Chapter 12 Ding Yuan appears

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As soon as Lu Bu said he was going to do something, Bu Dugen immediately became interested. “My noble master, where are we going now?”

Lu Bu smiled mysteriously at Bu Dugen and said, “Go and ask your captives where their men have gone.”

Bu Dugen didn’t hesitate and immediately ran to stop the prisoners’ misfortune.😚/

After a while, Bu Dugen ran back and reported to Lu Bu: “My noble master, the men of these guys have gone south to kill the Han people. I heard them say: There are many people nearby who are going to kill the Han people. Men in the tribe. My noble master, should we go for a walk in these tribes now?”

Lu Bu smiled at Bu Dugen and said, “Since their men are so busy, let’s do good things and take care of them for their men.”

After speaking, Lu Bu gave the order and set off towards the next Huns camp nearest here.

After a day of fighting, Lu Bu made a huge profit. However, Lu Bu’s men must be too few in number and their combat effectiveness is limited. Lu Bu had no choice but to withdraw his troops. Lu Bu now has no tribe of his own. Although he has obtained many captives, he has no way to digest them. It seems that they can only benefit Bu Dugen’s father’s tribe.

But it’s not that easy to find something cheap. Since there are prisoners, you should exchange some things you need. At this time, Lu Bu suddenly remembered the word “slave trade”.

Lu Bu smiled sinisterly. Lu Bu decided to sell the captives in his hands to Bu Dugen’s father’s tribe, and then Bu Dugen’s father would sell them to other Xianbei tribes. Of course, for Tuoba Wushuang, a few Huns slaves must also be sent.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu came to Bu Dugen and said, “Bu Dugen, I have an opportunity for you to make a fortune. I wonder if you are interested?”

When Bu Dugen heard about the opportunity to make a fortune, he immediately said with a smile on his face: “My distinguished master, just tell me what you have to say. I, Bu Dugen, am the most loyal servant of the master, and I will definitely do it for the master.”

After hearing this, Lu Bu smiled and said, “I want to sell most of the Huns prisoners I get in the future to your father’s tribe. I wonder if you can help me accomplish this.”

After hearing Lu Bu’s words, Bu Dugen was happy at first, and then said with a sad face: “My distinguished master, although my father’s tribe is very willing to buy these captives, our tribe is only a small tribe, and I’m afraid we don’t have the financial resources. .”

Lu Bu smiled and said: “If you don’t have money, can you use horses or something to support them? Besides, you can also sell these Huns to other tribes.”

When Lu Bu said this, Bu Dugen suddenly smiled and said, “Thank you, master, for giving us this opportunity. I think my father will be happy to cooperate with you, master.”

The advantage of Lu Bu’s doing this is that it provides Lu Bu’s Bingzhou Wolf Cavalry with a reliable and stable income, and at the same time indirectly damages the relationship between the Xianbei people and the Huns. This prevents Lu Bu’s actions from arousing public anger among the foreigners on the grassland. Lu Bu didn’t want to start a war with all the foreign races on the grassland. Before Lu Bu found Fang Tian Huaji again and avenged his parents, Lu Bu had only one enemy, and that was the Huns.

On this day, Lu Bu was plundering the Huns’ camp. Suddenly a scout ran over and reported to Lu Bu nervously: “My lord, something is going wrong. A Hun cavalry is coming towards us. It seems that it is specifically looking for trouble for us.”

After hearing the news, Lu Bu’s Xianbei people were panicked. Although Lu Bu was a little surprised, he said with a smile on his face: “It seems that the Huns are not very stupid. They finally came to their senses.”

Lu Bu’s words made his men laugh. The atmosphere suddenly became much more relaxed.

At this time, Bu Dugen ran over and asked Lu Bu: “My noble master, what should we do now?”

Lu Bu smiled and said: “What to do, of course we leave. Since the master is back, it’s time for the robbers to leave.” With that, Lu Bu took the lead and led his men towards the other side.

But before Lu Bu and his men had gone a few miles, dust suddenly rose up in front of them. Lu Bu knew that another cavalry was coming.

This gave Lu Bu a bad feeling.

At this time, Bu Dugen, who was beside Lu Bu, said, “My noble master, we seem to be surrounded.”

Lu Bu smiled and said: “It seems so, but the Huns seem to have forgotten that we are wolf riders.”

After speaking, Lu Bu looked up to the sky and let out a wolf howl, then he galloped forward on his horse. So I saw dozens of cavalry charging forward, and behind the cavalry were the wolves, which howled loudly as the wolves. The Huns’ horses in the distance were obviously trembling, showing a restless mood. Although the Hun knight tried his best to control the sitting horse, the horse was still unwilling to move forward.

In desperation, the Huns had no choice but to dismount their horses, charge towards Lu Bu’s wolf cavalry with their sabers and bows in hand. Why would the dismounted cavalryman Lu Bu take it seriously? He naturally raised his sword and rushed over.

But Lu Bu didn’t expect that after the Huns dismounted, they didn’t rush over blindly. Instead, they squatted down within a stone’s throw of Lu Bu and the others and started shooting arrows.

This is troublesome. Bows and arrows can do a lot of damage to cavalry. In addition, there are only a few people on Lu Bu’s side, so they can withstand the Huns’ shooting. Fortunately, the Xianbei people are all good horsemen. When they see the Huns shooting arrows, They all hid behind the horses, waiting to get close to the Huns before rushing out to kill them.

But the horses that were left out were not as lucky as the Xianbei knights. He was repeatedly hit by the Huns’ arrows and fell to the ground.

As a result, Lu Bu’s cavalry suffered heavy casualties. However, Lu Bu understood that no matter how heavy the casualties were, he had to rush over. Only by rushing over could Lu Bu gain a chance to survive. If he were caught by these Huns, Lu Bu couldn’t imagine what methods they would use to torture him.

Fortunately, Lu Bu and the others quickly crossed over within a stone’s throw. Lu Bu raised the scimitar in his hand, and he only had time to chop off the heads of two Turks before he rushed out of the siege of these Turks.

Naturally, the pack of wolves behind them would not be polite to the Turks. As soon as he pounced on it, Menken took a few bites. However, the wolves were not willing to fight and rushed out with Lu Bu’s horse.

Only then did Lu Bu have time to turn around and look at the Xianbei knights behind him. This sight really shocked Lu Bu. There were only a few of the dozens of Xianbei knights who were following Lu Bu now.

Lu Bu looked at the few remaining Xianbei knights and sighed helplessly. Lu Bu felt that his power was too weak. If we continue to fight the Huns like this, I am afraid that even if we die, the Huns still cannot be wiped out. Lu Bu thought to himself: “It seems that we have to find another way.”

Lu Bu was hesitating secretly. Bu Dugen behind him suddenly said with a trembling voice, pointing forward and said to Lu Bu: “My noble master, look over there, what is that?”

Lu Bu took a closer look and saw a majestic cavalry team approaching from a distance. Could it be that the Huns had caught up so quickly?

However, the bright “D” character on the cavalry flag reminded Lu Bu of something.

Fortunately, the team coming from the front was the newcomer Ding Yuan, the governor of Wuyuan County.

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