Chapter 18 The Way to Win

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Chapter 18 The Way to Win

After hearing that Lu Bu was rich, Ding Yuan and his generals breathed a sigh of relief. He kept casting approving glances at Lu Bu.

At this time, Ding Yuan looked at the generals and said: “Now that the matter in the court has been revealed, let’s discuss how to deal with the Huns in front of us.”

At this time, one of Ding Yuan’s soldiers stepped forward and said: “The Huns have already captured Wuyuan County. Our army’s strength is not superior to that of the Huns. In this way, we must capture Wuyuan County.” I’m afraid it’s not that easy for the county.”

The soldier glanced at Lu Bu on the side and continued: “To be honest, the Huns are just asking for money. Why don’t we use some more money and let the Huns go?”

Upon hearing the bad idea of joining the army, Lu Bu’s expression quickly became unhappy, and secretly scolded the joining army: “Grandma, this bitch has a bad idea.” It’s just a matter of using money to bribe Shi Chang’s servants, but even the Huns want to bribe them. So what’s the point of having a border county like ours? ’

If Lu Bu hadn’t felt that he had just arrived in Ding Yuan’s camp and his qualifications were too shallow, he would have jumped up and scolded him.

But after hearing what the soldier said, Ding Yuan was the first to be unable to bear it any longer. Ding Yuan was heard saying angrily: “Damn it, I came to Wuyuan County just to fight the Hulu people. You can let me pay them a ransom. Doesn’t that tell the Huns that I, Ding Yuan, am a weakling?” If anyone dares to say such a thing about being soft to foreigners in the future, I will be the first to kill him.”

When the soldier heard Ding Yuan’s words, he immediately shrank his neck in fright, quietly retreated, and did not dare to speak again.

At this time, I heard Ding Yuan continue to say to the generals: “You think about it again, remember that what I want is a strategy to defeat the enemy, not a strategy to surrender.”

After listening to Ding Yuan’s words, Lu Bu felt a lot more at ease. I feel that this Ding Yuan can be regarded as a hero in troubled times.

At this time, a young general with slightly dark skin, about eighteen or nineteen years old, walked out from behind Lu Bu. This person stepped forward and came to Ding Yuan and said loudly: “My subordinate Gao Shun has a plan to offer that can resolve the crisis in Wuyuan City.”

When Lu Bu heard that this person was Gao Shun, he felt happy. Take a closer look at Gao Shun in front of you. I saw Gao Shun in front of me with a resolute face and piercing eyes, but there was no spark of wisdom flashing through him. Lu Bu secretly speculated: ‘Could this person in front of me be the commander-in-chief who was trapped in the camp, Gao Shun, Lu Bu’s die-hard best friend? Then I found a treasure. ’

Just when Lu Bu was overjoyed to see Gao Shun. Ding Yuan, who heard Gao Shun speak, also turned his attention to Gao Shun.

Ding Yuan asked Gao Shun seriously: “General Gao, if you have any opinions, just tell me.”

When Gao Shun heard Ding Yuan’s question, he saluted Ding Yuan and said: “Master Taishou, although the Huns are coming with ferocious force, the Huns must have been outside the Great Wall for a long time and have long been accustomed to living at home everywhere. So I’ll take a look. Come on, the Huns will definitely not live in Wuyuan County. After they have plundered all the money in the city, they will definitely leave in a hurry and will not stick to Wuyuan County. So I think that the top priority is not to find a way to attack the city. , on the contrary, we should find a way to cut off the Huns’ way of escaping northward back to the grassland. Wait until the Huns are satisfied and want to escape back to the grassland, and then give them a fatal blow, and they will win a complete victory.”

Lu Bu listened to Gao Shun’s analysis of the current battlefield situation. I was shocked in my heart and shouted: “Wonderful, wonderful. Ah. What General Gao said is so reasonable. It was just a word that revealed the mystery, which made me enlightened.”

Ding Yuan came to hear Gao Shun’s words and thought they made sense. He was about to praise Gao Shun a few words. But unexpectedly, Lu Bu suddenly interrupted, and immediately praised his loftiness: “It is rare in the sky and rare on the earth.”

Ding Yuan saw Lu Bu losing his composure, coughed a few times and said, “My son, please be patient and don’t be impatient.”

