Chapter 5 Doctor Mo

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Chapter 5 Doctor Mo

After a while, Han Li felt a tightening in his waist, a lightness in his body, and his whole body suddenly rose automatically.

Han Li turned around and saw that the senior brother who was following him was holding him with one hand and climbing up quickly with his other hands and legs. Han Li also noticed that the sun was hanging high in the middle of the sky.

It turned out that he still failed to complete this journey. Han Li felt a little sad. He worked so hard, but he still couldn’t compare to others.

In the blink of an eye, they reached the top of the cliff. In front of them, there were only six children sitting cross-legged and resting. Wuyan was talking to a wealthy old man in his fifties who was wearing a dark blue military robe and had his hands behind his back. Hall Master Yue and Protector Wang were both standing there. Beside him, there were several people standing beside the two of them, waiting for the young senior brothers to send the other slower boys up the mountain one by one.

After waiting for a while, all the children were brought up. At this time, Hall Master Yue took a step forward and faced the children solemnly.

“There are a total of seven people who passed this time, and six of them entered our Hundred Forging Hall and officially became our inner disciples.” He said slowly.

“The other person, Wu Yan, was the first to reach the cliff. His performance was outstanding and he was sent directly to Qi Jue Hall to learn his special skills.” Hall Master Yue looked back at the old man wearing a military robe. The old man twirled his beard and nodded to him with satisfaction. Head down.

“As for the others,” Hall Master Yue looked at the other boys a few times, gently touched his chin with his right hand, and said after pondering for a while:

“Zhang Tie and Han Li, although they did not reach the top of the cliff on time, they performed outstandingly and seem to be able to endure the hardships of practicing martial arts. You two will first lay a foundation in your sect with a few teachers, and then you will be assessed again after half a year. If you pass the exam, you will officially become an inner sect disciple; if you fail to pass, you will be sent to the outer sect to be treated as an outer sect disciple.”

Han Li glanced at another boy named Zhang Tie who stood up at the same time. He was the one who was hanging on the rope just behind him and almost climbed to the top of the cliff.

“Wang Protector, each of the remaining people will receive some money and be sent home.” Master Yue looked at the last remaining boy coldly.

“Follow your orders”

Protector Wang stepped out, respectfully accepted the order, and led the boy who had not passed the test down the cliff.

“Zhang Jun, Wu Mingrui, you two bring these people who have passed the test to this hall and hand them over to Deputy Hall Master Gu and Li Jiaoxi respectively.”

Two more young men followed the orders and came out. They divided Han Li and the others into two groups and walked down the cliff. One of them was the cold senior brother. When he was coming down the cliff, Han Li couldn’t help but glance at Wu Yan and found that he was still talking to the old man in blue robes and didn’t show any signs of moving.

“He is different from you. He is a core disciple who was sent to Qijue Hall. Once he completes his studies, he will at least be a protector.” Another senior brother with a long and thin face seemed to have noticed the doubts in Han Li’s heart and took the initiative to understand. Confused, but there seemed to be a hint of indescribable envy and jealousy in his words.

“It’s not because he has a cousin-in-law who is the deputy sect leader. If he didn’t have a cousin who married deputy sect leader Ma and became his second wife, otherwise he would still be able to enter the Qijue Hall even if he is older than the entry requirements.” Leng Bingbing What the senior brother said made people feel like there was a cold air rising from behind.

“Zhang Jun, you don’t want your life. The deputy sect leader is also someone we can talk nonsense about. If other sect members hear it, you and I will not be able to escape the punishment of facing the wall and repenting.” After listening to the words of senior brother Leng Leng, the thin and long-faced senior brother took a bite. Frightened, he hurriedly looked around and saw that there were no other people except these children, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.

The cold senior brother snorted coldly and seemed to have some scruples in his heart, so he stopped talking. Only then did Han Li find out that this cold senior brother was called Zhang Jun. Han Li seemed to understand what they said, but he vaguely knew that Wu Yan did not enter the Qi Jue Hall based on his true talent, but because he had a relative of the deputy sect master as a backer, so he could not do anything about it. Entered with difficulty.

Walking on the mountain road, the two senior brothers thought of some frustrating things inside the door. They were no longer in the mood to speak and just led them forward silently. Han Li and others did not dare to speak privately. Talking inside, maybe they were vaguely aware of some differences between Qixuanmen and at home.

While passing through a dense forest, an old man slowly walked out of the forest. This man was in his sixties. He was tall and thin, with a sallow complexion, but he had a head of white hair that reached his shoulders. As he walked, the old man walked He kept bending over and coughing. Looking at the hard way he coughed, it seemed that he might collapse at any time, which was very worrying.

When Zhang Jun and others saw this man, they did not look worried at all. Instead, they hurried forward and bowed respectfully to the old man.

“Doctor Mo, how are you, old man? Do you want to instruct the disciples to do anything if you want to be promoted?” Zhang Jun changed his cold expression, his face was full of respect. To him, this old man was more important than the hall master or even the deputy sect master. honourable.

“Oh, is this the new disciple who just came up the mountain?” The old man finally stopped coughing and asked slowly in a hoarse voice.

“Yes. There are six formal disciples and two registered disciples among these people.” Zhang Jun replied carefully.

“I don’t have enough manpower right now. I still need a boy refining medicine and a disciple picking medicine. These two people come with me.” Doctor Mo casually pointed at Han Li and two other registered disciples, and his words were full of An unquestionable tone.

“Yes, these two are registered disciples. It is a blessing for them both to be favored by you, Doctor Mo. Why don’t you come over to pay homage to Mr. Mo? If you can learn a thing or two about his medical skills, it will be your lifetime blessing.” The two senior brothers showed no objection at all. Wu Mingrui, a thin man with a long face, even flattered the old man.

Seeing that the two senior brothers had no objections, Han Li and Zhang Tie naturally had no right to object and followed the old man into the forest.

The old man led the two of them as they walked slowly along the path in the woods, turning east and west. Suddenly, their eyes lit up, and a lush green valley full of life appeared in front of several people.

On the left side of the valley is a large field courtyard that exudes a strong medicinal fragrance. Many herbs that Han Li cannot name are planted in the courtyard. At the same time, there are more than a dozen large and small houses connected together on the right side. Looking around, there seemed to be no other exits to the outside except the entrance.

“This is the God’s Hand Valley. Except for the disciples in the valley, outsiders will not come here unless they are sick or injured. You two will live here from now on. Go and have a rest first, and then come to the lobby to meet me in the evening. I have something to say to you.” The old man stood in front of several connected houses and pointed to the smaller one among them.

“You can call me Mr. Mo from now on.” The old man paused for a moment and then said:

“You can also call me Doctor Mo.”

After saying this, Doctor Mo ignored the two of them and coughed step by step as he walked into another large room that was more impressive.

Han Li was already exhausted. He didn’t care about the other boy named Zhang Tie. He threw himself onto a wooden bed in the room and fell into a drowsy sleep. To him, he could be considered half a human being anyway. A disciple of Qixuanmen.

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