Chapter 15 The distressed Song Xian

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Lu Bu was shocked at first after hearing Wei Xu’s words. Lu Bu didn’t expect how he could get Wei Xu’s allegiance under such circumstances. Originally, Lu Bu saw Wei Xu’s behavior in front of Ding Yuan and felt that although Wei Xu was a bit cunning, he must also have a strong character. At least Lu Bu could be sure that Wei Xu was sincerely willing to work with Ding Yuan to drive out the Tartars. Lu Bu felt that as long as this was enough, what the Han people lacked now was iron bones.

Now Lu Bu doesn’t want to think about Wei Xu betraying Lu Bu in the Three Kingdoms. The matter of surrendering to Cao Cao. That must be the result of Lu Bu being too incompetent and disappointing his subordinates.

Lu Bu felt that since Cao Cao could use someone, he, Lu Bu, could also use him in his life. Only those who are stronger than Cao Cao and know how to use talents can defeat Cao Cao and become the real hero in the world of the Three Kingdoms.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu smiled at Wei Xu and said, “Wei Xu, since you want to follow me to conquer the world, I will give you a chance now and take me to borrow Wen Deng’s head.”

When Wei Xu heard this, Lu Bu really wanted to take him to kill Wen Deng. He sighed and said to Lu Bu: “Master, although I am dissatisfied with Wen Deng’s actions, I am also extremely angry that Wen Deng escaped from the battle. But Wen Deng must be the villain’s old master, and the villain has just defected to the new one. My lord, the old lord is going to be killed over there. This kind of thing is really not something a villain can do. Besides, Wen Deng is the governor of the imperial court. Although the young master is extremely noble, if you want to kill an important member of the imperial court, please think twice.”

After hearing Wei Xu’s refusal, Lu Bu smiled instead of being angry. Lu Bu originally thought that Wei Xu was a seller seeking glory, and would definitely lead him to kill Wen Deng without hesitation.

But he didn’t expect that although Wei Xu was very dissatisfied with Wen Deng, he couldn’t bear to kill Wen Deng. This made Lu Bu’s view of Wei Xu change a lot.

Lu Bu laughed and said: “It seems that you are also a loyal and courageous person. Originally, you interceded for Wen Deng, so I should have let him go. But have you ever thought that if Wen Deng didn’t die, what would happen to others? Will people still sincerely fight against the barbarians? When the crisis comes, won’t they all imitate Wen Deng and run away. This precedent cannot be set.”

As he spoke, Lu Bu patted Wei Xu on the shoulder and said warmly: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you kill Wen Deng. I will take off his head myself. You just need to help me lead the way and identify him. As for what you said about the imperial court Regarding the investigation, I don’t know how many Hulu are killed in Wuyuan County every year, so I just need to deal with it casually.”

Having said this, Lu Bu smiled mysteriously and said, “Only you and I know about this matter. You won’t betray me.”

Hearing Lu Bu’s words, Wei Xu felt his scalp numb. He hurriedly stepped forward and said: “Young Master, I will never dare to do anything detrimental to you.”

But at this time Lu Bu laughed and shook his head. Then he continued to Wei seriously: “I treat you sincerely. I hope that in the future we can stand together through thick and thin and work hard to create a world of our own. Are you willing to work with me to contribute to this world?”

Only then did Wei Xu feel Lu Bu’s sincerity. Wei Xu knelt down on one knee and said, “Wei Xu is willing to be respectful to the young master, no matter how cruel he is.”

After hearing what Wei Xu said, Lu Bu finally felt at ease, patted Wei Xu on the shoulder, bowed and said: “From now on, Lu Bu will have a lot of help from strong men.”

Not far from the southern section of Wuyuan County, dozens of cavalry were guarding four carriages heading south. On a group of tall Xiongnu horses, a small school boy was sitting lazily on the horse, looking back in the direction of Wuyuan County behind him. While looking at it, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Is Wuyuan County, where I have lived for several years, just left like this? Are all the familiar faces living all over the city lost to the Huns all of a sudden?”

Hearing the sigh of the junior colonel, the soldier on the side stepped forward and comforted: “My lord, please don’t think about it. Haven’t you seen that Wei Xu suggested to the prefect to guard because he didn’t want to leave Wuyuan County like this?” Wuyuan County. But we sent him across the grassland to find Lord Ding Yuan’s army. I think Wei Xu has either been made dumplings by the Huns or has been torn apart by the wolves.”

