Chapter 14: The Huns attack the Five Plains, Lu Bu captures Wei Xu

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Ding Yuan was very happy to have Lu Bu as his adopted son. He looked up to the sky and laughed and said, “God gave me Lu Bu. It seems that the end of these foreign races on the grassland is coming.”

Seeing that Ding Yuan was so happy, everyone under Ding Yuan also came forward to congratulate Ding Yuan: “Congratulations, Grand Administrator Ding, on the birth of your son. Your son is so brave that he will definitely be able to establish an outstanding reputation in the battle against foreign tribes.” achievements.”

Ding Yuan was extremely happy after hearing the praise from his subordinates.

Just when Ding Yuan was happy to have Lu Bu as his adopted son.

Dust was flying in front, and a cavalryman galloped towards him. When he got closer, he saw clearly that he was actually a primary school reporter from Wuyuan County.

The small colonel came to Ding Yuan, bowed and dismounted, saluted Ding Yuan and said: “Let me tell you, Lord Prefect, something bad has happened. Early this morning, tens of thousands of Huns cavalry suddenly raided Wuyuan County. Wuyuan County Lord Wen Deng, the prefect of the county, asked me to come and give you a message, and also asked me to bring you a message.”

When it came to the oral message, the small school was obviously very hesitant. He couldn’t make up his mind for a while, not knowing whether he should deliver it or not.

After hearing what the primary school teacher said, Ding Yuan suddenly felt a bad feeling well up in his heart. He thought to himself: “Damn Wen Deng won’t cause any trouble to me, right?”

Although he was worried in his heart, Ding Yuan still forced out a smile and said generously to the small school: “If you have anything to say, just say it and don’t hesitate.”

At the end, Ding Yuan said to the little school boy encouragingly: “Don’t worry, I won’t blame you.”

After hearing Ding Yuan’s words, the junior high school officer looked at Ding Yuan gratefully and said, “Master Wen Deng, the former governor of Wuyuan County, asked the junior high school student to tell Master Ding, ‘Since the new governor has arrived in Wuyuan County, , then it’s time for him, the former governor, to leave. Although the handover has not yet been carried out, the printing and other items have been left at the governor’s residence in Wuyuan County.'”

After saying that, the junior high school student who came to report the news lowered his head and looked ashamed.

Upon hearing this, Ding Yuan hurriedly asked: “Then where is Lord Wen Deng, the governor of your family, now?”

The primary school boy who reported the news recalled briefly and replied to Ding Yuan: “Sir Wen Deng left the city early this morning. He just ordered the junior to come out to look for Mr. Ding before leaving the city.”

Hearing what the small school officer said, the generals behind Ding Yuan all looked surprised. He said: “This Wen Deng is too bold. He actually fled first when the Huns came to besiege him. Isn’t this giving up the city of my great man to the Huns?”

Another angry general suggested to Ding Yuan: “This Wen Deng is too outrageous. Your Excellency should write a letter to the court to impeach Wen Deng.”

The even more angry general looked at the reporting school who was kneeling on one knee, and suggested to Ding Yuan: “This school is in the same group as Wen Deng, and he is not a good thing. You might as well use him to sacrifice the flag.” . Then lead the army all the way back to kill the Huns.”

When the small school heard that they were going to sacrifice themselves with a flag, cold sweat suddenly flowed from their faces. He secretly glanced at Ding Yuan in front of him and said, “Sir, I have gone through so much trouble to find you and the generals here. It’s not because I am timid and afraid of death and dare not fight with the Huns.” Kill. But because I can’t bear the people of Wuyuan County being slaughtered by foreigners. I hope the general can lead his capable men to save the people of Wuyuan County from the fire and water.”

After listening to the primary school principal’s words, Ding Yuan’s tightly knitted brows finally relaxed.

I heard the news that Wen Deng, the former governor of Wuyuan County, escaped from the battle. Lu Bu’s mood suddenly became angry. Unknowingly, Lu Bu’s eyes turned red, and a burning murderous intention emanated from Lu Bu’s body.

Lu Bu felt that the reason why the Han Dynasty was weak was because of these bureaucrats who were extremely cruel to the people in normal times and only thought about themselves and their lives in wartime. Lu Bu even felt that his parents were killed by the Huns because of people like Wen Deng. If the officers and soldiers of Wuyuan County were more useful, ordinary people like my parents would be needed there.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu secretly made up his mind to never let Wen Deng escape.

Lu Bu glanced at the primary school kneeling on the ground, saluted Ding Yuan on the side and said: “Master foster father, judging from the child, now is indeed not the time to pursue any responsibilities. The top priority is to rush back to Wuyuan County as soon as possible. Don’t It would be better to let the Huns take advantage and torture us Han people.”

