Chapter 2 Feeling proud

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Chapter 2 Feeling proud
“I am the Tai Chi Medical Immortal. From today on, you will be my successor. With my Tai Chi Sutra and the Jade of Life and Death, you can hang a pot to help the world, and help others and yourself…”

Ye Fan felt that he was in an ethereal void, and with the sound of inheritance, a huge amount of information filled his mind.

Martial arts medical skills, mysterious acupuncture techniques, and cultivation techniques are constantly impacting…

When a piece of life and death jade poured into his palm, Ye Fan couldn’t help but scream:


Ye Fan woke up and found himself in the hospital with scars all over his body.

He tried to think back, remembering being beaten up and thrown out of the bar.

The pain in his head confirmed this.

But he was also alarmed to find that the dream was still clear:

“Could the dream just now be true? This is too ridiculous.”

Ye Fan muttered, but when he closed his eyes, he was shocked.

He has a Tai Chi Sutra in his mind.

“Is this dream too real?”

Ye Fan still didn’t believe it, so he opened the “Tai Chi Sutra” and started practicing according to the above method.

As long as nothing can be achieved through cultivation, the Life and Death Jade and the “Tai Chi Sutra” are just a joke.

But the facts left Ye Fan stunned again.

In less than half an hour, he felt a small stream of heat emerging from his dantian.

Then, the heat traveled through the limbs and bones.

Wherever you go, you feel extremely comfortable.

At the same time, a Tai Chi diagram appeared vaguely in the palm of his left hand…

Life and death jade.

White lives, black dies.

There are seven rays of light on each side, and the shadows are very light but distinct.

Ye Fan thought that the pattern was accidentally contaminated, so he rubbed it on his thigh with his wrist a few times, only to find that the Tai Chi diagram was still there.

And it turned.

The next second, a message suddenly appeared in Ye Fan’s mind:

Condition: Thirteen abrasions, third-level damage to internal organs, slight concussion on the head.

Cause: Being violently beaten by a group of people.

Repair or destroy?

Ye Fan was stunned on the spot, what is this?

He subconsciously issued a repair command, and saw the life and death jade turning, and then a piece of white light sank into Ye Fan’s body.


Then, the body experienced abnormal changes.

The blood vessels heated up uncontrollably, and then the whole body became hot. Ye Fan felt that all the cells in his body were running, and they were running wildly in groups in the body.

The bones also crackled.

Not long after, Ye Fan’s body shook violently, the pain all over his body completely dissipated, and the abrasions on his arms and face healed.

At the same time, the white light above the Tai Chi diagram dimmed a little.

“This is a masterful repair tool.”

Ye Fan became excited. What others restored were antique calligraphy and paintings, but his life and death jade could repair physical diseases.

It seems that everything in the dream is true.

This is truly a gift from God.

Ye Fan quickly got up from the hospital bed and rushed to the inpatient department as quickly as possible.

He pushed open the door of his mother Shen Biqin’s room.

Looking at his skinny mother with her eyes closed, Ye Fan rushed over and placed his left hand on her stomach.

Status: Anemia, myocardial strain, gallstones, malignant transformation of gastric tumors…

Cause: Years of hard work, improper diet, and erosion caused by wind and cold.

Repair or destroy?

Ye Fan blurted out: “Repair!”

The Life and Death Jade moved again, and five pieces of white light sank into Shen Biqin’s body.

Mother’s body instantly became a battlefield, with countless cells boiling and flowing, as if thousands of troops were fighting and charging into battle.😞/


Not long after, Shen Biqin’s head shook.

Ye Fan subconsciously shouted: “Mom——”

Shen Biqin slowly opened her eyes, and her pale face became rosy:

“Ye Fan, I’m hungry…”

Ye Fan cried with joy.

He withdrew his left hand and discovered at the same time that only one white glow of the Life and Death Jade was left.

Obviously, the more severe the condition and injury, the more white light is consumed.

Ye Fan didn’t think about how to restore the white light. He just wanted to serve his mother well now.

Fifteen minutes later, Ye Fan got a bowl of white porridge and carefully gave it to his mother to eat.

This is the first time in half a year that Shen Biqin has an appetite to eat.

After eating, Ye Fan called the beautiful doctor over again.

After checking, the doctor was shocked: “How is this possible?”

Shen Biqin is fine.

Knowing that she was fine, Shen Biqin had to be discharged from the hospital anyway.

In addition to the cost of hospitalization, there is also the fear of being hospitalized for a year and wanting to go home early to feel the breath of life.

Ye Fan couldn’t resist her and could only go through the discharge procedures.

When going through the formalities, Ye Fan thought there was not much left in his account, but unexpectedly, he withdrew 95,000.

When he asked, he learned that someone had deposited 100,000 yuan into the hospital account yesterday.

Ye Fan checked and found that the person sending the money was Tang Ruoxue.

He felt warm in his heart, Tang Ruoxue still had him in her heart.

Ye Fan left 5,000 for his mother’s spare time, transferred the rest of the money back to Tang Ruoxue, and then packed up and left the hospital.

But when Ye Fan helped the old man to the gate, three expensive luxury cars passed by them.

