Chapter 17 Passing God of Wealth

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At this time, Lu Bu jumped off his horse with a smile, came to Song Xian, patted Song Xian on the shoulder, pointed to these carts and asked Song Xian, “What are all the things on these carts?”

Song Xian hurriedly stepped forward and replied: “Master, this car is the property of Prefect Wen.”

When he heard that the property in the car was all Wen Deng’s property, Lu Bu’s expression changed and he said, “How come it’s all Prefect Wen’s property? How much salary can a prefect get in a year?”

At this time, Wei Xu on the side stepped forward and said: “What Brother Song Xian just said is not entirely correct. Only part of it is the property of Prefect Wen Deng. In fact, most of it was plundered by Prefect Wen from the treasury of Wuyuan County. Come.”

After hearing what Wei Xu said, Lu Bu nodded and said: “Since it is something in the treasury, let’s take it back and hand it over to the treasury. Now that the Huns are attacking, it is the time for us to recruit troops and buy horses. These things are all needed.” On.”

After saying that, Lu Bu was about to mount his horse and leave. But the sound of a woman crying came from a carriage. It turned out to be the woman Wen Deng brought. When she saw Wen Deng being killed, she was so frightened that she started crying.

At this time, several soldiers came forward and pulled the woman out of the carriage.

Although Lu Bu hates evil, he is not murderous. But if Lu Bu didn’t kill this woman, he was afraid that his killing of Wen Deng would be leaked by this woman. But then he thought about it, and Lu Bu thought: Could it be that he, a heroic young man who roamed the grasslands, couldn’t even tolerate a woman who had no power to tie a chicken?

Lu Bu finally felt relieved when he thought of this. He laughed and said to Song Xian, “Song Xian, you can give this woman a ride.”

After speaking, Lu Bu commanded the soldiers and drove the carriage towards Wuyuan County.

Lu Bu did not notice that Song Xian, who had accepted the task of sending the woman away, had a sad face at this time. At this time, Song Xian really couldn’t make up his mind. He didn’t know what Lu Bu meant by “giving this woman a ride”.

Although Lu Bu didn’t see the sad look on Song Xian’s face, Wei Xu, who was also serving as a soldier in Wuyuan County, could see it clearly. Therefore, when Wei Xu passed by Song Xian, he made a beheading gesture intentionally or unintentionally.

Of course, Song Xian also saw Wei Xu’s gestures clearly. Then he sighed and took the woman away towards the distance.

Lu Bu took these soldiers and drove these carts all the way to Wuyuan County. Looking at the deep ruts left by these carts on the ground, Lu Bu smiled secretly and said, “Grandma, I’m finally going to make a fortune. This is the first pot of gold I got when I came to the Three Kingdoms.”

At this time, Lu Bu’s eyes were full of intoxicated little stars. To be a rich man was Lu Bu’s biggest dream in his previous life. He didn’t expect that it would be realized not long after he came to the Three Kingdoms.

But another question came to Lu Bu’s mind. With so much finance, should he give it to his current adoptive father, Ding Yuan? Ordinarily, since we have to deal with the Huns now, Ding Yuan is indeed short of money.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu felt distressed. Now Lu Bu finally knew: It turns out that having money is also a kind of distress.

Lu Bu was having sex when the sound of horse hooves came from behind. Lu Bu looked back and saw a handsome man galloping towards him on horseback. Looking carefully, he saw that this man was not Song Xian who had just left not long ago, so who could he be?

Lu Bu felt strange when he saw Song Xian coming back so soon. He hurriedly called Song Xian and asked, “Where did you send that woman? Why did she come back so soon?”

Hearing Lu Bu’s question, Song Xian smiled awkwardly and said, “Of course I followed the young master’s wishes and sent the woman back to her hometown.”

When Lu Bu heard this, he was secretly surprised and said, “Did you kill that woman?”

Song Xian looked at Lu Bu with some confusion and said, “Yes, does the young master have anything else to explain?”

After saying this, Song Xian seemed to have thought of something, and he smiled and persuaded Lu Bu: “Although that woman is quite beautiful, she seems to be too old compared to the young master. The young master should not have other ideas.”

Lu Bu saw that Song Xian was thinking wrong again, so he stopped talking to Song Xian. He turned around and asked other soldiers, “Did I just ask Song Xian to kill that woman?”

