Chapter 17 Forged?

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Chapter 17 Forged?

At seven o’clock in the evening, Ye Fan took a taxi back to the door of Tang’s house.

He took the Rolex off his wrist and put it back into the inconspicuous watch box.

This is the latest Rolex. Although it is still a traditional watch, it has a fingerprint sensor. After setting it up, Ye Fan can only activate the hands.

He didn’t wear it when he entered the house to avoid Lin Qiuling and the others’ cynicism.

Walking to the door, Ye Fan still felt unreal.

A week ago, I knelt down with dozens of people for 100,000 yuan.

Today, not only is he carrying hundreds of thousands of Rolexes, but he also helps the Tang family solve problems.

This is really incredible.

With his thoughts turning, Ye Fan rang the doorbell.

Not long after, Tang Ruoxue came over and opened the door. When she saw Mark’s eyes softening, she returned to the dining room in silence.

Only then did Ye Fan see that the entire Tang family was eating.

Han Jianfeng and Tang Fenghua also came, and there were many gifts on the coffee table. They were obviously here to apologize to Lin Qiuling.

No matter what, there is always something to make up for when it comes to fake paintings.

The family of five ate very happily. They had never had the habit of waiting for Mark to eat together, nor did they feel the need to have such a habit.

Ye Fan changed his shoes, threw his Rolex in the entrance hall, and then walked into the dining room.

“Ye Fan, haven’t you eaten yet?”

Tang Sanguo coughed: “Come over and eat together.”

Tang Sanguo felt guilty after misunderstanding Ye Fan and punching him in the morning.

“What’s it called? You feel full after eating, right?”

Lin Qiuling glared and cursed:

“There are only eight dishes. We don’t have enough to eat. Why do we let the white-eyed wolf eat it?”

Tang Sanguo looked hesitant: “Eight dishes, we can’t finish them all…”

“How come you can’t finish eating?”

Lin Qiuling took over the topic: “Jianfeng and Fenghua haven’t eaten much yet.”

Han Jianfeng smiled and said: “Dad, don’t worry, I will definitely clear the food on the table.”

Tang Sanguo glanced at Ye Fan with pity: “We are a family after all. Ye Fan even helped you in the morning…”

“Eat your food, can’t such a big chicken drumstick fill your mouth?”

When she heard Tang Sanguo mention what happened in the morning, Lin Qiuling became even more angry, clapped her chopsticks and shouted:

“If you don’t shut up, don’t eat it either.”

Tang Sanguo lowered his head helplessly.

“What kind of person are you? You’re a tough guy.”

Lin Qiuling rolled her eyes at Ye Fan and hummed:

“Divorcing and collecting debts. You are much more capable than you. Are you still afraid that people will starve to death?”

Han Jianfeng echoed in a strange tone: “That’s right, I’ve eaten three million ginseng fruits, and I can go without food for three years without any problem.”

Tang Ruoxue’s face was ugly, but she didn’t say anything.

Once you defend Ye Fan, it will only make Ye Fan suffer greater venting from his mother.

When the time comes to focus on debt collection, Ye Fan will be even more embarrassed.

Just be patient and it will pass.

“How? Did you get the two million back?”

Lin Qiuling hit Ye Fan: “If you don’t have two million for a day out, twenty thousand shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“I don’t have any strong bones, so I don’t want to eat soft food…”

She took a long-handled spoon and scooped the porcelain basin with a clanking sound. If she didn’t teach Mark a lesson this time, how would she control him in the future?

Moreover, Tang Sanguo and Tang Ruoxue’s blame in the morning made her put all the blame on Mark.

Tang Sanguo was busy trying to smooth things over: “Ye Fan was angry last night, so don’t argue with him…”

“Shut up!”

Lin Qiuling’s eyes widened, then she looked at Mark and sneered: “You think this person’s ambition is just an angry comment, are you going to slap him in the face?

Han Jianfeng shouted: “He can get money from the Sihai Chamber of Commerce, and I will eat this table.”

Ye Fan didn’t pay attention to Lin Qiuling and Han Jianfeng’s clamor.

He took out a check for two million and slapped it directly in front of Lin Qiuling’s face.


“This is the two million owed by Sihai Group to Chunfeng Clinic.”


“This is Sihai Group’s contract for the next three years.”


“This is an advance check of 10 million from Sihai Group.”

Ye Fan stared at Lin Qiuling coldly and spoke word by word:

“Not only did I help the Tang family recover their debt, I also signed an extra contract worth 10 million yuan.”

“I should be able to settle the matter after spending a year free of charge.”

Then, he looked at Han Jianfeng and sneered: “Brother-in-law, you can also eat from the table.”


Hearing what Mark said, the five members of the Tang family were all shocked and looked at Mark in disbelief.

Ye Fan not only recovered the debt, but also signed a contract for the next three years and even received an advance payment?

“This is impossible.”

Han Jianfeng was the first to react: “The check and contract must be fake.”

“There are many people who apply for certificates in People’s Park. You must have asked someone to fake them.”

