Chapter 11 Five Lakes Suzaku Card

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Chapter 11 Five Lakes Suzaku Card

After working for more than an hour, Sun Shengshou and the others stopped.

Sissi finally passed the dangerous period.

Heartbeat, breathing, pulse and various body functions all tend to normal levels.

Looking at the jumping data, the attending doctor couldn’t help cheering, but soon they stood beside the hospital bed blankly.

Only now did they remember what they had gone through.

A patient who was declared dead regained life in their hands.

This is not the so-called state of suspended animation, where the patient suddenly revives spontaneously.

But he actually died from his injuries and was then forcibly revived.

This matter can last a lifetime.

Then, they all looked at Ye Fan, who had been holding the line, and all of them showed complicated expressions.

There was surprise, emotion, and admiration, but mostly guilt.

Thinking of their humiliation of Mark and the urge to shout and kill, they wanted to dig a hole in the ground and get in.

Not only did he look down on others, he almost killed Sissi…


At this time, Sun Shengshou walked up to Mark and bowed deeply.

The other doctors also faced Ye Fan and bowed respectfully.


Apology, and great respect.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said with a smile: “It will be good if Sissi comes back to life.”

This is impossible, impossible…

The corner of Tang Ruoxue’s mouth at the door was moved. In addition to being confused about Ye Fan’s amazing medical skills, it was even more difficult to accept Sun Shengshou’s tribute to Ye Fan.

Before today, Tang Ruoxue would never have thought that Ye Fan, who was despised to the core by the Tang family, could be so impressive and respected by everyone.

Then, she apologized for her words and deeds in reprimanding Mark Ye.

It’s just that I can’t save face, and the mentality of being contemptuous for a year will be difficult to reverse in a while.

“Hmph, it must be a blind cat meeting a dead mouse.”

Tang Ruoxue raised her pretty face arrogantly: “If your medical skills are so great, why can’t you even save Aunt Shen…”

She found a reason for herself. She was so strong that she really didn’t want to bow in front of Mark.

But when she glanced at Song Hongyan from the corner of her eye, Song Hongyan looked at Ye Fan’s endless tenderness, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Regardless of whether Ye Fan was really good at medicine or just lucky, she lost to Song Hongyan in this round.

While Sun Shengshou and the others continued to observe Sissy, Ye Fan also squeezed through the crowd and came to the door.

The Nine Palaces Returning Yang Needle consumes a lot of energy on his part.

But Ye Fan didn’t care, as long as Sissi could survive, that would be better than anything else.

Moreover, as soon as he turns the “Tai Chi Sutra”, his energy and spirit will be restored quickly.

The endless flow of life and death is one of the highlights of the Tai Chi Sutra.

As soon as Ye Fan sat down on the bench at the end of the corridor, Song Hongyan followed him out and knelt straight in front of Ye Fan with a plop.

“Brother Ye, from now on, Song Hongyan’s life is yours.”

“Through fire and water, I will never give up.”

Although she is a woman and her words are very cliché, every word is worth a thousand dollars.

All the followers stared at this scene in stunned silence, never expecting that the strong and stubborn Song Hongyan would kneel down to a young man like this.

“It’s good that Sissi is fine.”

Seeing this, Ye Fan quickly helped Song Hongyan up: “Besides, I am also lucky.”

At the same time, he discovered that the Stone of Life and Death had a white light.

Ye Fan couldn’t help but be startled. Could it be possible to restore a white light by saving a life without using the Life and Death Stone?

He looked slightly excited, thinking about going to the intensive care unit to save a few more people.


Song Hongyan smiled and shook her head: “Once is luck, twice is luck. That would be an insult to Hongyan’s IQ.”

She has read countless people, and she can tell at a glance whether Ye Fan is moral or not.

Ye Fan smiled: “You’re welcome, it’s easy.”

“Brother Ye, if you need me in the future, feel free to say anything. No matter whether you can do it or not, Song Hongyan will risk her life to do it.”

Sissi died twice and Ye Fan came back to life twice. Song Hongyan was sincerely grateful to Ye Fan.

This not only saved my daughter, but also saved my life.

She also took out a card and handed it to Ye Fan:

“This is Wuhu Group’s Zhuque Card. With it, you can enjoy all its purchases for free.”

“When necessary, you can also use it to mobilize the funds and manpower of Wuhu Group.”

Song Hongyan’s tone was respectful: “This is a little thought, I hope Brother Ye will accept it.”

The card is bright red, surrounded by diamonds, and is fire-resistant and water-resistant. It has Five Lakes written on the front and Suzaku on the back, with flying dragons and phoenixes, conveying luxury and nobility.

Ye Fan was shocked:

“No, no, it’s too expensive. Besides, I ate one of your three million ginseng fruits yesterday…”

“Brother Ye, don’t be polite. You saved Sissi twice. You are our great benefactor and you are fully qualified to have the Suzaku Card.”

Song Hongyan was very sincere: “And Qianqian might bother you again in the future. If you don’t accept it, we will be embarrassed to bother you.”

“All right.”

Seeing Song Hongyan talking about this, Ye Fan had no choice but to take it over: “Then thank you, Miss Song.”

“I should be the one thanking you.”

Song Hongyan was very happy that Ye Fan accepted the card, and then whispered into his ear:

“This card has another use.”

“That is, if Brother Ye wants to know something, just call the customer service number on the back of the card and you will know what you want to know.”

Her smile became more mysterious: “Maybe you don’t need it now, but you will definitely need it in the future.”


Ye Fan was startled and extremely speechless. He didn’t expect that this card could still get the world’s news?

Song Hongyan pursed her red lips and smiled like a confounding creature: “It won’t let you down.”

At this moment, another person appeared next to him, and Tang Ruoxue looked at the two intimate people expressionlessly.

She had been worried about Sissi’s sudden mutation, so she came out after confirming that Sissi’s condition was stable.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he walked out of the room, he saw Song Hongyan leaning against Mark’s face.

The intimacy was just like that of a young couple.

Moreover, Tang Ruoxue could see that Song Hongyan’s starry eyes looking at Mark were filled with gratitude and admiration.

This made her frown subconsciously.

Song Hongyan got closer to Ye Fan and whispered softly: “Are you free at noon? Let’s have a meal together.”

“Thank you, Mr. Song, but Mark is not free.”

Tang Ruoxue couldn’t hold it any longer, smiled and walked over to hold Mark’s arm:

“He wants to have dinner with me at noon…”

Then, she pulled Ye Fan into the red BMW, stepped on the accelerator and left, leaving Song Hongyan in shock.

Ye Fan was also confused.

Is this the rhythm of jealousy?

As the car drove out of the hospital, Tang Ruoxue said coldly: “Song Hongyan is beautiful and gentle, isn’t she?”

Song Hongyan looks absolutely beautiful, and her gentleness is like the spring breeze in March, making people unable to stop being intoxicated.

It’s just that Ye Fan is not a fool: “She is a bit pretty, but she is far from you.”

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face lost some of its coldness.


At this moment, Ye Fan’s cell phone vibrated.

He pressed the answer button, and soon came the fierce and domineering voice of his mother-in-law:

“Ye Fan, don’t forget to go to the Sihai Chamber of Commerce to collect debts…”

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