Chapter 3 Seven Mysterious Gates

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Chapter 3 Seven Mysterious Gates
The smell inside the car was obviously not pleasant, so it was no wonder that nearly thirty children were squeezed into the car that was supposed to only accommodate a dozen people. Although children are much smaller than adults, they still make the car crowded.

Han Li cleverly shrank his thin body into the corner of the car and secretly looked at the other children in the car.

The children who came to take the entrance examination were obviously divided into three categories based on their clothing and origin.

The first group of people is the young man in brocade clothes who is sitting in the middle of the carriage, surrounded by most of the other children.

The boy’s name is Wu Yan. He is thirteen years old and is the oldest person in the car. Originally, he was already over the age limit, but one of his cousins was married to a powerful figure in the Qixuan Sect, so the age issue was naturally no longer an issue. Wuyan’s family opened a martial arts gym. They were quite wealthy and had practiced some boxing and kicking skills since childhood. Although they were not very good at it, they could not deal with a child like Han Li who only had some weak strength and had never practiced martial arts. Still more than enough.

Obviously, people like Wu Yan, whose family is rich and powerful, and who also have some skills, naturally become the “big brother” of most of the children in the car.

The other type of people are the children who surround Wuyan. These people come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some of them run shops at home, some work part-time, and some rely on crafts to make a living, etc., but they all have the same characteristic: they all live in towns. When I grew up, I naturally learned from the adults in my family some skills of observing faces and pursuing profit, so these people gathered around Wu Yan and shouted “Young Master Wu” to the left and “Brother Wu” to the right. Wu Yan seems to be used to this and takes great pleasure in using these titles.

The last category of people is people like Han Li. These people come from remote and backwoods villages. Their families usually rely on mountains and water to survive, and they are very poor. This type of people is the smallest in the car, only five or six of them. Most of them are timid and do not dare to speak loudly. They just watch others talking and laughing, which is in sharp contrast to the children who make loud noises from time to time.

The carriage started from Qingniu Town and rushed westward. It visited several places on the way and picked up several children. Finally, at the evening of the fifth day, it arrived at Caixia Mountain, where the main gate of Qixuanmen is located.

As soon as all the children got off the bus, they were deeply fascinated by the colorful sunset scenery of Caixia Mountain. It was not until Protector Wang urged them that everyone woke up and continued to move forward.

Caixia Mountain was originally named Luofeng Mountain. According to legend, a five-colored phoenix fell here in ancient times and transformed into this mountain. Later, because people who came here discovered that the mountain was extremely beautiful at sunset, like a colorful cloud, it was changed to Caixia Mountain. Of course, since this mountain was occupied by Qixuanmen, outsiders can no longer come here to enjoy such beautiful scenery at will.

Caixia Mountain is the second largest mountain in Jingzhou. Apart from the other Baimang Mountain, this mountain occupies the largest area, and its mountains are located within a radius of more than ten miles. This mountain has more than a dozen peaks, large and small, all of which are very dangerous, so they are all occupied by various branches of Qixuanmen. The main peak of Caixia Mountain, “Sunset Peak”, is even more dangerous. Not only is it extremely high and steep, but there is only one way to go from the bottom of the mountain to the top. After Qixuanmen placed the main hall here, it is also on this dangerous road. Thirteen overt or covert checkpoints were set up in succession, which can be said to be foolproof and to sit back and relax.

Han Li looked around and followed the people in front of him as he walked forward. Suddenly, the team in front stopped, and then a bold voice came out.
“Brother Wang, why did we arrive two days later than scheduled?”

“Master Yue, I was delayed for some time on the road, and I’ve been bothering you so much.” Protector Wang stood in front of the crowd and bowed respectfully to a red-faced old man. He changed his domineering look on the road and revealed a few words on his face. Seductive color.

“This is the first batch of disciples sent to the mountain.”

“This is the seventeenth group of people.”

“Yes.” The Yue Pavilion Master looked at Han Li and the others in a grand manner.

“Send them to Qingkeyuan and let them have a good night’s rest. We will start selecting qualified disciples early tomorrow morning. Those who fail will be sent down the mountain as soon as possible to avoid violating the rules of the mountain.”

“I obey, Master Yue.”

Walking on the stone steps up the mountain, all the children were very excited, but no one dared to speak loudly. Although everyone was young, they all knew that this was the place where their future destiny would be decided.

Protector Wang was leading the way while greeting people he met on the road with a smile. It could be seen that he had many acquaintances in the family and was very popular.

Most of the people I met along the way were wearing blue satin clothes, carrying knives on their bodies, or carrying swords on their backs. Occasionally, some people who were practicing Chi Shou Kong Quan also had bulging bags on their waists, and I wonder if they were carrying something. From their behavior, it could be seen that they were carrying something. It turns out that these people are strong and have good kung fu.

Han Li and others were taken to a lower mountain peak. There was an earthen house on the top of the mountain, where Han Li and others stayed overnight. In his sleep at night, Han Li dreamed that he was wearing brocade clothes, holding a golden sword in his hand, possessing peerless martial arts, and beat up the blacksmith’s son in the village who he had never been able to beat. I woke up this morning still thinking about it.

After getting up in the morning, Protector Wang did not let everyone have breakfast, but directly took everyone to a large slope full of bamboos at the bottom of the mountain. There, the hall master named Yue whom he had met yesterday and several other unknown young people were waiting there.

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