When the soldiers saw Lu Bu asking, they all stepped forward and cupped their hands and said, “Yes.”

When Lu Bu heard this, he was completely stunned. I thought that when I came to the Three Kingdoms, I wanted to be a great hero, but I didn’t expect that I couldn’t even tolerate a woman.

But after Lu Bu thought about it, there was nothing wrong with Song Xian doing that. Anyone in that situation would first think of killing someone and silencing them. How can we blame Song Xianhui for being wrong?

I guess this is the informality needed to do big things.

By the time Lu Bu and the others returned to Wuyuan City, Wuyuan City had been captured by the Huns’ cavalry.

At this time, Ding Yuan had already led his team and set up camp outside Wuyuan City. Ding Yuan was gathering the defeated troops and people who had escaped from Wuyuan City, while fighting a mutually beneficial battle with the Huns.

When Lu Bu came to the big tent to see Ding Yuan, Ding Yuan was in the big tent, discussing countermeasures with his generals.

When Ding Yuan saw Lu Bu coming in, his face was originally full of grief and anger because Wuyuan City had been breached. He calmed down a little and greeted Lu Bu: “My son, you are back. It’s good to be back. As a father, I am still worried about your safety. .As long as you return safely.”

Hearing Ding Yuan’s greeting, Lu Bu also stepped forward and prostrated himself in the tunnel: “The child has made his father worried. How is the father doing well while the child is gone?”

Lu Bu’s question aroused Ding Yuan’s sadness. I heard Ding Yuan sighing and saying: “What a good thing, Wuyuan County has been captured by the Huns. I am really incompetent as a prefect. I just lost my own county after just a few days here.” If the ministers in the court who don’t know what is called know about this, they don’t know how to add insult to injury. I’m afraid I will be taken down for questioning. I think that my reputation, Ding Yuan, will be ruined in one day. ”

Hearing what Ding Yuan said, Lu Bu was also surprised and said to himself: “No, it’s not easy for me to find such a backer. How can I say that I will fall?” ’

Thinking of this, Lu Bu hurriedly stepped forward and comforted Ding Yuan: “Father, don’t be anxious. The situation is not that bad yet. We will discuss it again and there will always be a way.”

At this time, one of Ding Yuan’s subordinates who joined the army stood up and said to Ding Yuan: “Master Taishou, what do you think of this? Why don’t we find someone to secretly send some money to Shichang and let them help Mr. Taishou spend this time?” times of difficulty.”

When Ding Yuanfang heard this, he said angrily: “Who are the Ten Constant Attendants? Are they worthy of letting me, Ding Yuan, fawn over them?”

Lu Bu saw that Ding Yuan was quite dissatisfied with Shi Changshi, so he tried to persuade Ding Yuan: “Father, why do you need to be angry with those eunuchs? In fact, I think it is nothing to send some money to Shi Changshi. What’s more, my father is For the sake of the Han Dynasty and to save the people of Wuyuan County, the money was given to Shi Changshi. Father, you might as well think about how many officials in the Han Dynasty care about the life and death of the people. If father is dismissed from office, I am afraid that From now on, Wuyuan County will no longer be the territory of our Han Dynasty.”

Lu Bu said this. Ding Yuan was also moved a lot, only to hear Ding Yuan sigh and say: “I have thought about what you said, but I have been an honest official over the years, so how can I have any money to bribe those eunuchs? ”

When Lu Bu heard this, his heart skipped a beat and he thought to himself, “No wonder my right eye keeps twitching today?” It turned out that the money that was finally obtained was going to be spent here. ‘ Thinking of this, Lu Bu felt distressed in his heart. It turns out that all the hard work I did was just making wedding clothes for others.

But as the saying goes: ‘If you can’t let go of your children, you can’t trap the wolf. ’ Lu Bu felt that it would be better for him to keep his foster father, his great supporter.

So Lu Bu thought for a while and said to Ding Yuan: “My son was out on patrol this time and accidentally picked up some money, which can be used to solve his urgent need for his adoptive father. Now that I think about it, I am afraid that God specially prepared this money for my father. ”

Hearing Lu Bu say he was rich, Ding Yuan immediately wiped away the hesitation on his face. He stepped forward and hugged Lu Bu and said, “Good boy, you are really my lucky star.”

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