Chapter 10 Wild Wolf King Lu Bu

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When Lu Bu arrived outside the camp, he saw a bad wolf squatting lazily on a mound not far away, looking at the camp from a distance.

As soon as the evil wolf saw Lu Bu appear, he immediately became energetic. I saw the evil wolf stretching its neck and roaring into the sky. After that, one bad wolf after another came out from near the mound.

Bu Dugen, who came later, was shocked when he saw so many wolves, and then blew his horn.

“Woo…” A shrill horn sound came towards the camp. Voices soon came from the camp. I saw some Xianbei people, old and young, carrying simple weapons in their hands, coming to the camp and confronting the wolves.

I saw those evil wolves walking out one by one, howling as they walked, and soon the sound of wolf howls was heard one after another on the entire grassland.

The wolves spread out with the mound as the center. Looking from a distance, there are hundreds of evil wolves. But seeing these hungry wolves just staying there, not showing any signs of attacking.

Lu Bu looked at the actions of these wolves and asked Bu Dugen on the side: “What do these wolves want to do?”

Bu Dugen scratched his head with a strange expression and said: “My distinguished master, I have never seen this before.”

At this time, the wolves made way for a passage. Two she-wolves with shiny fur walked out of the passage, holding a freshly killed wolf in their mouths.

The two female wolves held the lamb in their mouths. After walking out of the passage, they ran straight towards Lu Bu.

At this time, the old man was surprised and said: “Is this the legendary coronation ceremony of the Wolf King?”

Lu Bu looked at it with interest. The old man who spoke first asked, “What is the coronation ceremony of the Wolf King you mentioned?”

The old man thought for a moment and said, “It is said that on this grassland, every time the old wolf king is killed, the wolf that kills the old wolf king will become the new wolf king. And the wolves will be the new ones.” The wolf king organizes a unique coronation ceremony for the wolf tribe. This coronation ceremony is also very simple. It is to dedicate the first prey caught that day to the wolf king, which means that the wolf king will lead the wolf pack and dominate the life and death of the entire grassland. It means great power.”

After hearing the old man’s words, both Lu Bu and the other Xianbei people showed incredulous looks.

However, the next scene made everyone feel even more incredible. I saw the two female wolves carrying the lamb in their mouths, coming to Lu Bu and throwing the lamb away. They were like two puppies, squatting on Lu Bu’s side, looking at Lu Bu eagerly.

Lu Bu was a little nervous when he saw the two female wolves approaching, but he was already ready for a fight. But when Lu Bu saw the performance of these two female wolves, Lu Bu understood somewhat. This was indeed the coronation ceremony of the wolf king that the old man had said first. It’s just this little lamb in front of him, should Lu Bu just eat it like this?

Lu Bu turned to look at the two she-wolves, pointed at the lamb on the ground, then pointed at himself, and asked, “Is this for me?”

When the two she-wolves saw Lu Bu talking to them, they also stretched out one of their wolves and patted the lamb.

Lu Bu understood that the lamb on the ground was indeed a filial piety from the wolves. At this time, Lu Bu finally knew why he didn’t die after falling into the mouths of three wolves last time. It turned out that Lu Bu killed the original wolf king and became the new wolf king, so those three Sekiro sent Lu Bu near the Tuoba tribe’s camp and asked the people in the camp to take care of Lu Bu.

At this time, a sound of laughter was heard behind Lu Bu. It was the laughter of Tuoba Wushuang, and Tuoba Wushuang said happily: “Lü Bu, eat it quickly. This is given to you by the wolves. If you eat it, you will be the wolf king on this grassland.”

Lu Bu glanced at it, and Tuoba Wushuang, who was behind him with evil intentions, said, “Grandma, why are you asking people to drink blood like hair? Is it so difficult to eat some cooked food?”

Unexpectedly, following Tuoba Wushuang’s instigation. The Xianbei people behind Lu Bu also shouted: “Eat, eat, eat.”

Someone even shouted: “Eat, Wild Wolf King.”

Upon hearing about the Wild Wolf King, Lu Bu’s heart moved. Can you really become the Wild Wolf King by eating this mutton?

Thinking of this, Lu Bu sat cross-legged next to the lamb, picked up his dagger, cut a piece of raw meat from the lamb and ate it. While eating, he said: “This tastes pretty good, but the taste of blood is a bit stronger.”

