Chapter 4: Angrily Killing the Huns Centurion

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Seeing this scene, Lu Bu had to shake his head. This is war. Only the blood of the enemy can prove one’s existence. However, this scene also made Lu Bu feel excited.

So Lu Bu no longer hid, but jumped out, picked up the bow and arrow in his hand, and shot at the enemy.

It is different from the one-sided victory here among the villagers. At this time, Lu Bu’s father was under pressure from both sides. There were no Huns soldiers outside who could enter the village, so they fought their way inside. I want to go into the village and kill some people.

The Hun soldiers who rushed into the village were already frightened when they saw many villagers coming from all directions to kill them. In addition, seeing the bloodthirsty performance of those villagers, they were already frightened. Now they wish they could have wings on their backs so that they can quickly escape from this hell. Escape from. But Lu Bu’s father, like the murderous god of hell, stood in front of these Huns soldiers. Block these Huns soldiers from fleeing to death.

At this time, those villagers who were ambushing in the village. Having already finished cooking, most of the Hun soldiers who rushed in surrounded the village entrance.

At this time, the only ones left in the village were the three Huns soldiers surrounding Lu Bu’s father.

Seeing this, the three Huns soldiers rushed towards Lu Bu’s father even more crazily. One of them was the centurion of the Huns. Seeing that Lu Bu’s father was brave and difficult to capture, the Hun centurion became ill-willed. The centurion took out an exquisite hand crossbow from behind and was about to shoot at Lu Bu’s father.

At this time, seeing the Hun centurion’s actions, Lu Bu hurriedly raised his bow and arrow and shot an arrow at the Hun centurion. Hitting the arm of the Hun Centurion. The Hun centurion’s arm shook and he let Lu Bu’s arrow pass. However, the exquisite hand crossbow in his hand lost its accuracy and shot to the side.

At this time, Lu Bu’s father discovered that the centurion wanted to assassinate him. In a rage, he let go of the door he was originally guarding and attacked the Hun centurion, killing him.

This is not Lu Bu’s father, who was carried away by anger. But after this period of fighting, all the Hun soldiers in the village had been hanged. As for the Hun soldiers outside the village, almost all of them were injured under the attack of arrows, resulting in heavy losses. There is no point in guarding the village entrance now.

Moreover, Lu Bu’s father was exhausted after this battle and could no longer defend the entrance to the village.

At this time, the Huns soldiers saw the killing god retreating at the entrance of the village, but they didn’t know what to do for a moment. Attack? Judging from the fact that there are fifty or sixty Huns soldiers now, and all of them are injured, I am afraid that they are over-motivated but not powerful enough. Retreat? Are you just going to admit defeat in front of these Han people? The Huns are wolves on the grassland, how can they admit defeat in front of sheep?

At this time, the centurion was still smart. He turned around and said to the Hun soldiers beside him: “Retreat.”

With that said, the centurion asked two Huns soldiers to entangle Lu Bu’s father, and was about to lead the Huns away.

Looking at the Huns, who were so big and wanted to leave, Lu Bu suddenly felt angry.

“Could it be that your Huns soldiers always come to our Han villages and leave whenever they want?”

Thinking of this, Lu Bu picked up a dagger beside him and rushed towards the earth wall beside him. Lu Bu came to the doorway of the earthen wall and saw the Hun centurion riding out of the doorway.

Lu Bu did not hesitate, jumped down, grabbed the dagger in his hand tightly with both hands, and pressed down.

When Lu Bu got down and sat on the back of the Hun centurion’s horse. The dagger in Lu Bu’s hand had penetrated deeply into the body from the top of the Hun centurion’s head. Pity this originally fierce Hun centurion, he didn’t even hum, and ended his miserable life like this.

Lu Bu clamped the horse’s belly between his legs and pushed the body of the Hun centurion off the horse with a gentle push.

At this time, Lu Bu stretched out his hand to tighten the horse’s reins, turned the horse’s head, and took out a scimitar from the victory hook. He went towards the two Huns soldiers who were still fighting with his father in the village and killed him.

When the Hun soldiers saw their centurion being killed, they were stunned for a moment, and then slowly showed a trace of fear in their originally fierce eyes. Then he started to think about retreating.

At this time, Lu Bu’s father saw Lu Bu and rushed over to kill him. He let out a roar and charged towards the two Hun soldiers who were pestering him.

Lu Bu rode his horse forward and rushed towards a Hun soldier. When the soldier saw Lu Bu approaching, he also raised his sword and charged at Lu Bu. Knowing that he would not gain any advantage in such a head-on collision, he pulled the reins of the horse between the two horses and huddled his body on the other side. , but quietly thrust the scimitar in his hand under the horse’s belly. By the time the two horses were separated, the horse on which the Hun soldier was sitting had its belly broken open, and it fell to the ground with a muffled groan. The Hun soldier who lost his horse staggered and was thrown aside. The fate waiting for him would not be much better than that of his horse.