Fast and hard.

The wheel almost ran over Shen Biqin’s toes.

Ye Fan shouted angrily: “Why are you driving? Are you rushing to reincarnate?”

Shen Biqin advised softly: “Ye Fan, forget it, forget it.”

The luxury car backed up and came to a stop. The door opened and a young man with an earring came out and cursed:

“If you dare to scold Mr. Huang, are you looking for death?”

Then, Huang Dongqiang and Yuan Jing’s group appeared.

“Hey, is it Ye Fan? Boy, you are very durable? You came out so soon?”

Seeing Ye Fan, Huang Dongqiang immediately came over and walked towards Ye Fan with a smile but not a smile: “Copper skin and iron bones.”

“Your mother has been discharged from the hospital too?”

“If you can’t borrow money, are you going to go home and wait to die?”

“Would you like me to sponsor a pair of nanmu coffins?”

A group of companions laughed with disdain and teasing in their eyes.

Yuan Jing was as cold as ever, and she felt even more disgusted when she saw Mark.

Ye Fan’s humility and kneeling down to borrow money yesterday made Yuan Jing lose interest in humiliating Ye Fan.

Ye Fan’s voice sank: “Huang Dongqiang, are you cursing my mother and seeking death?”

“Looking for death? Who the hell do you think you are?”

Huang Dongqiang knocked his leather shoes on the ground, and he was very arrogant: “Who gave you the courage to challenge me?”

The young man with the earring echoed in a strange tone: “The beating yesterday wasn’t enough, was it?”

Several beautiful female companions covered their mouths and chuckled.

“Kneel down, kowtow, and apologize.”

Huang Dongqiang pointed at Ye Fan: “I will pretend that this never happened, otherwise I will send you mother and son to the morgue.”

Ye Fan’s eyes turned cold when he heard this: “Don’t bully others too much.”

Huang Dongqiang sneered: “What’s wrong with bullying others too much? Are you not convinced?”

Several followers drew out their sticks and twisted their necks to surround Ye Fan.

Yuan Jing’s voice was indifferent: “Ye Fan, stop being so stubborn and kneel down quickly to apologize. Dong Qiang is not something you can offend.”

“Young man, young man, everything is easy to discuss!”

At this time, Shen Biqin also held on to the angry Ye Fan, stood in front and smiled at Huang Dongqiang:

“Master Huang, I used to work in your house as a housekeeper. I know your mother. Give me some face and don’t get to know Mark.”

“He is young and ignorant. Sir, please let him go.”

Shen Biqin smiled.

“Give you face?”

Huang Dongqiang sneered and spat on Shen Biqin: “Who do you think you are? Why should I give you face?”

“An old man dares to ask for face. Can you fucking afford it?”

To anyone, this rude and rude way is considered an insult, but Shen Biqin didn’t dare to fight back and just accepted it.

Being humiliated, ridiculed, and bullied will never cause trouble, not because of generosity, but because of the sadness of little people having no choice.

“Doing this to my mother, are you looking for death?”

Ye Fan clenched his fists and tried to rush forward with anger on his face, but was held tightly by his mother.

Seeing Ye Fan’s stubbornness, Yuan Jing was very angry: “Ye Fan, are you still trying to show off? Is Dong Qiang someone you and your mother can offend?”

“It’s time to kneel down. It’s not like I’ve never knelt down before. Everyone knows what’s going on, so stop pretending.”

She tried hard to reconcile the fact that she felt no sense of accomplishment by stepping on Ye Fan, and the second was to show her generosity in front of outsiders.

Unexpectedly, Mark was completely ungrateful: “Don’t worry, I will never kneel down again.”

Yuan Jing became impatient:

“If you don’t listen to my advice, I won’t care about you anymore.”

“Without my face, you might not even be able to save your life.”

She raised her chin proudly.

Ye Fan shouted unceremoniously: “Get out!”

Yuan Jing’s pretty face turned cold: “Dong Qiang, I don’t care about him anymore, just do whatever you want.”

“Master Huang, Mark is ignorant, please bear with me. Don’t worry, Mark will never provoke you again.”

Seeing Huang Dongqiang’s fierce look, Shen Biqin hurriedly dragged Ye Fan behind him: “Let’s forget about this matter today.”

“With a little money and a little kindness, I’ll treat Mr. Huang and all the brothers to tea.”

Shen Biqin took out three thousand yuan from his pocket, bent down and stuffed it humbly into Huang Dongqiang’s pocket.


Huang Dongqiang slapped Shen Biqin in the face with his backhand.

Shen Biqin subconsciously exclaimed: “Young Master Huang…”


Another crisp sound exploded.

“How dare you ask me to forgive you for being like an ant?”

Before Shen Biqin could react, Huang Dongqiang kicked him.

Shen Biqin groaned and stumbled backwards.


At this moment, Ye Fan’s figure flashed.

Before Huang Dongqiang could see clearly, he felt his neck tighten.

Ye Fan grabbed Huang Dongqiang’s neck, and then slammed against the window of a luxury car at a speed that was too fast for everyone to react.


In a shocking impact, the car window burst instantly, and Huang Dongqiang’s head was splashed with blood.

