Chapter 18 This watch is mine

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Chapter 18 This watch is mine

Yunding Villa is located in Yunding Mountain, the prime location of Zhonghai, with an altitude of 900 meters, hiding the wind and water.

It once had the opportunity to become the top wealthy area in Zhonghai.

Many years ago, Tang Sanguo was one of the developers of this villa. Unfortunately, a certain incident cut off the project’s capital chain and halted construction.

Yunding Villa eventually became an unfinished building.

Although it is difficult for the Tang family to start Yunding Villa again in this life, everyone knows that the Tang family has been talking about it.
That was Tang Sanguo’s opportunity to become one of the first-class families in Zhonghai.

It has also become a thorn in the heart of the Tang family.

So Tang Ruoxue used it to attack Mark.

After Tang Ruoxue put forward the conditions, the Tang family dispersed. When they left, they all had playful smiles.

Tang Sanguo’s family spent their entire life unable to realize their wish. What could Ye Fan, the son-in-law who came to the house, do to fulfill it?

Ye Fan cooked himself a bowl of noodles, and after eating, he went to the small rooftop garden to relax.

Tang Ruoxue was tired of living with him, so Ye Fan took the initiative to file for divorce.

This is not because he is defending his dignity, but because he wants to preserve the reputation of the Tang family.

No matter how much Tang Ruoxue disliked him or despised him, Ye Fan didn’t want her to be criticized and burned bridges.

But he didn’t expect that the Tang family didn’t realize his good intentions, but instead kept making harsh demands because of face.

In the past, the words “Yunding Villa” would have made Ye Fan despair, but at this moment, they couldn’t make him feel any emotional ups and downs.

“Just wait, I will definitely build Yunding Villa.”

There was a flash of light in Ye Fan’s eyes.

He stayed on the rooftop for an hour, then collected his emotions and went downstairs.

When Ye Fan walked into the small hall after taking a shower, Tang Ruoxue in the back room suddenly raised her voice:

“Lin Huanhuan, Yang Jingxiao, are you going to have a party at the Sunshine Club tomorrow?”

“No problem, I will make time to go there.”

“But you need to bring a few more handsome guys over. I’ve been exhausted from work these past few months.”

“It’s okay to meet a few handsome guys to entertain your eyes, or even a young guy…”

The woman who was joking with her best friend smiled coquettishly and her words clearly reached Ye Fan’s ears, stimulating his nerves intentionally or unintentionally.

Tang Ruoxue glanced at Ye Fan entering the hall, closed it with her backhand, and with a bang, the inner wooden door slammed shut.

The two were isolated.

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes slightly, feeling a little irritated for no reason, but he quickly suppressed it…

That night, the two of them seemed to be in peace, but they didn’t sleep well all night.

So when Lin Qiuling’s shouting came in the morning, the young couple climbed out of bed almost at the same time.

Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue came to the door and saw Lin Qiuling and Tang Sanguo who had gotten up early, opening the Rolex that Ye Fan had brought back to check.

His mouth was full of tuts.

“Ah, who owns this Rolex? Why is it just placed on the porch?”

Lin Qiuling stared at the Rolex: “The color is so new, it looks like I just bought it. Which watch is it?”

Although the three members of the Tang family earn millions every year, Tang Sanguo and Lin Qiuling have always been reluctant to spend money on consumables.

Apart from buying a house, buying antiques, saving money, and expanding the scale of Chunfeng Clinic, they hardly spent any money on eating, drinking, and having fun.

Therefore, the four cars in the garage are all mid- to low-end, and Tang Ruoxue’s BMW only costs over 400,000 yuan.

So when she saw a Rolex worth several hundred thousand dollars placed in the entrance hall, Lin Qiuling felt inexplicably a little more excited.

Ye Fan hesitated and said: “Mom, this watch…”

Lin Qiuling looked at Tang Ruoxue with burning eyes: “Ruoxue, did you buy this watch for your father?”

Tang Ruoxue smiled bitterly:

“Mom, this watch costs hundreds of thousands at first glance. I have all my salary cards with you. You don’t know there is a big discrepancy?”

“That’s right. Apart from giving Bai Yanlang 10,000 yuan a month, you basically don’t have any big expenses.”

Lin Qiuling withdrew her gaze, and then her eyes lit up:

“You didn’t buy it, and it wasn’t your dad and I. It must have been your brother-in-law.”

“Your brother-in-law bought it. If he wore it himself, he would have put it on directly. There is no need to put it in a watch box and leave it in the entrance hall.”

“Your brother-in-law must have bought it for your dad.”

She looked happy: “Jianfeng is such a good boy.”

Tang Sanguo’s eyes also lit up, he took it and put it on his wrist, and said with a cheerful smile:

“Yeah, it’s just right. You really bought it for me.”

Ye Fan’s scalp was numb and he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to speak.

“Jianfeng, Jianfeng.”

At this time, Lin Qiuling shouted to the second floor at the top of her lungs: “Did you buy this Rolex for your father?”

While shouting, Han Jianfeng and Tang Fenghua yawned, opened the door and walked out.

They drank a lot last night and stayed at Tang’s house.

Tang Fenghua rubbed her eyes: “Mom, what kind of watch is this?”

“What else is there to watch?”

Lin Qiuling deliberately made a serious face: “You want to give your father a surprise, don’t you?”


Tang Sanguo raised his wrist and said in a swaying tone: “It’s true that you bought so many supplements and also bought a Rolex.”

“Hundreds of thousands, it’s a bit extravagant.”

He seemed to be complaining, but in fact he was delighted: “Don’t do this next time.”

