Chapter 6 Searching for relatives on the battlefield

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After Lu Bu took advantage of the chaos and blocked several Huns soldiers, he came to the small hidden cave behind the village. At this time, many villagers who wanted to leave the village and escape had gathered here.

They must be ordinary people. Those who think of being buried in the fire in their hometown must be a minority. Most people still hope to leave this war-torn village. Go somewhere else and live a quiet life.

Seeing the villagers leaving the small cave in twos and threes, Lu Bu couldn’t wait for his father.

At this time, a fellow villager said to Lu Bu: “Leave quickly. If you don’t leave, the Huns will come back to you. If you want to leave, you will have no chance.”

Although Lu Bu wanted to do it too, he left with the others. But when I think about it, my cheap parents are still in the village, and I can’t bear it. Lu Bu felt that he was ordinary enough and ordinary enough in his previous life. Is it possible that after being Lu Bu in this life, do I still have to live happily?

Lu Bu smiled sadly and said to himself: “Grandma, give it your best. The most I can do is die again. Since I have decided to be a hero, how can I go back?”

Thinking of this, Lu Bu grabbed his bow and arrow, held a scimitar in his hand, and rushed towards his home.

When Lu Bu returned home, Lu Bu’s house had turned into a sea of fire. Lu Bu turned to the backyard and opened the cellar, but indeed saw no one.

At this time, Lu Bu suddenly heard the sound of fighting outside the wall. Lu Bu ran towards the direction of the fight. I happened to see two Hun soldiers surrounding a little girl, smiling lewdly.

Lu Bu looked at that girl, but it was the little girl who was with him yesterday. Lu Bu grabbed a sharp arrow and shot one of the Huns soldiers in the back of the heart.

Just hearing a “puch” sound, the sharp arrow penetrated the chest of a Hun soldier. Lu Bu was about to shoot another arrow when the remaining Huns soldier came. But the Hun soldier grabbed a scimitar and rushed towards Lu Bu.

If Lu Bu was drawing his bow at this time, he would probably have his arm chopped off by the Hun soldiers who rushed up. Lu Bu had no choice but to retreat, and Lu Bu led the charging Hun soldiers to his backyard. He drew out his scimitar and started slashing at the Hun soldier. Although he said it was a slash, in fact, with Lu Bu’s current strength, he could only hold on by force.

But Lu Bu had already thought of a way out, which was his cellar. The entrance to the cellar was very secret. Lu Bu retreated briefly and led the Huns soldier to the vicinity of the cellar.

At this time, Lu Bu stepped back and bypassed the entrance of the cellar. The Huns looked very proud. He took a step forward and slashed with his sword.

Lu Bu flashed his eyes for a moment, and the Huns soldier staggered and fell to the ground. I saw that the Hun soldier had one foot still on the ground, but the other foot had already stepped into the cellar. His whole body leaned forward and lay on the ground.

At this time, Lu Bu stepped forward quickly, stepped on the back of the Hun soldier, and cut off the Hun soldier’s head with a swing of his sword.

He looked at the Hun soldier’s head falling to the ground and his neck that was still bleeding. Lu Bu thought that this was probably the so-called scar as big as a bowl.

Lu Bu casually kicked the Hun’s head away. At this time, a crying figure appeared next to her. It was the little girl Lu Bu met yesterday.

The little girl cried and said to Lu Bu: “Brother, everyone in my family was killed by the Huns. Can you take me out of here?”

Lu Bu stretched out his hand to help the little girl dry up her tears. At this time, Lu Bu wanted to say “yes” to the little girl, but Lu Bu really couldn’t say it because Lu Bu knew that his family was still in the fire and Lu Bu still had to find him. own parents.

After a while, Lu Bu could only gently push the little girl’s hand away and said, “Hurry up and go to the back of the village. There are many villagers there. They will take care of you. I still have to look for my parents.”

Seeing Lu Bu push away her hand, the little girl burst into tears. His whole body was shaking and he was already crying. Lu Bu also felt uncomfortable, but Lu Bu always kept his father’s words in mind. The man bleeds without shedding tears. Lu Bu was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would be unable to restrain his urge to leave with the little girl. He shook his head violently and walked towards the door of the courtyard.

As soon as Lu Bu walked out of the courtyard, the sound of a little girl crying came out from the door: “Brother, will you come back to me?”

