Chapter 7 Going deep into the grassland

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When Lu Bu came to the village gate. But they saw two people, a man and a woman, standing on horseback inside the village gate, blocking the Huns who were trying to leave the village. The man was eight feet tall and held a square-shaped halberd in his hand. He was Lu Bu’s father. The woman wears a scarf and holds two swords, but she is Lu Bu’s mother. The two men rode their horses and stood at the village gate, like two sects’ door gods, blocking all the Hun soldiers who wanted to leave the village gate. Their feet were already piled with the corpses of Hun soldiers.

At this time, there was a sudden wind, and the fire in the village became more intense as the wind blew. The Huns soldiers were trapped in the fire and burned to death in countless numbers.

At this time, the Huns soldiers who had arrived at the entrance of the village began to attack the two people even more frantically. Seeing that the fire was spreading and the road at the entrance of the village could not be opened for a while, some Huns soldiers abandoned their horses, rushed up the earth wall, and jumped from the earth wall to the outside of the village.

Lu Bu took advantage of the chaos and got on a war horse, hid himself under the horse’s belly, rode the horse forward, and came to his parents.

“Father, mother and children have finally found you. Everyone in the village has left from behind. Let’s go too.”

Seeing Lu Bu coming, Lu Bu’s parents quickly moved Lu Bu behind them. At this time, Lu Bu’s mother asked with concern: “Why are you here, kid? Didn’t I tell you to leave early?”

At this time, Lu Bu’s father seemed to have made some decision, and said to Lu Bu’s mother: “It seems that you and I, husband and wife, can’t fight together to death today. You take the children and leave first.”

“No, father, let’s go together as a family.” Lu Bu looked at his father, whom he had only known for a day, and said with sincerity.

Lu Bu’s father looked at Lu Bu kindly and said, “Our Bu’er has grown up. He must take good care of himself in the future.” After speaking, Lu Bu’s father nodded towards his wife.

At this time, Lu Bu’s mother looked at Lu Bu and then at her husband beside her. She sighed helplessly and said to her husband: “I’m going to see the child off. When the child is safe, I’ll come and stay with you.”

After saying that, Lu Bu’s mother turned the horse’s head, grabbed Lu Bu’s horse’s reins, and shouted “drive”.

In this way, Lu Bu’s mother took Lu Bu out of the village and rushed south. As he hurried on, he looked back at the entrance of the village that was gradually getting away.

Lu Bu looked at his father unbearably. Lu Bu understood: If his father wanted to leave, he would be able to escape easily. But facing the Huns’ cavalry, those villagers who escaped from the back of the village would probably not end well. Lu Bu’s father was using his life to protect those helpless people.

Lu Bu looked at his father’s tall back and gradually walked away. At this time, Lu Bu was in a daze. Is this the intrigue of the Three Kingdoms? How could there be such selfless heroes in this era?

Seeing Lu Bu and Lu Bu’s mother riding out of the village, some of the Huns soldiers who had just jumped over the wall had already raised their knives and wanted to go up and kill them. But now these Huns soldiers, without their horses, had become It’s an out-and-out infantry, and this infantry has no formation. How could they dare to compete with Lu Bu and his son on horseback?

Lu Bu and his son just charged and drove these Huns infantry to pieces. After harvesting several lives, Lu Bu and his son gradually went away.

Not long after Lu Bu and his son left, they heard a “bang” behind them. When they looked back, it turned out that it was Lu Bu’s father who saw Lu Bu and his son leaving. He used the Fangtian Painting Halberd in his hand to destroy the doorway at the entrance of the village, causing the earth and stone on the doorway to collapse. It collapsed, completely blocking the Huns’ way out of the village.

Lu Bu knew that his father was afraid that the Huns would come to pursue him, so he did this. At this time, tears flowed down from the eyes of Lu Bu and his son unconsciously.

With tears in her eyes, Lu Bu’s mother calmed down her mood and had the urge to rush back. He looked at Lu Bu again and said, “Let’s go, don’t let your father’s death be in vain.”

However, Lu Bu’s mother and son had not run very far on horseback. I saw smoke and dust ahead. It turned out to be a scout sent out by the Huns, who came back at this time.

At this time, Lu Bu’s mother smiled sadly and threw the reins to Lu Bu. Said: “Are you afraid of my child?”

When Lu Bu saw his mother giving him the horse’s reins, he smiled at his mother and said, “Don’t worry, mother. Although my child’s martial arts skills are poor, he will not die easily. I am Bu.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Lu Bu’s mother smiled and nodded, and said to Lu Bu: “Good boy, you’ll have to rely on yourself from now on.” After saying that, Lu Bu’s mother used a knife on the back of Lu Bu’s head and cut Lu Bu’s head. Knocked unconscious.

Lu Bu fell straight up and fell on his horse. Then Lu Bu’s mother raised her sword and stabbed Lu Bu’s horse in the butt. Lu Bu’s mount felt pain, neighed, raised its head and jumped into the distance.

At this time, Lu Bu’s mother watched her child go away. Her eyes revealed endless maternal love. He said softly: “My child, you have to take care of yourself when your mother is not around from now on.”

After saying that, Lu Bu’s mother turned her horse’s head, raised her swords, dismounted her horse, and killed the Huns scouts. While charging to kill, he looked back towards the entrance of the village and said, “Father, wait for me. I will come to you in a moment.”

When Lu Bu woke up leisurely, Lu Bu was already in a strange forest. A group of horses under Lu Bu were wailing. After taking a blow from Lu Bu’s mother’s sword, the horses ran as fast as they could. The horses had lost strength along the way, and they were bleeding profusely along the way. It seems that the explanation is here.

Lu Bu looked at the horse under his crotch. He shook his head, which was still a little dizzy. Then he thought of his parents.

Lu Bu stood up, knelt down in the direction of the village and said, “Father, mother, although we have only been a family for one day, don’t worry, I will definitely avenge you and kill all those hateful Huns.”

After saying this, Lu Bu solemnly bowed three times.

Lu Bu was about to get up and leave, but he suddenly stopped and said to himself: “My parents died in the battle, how can there be no one to clean up?”

Thinking of this, Lu Bu turned around again and headed towards the village.

Two days later, Lu Bu knelt in front of a newly erected tomb. The tombstone of the tomb read: “The tomb of the virtuous couple Lu and his wife – pay homage to the unfilial son Lu Bu.”

Two days ago, Lu Bu walked all the way back to the village and met many Huns along the way. When Lu Bu saw a large group of Huns, he hid quietly. When he saw a lone Huns, he sneaked over and killed the enemy.

In the past two days, Lu Bu could no longer remember how many Huns he had killed. But the killing did not alleviate Lu Bu’s inner pain.

“Father, I’m sorry, until now. I haven’t found my Fang Tian Hua Ji yet, but please don’t worry, father, from tomorrow on I will go all the way north to the hinterland of the Huns. Bu’er swears here that I won’t find it. Fang Tian Hua Ji will never come back to the Central Plains.”

After saying that, Lu Bu picked up his backpack, tied his dagger, picked up his long bow, and mounted the war horse that he had snatched from some unlucky Huns. Running towards the grassland in the north.

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