Chapter 11 Bingzhou Wolf Rider

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A few days later, a young man was riding a hungry wolf, galloping on the vast grassland. Behind the young man were dozens of knights holding swords, and behind the knights were hundreds of tall hungry wolves. The young man taking the lead was Lu Bu.

For several days, Lu Bu led Bu Dugen and his wolf pack on the vast grassland.

Lu Bu first found Bu Dugen’s father and borrowed dozens of Xianbei knights from Bu Dugen’s father. Lu Bu used these Xianbei knights to form his first armed force, the “Bingzhou Wolf Cavalry”.

Today is the day when Lu Bu’s Bingzhou Wolf Cavalry was established, and Lu Bu was going to find some Huns to start a fight. So Lu Bu released the Xianbei Tanma early. At this time, Lu Bu headed towards a nearby Huns camp based on the report of the scouting horse.

“My noble master, we only have a few people. Are you sure you want to start a war with the Huns here?” Bu Dugen, who was not far behind Lu Bu, asked worriedly?

“What? Are you afraid? If you are afraid, just go back. I don’t need cowards among my wolf riders.” Lu Bu looked at Bu Dugen behind him and said with some dissatisfaction.

“Master, what are you talking about? I am your slave, Master. Of course, wherever you go, Master, I will go. Besides, I also want to be a warrior on the grassland like Master.” said Budu Gen patted his chest and replied.

After hearing Bu Dugen’s answer, Lu Bu smiled and said: “After today’s battle is over, I allow you to select ten people from among the prisoners to be your slaves.”

As soon as Lu Bu said these words, Bu Dugen immediately became excited. Ever since Bu Dugen’s father’s tribe was defeated by the Tuoba tribe. Bu Dugen was sent to the Tuoba tribe as a hostage of the tribe and became a slave of the Tuoba tribe. Bu Dugen originally thought that this was his fate in life. But he didn’t expect that Bu Dugen, who had only been with this new master for a few days, would soon become a slave owner with a slave.

Budugen was excited, and something happened that made Budugen even more excited. Lu Bu slowly turned his head and said to the dozens of Xianbei knights behind him: “Today is the day when our Bingzhou Wolf Cavalry was established. After capturing the Huns’ camp, all warriors who fight bravely can get two A reward for a Hun slave.”

As soon as Lu Bu said this, the Xianbei knights behind him all shouted “Ula, Ula”. Obviously, these Xianbei knights never dreamed that one day they would become slave owners. However, this dream that they had never dared to think about before would soon be realized in their own hands. You must know that in the past, the proceeds from wars in the clan were usually divided among the adults in the clan.

Seeing these Xianbei knights, all of them had excited expressions. Lu Bu knew that there was no problem with morale in this battle.

Not long after, Lu Bu saw more than a dozen felt bags standing in front of him from a distance. A cold smile appeared on Lu Bu’s lips, he reached out and pulled out a scimitar from his waist, and swung it forward.

Bu Dugen, who was behind Lu Bu, was the first to rush out. It was not that Bu Dugen had any grudge against the Huns, but the reward Lu Bu gave him was too tempting. Wouldn’t it be better if he didn’t rush out early? Have you found a good slave?

As Lu Bu and his men approached, many men, women, and children rushed out of the felt bags. It’s just that among these people, it’s obvious that most of them are women and children, while others are some old people, and there are only a few young and middle-aged people.

Lu Bu looked at the Huns in front of him, but he had no intention of going forward to fight. Although Lu Bu was not a benevolent man, he was not a perverted murderer either. If the Huns hadn’t pushed too hard, Lu Bu wouldn’t have wanted to retaliate against the Huns in this way.

What makes Lu Bu feel strange is that although there is only a small tribe in front of him, considering the strong fertility of the Huns, there are not just a few young adults.

Then the only explanation is: the young men here were called away, and what they did was not something Lu Bu could guess now. Anyway, the killings on the grassland are ordinary and no big deal.

Lu Bu just slowly turned the wolf’s head around and came to a small mound nearby, paying no attention to the fighting going on around him.

At this time, Bu Dugen had already led dozens of Xianbei knights from his father’s tribe into this small Xiongnu tribe.

Seeing the fierceness of Bu Dugen coming here, the Huns immediately thought of escaping. Several young and strong Huns, holding scimitars in their hands and riding on their horses, rushed past the Xianbei knights in Budugen, and were about to flee deeper into the grassland.

But suddenly, the horse under the Hun knight neighed and snorted, and stood there restlessly. No matter how much the Hun knight on his back scolded him, he was unwilling to take a step forward. At this time, the Hun knight on horseback realized that he was not far away. I don’t know when two more evil wolves appeared blocking the road.

And this is the characteristic of Lu Bu’s Wolf Cavalry. The battles on the grassland are dominated by cavalry, and the cavalry relies on the war horses under their feet. However, war horses are born with an innate fear of wolves. In this way, Lu Bu’s wolf cavalry naturally became the basis of the cavalry on the grassland. A great nemesis.

But it is precisely because horses have an innate fear of wolves. It also caused Lu Bu trouble in wolf riding training. Originally, Lu Bu’s idea was to have each knight bring a bad wolf. However, Lu Bu discovered that the horses’ fear of hungry wolves often reduced the cavalry’s combat effectiveness. More importantly, the other knights did not command the wolves like Lu Bu. The evil wolf will only obey Lu Bu’s orders.

So Lu Bu had to change his tactics and create the current tactics. That is to say, the cavalry is the main force, and the wolves are the auxiliary force. The mission of the cavalry is to fight, while the mission of the wolves is to drive the cavalry away and break their formation.

Today, Lu Bu let the wolves surround this small tribe to prevent anyone from escaping. But Bu Dugen and his men were responsible for charging and destroying the enemy.

With the cooperation of the wolves and Bu Dugen’s cavalry, the few young adults and elderly people in this small tribe were quickly slaughtered.

The reason for slaughtering young adults is very simple, because they are people who have the ability to resist. Other tribes do not need such people. People on the grassland have very strong fertility. As long as women are left, it will not take long for them to give birth to children. A new powerful tribe. The reason for killing the old man is even simpler. Who would use his own food to die for a foreigner?

As the battle ended, the remaining women and children in the tribe were strung up with ropes, carrying the few belongings of this small tribe on their backs.

These people were brought to Lu Bu by Bu Dugen. Bu Dugen looked at Lu Bu and said happily: “My distinguished master, our harvest this time is not small. Cattle and sheep are not included. We have captured women alone.” There are many, Master, would you like to choose a few?”

Lu Bu looked at Bu Dugen, then at the helpless women and bewildered children in front of him, and said to Bu Dugen: “As mentioned before, divide it among your people. Then clean up the battlefield. , send a few people to take these prisoners, cattle, sheep, etc., back to your father’s tribe first. While it’s still early, let’s go and do another job.”

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