The strength is terrifying.

Before it was over, Ye Fan threw the dizzy Huang Dongqiang to the ground and kicked him mercilessly on the arm.


There was a crisp sound, and Huang Dongqiang’s left hand was instantly fractured.

A companion was stunned for a moment, and then rushed towards Ye Fan.

Ye Fan didn’t even look, and slapped him five meters away with his backhand.

Bleeding from the mouth and nose.

The whole audience was stunned.

No one thought that Mark was so powerful and so cruel.

Shen Biqin also opened her mouth wide.

Ye Fan didn’t stop, and raised his fingers to the remaining people: “Let’s go together.”

The four roared and rushed over.

Ye Fan directly crushed him with speed and strength.

One punch, one kick.

“Bang bang bang——”

The four people who rushed forward were all brutally knocked down by Ye Fan. Their noses were bruised, their faces were swollen, and their hands and feet were broken.


The whole audience was shocked.

Several beautiful girls looked at Ye Fan in disbelief, never expecting that this waste could be so capable of beating.

“how so?”

Yuan Jing couldn’t accept the result in front of her. Ye Fan beat so many people down?

She wanted to see Ye Fan kneel down and beg for mercy, not to watch Ye Fan kill everyone.

Yuan Jing’s heart shrank when she saw the meddlesome people around her, all of whom were horrified and even looked at Mark with admiration.

An unknown flame suddenly rose.

Ye Fan, who was dumped by her, should be useless. How could he suddenly become so powerful?

Could it be that he took drugs in the hospital?

Yes, it must be like this, otherwise it wouldn’t be so powerful.

Then, Yuan Jing secretly bit her teeth again:

Even if you can really fight, so what? What kind of society is it now that you can fight, can you fight with a knife, can fight with a gun, can you fight with the country?

Without education, background, or connections, you are destined to live a mediocre life.

After a self-comforting catharsis, Yuan Jing gradually felt comfortable.

At this time, Ye Fan was slowly walking up to Huang Dongqiang.

“Boy, do you dare to hurt us?”

Huang Dongqiang was also stunned, but still aggressive: “Do you know what the consequences will be if you touch me?”

Before the latter could finish speaking, Mark slapped him across the face.

Huang Dongqiang lost two of his teeth and his mouth was full of blood.

Then, Ye Fan grabbed his neck: “Tell me, what are the consequences?”

“Ye Fan, that’s enough!”

Yuan Jing stood up angrily: “You have already caused trouble. If you don’t stop, you will regret it…”


Ye Fan slapped Huang Dongqiang on the face again: “What trouble did you get into?”

Huang Dongqiang roared: “You bastard!”

“Not convinced?”

Ye Fan slapped him again.

Huang Dongqiang covered his cheeks with resentment on his face, but he didn’t dare to talk back.

Yuan Jing was furious: “You——”

In her eyes, only Huang Dongqiang could teach Ye Fan a lesson, and Ye Fan was not qualified to abuse Huang Dongqiang.

Ye Fan gently patted Huang Dongqiang’s face: “Tell me, what are the consequences, what disasters?”

Huang Dongqiang was very aggrieved, but finally gritted his teeth:

“Today I admit defeat, what do you want?”

Ye Fan held his throat firmly:

“Slap yourself ten times, apologize to my mother, and make compensation, or I will destroy you.”

Shen Biqin pulled Ye Fan’s sleeve: “Ye Fan, forget it, forget it.”

Huang Dongqiang looked at Ye Fan’s eyes and felt inexplicably afraid.

Although he felt that being bullied by Mark today was really humiliating, he believed that Mark could do what he said.

Because he felt that Mark had changed as a person and was no longer a loser who could be bullied casually.

Huang Dongqiang could even feel the coldness on Ye Fan’s fingers.

If you challenge again, you will get trampled even more miserably. Let’s endure it for today, and think of ways to kill the mother and son another day. Huang Dongqiang’s thoughts were spinning in his mind.

So he bowed his head to Shen Biqin with difficulty:

“Auntie, I’m sorry…”

Then he slapped himself ten times and paid thousands of dollars in compensation.

Although Shen Biqin’s face was full of worry, she still felt proud when she heard the apology.

Ye Fan stared at Huang Dongqiang, catching the resentment in his eyes, and knew that Huang Dongqiang would take revenge sooner or later.

As soon as his thoughts changed, the jade of life and death flashed.

At the same time, a line of information emerged in Ye Fan’s mind:

Status: early stage of liver cancer, plum virus, broken arm.

Cause: excessive drinking, taking drugs, being beaten…

Repair or destroy?

Ye Fan did not hesitate to have thoughts of destruction. He knew that it meant aggravating the condition.

A piece of black light poured into Huang Dongqiang’s body.


Huang Dongqiang screamed inexplicably, and then slipped from Mark’s hand to the ground.

Late stage liver cancer.

Ye Fan shouted: “Go away——”

Huang Dongqiang took Yuan Jing and the others away bitterly.

Looking at Huang Dongqiang’s embarrassed back, a light flashed in Ye Fan’s eyes.

This is a dead man…

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