After hearing what the soldier said, the small colonel sighed again.

At this time, a baritone voice came from the cart in front. He said: “Song Xian, what did you do? The carriage is moving so slowly. If the Huns catch up, how can we escape?” The person who spoke was really the former prefect of Wuyuan County, Wen Dengwen. grown ups.

It turns out that the name of this elementary school is Song Xian. After listening to the words of the people in the car, Song Xian slowly faded away the dissatisfaction on his face, and then replied: “Sir, these cars behind are all filled with the finances of your family, they are really not light. I’m afraid. No matter how anxious we are, we can’t go any faster.”

When Na Wen Deng heard this, he popped his head out of the carriage and shouted to Song Xian: “You useless thing, can’t you handle such a small thing? I can tell you, everything in this carriage can be… These are the valuable things of the nobles that I want to take to Luoyang and give to Shi Changshi. And the belongings in that car are all what I want to send to Xiyuan* for use. If you guys delay my lord’s For a big deal, even cutting off your heads won’t help.”

When Song Xian heard this, he felt angry and whispered: “Grandma, what the hell? Isn’t it just by currying favor with the Ten Constant Attendants that I got where I am today? What’s there to do with it?”

When Song Xian said these words, he frightened a veteran next to him. The veteran rushed to Song Xian’s side, pulled Song Xian aside and said softly: “Sir, please be careful what you say. If Na Wen Deng hears it, it will be very difficult for you. We soldiers, just be honest.” The soldiers need food, so it’s better not to worry about the things of those officials.”

At this time, the annoying baritone voice came again, and Na Wen Deng said to Song Xian again: “Why don’t you hurry up and take your soldiers to the back to push the cart for me? At this speed, what do you want? When can we leave this ghost place and reach Luoyang?”

After saying that, Wen Deng retracted his head into the car.

Song Xian had no choice but to step forward and greet the brothers to push the cart. There is only one hope in Song Xian’s heart now, and that is that this hard work will end soon.

I think the reason why Song Xian came to Wuyuan County to serve as a soldier in the frontier was because he couldn’t stand the arrogance and arrogance of the wealthy families in the Central Plains and the officials and gentry, and wanted to create a career in the frontier. But I didn’t expect that even after reaching the border, the situation did not improve. By now Song Xian no longer has any illusions about this society. Song Xian finally changed from an idealist to a person who now has survival as his first goal.

At this time, a woman’s cursing voice came from Wen Deng’s car. Just listen to the woman saying: “If we don’t need protection along the way, why should we take these useless soldiers and run away together? How long will it take to reach Luoyang by driving like this? My buttocks are covered with calluses coming.”

As soon as the female voice finished speaking, Wen Deng’s voice came out again. “Little sweetheart, you have a callus on your butt? Come on, let me rub it for you.”

Hearing this, the soldiers who were pushing the cart with Song Xian showed angry faces. A brave soldier whispered: “Grandma, if you follow this dirty dog officer to Luoyang, why not let us kill the dog officer together and then become bandits together?”

As soon as the soldier said this, the other soldiers became quiet. Everyone, look at me and I look at you, we can’t make up our minds for a moment. Although everyone thinks this idea is bad, it is not that bad. Nowadays, being a bandit is not a big deal. The government also turned a blind eye.

The soldiers looked around, not daring to accept the mission, but they focused their attention on Song Xian who was standing aside.

Song Xian looked at everyone’s gazes and sighed: “I understand everyone’s thoughts, but we have to think about our families. We are happy doing this, but what can we do with our wives, children, and children at home?”

As soon as Song Xian said these words, the enthusiasm of the soldiers quickly retreated. Each one was like a defeated rooster, with their heads lowered and their heads covered, pushing the car in front of them as hard as they could push Na Wen Deng to death.

Just when the soldiers were feeling extremely depressed, a man and a horse galloped over from afar, raising a cloud of dust. The person who came was seen wearing Xianbei clothes, holding a bloody scimitar in his hand, and a long bow on his shoulder. It was Lu Bu.

After Lu Bu arranged the wolves in the nearby mountains, he and Wei Xu chased them all the way.

When he caught up with Wen Deng’s team, Wei Xu pointed at Lu Bu from a distance, then rode away to the side.

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