Ye Fan opened his mouth, but in the end he made no sound.

Tang Ruoxue glanced at Ye Fan, her pretty face a little lonely. When will Ye Fan be able to buy hundreds of thousands of watches for his parents?


Han Jianfeng trembled, looked at Tang Fenghua and then rushed up. He was stunned when he looked at the Rolex on Tang Sanguo’s wrist.

He didn’t buy this watch.

Yesterday I gave away 50,000 to 60,000 yuan in supplements, how could I be willing to give away hundreds of thousands of Rolexes?

“Jianfeng, are you pretending to be stupid again? You can become the best actor now.”

Lin Qiuling also smiled brightly:

“There’s no need to pretend you don’t know. We didn’t buy this watch, and it didn’t come from you. Did it fall down?”

“We can guess that you want to surprise your father.”

“You kid, you just like to play with such silly things.”

Her tone was indescribably doting, and compared to her bad attitude towards Mark, it was completely different.

Tang Ruoxue looked at Ye Fan again, sighing secretly how great this watch would be if Ye Fan bought it.

It’s a pity that Ye Fan even has to pay for his medical expenses.

In the past two days, I have taken the initiative to propose divorce to defend my poor dignity.

“My parents are wise.”

Hearing Lin Qiuling’s words, Han Jianfeng rolled his eyes, and then burst into laughter:

“I knew I couldn’t lie to you.”

“I originally wanted to tell you later and give you a nice surprise, but I didn’t expect you to find out so quickly.”

“Dad, I was wrong at the birthday party, so I use this Rolex to express my apology.”

Han Jianfeng winked at Tang Fenghua: “I hope you like it, Dad.”

Tang Fenghua immediately agreed and said with a smile:

“Yes, after the birthday party, Jianfeng has been blaming himself. Dad, please accept it, otherwise Jianfeng will feel uncomfortable.”

“We never blamed Jianfeng. He was also deceived.”

Lin Qiuling patted Tang Sanguo on the shoulder: “Old Tang, the sword is full of filial piety, accept it.”

“Take it, take it.”

Tang Sanguo laughed loudly and shook his wrist, the golden light shining: “Jianfeng, you are very good, very good.”

Mark was about to turn around and leave to avoid everyone being embarrassed.

“Jianfeng is of course fine.”

Lin Qiuling glanced at Ye Fan: “Compared to some villain’s successful white-eyed wolf, it is ten times and a hundred times better.”

“We are both sons-in-law, so why is there such a big gap?”

“One has never been filial to his parents and is complacent about small achievements. The other is full of filial piety and spends real money to make his parents happy.”

“What are you going to do? Learn from it and see what your brother-in-law does.”

“When are you going to buy a watch for your parents too?”

Lin Qiuling stopped Ye Fan: “I can’t afford it for hundreds of thousands, but tens of thousands will do.” >
“Mom, how can Mark have so much money?”

Tang Ruoxue frowned slightly: “Besides, Ye Fan also got back two million and signed a ten million contract…”

“That’s what he should do, otherwise the Tang family’s rice would be in vain?”

Lin Qiuling did not give Ye Fan a good look at all: “As for filial piety, what will he buy us?”

“I finally got lucky and got the ginseng fruit, but ended up eating it all by myself.”

“If you are filial, just buy me a watch worth 100,000 yuan, and don’t talk too much other nonsense.”

She looked at Mark with contempt: “Mark, can you afford it?”

Tang Ruoxue wanted to say something more, but saw Mark’s silence on his face, and he was angry.

Didn’t Niu Niu Niu Niu want a divorce last night? Why have you turned into a coward again now? Don’t you dare commit to a watch worth 100,000 yuan?

“Stop talking about him, it’s boring.”

Tang Sanguo raised his Rolex and said, “Here, take a look at this watch.”

Lin Qiuling and the others left Ye Fan behind and leaned over to admire it with smiles on their faces.

“Hey, why don’t the watch hands move?”

Tang Sanguo suddenly discovered that the clock hand stayed at more than seven o’clock last night, which was the time Ye Fan came back:

“Is it unwound?”

Han Jianfeng frowned: “Shouldn’t you?”

Several people struggled, but Rolex still didn’t move.

Lin Qiuling frowned: “Is it broken?”

Tang Sanguo shook his head:

“How is that possible? This is a Rolex, the latest model, and it costs hundreds of thousands. How can it be easily broken?”

The four of them studied the Rolex hard, and Han Jianfeng also found a foreign language manual to see how to start it.

No matter how hard the four of them tried, Rolex remained motionless.

Tang Sanguo was so angry that he blew his beard and stared. He originally wanted to wear it to show off today, but Rolex went on strike.

Han Jianfeng was even more angry: “I want to complain about it, complain about it, how dare you sell me a bad watch.”

Ye Fan couldn’t stand it anymore, so he walked up and picked up the Rolex.

Lin Qiuling and the others were shocked:

“White-eyed Wolf, put it down quickly. This is the watch your brother-in-law bought.”

“Let go, let go. If this watch worth hundreds of thousands is damaged, can you afford to pay for it?”

Tang Ruoxue was also preparing to pull Ye Fan away. Her parents were angry and it was easy for them to take the opportunity to vent their anger.


Ye Fan didn’t say anything, he just picked up the Rolex and lightly pressed his thumb on the fingerprint sensing area on the base.

“Dip, drip, drip…”

The Rolex turned.

Tang Sanguo was shocked when he saw this: “How can you activate it?”

“This watch is mine.”

The air suddenly became dead…

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