Chapter 4 Bone Refining Cliff

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Chapter 4 Bone Refining Cliff
Hall Master Yue said loudly in front of everyone: “Listen up, everyone, you can reach the Bone Refining Cliff of Qixuanmen by walking along the path in the bamboo forest. The first section of the road is the bamboo forest area, then the rock wall area, and finally a On the cliff, only those who can reach the top of the cliff can enter Qixuan Sect. If they cannot reach it before noon, although they cannot become formal disciples, they can be accepted as registered disciples if their performance is remarkable.”

Naturally, Han Li didn’t know the meaning of “registered disciple”. He only knew that he had to climb a mountain to go forward. He looked forward and saw a not-so-steep hillside. Many long bamboo roots of different thicknesses grew on the slope. It doesn’t seem that difficult to climb.

Han Li looked at the others. He did not want to lose to his peers. The atmosphere among the other children suddenly became tense.

Hall Master Yue looked at the rising sun and said, “It’s almost time. Get ready to go. Don’t be afraid. The senior brothers will protect you from behind and won’t let you be in danger.”

Han Li turned around and looked at the young people behind him. It turned out that these people were called senior brothers, and they were probably the disciples he had accepted before. If he joined, would he be able to wear clothes with the same look?

While he was thinking about it, Han Li discovered that the other children had rushed into the bamboo forest. Seeing this, he quickly followed.

The bamboo forest should be very wide. More than thirty children dispersed as soon as they rushed into the bamboo forest. Behind Han Li was a slender senior brother, who had a cold face and followed him without saying a word. Behind him, Han Li was a little scared and did not dare to speak to him. He just raised his steps, lowered his body, and slowly moved forward along the slope.

This bamboo forest didn’t look like much, but after walking for a long time, it became tiring. His legs became heavier and heavier as he walked. Gradually, Han Li had to use one hand to slightly pull the bamboo stems to move forward. Take some effort.

After persisting like this for a long time, Han Li was so tired that he had no choice but to find a mound of dirt and do it, and then he kept panting.

Han Li took a moment and looked back at his slender senior brother. Although the ground was very steep, this senior brother was still standing motionless. There didn’t seem to be a trace of dust on his body. He was as tall and straight as those bamboos. Not far below him, he looked at himself quietly.

When Han Li saw his senior brother’s cold gaze, he felt a little scared. He quickly turned his head back and heard bursts of breathing coming from the front. He knew that there were people in front of him who were climbing faster than him and were resting. Han Li Li stayed there for a while, then hurried up.

The slope became more steep, and Han Li’s strength was getting weaker and weaker. In order not to lose his balance while walking, Han Li could only bend down and keep his hands and feet side by side. Finally, the clothes on his body were strong enough, otherwise his limbs would The joints at the knees will be worn out.

Finally, he was almost out of the dense bamboo forest, but Han Kui only felt that the last stretch of the road was getting harder and harder to walk. There were gradually more rocks on the ground, but on the contrary, there were fewer and fewer bamboos.

Finally, Han Li could no longer pull the bamboo pole forward, and the last distance could be regarded as moving one meter at a time.

As soon as I walked out of the bamboo forest, I saw a vast space in front of me. Directly in front of me was a huge rock. There were already several thin bodies on it, climbing up slowly. Behind them were fellow seniors dressed in the same clothes. , Han Li immediately stopped hesitating and hurriedly ran towards the huge rock wall ahead.

The stone wall of this huge boulder is made up of layers of stacked rocks, which are very weathered and will break when touched in some places. Of course, there are also many strong fragments of gravel, which are very sharp and can only be broken once By the time he was done eating, Han Li’s hands were already scarred, and the clothes on his elbows and knees had been torn. The skin and flesh inside had been cut in many places. Even though the wounds were small, some fine gravel had leaked out. Going inside made the pain even more intense.

The first few people were already climbing further and further away. Thinking of what his family and his third uncle had told him, Han Li could only grit his teeth in his heart and continue to climb up with great difficulty.
Before departure, Han Li’s father and third uncle had warned Han Li that the entry test would be very difficult. If he did not persist to the end, it would be impossible to join the Qixuan Sect. At this time, Han Li had long ago not cared about whether he could join or not. After entering the Qixuan Sect, a fierce energy burst out in my heart. This breath was blocked inside, and I had to catch up with the others.

Han Li raised his head and looked around hard. The person climbing at the front now was Wu Yan. After all, Wu Yan was more than a year older than Han Li. He had also practiced some martial arts. His body was much stronger than other children, so it didn’t matter if he climbed at the front. surprising.

Han Li turned around and glanced behind him a few times. There were many figures moving behind him. Han Li took a breath and accelerated forward.

Even though he had exhausted all his strength, he still could not close the distance between him and the people at the front. His body became heavier and heavier. Seeing the sun gradually climbing to the middle of the sky, Wuyan had already climbed to the end of the huge rock wall.

There is a vertical and steep cliff, more than thirty feet high. There are more than a dozen hemp ropes hanging from the top of the cliff. There are also fist-sized knots on the hemp ropes. Wu Yan is currently climbing one of them. Slowly moving towards the top of the cliff bit by bit.

Han Li looked at Wu Yan in front of him, a little discouraged. He knew that he could not catch up with the first few people, and there was not enough time.

With this thought, he suddenly felt burning pain in the injured areas of his elbows and knees. His limbs became weak. The hand holding the rock trembled, and his whole body suddenly fell down. Han Li was frightened and his heart skipped a beat. He jumped up and down, and quickly pressed his whole body tightly against the stone wall, not daring to move any more.

After a while, I calmed down, and then I grabbed a protruding stone corner with my hands and pulled it a few times. It became more secure, and I felt relieved.

Han Li looked back subconsciously and saw his senior brother behind him squatting half-crouched with his arms open, taking a protective posture to protect Han Li. Seeing that he was safe again, he slowly stood up straight.

Han Li felt grateful in his heart. If he really fell, all his hard work would have been in vain. So he rested for a moment, then slowly moved forward, climbing toward the thick hemp ropes hanging on the cliff.

Finally we came to one of the unoccupied hemp ropes. The sun had almost reached the middle of the sky. It would be noon in less than half an hour. By this time, Wuyan had climbed to the top of the cliff and was looking back down. , when Han Li climbed to the bottom of the hemp rope, he happened to see Wu Yan. He raised his arm, stretched out his little finger and gestured twice to the people under the cliff, then laughed wildly and left.

Han Li felt annoyed and quickly grabbed the hemp rope and climbed up.

But Han Li had lost all his strength, and now he could hardly hold on to the knot.

When he climbed up to the last knot with a lot of effort, and sat on it, he felt that his whole body was so soft that he couldn’t even move a finger. He turned around and looked around, and saw that there was still something on the stone wall behind. There were some children sitting there, gasping for air. It seemed that they had used up the last bit of strength just like themselves.

Han Li could only smile bitterly in his heart. He underestimated this test. Fortunately, he did not fall behind. He turned around and saw the cold senior brother again. After Han Li hesitated for a moment, he decided to work harder and climb higher. Although he would never be able to climb up before noon, it wouldn’t look too ugly to just stay still.

Han Kui stretched out his somewhat stiff hands, used the strength he had just recovered, and slowly moved up the rope. However, at this time, Han Li’s hands were completely out of control, and he could not grasp the rope at all. After a while, there was still no result.

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