Chapter 16 The Principles of the Sword

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Before Lu Bu came to the motorcade, Yang Dao immediately shouted to everyone in the motorcade: “I am Lu Bu, the adopted son of Lord Ding, the new governor of Wuyuan County, Ding Yuan. I have been ordered by Lord Ding to see off the news that I have resigned.” Come on, Lord Wen Taishou. Please come out and see me, Lord Wen Taishou.”

When Lu Bu rushed over on horseback, Wen Deng, who was sitting in the car, was startled at first and hurriedly stuck his head out of the car to observe. However, he saw a young man wearing Xianbei costumes coming with a horse and a sword. Wen Deng was about to call Song Xian and others to come over to protect him, but he heard Lu Bu’s words.

When Wen Deng heard that the person coming was Ding Yuan’s adopted son, he finally felt relieved. But then I thought about it, Ding Yuan might let this kid come to trouble him.

So Wen Deng spoke in an official tone and said leisurely to Song Xian: “Here, please come over quickly and receive this young master for me.”

When Song Xian just saw Lu Bu arriving, he thought the Huns were chasing him. Just as he was about to step forward to fight, Lu Bu explained his intention. Bian Di sighed and said, “In this world, officials really protect each other.”

At this time, after Song Xian heard Wen Deng’s words, he led a group of soldiers to Wen Deng’s carriage and waited for Wen Deng to get out of the carriage.

At this time, Lu Bu rode his horse, put away the knife in his hand, and slowly came to a place not far from Wen Deng. After stopping, he rode his horse and looked at Wen Deng and said, “Are you the retired governor of Wuyuan County Wen Deng? ”

Wen Deng got out of the car and stood on the ground, waiting for Lu Bu, the godson of the new prefect, to come and pay his respects. However, Lu Bu was not seen dismounting and coming over. But what he waited for was Lu Bu’s unceremonious question. Suddenly Wen Deng became furious and shouted at the soldiers beside him: “What a arrogant boy, he dared to call me by my first name. Is this the name that a common man like you can call me? Why don’t you come here quickly?” , bring this village boy to my Lord, and I will punish him for the crime of disrespect.”

Song Xian and others were shocked at first after hearing Lu Bu’s words. But at the same time, he was also moved by Lu Bu’s arrogance. But as a soldier, he had to obey Wen Deng’s order and slowly came up from all around, preparing to capture Lu Bu.

After listening to Wen Deng’s words, he looked at the soldiers coming up from all around. Lu Bu burst out laughing. However, the laughter quickly subsided, and then Lu Bu’s eyes widened, and a bloody killing intent emanated from Lu Bu’s body.

Lu Bu suddenly lifted the reins of his horse and rushed toward Wen Deng outside the encirclement. This sudden scene caught the surrounding soldiers off guard and they retreated one after another. Only Song Xian had sharp eyes and quick hands. When he saw Lu Bu rushing towards Wen Deng, he immediately urged his horse to rush forward and blocked Lu Bu’s way.

When Lu Bu saw the soldiers retreating one after another, he was happy at first, but when he saw someone standing in front of Wen Deng, he frowned and remembered what Wei Xu said to him when he came.

When he arrived, Wei Xu told Lu Bu that the dozens of soldiers Wen Deng led had complaints against Wen Deng, so it was nothing to worry about. The only thing is that Song Xian is quite brave, which makes Lu Bu pay more attention.

Lu Bu looked at Song Xian, with a smile on his lips. But his men were not slow at all. Lu Bu turned the horse’s head slightly, barely giving way to Song Xian’s horse.

Just when Song Xian was about to draw his sword and come over to fight Lu Bu. Lu Bu held the handle of his sword with his right hand, pulled it out slightly, and hit Song Xian’s right hand holding the sword with the handle.

There was a clang, and Song Xian received a blow from Lu Bu on his right hand, and the sword in his hand fell to the ground. Song Xian looked at the back of his right hand and saw a bright red mark. Song Xian looked at his right hand and was frightened for a while. Thanks to Lu Bu’s use of the handle just now, if Lu Bu had used the blade just now, then Song Xian’s right hand might have become useless. Thanks to Lu Bu, he only dealt with Song Xian’s right hand. If it had been Song Xian’s head, Song Xian’s days of eating food and serving as a soldier would have come to an end.

Song Xian was still in a daze, but Lu Bu had already passed through Song Xian and came to Wen Deng, who was about to run away when he saw that the situation was not good.

When Wen Deng saw Lu Bu coming to kill him, he wanted to escape as soon as he rolled his eyes, but when he saw that he couldn’t escape, he began to think of bribed Lu Bu. But no matter how many tricks went through Wen Deng’s mind, it was of no use now.