After hearing what Ding Yuan said, Lu Bu restrained his admiration for Gao Shun. There is no way who could make Gao Shun, one of the few generals among the Three Kingdoms in history, so good at training troops and develop a broken camp that would scare the enemy? What’s more important is that Gao Shun is one of the two people most loyal to Lu Bu in history.

It would be strange if Lu Bu wasn’t friendly and rude when he saw Gao Shun, who was supporting him with his life.

Only Ding Yuan stopped Lu Bu’s gaffe. Gao Shun just had time to salute Lu Bu and said, “Young Master is ridiculous. I’m just telling the truth. But at his current age, Young Master has been nicknamed the ‘Wild Wolf King’. He is worthy of being a young hero of our Bingzhou.”

Hearing what Gao Shun said, Lu Bu’s eyes suddenly flashed with countless little stars, and he felt as if he and Gao Shun cherished each other and regretted seeing each other so late.

But this beautiful moment was quickly interrupted by Ding Yuan. Ding Yuan coughed dryly and asked Gao Shun, “General Gao might as well be more detailed. What should our army do now?”

At this time, Gao Shun cleared his throat and continued: “Sir, although the Huns have captured Wuyuan County, the county towns are still in the hands of our army. Your Excellency, you might as well send people to various places to recruit local braves and raise funds. Money and food, and then come to support. At present, our army only needs to entangle the Huns and prevent them from escaping. When brave soldiers from all over the country have money and food, we will use the force of thunder to completely drive the Huns back to their hometown.”

After listening to Gao Shun’s words, Lu Bu thought to himself: “This Gao Shun is indeed a talented general with both wisdom and courage. If Gao Shun’s calculations are followed, the Huns will probably suffer a big loss this time.” ’

After Gao Shun finished speaking, he glanced at the generals in the tent and saw that no one objected. Gao Shun continued: “I wonder if you have any opinions on my plan?”

Lu Bu saw that Gao Shun had come up with such a good idea and solved the crisis for everyone, but he was still so modest and cautious, with no intention of taking credit. Not only did he secretly glance at Gao Shungao.

After listening to Gao Shun’s plan, Ding Yuan said while stroking his beard: “General Gao’s plan coincides with my idea. It just said what I wanted to say. I will follow Gao Shun’s plan.” Do as the general wishes.”

Lu Bu looked at Ding Yuan, who was showing off his beard above in surprise, and said to himself: “Why didn’t I see that you had the same idea as Gao Shun?” ’

Lu Bu was secretly laughing at Ding Yuan for stealing Gao Shun’s limelight. At this time, Ding Yuan was already sitting on the main seat in the hall with a serious face, and ordered to the generals: “Everyone, I think now that we have discussed the strategy against the enemy, it will depend on everyone’s efforts.”

After saying this, Ding Yuan sent his generals to various counties to collect food, grass, soldiers and horses.

After Ding Yuan assigned tasks to all the generals, he turned back and said to Gao Shun: “General Gao Shun is very resourceful. Please stay here this time and work with me to entangle the Huns.”

Then he turned to Lu Bu and said, “Lü Bu, my son, this time my father will send you back to Jiuyuan County to collect food, grass, soldiers and horses. By the way, you can visit your parents’ graves for me.”

Speaking of this, Ding Yuan showed a sad look on his face. But he came back to his senses immediately and told Lu Bu: “Remember, go and come back quickly. If it is difficult to collect food and grass for a while, then you must be the first to come back with troops and horses within five days, so as not to delay the war opportunity.”

When Lu Bu heard Ding Yuan’s order, he hurriedly bowed and agreed: “Don’t worry, father, I will definitely fulfill my mission. I just don’t know how many soldiers and horses I need to recruit this time?”

After saying this, Lu Bu glanced at Ding Yuan secretly, but saw Ding Yuan smile heartily and said: “Of course, the more the better, as long as there are usable soldiers, they will be brought back and incorporated into your command. It depends on whether you have this ability.” , how many soldiers and horses can we bring back?”

After speaking, Ding Yuan smiled mysteriously and left the hall. Lu Bu was left alone in a daze. It wasn’t that Lu Bu had never seen the world before, he was just surprised that Ding Yuan was so generous to him.

Lu Bu thought to himself, will all the tens of thousands of soldiers and horses I brought back be under my command? In that case, wouldn’t Lu Bu reach the sky in one step and become one of the princes in the world?

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