When Ding Yuan heard that Lu Bu’s words made sense, he nodded and said to the generals: “Everyone, let’s go back to Wuyuan County first. We will wait until the Huns’ attack is repelled.”

After saying that, Ding Yuan got on the horse and was about to ride away. Suddenly remembering something, he turned back to Lu Bu and said, “You don’t have any merit now, and I can’t reward you with anything. Let’s wait until you make meritorious deeds in battle.”

When Lu Bu heard this, he nodded towards Ding Yuan and said, “What my adoptive father said is right. Everything depends on my adoptive father. The child still needs to go back to the grassland and pack some things. Once the child has packed his things, he will go to Wuyuan County immediately, and Fight the enemy side by side with my foster father.”

As he spoke, Lu Bu pointed to the messenger boy who was still kneeling on the ground, and said to Ding Yuan: “The foster father is of some use to the child. How about the foster father hand this person over to the child?”

Ding Yuan looked at the young Lu Bu and felt a little sad. He thought to himself: “This kid is only as old as Lu Bu, but he is already filled with the spirit of conquest. Is it really because we, the adults who protect our country and our country, have done too poorly?”

Thinking of this, Ding Yuan nodded to Lu Bu and said, “Go ahead and pack your things. My father is here in Wuyuan County, so you don’t have to worry. My father is not a lamb to be slaughtered. As for Just take this junior high school student with you.”

After saying that, Ding Yuan said to the primary school student: “You help me take good care of my son these days. If he does anything wrong, I will ask you. Of course, if you do a good job, I will no longer blame you.” That’s the matter of Wen Deng’s collusion.”

After saying that, Ding Yuan led his men and rushed towards Wuyuan County with whips raised.

Lu Bu looked at Ding Yuan’s retreating figure and hesitated. Lu Bu originally thought that there would be no worries between him and Na Dingyuan. Some are just using each other. Lu Bu wants to use Ding Yuan’s identity to avenge his parents, and Ding Yuan wants to use Lu Bu’s bravery to earn a share of merit for himself.

But the care and love Ding Yuan showed for Lu Bu just now made Lu Bu feel the long-lost father’s love again. Lu Bu shook his head and forced himself to interrupt his chaotic thoughts.

At this time, the small school reporting the news stood next to Lu Bu. Just took a step forward. He clasped his fists at Lu Bu and said, “Thank you very much, Sir, for speaking up and speaking out for me. I will do my best for you.”

Lu Bu smiled at the small school, but said nothing. He just turned around and greeted Bu Dugen who was not far away: “Bu Dugen, take these Xianbei soldiers back to your father’s camp to rest for a few days. In addition, help me ask your father for more soldiers and horses, especially horses. The number should be larger. When you are ready, take them to Wuyuan County to find me. When you arrive in Wuyuan County in the future, I will form a real cavalry of my own.”

Bu Dugen received Lu Bu’s order and heard that he was going to ask his father for troops and horses again. Although he was a little reluctant, he thought that Lu Bu was now the son of the prefect, and his status was very different from before. In the future, as long as he follows Lu Bu, he will naturally get more, so he said to Lu Bu: “My distinguished master, don’t worry. I will definitely convince my father. I will go to Wuyuan County to find the master as soon as possible.”

After saying that, Bu Dugen left with his Xianbei people.

After watching the Xianbei soldiers leave, the colonel said to Lu Bu: “Why do you want to mix with these Xianbei people? You must know that people who are not from my race must have different hearts.”

After hearing what the junior high school student said, Lu Bu raised his eyes with blood-red eyes and looked at the junior high school student. As soon as the little principal met Lu Bu’s eyes, he felt cold all over and lowered his head unconsciously.

The primary school student was secretly surprised. He himself had experienced the test of blood and fire. How could he be so afraid of a child?

The principal was thinking secretly when Lu Bu’s cold words came: “You said that those who are not from my race must have different hearts, but in my opinion, those scum who betrayed their own race are even more black sheep and must be eliminated. You are right.” What?”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, the young man broke into cold sweat again, but said timidly: “I don’t understand what the young master means.”

Lu Bu chuckled and said, “Didn’t you say that Wen Deng left early this morning? I think he hasn’t gone far yet. Are you interested in taking me to find Wen Deng and borrow something?”

The small schoolmaster was startled and had a bad feeling. He looked at Lu Bu timidly and said, “Young master, maybe you want to borrow…” After saying that, the small schoolmaster slashed at Lu Bu. Head posture.

Lu Bu laughed and said, “You are quite smart. You can even see that. What’s your name?”

After a brief contact with Lu Bu, this small school has been completely impressed by Lu Bu. Just listen to the small colonel slowly say: “Wei Xu, I would like to serve the general in front and behind the horse.”

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