Chapter 9 The new little brother

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When Lu Bu woke up, Lu Bu found himself in a strange place. But no matter how you look at it, this place doesn’t look like hell. Instead, it looked like the Mongolian felt bag that Lu Bu had seen in his previous life.

What’s going on? Lu Bu clearly remembered that he was dragged away by three evil wolves, so why did he appear here? Could it be that he got lucky and traveled through time again?

Lu Bu felt a pain in his head when he was thinking randomly, and he fainted again.

Vaguely, Lu Bu felt someone gently opened his mouth and poured a stream of rich-tasting mare’s milk into Lu Bu’s mouth.

Lu Bu opened his eyes leisurely, and in front of him was a pretty girl feeding him mare’s milk. Seeing Lu Bu wake up, the girl was startled at first and then smiled sweetly and said, “You’re awake, do you feel better?”

When Lu Bu saw the girl asking her, he quickly replied: “I’m much better now. Thank you very much for saving me.”

As he said this, Lu Bu stood up to thank him. When the girl saw Lu Bu getting up, she hurriedly said, “You’ve lost too much blood, so you’d better rest more.”

Lu Bu also felt sore all over and didn’t get up very much. He just expressed his thanks verbally. But then he thought again and asked: “May I ask, girl, who is going to take the wolf out of the wolf’s mouth?”

After Lu Bu asked, the girl also looked puzzled and said: “Why didn’t you escape from the wolf’s mouth by yourself? When I went to the lake to look for water that morning, I found you lying there with a lot of water on your body. There are traces of being clawed by a wolf. I thought you escaped from the wolf’s mouth on your own? It turns out that’s not the case.”

The little girl seemed to have remembered something again, and continued: “No wonder there are always wolves in the area these days. It turns out they are here to find you.”

When Lu Bu heard this, he felt a little embarrassed that he had attracted wolves.

Seeing Lu Bu’s expression, the little girl smiled sweetly and said, “Haha, don’t worry, I won’t hand you over to the wolves.” As he spoke, the little girl showed a naughty smile.

Lu Bu was speechless for a while, and Lu Bu was a little helpless. Just listen to the little girl say: “My name is Tuoba Wushuang, and I am the princess here. Since I saved you, you will be my slave from now on.”

After saying this, the little girl burst into laughter. It seems that being a slave to her is a very honorable thing.

But the obedient Lu Bu felt angry for a while. Although grandma’s life-saving is a great kindness, you can’t ask others to be your slaves.

Lu Bu could only say depressedly: “Kill me, I will not be a slave to others even if I die.”

After hearing Lu Bu’s words, Tuoba Wushuang looked very surprised.

“What? Are you wronged by being my slave? I tell you that others want to do it but I don’t want it. Damn Han people.”

After saying that, Tuoba Wushuang walked away angrily.

Lu Bu also shook his head and didn’t care. He secretly said in his heart: “How can I, Lu Bu, be the number one general in the Three Kingdoms? How can I be a slave to a little girl? If this happens, I, Lu Bu, will have to find a piece of grass to kill me.”

Lu Bu pushed himself up, climbed out of bed, and walked out of the tent.

Only then did Lu Bu see clearly. Lu Bu was in a small camp. There are only forty or fifty tents set up in this camp, and most of the people living here are old, weak, women and children. I didn’t see any strong men.

Lu Bu was wandering around and happened to meet Tuoba Wushuang who turned around again. It’s just that at this time, Tuoba Wushuang was accompanied by a very strong little follower.

Seeing Lu Bu coming, Tuoba Wushuang put his hands on his hips, pointed at Lu Bu and then at the sturdy young man behind him, and said to Lu Bu: “The man behind me is the slave I took in earlier, named Bu Dugen. Let me tell you Well, he is the son of a leader of a small tribe in Xianbei. You, a small Han Chinese, should be honored to be my slave.” As he said that, Tuoba Wushuang showed his arrogance.

Lu Bu looked at Tuoba Wushuang and the Xianbei boy behind her like a fool. He turned around and walked towards the outside of the camp.