I saw Lu Bu galloping past Wen Deng on his horse. Wen Deng had a big head. Before he could say a word in a hurry, it was already chopped to the ground. After spinning around a few times, his head was exposed. Wen Deng had a horrified face. I wonder if Wen Deng was surprised by Lu Bu’s martial arts? Still horrified that he would just end his absurd life like this.

After killing Wen Deng, Lu Bu turned his horse’s head again, looked at Song Xian and the soldiers in front of him, and said loudly: “As soldiers of Wuyuan County of our Han Dynasty, you are under attack from foreigners. You don’t want to die to serve your country. Instead, you fled here, abandoning the entire city and ignoring all the Han people. What crime should you do?”

Song Xian and the soldiers watched Lu Bu kill Wen Deng in front of them, and when they were thinking about what to do, they did not expect that Lu Bu would be the first to attack them.

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, these soldiers, you look at me, I look at you, you don’t know what to do.

At this time, Wei Xu arrived in front of everyone without knowing when. Wei Xu smiled and said to Song Xian and others: “Everyone, we are all soldiers of Wuyuan County. It is our duty to defend Wuyuan County, and we are naturally bound to do so. As for leaving Wuyuan County today, then They were all bewitched by that guy Wen Deng, and the responsibility is not yours.”

Lu Bu listened to Wei Xu’s words, took over Wei Xu’s words, and continued: “Since all the blame comes from that Wen Deng, I will no longer hold you responsible. I will definitely tell you when I return to Wuyuan County. Father will report the situation here and plead for you. I believe that father is aware of everything and will not embarrass you. As for Wen Deng, I will definitely ask my father to write to the court to hold him responsible for leaving his post without permission.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Song Xian and all the soldiers looked relaxed. He rushed up to thank Lu Bu and said, “Thank you, Mr. Lu. You are really our reborn parents.”

What made everyone confused was that Lu Bu had clearly killed Wen Deng with one knife, but why did he say something to ask his father to write a letter to the court to hold Wen Deng accountable?

However, everyone was smart enough to quietly ignore this question.

But Lu Bu, as if he had just woken up, continued: “I, Lu Bu, have been ordered to see off Mr. Wen Dengwen, the governor of Wuyuan County who has resigned. Why is there no sign of the governor?”

Lu Bu still held the sword that killed Wen Deng in his hand, but with a puzzled look on his face, he asked questions to the soldiers.

But Lu Bu’s question stumped all the soldiers. Soldiers, you look at me, I look at you, no one knows how to answer.

At this time, Song Xian saw that no one answered, so he hesitantly pointed to Wen Deng’s body, which was already dead on the ground, and replied to Lu Bu: “Master, look at that person on the ground, isn’t it Wen Deng?”

After listening to Song Xian’s words, Lu Bu looked at the corpse on the ground, showed anger on his face, and said to Song Xian: “What are you talking about? I often hear people say that Lord Wen Deng, the governor of Wuyuan County, is extremely brave. He is good at riding and shooting. Since he was stationed in Wuyuan County, he has fought in all directions and killed many Hulu. How can you say that such a heroic figure looks so useless? Don’t talk nonsense and slander Lord Wen’s reputation. .”

When Song Xian heard what Lu Bu said, he looked ugly and didn’t know how to answer.

At this time, Wei Xu next to him scratched his head with his hand, took over Lu Bu’s words, pointed to the shadow of a tree in the distance, and said to Lu Bu: “Sir, look at someone riding a horse over there, heading in the direction of Luoyang. Went. I wonder if it’s Mr. Wen Deng?”

At this time, when Song Xian heard Wei Xu’s words, he suddenly said: “Master, I remember, when we were on our way just now, Lord Wen Deng missed the emperor too much in Luoyang, so he rode the horse first. Back to Luoyang. Only us little soldiers are left here to guard these carts. The person on the ground is indeed just a groom pretending to be Lord Wen Deng.”

After a period of deception by Wei Xu and Song Xian, Wen Deng, the originally majestic prefect, turned into a worthless groom. And Lu Bu, who was about to become a rebel who killed officials because he killed Wen Deng, now transformed into a hero who proved the honor of officials.

After listening to Song Xian’s words, Lu Bu smiled and nodded, and asked the soldiers: “Is what Song Xian said the truth? Did you all see it with your own eyes?”

The soldiers looked at the bloody sword in Lu Bu’s hand and dared to say “no”. Naturally, everyone nodded and said yes.

Seeing the performance of the soldiers, Lu Bu laughed loudly and put away the sword in his hand.

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