Chapter 1: Being looked down upon

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Chapter 1: Being looked down upon

People are coming and going in the hospital corridor.

Ye Fan didn’t care, squatting in the corner and crying.

“Your mother’s stomach tumor has become malignant. If she doesn’t pay 100,000 yuan for the surgery, she will only have one month to live.”

The doctor’s cold words stabbed my heart like a needle.

But Ye Fan simply couldn’t afford the expensive fees.

The adoptive father Ye Wujiu disappeared on a boat a year ago, the adoptive mother Shen Biqin had a stomach tumor and fainted and was hospitalized. The newly graduated Ye Fan became the mainstay of the family.

This year, in order to treat his adoptive mother, Ye Fan not only used up his family’s savings and took out all the online loans, but also went to the Tang family to celebrate the wedding and become his son-in-law.

He worked as a cow and horse in the Tang family and lost all his dignity in exchange for one hundred thousand.

But the money was used up in the hospital in an instant.

Ye Fan now only has a mobile phone and ten dollars left in his body.

“One hundred thousand more, one hundred thousand more…”

Thinking of the number the doctor said, Ye Fan felt deeply desperate. How could he get the one hundred thousand when he was at the end of his rope?

But he couldn’t just watch his mother die.

“No, I must borrow one hundred thousand.”

Ye Fan wiped his tears, gritted his teeth and stood up: “I will never let anything happen to my mother.”

He decided to risk his dignity and borrow money.

Ye Fan came to the first house and knocked on the door of his uncle’s house.

Auntie opened the door with a straight face.

Ye Fan desperately begged his aunt for a favor: “Aunt, my mother needs money for surgery…”

“Are you still asking for money? Are you still asking for money? I gave you two hundred yuan, isn’t it enough?”

“Get out, get out, get out, don’t come here, we don’t have money-grubbing relatives like you…”

The aunt pushed Ye Fan out as she spoke, and then closed the security door with a bang.

Hearing these harsh words, Mark was so angry that he trembled all over and punched the wall.

He knew that people were indifferent, but he didn’t expect that the uncle and the others who robbed his father’s ancestral home would not give a tenth to help.

Ye Fan had no choice but to shamelessly ask other relatives to borrow money, but they were all rejected.

They also warned Ye Fan not to harass him again, otherwise they would call the police and arrest him immediately.

Then, the landlord also called and said that if the rent was not paid within a week, he would clear out Shen Biqin’s room.

Online lending companies even made desperate calls.

Ye Fan bit the bullet and called Tang Ruoxue who was traveling in the Maldives.

When Tang Ruoxue heard him asking for money, she hung up the phone in disgust.

The mountains and rivers are exhausted.

After being blown by the cold wind on the street for a long time, Ye Fan wiped away his tears and came to Zero Degree Bar.

This was driven by his ex-girlfriend Yuan Jing, no, it was his former roommate Huang Dongqiang who lent Yuan Jing five million to realize his dream.

Of course, because of these five million, Yuan Jing left Ye Fan and fell into the arms of Huang Dongqiang.

With the gimmick of being a cool school beauty, the business here is very booming and it has become a gathering place for many rich second generations of Zhonghai.

Ye Fan has become a joke.

Although Ye Fan felt ashamed coming here, thinking about the cost of his mother’s surgery, he could only walk into Zero Degree Bar.

He also believed that Yuan Jing would lend him 100,000 yuan for the sake of past friendship.

There were people playing guitar and singing songs in the bar, and the atmosphere was lively.

The smell of perfume here makes Mark feel inferior.

Ye Fan walked into the hall, and the whole place fell silent instantly.

More than a dozen men and women in colorful clothes looked over.

Ye Fan also looked at Huang Dongqiang and Yuan Jing.

He saw high spirits and deep disdain in Huang Dongqiang’s eyes, but he didn’t see a trace of guilt.

