Chapter 8 The Legend of the Hungry Wolf

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A few days later, on the grassland near the Xianbei tribe in the eastern part of the north, a thin young man was riding an equally thin war horse, galloping on the grassland. Not far behind the young man, more than a dozen vicious wolves were following him. The young man bent his bow and nocked an arrow, and shot at the following hungry wolves. As the arrow in the young man’s hand shot out, one of the hungry wolves fell down.

At this time, the other hungry wolves would temporarily give up chasing the boy. He turned and pounced on the hungry wolf that had been shot to death by the young man, and in a short while, he devoured his companion.

The hungry wolves that had finished eating their companions looked up to the sky and howled, then turned and fell far away not far behind the boy.

At this time, the young man seemed a little exhausted. The young man raised his head slightly, and then people saw clearly that this young man was Lu Bu.

Since Lu Bu left his parents’ tombs, he has been heading north to find the whereabouts of the Thousand Huns who killed his parents. But three days ago, I encountered a group of hungry wolves.

From then on, these hungry wolves followed Lu Bu for three days. When this group of hungry wolves are hungry, they will surround Lu Bu. At this time, as long as Lu Bu kills one of these evil wolves, the other hungry wolves will immediately give up on Lu Bu and eat their dead companion instead. However, although the hungry wolf had solved the temporary food and clothing problem, it did not leave. It just fell far behind Lu Bu and waited for the next time of hunger. It was as if Lu Bu was their food reserve.

For three days, Lu Bu had been running around on the grassland to avoid these hungry wolves, and had eaten all the food he had.

Without food, a person can survive for a few days, but what can he do without water?

Sometimes Lu Bu wished that he was a horse and could survive as long as he ate grass and drank dew on the grassland.

Lu Bu looked at the hungry wolf falling far behind him. I finally made up my mind. These hungry wolves must be eliminated. Lu Bu understood that on this grassland, only by killing the enemy could he gain the right to live.

So Lu Bu stopped his horse and jumped off his horse. He touched the horse’s head with his hand and said: “Little horse, you and I are master and servant. It seems that our friendship is about to end today. You can rest here. The rich water and grass here are quite suitable for you.” .”

After speaking, Lu Bu twitched his dagger and struck the horse’s neck with a sword. A shrill neighing sound came, and the standing war horse shuddered and slowly fell down. As the war horse fell, a stream of rich blood flowed from the neck of the war horse.

Lu Bu opened his mouth and took a deep breath on the horse’s neck. A hot smell of blood spread from Lu Bu’s mouth to his heart.

At this time, a dozen evil wolves that smelled the smell of blood not far away opened their eyes wide and slowly moved towards Lu Bu.

This was the opportunity Lu Bu was waiting for. Lu Bu wanted to drive these hungry wolves over and kill them all. Lu Bu was seen leaning behind the horse, kneeling on one knee, pulling up his long bow, and fired a life-threatening arrow at the hungry wolves.

“Whoosh whoosh!” Lu Bu shot three arrows, and three hungry wolves fell down in response. To Lu Bu’s surprise, this time the other wolves did not catch up to eat the fallen wolf. Instead, he mustered up his courage and rushed towards Lu Bu. Lu Bu saw these evil wolves approaching in a menacing manner. Then he grabbed the arrow pot with one hand, put it on his back, and ran towards the hill not far away. As Lu Bu ran, he turned back and shot arrows at the group of hungry wolves.

When Lu Bu came to the hill, three more wolves were shot down by Lu Bu. He watched as the remaining seven wolves rushed towards Lu Bu. Lu Bu was angry for a while. “Grandma, why is this happening? Am I going to have to explain it here?”

Lu Bu looked around, feeling so angry. Everything is good in this vast grassland, but there are too few. If there was a tree for Lu Bu to lean on so that he would not be attacked from all sides, then Lu Bu would still be able to fight against these seven evil wolves. But now, with seven hungry wolves surrounding him, Lu Bu really had no confidence that he could survive.

