Chapter 10 Return from the Dead

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Chapter 10 Return from the Dead
The shadow lay back on Sissi’s body.

Ye Fan stretched out his left hand and put the life and death jade close to Sissi’s head, not giving her a chance to separate her soul.

“Gallbladder perforation, liver damage, severe abdominal bleeding…”

“The energy of the Life and Death Stone is insufficient for repair, but you can use the Nine Palaces Rejuvenating Yang Needle to survive the danger…”

Just as Ye Fan worried yesterday, although a piece of white light can repair the soul, it is not enough to allow Sissi to survive the dangerous period.

Ye Fan could only use the medical skills he learned in the morning.

Seeing Ye Fan’s actions, Sun Shengshou was furious at Ye Fan.

“Who is this bastard?”

“What did you do to Sissi?”

“Don’t you know Sissi is dead? Why are you torturing her body?”

It was very sad and regretful to die at such a young age, but Ye Fan still beat the body around, which was simply inhumane.

Sun Shengshou angrily stepped forward and pulled Ye Fan.

This was the critical moment. Wherever Ye Fan could stop, he shook his arm and threw Sun Sheng’s hand away.

Sun Shengshou staggered back and almost fell to the ground.

Ye Fan took out the silver needle he just bought from his arms.

The first form of “Tai Chi Divine Acupuncture” is to return Yang from the Nine Palaces.

Ye Fan silently recited Baihui, Fengchi, Tianshu and other acupuncture points, and then slowly inserted the sterilized silver needle.

On each silver needle, there was a faint white light, which flashed away and disappeared into Sissi’s body.

And following the veins of Ye Fan’s needle, nine palace grids appeared on Qianqian’s body.

The palace grid continued to spread and became one piece with the stitching techniques.

Sissi’s pale body instantly gained a layer of rosiness.

It felt like the sun dispelled the darkness.

Sun Shengshou was about to rush forward and push Ye Fan away, but he stopped instantly when he saw this scene.

His face was full of shock.

“The patient is already dead, but you still prick the patient with a needle? Do you think you are a god?”

“How dare you push Divine Doctor Sun, drag him out, drag him out!”

The medical staff’s sight was blocked by Sun Shengshou and Ye Fan, and they did not see the magical scene, so they shouted at Ye Fan to kill him.

“Ye Fan! Do you know what you are doing?”

Tang Ruoxue, who squeezed in from the door, also looked anxiously: “Come out quickly, you are not a doctor, don’t delay the doctor’s rescue.”

She really didn’t know where Ye Fan was going out of his mind. It was really ridiculous for a househusband to run to save people.

Moreover, this was Song Hongyan’s daughter. Once she lost her mind and became angry, Ye Fan’s ten lives would not be enough to compensate her.

It seemed that it was the misunderstanding in the morning that made Mark lose his mind.

This man is looking for life and death over the smallest things, so why can’t he be more mature?

More than a dozen medical staff rolled up their sleeves and rushed over.

“Miss Song, stop them.”

Ye Fan yelled at Song Hongyan: “Give me five minutes, and I’ll give you Sissy back.”

“They’re all dead anyway, is there a worse ending?”

Song Hongyan was originally heartbroken, but was woken up by Mark’s roar.

In the past, she would not have believed that her daughter could be saved, but yesterday’s on-site treatment gave her hope.

Ye Fan has a miracle.

“Let Brother Ye save people.”

Song Hongyan’s sad and pretty face suddenly turned cold, she blocked the medical staff and shouted:

“If you can’t save it, let Brother Ye treat it.”

Although Song Hongyan is a woman, only in her twenties, she has an extremely powerful aura.

A group of medical staff stopped instantly.

“Mr. Song, can you be more sensible?”

A doctor shouted: “Your daughter has already passed away, so don’t let anyone bother you anymore and let her go in peace.”

Another female nurse was also distressed: “No, we must call the police, call the police, and let the police arrest this bastard.”

Many of them are parents, and they really can’t bear to see Ye Fan mistreating Sissy like this.

The medical staff stepped back and blocked the door to prevent Ye Fan from making trouble and escaping.

Tang Ruoxue also looked at Song Hongyan: “Mr. Song, Ye Fan is my husband. He really doesn’t have medical skills. Don’t let him mess around.”

Song Hongyan’s pretty face was hot: “I believe him.”

“Mr. Song——”

Tang Ruoxue was speechless. Why was Song Hongyan so ignorant?

She just couldn’t understand how Ye Fan, who was regarded as a waste by everyone in the Tang family, could be so trusted by Song Hongyan?

This made her feel ridiculous and a little uncomfortable.

My husband is so valued by other women because he is still a character like Song Hongyan…

The patients and family members who joined in the fun at the door also scolded Ye Fan bloody.

If the person dies, let her go in peace. Doesn’t tossing the corpse mean that the soul of the dead cannot rest in peace?

As for rescuing people, that’s a joke. Even the heartbeat has stopped. How can it be possible to revive him?

No one believed Ye Fan, and they all shouted to call the police to arrest him. It would be best to shoot him directly.

Sun Shengshou did not shout anymore, but just stared at Ye Fan’s silver needle.

“The Nine Palaces Return to Yang?”

He completely recognized it and was very excited: “Is it really Jiugong Huanyang?”

He remembered that this was a long-lost magical acupuncture technique, the first form of the “Tai Chi Magic Acupuncture”, which had the effect of bringing people back to life after death.

As long as the patient still has a breath, it can allow people to lift this breath and live.

Sun Shengshou did not expect that the acupuncture technique mentioned in ancient medical books would appear in front of him.

The sky has eyes, the sky has eyes.

Trembling, he took out his phone and took a photo.


Just when the big-bodied security guard rushed in, there was a crisp sound from the instrument, which shocked the ward.

Immediately afterwards, there was a “beep beep beep” sound.

Song Hongyan looked up and immediately became stunned.

The doctors at the front were even more stunned, with faces filled with fear.

There are undulations on a straight instrument.

Heartbeat, pulse and breathing resume simultaneously.

Slowly at first, in less than five seconds, it reached a frequency of ten times per minute.

Although it is still more dangerous than normal people, it represents a possibility:

Sissi is really alive!

Everyone’s eyes were wide open. The patient whose resuscitation failed has now recovered his heartbeat?

Damn it!

how can that be possible!

People who have lost their brain waves can still regain their heartbeat?

How is this done?

“Ding ding ding——”

But whether they believed it or not, Sissi’s heartbeat gradually recovered.

ten times!

Twenty times!

Thirty times!

Sixty times!

Reaching the band of normal people!


Sun Sheng plopped his hands and knelt down, it was really the Nine Palaces returning Yang.

“Sissi is alive, get treatment now!”

Ye Fan shouted: “Help!”

It is the first time to perform acupuncture to save a patient. There are many things that need to be handled, which is very draining of energy.

Sun Shengshou and others were shocked by his roar, and without saying a word, they quickly stepped forward to treat Qian Qian.

Everyone had utter shock on their faces.

Many doctors couldn’t help but look at Mark while examining him.

This guy is so amazing, he really saved the dead…

Tang Ruoxue also looked stunned, looking at Mark who looked calm in shock, feeling a little dazed for a moment.

Is this still the soft rice king in my memory?

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