Lu Bu had just finished two bites when he saw the expectant looks of two she-wolves. Lu Bu trembled all over and said to himself: “Grandma, these two female wolves are not the princesses assigned to me by the wolves.”

Thinking of this, Lu Bu felt a chill all over his body. Fortunately, Lu Bu soon discovered that the eyes of the two she-wolves were only staring at the mutton in Lu Bu’s hands, not at Lu Bu himself.

At this time, Lu Bu waved the dagger in his hand and divided the lamb into several parts. Then he threw these portions of mutton to the wolves in the distance.

Seeing the mutton being thrown over, the wolves became confused. They all rushed towards the mutton. After a while, the mutton was eaten cleanly.

The wolves that had eaten all the mutton looked at Lu Bu again. Looking at the looks cast by the wolves, Lu Bu finally knew that this wolf king was not easy to be.

However, Lu Bu quickly thought of a target that the wolves could attack, and that was the Huns. However, Lu Bu also needed a guide who was familiar with the roads.

Lu Bu naturally focused his attention on Bu Dugen, who was not far away.

When Bu Dugen saw Lu Bu’s gaze, he felt a chill at first, and then he smiled apologetically.

I just heard Lu Bu say to Bu Dugen: “Bu Dugen, from now on, I will be the ‘Wild Wolf King’ on this grassland. You can be the first follower beside me.”

After saying this, Lu Bu took a few steps towards the direction of the wolves, came in front of the wolves, raised his head towards the sky, and let out a high-pitched and melodious wolf howl. Soon after Lu Bu howled, the wolves also imitated Lu Bu, and the giant howled toward the sky. The howls came one after another and spread into the distance.

The Xianbei tribesmen who heard the howling in front of them were also frightened. At this time, an icy chill slowly came from Lu Bu’s body. Then Lu Bu looked back at the Xianbei people. As soon as everyone came into contact with Lu Bu’s cold and bloodthirsty gaze, they felt weak all over, their knees bent involuntarily, and they fell to the ground.

At this time, an unknown person suddenly shouted “Wild Wolf King.”

Afterwards, everyone involuntarily shouted, “Wild Wolf King.”

At this time, Lu Bu also smiled slightly and said: “I am the Wild Wolf King: Lu Bu.”

Lu Bu was having sex when a clear and lovely voice came from beside him: “Brother Lu Bu, can you take me to play with the wolf?”😞/

Lu Bu looked back and saw that it was Tuoba Wushuang who was speaking. Lu Bu said helplessly: “Wolves eat people, what fun is there with wolves?”

Tuoba Wushuang smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter. With you by my side, no wolf dares to bully me. Besides, I saved you, so you should take me out to play for a few days.”

After hearing Tuoba Wushuang’s words, Lu Bu felt helpless. But he immediately thought of something and said to Tuoba Wushuang with a smile: “Okay then, help me find three horses and I will take you out.”

Upon hearing Lu Bu agreed, Tuoba Wushuang immediately asked someone to take out three horses from the stable. It’s just that the horse stopped not far from the wolves, and it didn’t want to get close to the wolves again. No matter how Qian Ma’s Xianbei people pulled or whipped them, the horses always kept a distance from the wolves and refused to get close.

Looking at the horses that were far away from the wolves, Lu Bu smiled and said to Tuoba Wushuang: “You see, the horses will not go with the wolves. You are a girl, you can’t run with the wolves, right? .”

Hearing what Lu Bu said, Tuoba Wushuang shook his head, pointed at a female wolf next to Lu Bu and said, “Then I’ll ride it.” With that, Tuoba Wushuang was about to ride the female wolf.

Lu Bu quickly stepped forward to stop them and said, “These wolves and I have just met. If you are not afraid of being eaten by them, you can try riding them yourself.”

As soon as these words came out, Tuoba Wushuang stopped in his tracks. First, a small portrait of a woman is revealed.

Lu Bu hurriedly comforted him: “Let’s do this. I will come back to see you in a few days. I will bring you a gift then.”

After hearing Lu Bu say that he wanted to bring a gift to him, Tuoba Wushuang finally smiled.

Soon after, Lu Bu left the Tuoba tribe with Budugen and his wolf pack. He began his career as the “Wild Wolf King”.

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