“How can you, a loser, come back from debt collection and still sign a three-year contract?”

“Ye Fan, let me tell you, forging checks and contracts is a crime and you will go to jail.”

He picked up the check and the contract and scanned them carefully, trying to find traces of Ye Fan’s forgery.

Ye Fan sneered: “Just wait and eat at the table.”

Tang Ruoxue, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said: “Ye Fan, why are you like this?”

“I told you, I will appease mom.”

“I will handle the debt collection matter properly.”

“Even if mom doesn’t give me face, she won’t kick you out of the house.”

“In the end, you were so happy that you made some fake checks and fake contracts…”

She stared at Mark with a pair of cold eyes: “Can you save me some worries?”

Obviously she also believed that it was impossible for Ye Fan to successfully collect debts.

Ye Fan’s voice was soft: “Believe me.”

Tang Ruoxue shook her head weakly.

Although Ye Fan has changed in the past two days, she still does not think that Ye Fan can successfully collect debts.

Huang Zhendong is a guy who eats people without spitting out their bones.

“You are really capable.”

Lin Qiuling nodded at the check and contract on the table with a clear look on her face:

“The fraud is on me.”

“I’ll give you a chance.”

“If you readily admit your bad behavior and then kneel at the door all night, I will not pursue the matter.”

“Otherwise, I will really drive you out of the Tang family and tell you to get away as far as you want.”

She slapped the table: “Plead guilty!”

A surrogate son-in-law who relies on the Tang family to take back two million from Huang Zhendong, isn’t this nonsense?

Tang Sanguo winked hurriedly: “Ye Fan, please confess, your mother has a sharp mouth and a soft heart…”

“The check and contract are genuine…”

Ye Fan said calmly: “What crime do I plead guilty to?”

“You won’t give up until you reach the Yellow River, and you won’t shed tears until you see the coffin, right?”

Seeing Ye Fan refusing to admit his mistake, Han Jianfeng sneered:

“I will go to the official website to verify the contract now. If it is found to be fake, you will take the initiative to get out of the Tang family.”

He picked up his mobile phone and went to Sihai Group’s official website to check the authenticity of the contract.

Lin Qiuling stood up and shouted impatiently:

“No matter what you check, it’s fake at first glance. Tell him to get out.”

She pulled up her chair and was about to leave.


At this moment, Han Jianfeng lost his voice in surprise: “How is that possible? The contract is real!”

Lin Qiuling was stunned.

She looked over and saw that the contract was consistent with the official website, and the code and amount were completely consistent…

Tang Ruoxue and the others also came over, and soon, she was also stunned.

I never expected that the contract was real.

Then, Lin Qiuling verified the check, and the result was that there was no moisture.

“How can it be?”

Lin Qiuling still couldn’t believe it: “How could this trash do it…”

Tang Sanguo laughed loudly: “Yes, yes, Ye Fan has made progress.”

“Thank you, father-in-law.”

Ye Fan looked at Lin Qiuling and asked, “Mom, is this favor repaid?”

Lin Qiuling’s face looked ugly.

Although this business could make a lot of money, she felt very uncomfortable thinking that it was Mark who completed it.

This meant that she was slapped in the face by this fool again.

She snorted: “I don’t know what kind of shit you stepped on to get your fortune…”

Ye Fan looked at Han Jianfeng and said with a smile: “Brother-in-law, hurry up and eat at the table.”

Han Jianfeng turned his head and went over without saying anything, just refusing to pay.

Seeing Han Jianfeng, whom she had always loved, being blocked by Ye Fan, Lin Qiuling felt aggrieved, but the check and contract were empty.

“Brother-in-law, you are the big boss, and you promise a lot of money.”

Ye Fan prodded Han Jianfeng unceremoniously: “Would you like to pour some soy sauce for you before eating at the table?”

“That’s enough! Mark!”

Lin Qiuling claps her chopsticks and shouts: “The villain succeeds.”

“Why don’t you just ask for two million back and sign a contract? What’s the point of being so proud and arrogant?”

“In any case, the debt has been recovered.”

Ye Fan asked further: “Can I divorce Ruoxue?”

Lin Qiuling felt very aggrieved because she did not agree to divorce from Ye Fan, and she really disliked this son-in-law.

But agreeing to divorce seemed to satisfy Mark’s wish, and it also seemed like he had abandoned the Tang family, which was uncomfortable.

“Ruoxue, bring your household registration book tomorrow and we’ll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce.”

Ye Fan stopped forcing Lin Qiuling and turned to look at Tang Ruoxue, who had a complicated expression.

“Divorce? What kind of divorce? Did I promise you a divorce?”

Tang Ruoxue suddenly lost her temper, swung her chopsticks and shouted:

“Mom agreed to divorce, but I haven’t agreed yet.”

“If you are so capable, then take Yunding Villa back, build it, and restore the lost dignity of the Tang family.”

“Whenever I see Yundingshan Villa, I will divorce you.”

“Otherwise you can only wait for me to divorce you…”

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