However, the more dangerous the situation, the easier it was for Lu Bu’s blood to boil. Seeing the seven evil wolves attacking, Lu Bu shot another arrow, ending the life of one evil wolf. At this time, the corners of Lu Bu’s mouth turned up, and he actually felt a trace of pleasure floating between life and death.

Lu Bu threw away his long bow, grabbed his dagger with one hand and a feather arrow with the other, then rolled on the spot and counterattacked towards the wolves on the opposite side.

After the wolves caught up with Lu Bu, they pounced upward. Originally, if Lu Bu continued to run backwards, he would be knocked down by the wolves. However, the wolves did not expect Lu Bu to attack you, but they pounced on Lu Bu’s head.

Soon enough, just as the wolves passed over his head, Lu Bu raised the arrow and dagger in his hand. The arrow and dagger were inserted into the weakest abdomens of the two wolves respectively.

When the wolves and Lu Bu separated again, the feather arrow in Lu Bu’s hand had broken. However, one of the six wolves that originally rushed up was dead and one injured. The dead hungry wolf’s abdomen was naturally opened by the dagger, exposing its intestines. It only had time to howl twice before it lost the breath of life. As for the injured hungry wolf, the tip of the arrow was inserted into its throat. At this time, the hungry wolf howled slightly, and a large number of bloody bubbles gush out from its throat. It seems that his life is not long.

Lu Bu dropped the half of the feather arrow still in his hand on the ground, held the dagger tightly in his hands and approached the wolves. Now Lu Bu no longer had any fear when facing the remaining four wolves, but only the pleasure he experienced when killing the wolves.

Lu Bu’s eyes were blood red, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, revealing a cruel smile.

At this time, the hungry wolves were also shocked by Lu Bu’s performance. But the hungry wolves on the grassland are a proud race, how can they be afraid of life and death.

At this time, the remaining four wolves, a little slow, began to look up to the sky and let out a wolf howl. They spread out and surrounded Lu Bu.

When Lu Bu saw that the wolves were trying to surround him, he roared angrily and rushed towards the wolf closest to him. When the hungry wolf saw Lu Bu charging towards him, he didn’t dodge. He raised his head and bit Lu Bu on the neck.

Seeing that the hungry wolf wanted to kill his neck, Lu Bu showed a cruel smile. He raised his hand and put his dagger into the hungry wolf’s mouth. Then, Lu Bu put his dagger in the hungry wolf’s mouth. The hungry wolf raised his head while feeling pain. How could Lu Bu give up such a good opportunity? He raised his neck and bit the hungry wolf’s neck.

The hungry wolf was bitten on the neck by Lu Bu and was in great pain. It grabbed Lu Bu’s chest with both hands and clawed wildly. But no matter how hard the hungry wolf struggled, Lu Bu had no intention of letting the hungry wolf go.

Lu Bu’s mouth was biting on the hungry wolf’s neck, one hand hugged the hungry wolf tightly, and the dagger in the other hand flew up and down, leaving countless scars on the hungry wolf’s body.

Looking from a distance, I saw a man and a wolf fighting together, rolling around on the ground, covered in blood. But the strange thing was when Lu Bu tore the hungry wolf’s throat with his mouth and his body was covered with wolf blood. The other three hungry wolves just stayed aside and showed no intention of coming to help.

Only when Lu Bu finally killed the hungry wolf did the other three hungry wolves slowly surround Lu Bu.

Looking at the three hungry wolves surrounding him, Lu Bu showed a wry smile. Now Lu Bu had wounds on his chest scratched by the hungry wolf just now, and bright red blood slowly seeped out from the bloody mouths. . Lu Bu felt weak all over and couldn’t even find the strength to stand up.

Lu Bu thought: Let’s end it like this, let’s end this journey of the Three Kingdoms like this. Although the time was short, I must have acted as I pleased and survived like a hero.

Lu Bu’s vision blurred for a while. In the past few days, Lu Bu had been too mentally exhausted from what these hungry wolves had done to him. Lu Bu really wanted to have a good sleep. When he was dying, Lu Bu seemed to see the remaining three groups of hungry wolves coming to Lu Bu’s side and dragging Lu Bu’s body.

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