As soon as Lu Bu left, Tuoba Wushuang felt like his ball was deflated and suddenly wilted. However, Tuoba Wushuang did not give up. He ran forward again, blocked Lu Bu and said, “Well, if you can defeat this slave of mine, I will no longer make things difficult for you in the future. But if you can’t defeat this slave of mine, Then you will become my slave.”


After saying that, Tuoba Wushuang blinked and said, “Are you a Han man afraid?”

As soon as Lu Bu heard this, he turned around and said to Tuoba Wushuang: “I am a big man, how can I be afraid of a little Xianbei like you? It’s just that your method is really unfair. So, if I If you lose, I will be your slave.”

As he spoke, Lu Bu pointed at Bu Dugen and said, “If he loses, then from now on he will be my slave and has nothing to do with you.”

After speaking, Lu Bu looked at Tuoba Wushuang’s pretty face. Tuoba Wushuang said with a pretty smile: “Okay, but you have to agree. If you lose, you must be my slave.”

When Tuoba Wushuang thought about it, although the Han man in front of him looked very brave, unfortunately he must have been injured. How could he be Bu Dugen’s opponent? Although Bu Dugen is not very old, he is already famous for his strength within a radius of dozens of miles.

I saw Lu Bu reaching out and waving to Bu Dugen, and said, “How about it? Do you dare to give it a try? If you lose, you will be my slave for the rest of your life.”

Bu Dugen stepped forward and said: “The men on our grassland keep their word and never regret it. If I lose, I will be your slave. But if you lose, you have to call me.” Brother.”

Hearing what Bu Dugen said, Lu Bu smiled and nodded. Suddenly, a cold light flashed across Lu Bu’s face, and his originally listless eyes suddenly became cold and full of chill. Bloodthirsty killing intent radiated from Lu Bu’s body.

Lu Bu stepped forward, stretched out his hand towards Bu Dugen’s chest, and punched him. Bu Dugen did not expect that Lu Bu would take action so soon. He quickly took a step back and punched out with both hands. But when Bu Dugen’s fist struck out, it was about to collide with Lu Bu’s fist.

Lu Bu’s wrist suddenly flicked, and a dagger appeared in Lu Bu’s hand. This dagger was exactly the dagger Lu Bu often used.

Seeing the cold light flashing on the dagger, Bu Dugen felt a knot in his heart. He dared not use his fist to catch it, so he quickly retracted his fist and stepped back.

But how could Lu Bu let him go so easily? Lu Bu stepped forward, and with a slight haste, the dagger in his hand was already placed on Bu Dugen’s neck.

Lu Bu turned his dagger around and used the hilt to draw a horizontal line on Bu Dugen’s neck. Bu Dugen only felt a chill on his neck, his calves went weak, he staggered and fell on the grass. His face became extremely pale.

Bu Dugen was frightened by the scene just now. For the first time in his life, he felt that death was so close to him. Bu Dugen has fought with many people over the years, but Bu Dugen has never felt as helpless and terrifying as he does today. Especially the look in Lu Bu’s eyes just now made Bu Dugen feel very uneasy. Bu Dugen remembered this kind of look. It was a bloodthirsty look that only wolves on the prairie had. What was even more frightening for Dugen was the cold aura exuding from Lu Bu’s body. It was a murderous aura that only those who had been on the battlefield could possess.

When Bu Dugen fell to the ground and looked at Lu Bu again.

At this time, Lu Bu had changed his face to a warm one. He said to Bu Dugen with a smile on his face: “How about it, you lose. Now you are my slave.”

Bu Dugen looked at the tiny Lu Bu in front of him, with a look of difference on his face. Could it be that it was an illusion just now?

Seeing that Bu Dugen didn’t speak, Tuoba Wushuang pouted on the side and said, “It doesn’t count, it doesn’t count, it was you who made a sneak attack just now, how can it count? You should have another good competition.”

Lu Bu squinted his eyes, looked at Tuoba Wushuang and said, “If I had scratched his neck with my sword just now, he would be dead now. How can a dead man compete with me?”

After saying that, Lu Bu’s face turned cold and he said to Bu Dugen: “My name is Lu Bu, and I will be your master from now on.”

After hearing what Lu Bu said, Bu Dugen quickly stood up and said, “Yes, my master.”

Seeing that Bu Dugen didn’t see anything, Lu Bu turned around and walked towards the outside of the tent.

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