Yuan Jing wore a low-cut vest, revealing her white belly, and her lower body was in a pair of short hot pants.

Her fair skin, two slender thighs, and beautiful face are very eye-catching.

However, her cold and arrogant expression made many people afraid to look at her.

She looked at Mark without emotion, her indifference was like seeing a dog on the street.

Yuan Jing’s best friend Yang Qianqian jumped down from the high chair:

“Ye Fan, what are you doing here?”

The tone was disgusting.

Ye Fan mustered up his courage: “I’m here…”

“We don’t need a janitor here.”

Yang Qianqian sneered: “Let’s go.”

She has always looked down on the impoverished Ye Fan, who was also the one she tried her best to match up with Yuan Jing and Huang Dongqiang.

Ye Fan hurriedly waved his hand and explained: “I’m not here to be a cleaner, I’m here to…”

“Twenty-eight for lemonade and one hundred and eighty for cocktails. Can you afford it?”

Yang Qianqian sneered and struck: “Even if you have pocket money from the Tang family, you are still not welcome here.”

Huang Dongqiang sighed: “Damn it, it’s unlucky. I didn’t read the almanac today, so I’m just like the trash.”

Huang Dongqiang and the others had already known about Ye Fan’s appointment as his son-in-law.

A dozen men and women laughed when they heard this.


Ye Fan stepped forward bravely and saw that Yuan Jing was about to speak when a beautiful girl shouted again:

“Get your dirty hands off, this is a leather sofa.”

She also waved her hand in front of her nose, as if Ye Fan had come out of a smelly ditch.

Ye Fan retracted his hand as if bitten by a snake, his face flushed.

He knew he would be humiliated, but he didn’t expect them to be so heartless.

He gritted his teeth and blurted out, “I’m here to see Yuan Jing.”

“Yuan Jing, let’s go out and talk…”

Ye Fan hopes to save the last bit of face.

Yuan Jing’s slender legs were crossed, and her white toes shone in the light. There was no sarcasm or movement, but this was precisely the biggest dislike.

Huang Dongqiang’s lips curved into a hint of teasing:

“Yuan Jing is my girlfriend now. You can’t find her just by looking for her.”

He also rubbed Yuan Jing’s leg in a demonstrative manner.

Ye Fan’s cheeks were hot: “Yuan Jing, I really have something to ask you. Let’s go out and talk.”

Yuan Jing looked at Ye Fan without responding, with only arrogance and indifference on his face, like looking at an insignificant ant.

“Go away, I feel sick when I see you.”

Yang Qianqian shouted impatiently: “Don’t ruin our mood.”

Looking at Yuan Jing who didn’t even leave a fig leaf for himself, Ye Fan felt very disappointed and sad, but he still managed to say:

“Yuan Jing, I want to borrow 100,000 from you.”

Ye Fan made a guarantee:

“Don’t worry, I will definitely pay you back. I can keep your ID card and graduation certificate with you…”

“One hundred thousand?”

Yang Qianqian shouted exaggeratedly:

“Ye Fan, you want to borrow 100,000 yuan? You are not worth 100 yuan, so you dare to borrow 100,000 yuan?”

Ye Fan looked at Yuan Jing and explained: “My mother needs money for surgery…”

“I know it’s rude, but I’m really waiting for money to save my life, please.”

He also took out his mother’s medical records in the hope of impressing Yuan Jing.

Huang Dongqiang looked at him like an idiot:

“Your father disappeared and your ancestral home was robbed by your uncle. Now the house is rented. You are the live-in son-in-law and you haven’t worked yet. How can you borrow 100,000 yuan?”

In the past year since graduation, Ye Fan has either been busy with his mother’s illness or waiting for the Tang family to eat and drink, and has never found a job in a company.

So now I am still a homeless person.

“After my mother’s surgery is over, I will find a job right away. I will definitely be able to pay it back.”