The villagers who saw all this rushed forward excitedly. These villagers have always been bullied by the Huns. How could they have achieved such a great victory like now?

Seeing that the Huns were about to escape, they all swarmed forward, wanting to take this opportunity to vent their hatred for the Huns.

Wait until the Huns have completely retreated. Seeing bloodstains and dead bodies everywhere, the people in the village were no longer excited about drinking Hulu’s blood. All that is left is the crying and wailing for the dead.

The battle was over. More than 200 villagers were able to win against a hundred Hun soldiers. This is undoubtedly a miracle in the battle in northern Xinjiang. But after this miracle, the village also lost seventy or eighty young lives.

Looking at the dead villagers, the old village chief began to comfort the living villagers.

“Folks, we are victorious. We defeated the brutal Huns and protected our families. We are all heroes.”

By the time Lu Bu returned home, he was already exhausted. After dinner, he fell asleep.

In the early morning of the next day, Lu Bu was sleeping soundly. But he was slapped hard by his father and knocked out of bed. Lu Bu was so angry right now. Lu Bu thought yesterday that this cheap dad was pretty good, but now, the tall image that Lu Bu’s father had worked so hard to build up was completely destroyed.

Lu Bu opened his eyes hard. But he saw his father’s smiling eyes.

“Get up. I know you were very tired yesterday. But there are important things to do today, so you can’t delay.”

I listened to my father. Lu Bu sighed. Since he was born in troubled times, it seemed that he could only have a life of hard work.

When Lu Bu’s father saw Lu Bu getting up, he said leisurely: “Get up and practice martial arts. The world is so chaotic now. How can we do it without strong martial arts?”

When Lu Bu had eaten a little something and came to the courtyard. Lu Bu’s father was already in the yard, waiting for Lu Bu.

Seeing Lu Bu coming out, Lu Bu’s father said:

“Although your performance was good yesterday and you killed several Huns soldiers, your martial arts skills are still too poor.”

Listening to his father’s words, Lu Bu thought to himself: “Am I still bad at martial arts? How old am I? You are being too picky.”

Seeing that Lu Bu was unconvinced, Lu Bu Bu’s father was not angry, and then said: “You have to remember that you are Bu, the cloth on the grassland, the cloth of our Lu family, Bu will not give any chance to the enemy.”

Then Lu Bu’s father took out Fang Tian’s painted halberd, handed it to Lu Bu and said, “Use the halberd technique you have learned and show it to your father.”

Lu Bu was stunned now. This Lu Bu only traveled to this world yesterday, so he doesn’t know how to use a halberd. In yesterday’s battle, he had already achieved extraordinary performance. If he hadn’t read many novels in his previous life and was infected by the bloody scenes at that time, how could he have done that?

Now Lu Bu gets scared even when he thinks about what happened yesterday. What kind of grassland cloth was made there?

Looking at Lu Bu with a bad expression on his face. Lu Bu’s father sighed and said:

“What happened yesterday is really difficult for you. Don’t blame father. I force you to practice like this, all for your own good. As men in troubled times, we have no other choice.”

As he said that, Lu Bu’s father grabbed Fang Tian’s painted halberd on one side and said, “Look carefully, I will now demonstrate to you the Lu family’s halberd technique passed down from generation to generation.”

Lu Bu’s father was seen grabbing Fang Tian’s painted halberd and dancing vigorously. The originally heavy Fang Tian Painting Halberd, in the hands of Lu Bu’s father, turned out to be as fast as lightning, moving like flowing clouds, drawing beautiful arcs in the air. It seems fast, but every move carries a mountain of pressure. It looks heavy, but elegant and free. Watching his father waving Fang Tian’s painted halberd, Lu Bu felt as if he was watching a dance, dripping with joy.

Finally, Lu Bu’s father stopped. At this time, Lu Bu’s father’s face was already a little pale. At the same time, Lu Bu’s mother hurriedly stepped forward, supported Lu Bu’s father and said, “You were obviously injured yesterday, why are you still working so hard? You can’t just rest for two days and then practice again.”

At this time, Lu Bu also came back to his senses after seeing his father’s exquisite moves just now. He said a little embarrassedly: “Father, don’t worry, you can teach me when the injury is healed.”

Saying that, he went forward to help his father.

At this time. I don’t know where, but there was a sound of “dang ding ding”. Hearing this sound, Lu Bu’s parents’ expressions changed.

Lu Bu’s father’s expression changed and he said, “Quickly take the guys and go to the earth wall.”

It turned out that what had just sounded was the alarm bell in the village. This bell will only ring when the enemy attacks.

“Why is there an alarm at this time? Could it be that the Huns are back again? No, how dare their remaining people come back?” Lu Bu said doubtfully when he heard the bell.

At this time, Lu Bu’s father sighed and said, “It seems that reinforcements from the Huns have arrived. Let’s go and have a look.”

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