.” own destiny.”

After saying this, the old man laughed and walked away.

Lu Bu sat at the wine table, thinking about the old man’s words: “The word Lu is made of two mouths, one up and one down, as if ready to go. One mouth is for heaven, the other is for earth.”

Doesn’t this imply that Lu Bu is going to rebel? Who is this old man, and why does he say such things? Lu Bu was a little unsure for a moment. However, Lu Bu and Zang Ba had only been here for a day, so the possibility of this old man being sent to plot against Lu Bu was very slim. Since this old man took the initiative to come to the door and said these words, there must be something up his sleeve. As long as you stay here in Chenliu for a few more days, you will know.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu felt suddenly enlightened. Then he said to Dian Wei and Zang Ba: “Let’s go back and have a good rest today. We still have things to do tomorrow.”

What Lu Bu was talking about was naturally about the martial arts competition with Dian Wei.

“Lord, what’s wrong with that old man? Why do you say such nonsense?”

Zang Ba on the side was still worried about the fortune telling just now.

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