Ye Fan was so ashamed that he wanted to turn around and run away, but at this point, he had to persist.

“Yuan Jing, I beg you, my mother is going to have an operation and really needs this money…”

At this moment, Ye Fan felt as humble as a dog.

Yang Qianqian sneered: “We are not your father. Your mother needs money for surgery. Does it have anything to do with us?”

“Yuan Jing, please help me.”

Ye Fan looked at Yuan Jing and begged: “I will definitely pay you back the money.”

Everyone looked at Yuan Jing.

Yuan Jing looked at Ye Fan coldly, and in a tone even colder than her expression, she said words that chilled Ye Fan:

“Asking me to borrow money? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous? What does your mother’s life and death have to do with me?”

She sneered: “Do you think there is still an old relationship between us?”

“Stop being so sentimental.”

“No white swan would care about a toad.”

Ye Fan looked at Yuan Jing in astonishment, unable to believe that she had said these words.

“Our circle is not something you can enter.”

“You can’t borrow my money, Yuan Jing’s.”

“I don’t have any feelings for you at all.”

“By the way, when I was dating you, I was sick, and you gave me a piece of Tai Chi jade, saying you would keep me safe.”

“Now, I return this piece of Tai Chi Jade to you, and use it to keep your mother safe and sound.”

Yuan Jing took out a piece of Tai Chi jade from the drawer under the table and threw it into Ye Fan’s hand expressionlessly:

“Let’s go, don’t come here again.”

“It’s inappropriate for you to appear at Zero Degree Bar. It’s causing trouble for me and Dong Qiang.”

His voice was very calm, not at all arrogant, but it pushed people to the ground, as if looking at an ant on the ground from the sky:

“As a human being, you must be self-aware.”

Yang Qianqian pushed Ye Fan away: “Get out of here, you toad.”

Ye Fan looked desperate.

Huang Dongqiang suddenly said: “I can lend you one hundred thousand.”

Ye Fan’s eyes lit up and his whole body was excited: “Really?”

Huang Dongqiang smiled playfully: “Kneel down.”

Ye Fan’s blood surged all over his body, and there was anger in his eyes, but he quickly regained his composure.


Ye Fan knelt down straight.

My knees hurt, my heart hurts even more.

But for the sake of his mother, Ye Fan never hesitated.


Yang Qianqian and the others laughed sweetly. Unexpectedly, Ye Fan, who was known as the toughest boner, would kneel in front of them.

Someone picked up their cell phone to film the scene.

Yuan Jing raised her snow-white chin, as proud as a princess, and her contempt became even stronger:

A spineless man.

Huang Dongqiang went to the bathroom and came back with a cup filled with yellow liquid, and then placed it in front of Mark with a slap.

“Drink it on your knees.”

Huang Dongqiang threw out a bank card: “I’ll lend you this hundred thousand.”

Looking at the glass of liquid, Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, then became angry: This is urine!

“You bastards!”

Ye Fan threw the cup over: “It’s too much to bully others.”

Yuan Jing and the others screamed and were in a mess.

Huang Dongqiang was furious and ordered: “Fuck him!”

Ye Fan turned around and ran away.

Seven or eight dandy young men rushed forward.

Two fists were no match for four hands, and Ye Fan was quickly knocked down.

He leaned against the wall and held his head tightly with his hands.

He had no feeling at all in his hands and just held his head instinctively.

The head was protected, but other parts could not be protected. After receiving a few heavy punches, Ye Fan began to bleed.

Yuan Jing, Yang Qianqian and the others shouted happily.

Ye Fan’s counterattack seemed to them to be treacherous, so he was entirely to blame for his fate.

“What a waste!”

Huang Dongqiang stepped on Ye Fan’s head.


Ye Fan’s hands holding his head finally let go, and he slid weakly along the wall to the ground.

He passed out.

A stream of blood flowed out from the palm and seeped into the ancient Tai Chi jade…


The light flashed away.

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