Chapter 13: Foster Father Ding Yuan

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It turns out that because Wuyuan County is located on the border, it is often invaded by foreigners. As a last resort, the imperial court transferred Ding Yuan, who enjoyed military power, to guard Wuyuan County.

After Ding Yuan brought his team to Wuyuan County, the first thing he did was not to enter Wuyuan County immediately and accept the position of prefect. Instead, he led his team directly to the grassland. Ding Yuan wanted to see how powerful these foreigners were and why they had been able to harm Wuyuan County for many years, so as to find a way to compete with the foreigners.

Ding Yuan went all the way deep into the grassland, but he happened to see Lu Bu, rushing out from the encirclement of the Huns.

But when Ding Yuan saw Lu Bu, he had no intention of stepping forward to help. In Ding Yuan’s opinion, the war between aliens must be fought as fiercely as possible. But seeing that Lu Bu was obviously no match for the Huns, Ding Yuan felt a little strange and asked his guide: “Whose team is that in front? How come there are wolves in it?”

The guide looked at Lu Bu, then saluted Ding Yuan and said, “This is a team that has just emerged on the grassland recently. Their leader seems to be named Lu Bu, and he is a Han boy from Jiuyuan County. This Lu Bu somehow subdued a nearby wolf pack, recruited some Xianbei people as his subordinates, and formed such a team, known as the ‘Bingzhou Wolf Cavalry’.”

Ding Yuan looked at Lu Bu not far away in front of him. He was just a boy of twelve or thirteen years old. But every gesture and gesture reveals the aura of a warrior. There was even more murderous intent faintly radiating from Lu Bu’s body. Seeing this, Ding Yuan secretly shouted: “What a tiger and wolf general. If he can be used by me, the Hulu will be defeated soon.”

Thinking of this, Ding Yuan reached out and pulled out his sword from his waist, and shouted loudly to the soldiers behind him: “Brothers, come forward with me and kill all the Huns in front.”

Following Ding Yuan’s roar, the Han army behind Ding Yuan also burst out with a shocking roar, “Kill, kill, kill.” and attacked the Huns not far away.

Lu Bu, who had just rushed out of the Huns’ encirclement, saw another team appearing in front of him. He thought it was the Huns who were coming to kill him again. Not only was he broken out in a cold sweat, but when Lu Bu saw clearly the flag of the opposite team, Lu Bu finally felt relieved. Because there is clearly a vigorous and powerful “D” character written on the big flag in front. Lu Bu knew that this was a unique symbol of the Han people. Only the Han people’s teams would have such bright flags, while foreigners generally did not have flags with surnames.

However, for the sake of safety, Lu Bu still took his few remaining troops and gave way to one side.

Lu Bu now has lost his troops and generals, and has no intention of participating in the battle that may follow.

But then, when Lu Bu saw, Ding Yuan took the lead and killed the Huns. Lu Bu was a little moved, although only a few of the Xianbei knights borrowed by Lu Bu died. But relatively speaking, the wolves brought by Lu Bu suffered very few casualties. As for Lu Bu’s wolf cavalry, the most important thing is the presence of wolves. As long as the wolves cooperate, the Huns’ cavalry will lose at least half of their combat effectiveness. Thinking of this, Lu Bu turned his horse’s head again and let out a wolf howl at the sky.

When the wolves heard Lu Bu’s desolate and arrogant howl, they also started to howl one after another. For a moment, the desolate howl of wolves resounded throughout the grassland.

Amidst the howling of the wolves, neither the Huns’ horses nor those of Ding Yuan’s cavalry arose, neighing and jumping violently despite orders.

Soon, Lu Bu led the wolves and harassed the Huns’ cavalry from a distance from the other side. Where there were wolves, the Huns’ horses were greatly restricted.

For cavalry combat, the most important thing is speed. As long as the cavalry can increase the speed, it can cause great damage to the enemy just by relying on the impact of speed. With Lu Bu and his pack of wolves harassing them from behind, it would be difficult for the Huns to control their horses, so how could they increase their speed?

As a result, they suffered a lot in the battle with Ding Yuan’s army. The Huns were even less able to compete with Ding Yuan’s army with infantry fighting like Xiang did with Lu Bu. Infantry had no advantage over cavalry, not to mention that Ding Yuan’s side clearly had an advantage in numbers.

As a result, the Huns naturally suffered a lot.

The Huns soon discovered that such a battle was too disadvantageous for them. After a few charges with Ding Yuan’s army, they covered each other and retreated.

After seeing the Huns retreating, Ding Yuan rode up to Lu Bu and said to Lu Bu: “Little boy, you are very brave. Do you want to come to my tent and kill foreigners with me?”

Lu Bu looked at Ding Yuan but said nothing. In Lu Bu’s view, those officials may not be reliable, and he had to rely on himself to avenge his parents.

While Lu Bu was thinking about it, someone on Ding Yuan’s side became unhappy and said to Lu Bu, “My lord is the newly arrived governor of Wuyuan County. Sir Ding Yuan, why don’t you get off your horse and pay tribute?”

When Lu Bu first saw the word “D” on the flag, he was already a little suspicious. Now when he heard that the person coming was indeed Ding Yuan, he felt happy. He dismounted and saluted Ding Yuan and said, “My nephew Lu Bu pays homage to your uncle.” .”

After speaking, Lu Bu took out the letter left by his father from his arms and handed it to Ding Yuan.

Ding Yuan read the letter that Lu Bu handed over. After reading it carefully, his eyes became moist and said, “You are indeed a descendant of Brother Lu. Good boy, come and let me take a good look at you.”

With that said, Ding Yuan got off his horse and reached out to support Lu Bu.

Lu Bu saw that Ding Yuan was indeed his father’s old acquaintance, so he knelt on the ground and said, “Uncle, my father died miserably. I ask my uncle to avenge my parents and make decisions for my nephew.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Ding Yuan nodded and said: “My dear nephew, don’t worry. I was transferred to Wuyuan County by the court this time specifically to solve the border troubles here. From now on, the two of us will work together and we will be able to help your father.” Revenge of blood.”

As he said that, Ding Yuan looked at Lu Bu and said in knots: “Now that both of your parents have died, you are an orphan, and I don’t have any children around me. I see that you are a talented person, so why don’t I accept you as my adopted son? From now on, we, father and son, are of the same mind.” , how about sweeping across the grassland together and establishing unparalleled achievements?”

After hearing Ding Yuan’s proposal, Lu Bu thought for a while: Ding Yuan’s proposal did not mean anything bad for Lu Bu. Although Lu Bu is somewhat brave now, he must be young and alone. It is not easy to avenge his parents and take back Fang Tian Hua Ji. But once there is the support of Ding Yuan, the governor of Wuyuan, it will be different immediately. It is not impossible to sweep across the grassland. You must know that in this era where family background is very important, the benefits of having a father who is an official are simply too great.

Of course, once Ding Yuan is adopted as his adoptive father, Lu Bu will be able to receive his father’s love and enjoy the happiness of his family.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu once again bowed to Ding Yuan and said: “My foster father, please accept your respect from your son Lu Bu.”

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