Hearing this, Lu Bu’s heart softened and he returned to the courtyard. Assisting the little girl’s shoulders, he said: “You leave with the villagers first. I, Lu Bu, swear to you that as long as I, Lu Bu, am still alive, I will come to find you even if I go to the ends of the world.”

After saying that, Lu Bu felt helpless secretly. It’s not that Lu Bu wants to coax this little girl, it’s just that if people want to survive in this troubled world, they must have something to rely on. Then let Lu Bu be the little girl’s sustenance. I hope that with this drama, the little girl can survive in this troubled world.

Lu Bu sent the little girl to the village and reunited with the villagers. Then he once again set out on the road to find his parents.

This time, Lu Bu did not continue searching along the previous path. Instead, he changed the direction and looked towards the entrance of the village. Along the way, Lu Bu saw many corpses, including those of villagers and Huns, arranged in a mess. Only then did Lu Bu realize that there was no difference between Han and Huns after death.

Lu Bu was walking forward when he suddenly saw a frail old man holding a long sword and stopping five or six Huns soldiers.

The old man stood there like a high mountain, and he actually blocked the five or six Huns soldiers. At the old man’s feet, there were actually three or five Huns corpses lying down.

I saw this old man, pointing his knife at the group of Huns and saying: “You are disobedient to the king and have repeatedly invaded the borders of our Han Dynasty. Do you really think that our Han Dynasty has no one left? Today I will let you see what it means to be a Han warrior.” .”

After saying that, the old man waved a big knife. Lu Bu observed carefully and saw that the sword was swung with great momentum, like Mount Tai pressing down on the top, but also as if it was powerful enough to penetrate a rainbow. Every move and every move revealed an extremely mysterious method.

Although Lu Bu was a martial arts idiot in his last life, in the past two days since he came to this world, Lu Bu has used his life to understand martial arts, from struggling on the verge of death, to learning his own Fang Tian’s halberd painting method, to watching He learned the old man’s sword skills. Lu Bu felt that his martial arts had improved rapidly, but his understanding of martial arts was becoming increasingly blurry. This may be what people say, the more you know, the more you know your own shortcomings. This is what Lu Bu is like now. The more the team learns and understands, the higher their desire becomes, and the more they feel that their martial arts skills are low.

Just as Lu Bu was watching with enthusiasm, the long knife in the old man’s hand had stopped dancing. The five or six Huns soldiers who had changed their positions just now were already lying on the ground, dying.

At this time, the old man turned around, and only then did Lu Bu see clearly that the old man was actually the frail village chief. The old man was heard to say towards the direction where Lu Bu was hiding: “Who is it? Come out.”

Lu Bu saw that there was no one around him, so he walked up to the old man and said, “The village chief is good at swordsmanship. I’m so polite here.” After saying that, Lu Bu bowed down.

When the old man saw clearly that it was Lu Bu, the old man breathed a sigh of relief. The old man put the knife aside and waved to Lu Bu. He took out a small wrinkled book from his arms and handed it to Lu Bu: “You and I are destined to be together, so I’ll give this to you.”

Lu Bu was not surprised when he saw the little book. Could it be that he had learned some amazing secret? I’m busy opening it to take a look. But he was stopped by the old man.

Just listen to the old man saying: “Don’t be busy. Come and see it when you have time later. Leave early now.”

Lu Bu thought the same thing. Now that we are really fighting, how can we have time to study secret books? Then he put the small book in his arms.

Lu Bu had just put the little book into his arms and was about to thank the old man. But before the words were spoken, there was a “swish” sound, and an arrow shot from the old man’s back. An arrow had already pierced the old man’s chest, and almost connected with Lu Bu.

Lu Bu was shocked when he saw this, and stepped forward to help the old man. But he was stopped by the old man again. I just heard the old man say quietly: “I saw your father heading towards the entrance of the village. You go find your father quickly. With him here, he will definitely ensure that you leave safely.” As he said that, the old man pushed Lu Bu away. He turned around, picked up the knife, and killed the Turks behind him.

Lu Bu looked at the old man’s retreating back and had no choice but to turn around and leave for the entrance of the village. Although Lu Bu wanted to help the old man kill the enemy, Lu Bu knew that the old man was hit by an arrow and was dead. The old man was just using his last breath to buy time for himself.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu had to comfort himself and said: “If I can’t make good use of the time that the old man bought for me, wouldn’t it be that the old man’s good intentions were wasted.”

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