Chapter 20 His money cannot be borrowed

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Chapter 20 His money cannot be borrowed

Ye Fan’s words stimulated Yang Jingxiao. She never thought that a visiting son-in-law would dare to show off like this.

You know, she is not only Tang Ruoxue’s best friend, but also the Yang family’s antique daughter, worth over 100 million, how can Ye Fan compare?

But she didn’t rush to challenge him. After calming down a little, she regarded what Mark said as a cover for her excessive inferiority complex.

No matter what arrogant attitude Ye Fan puts on, he is still a poor boy with no background.

They look down upon it.

How can a mere door-to-door son-in-law compare with them?

Yang Jingxiao, who had figured this out, was too lazy to show off her rhetoric to Ye Fan.

Soon, the four of them reached the fifth floor.

After opening a door called the Triumph Hall, Ye Fan immediately saw a dozen men and women gathered inside.

Each one is jeweled and high-spirited, showing wealth and status.

Seeing Tang Ruoxue and his entourage appear, everyone turned their heads and stared at them, their eyes lighting up slightly.

Obviously Tang Ruoxue’s beauty is very impactful.

“Ruoxue, Huanhuan, Jingxiao, are you here?”

One of the chubby young men laughed loudly and led the crowd to greet him in stride.

The fat man has a high nose and a huge body. He is wearing a brand-name suit, except for gold chains on his hands and neck, and three gold rings on his fingers.

There was an air of nouveau riche about him.

“Fat Liu, you really haven’t changed in ten years and are as vulgar as ever.”

Lin Huanhuan snorted: “I won’t throw away those embarrassing things like gold rings and chains.”

Tang Ruoxue introduced to Ye Fan in a low voice: “Liu Fugui, the sports committee member at that time, the son of the owner of the West China Coal Mine, but he went bankrupt.”

Ye Fan nodded slightly, secretly exclaiming that he really lives up to his name, “rich and noble”.

“I want to throw it around too.”

Liu Fugui smiled brightly: “There’s nothing we can do. My family’s coal mines have been dug out long ago, and our family’s fortune has been completely ruined.”

“This set of gold jewelry is all I have left.”

“This is my last capital to get into the circle of rich people. Without them, I might not even be able to get through the door of this club.”
Although Liu Fugui looked like a nouveau riche, he was still quite straightforward in his speech, which made Ye Fan feel more favorable.

Lin Huanhuan sneered: “You’re a bumpkin, you’re vain.”

“Ruoxue, our college beauty, you are getting more and more beautiful.”

Liu Fugui ignored Lin Huanhuan and looked at Tang Ruoxue with a friendly face: “It’s a pity that my family is bankrupt, otherwise I would definitely chase you.”

“Stop wishful thinking.”

Yang Jingxiao said intentionally or unintentionally: “Ruoxue is already famous and has an owner.”

“Nuo, the son-in-law next to me, Ye Fan, is Ruoxue’s husband.”

Liu Fugui and the others exclaimed and looked at Mark in disbelief.

It seemed that she didn’t expect that this inconspicuous man was Tang Ruoxue’s husband.

“Don’t be surprised. Although he is Ruoxue’s husband, he is actually a wedding tool.”

Yang Jingxiao was full of hostility towards Ye Fan: “Ruoxue can kick him away at any time.”


Tang Ruoxue frowned slightly and blamed Yang Jingxiao for speaking inappropriately.

However, Ye Fan didn’t care and greeted everyone generously: “Hello everyone.”

A dozen fashionable men and women had erratic eyes, curled their lips, and completely ignored Ye Fan.

However, Liu Fugui took a step forward and took out a business card: “Hello, brother Ye, I, Liu Fugui, would like to give you your advice.”

Although Ye Fan looked even more miserable than him and didn’t even have a gold necklace on his body, Liu Fugui firmly believed that many friends meant many paths.

Ye Fan took the business card and smiled: “Hello, nice to meet you.”

“A loser, a cliché.”

Lin Huanhuan was full of disdain: “Birds of a feather flock together.”

“Okay, Huanhuan, let’s not talk about them anymore. When will Master Zhang come?”

Yang Jingxiao glanced at Ye Fan disdainfully: “Ruoxue’s capital turnover needs to be solved as soon as possible.”

Ye Fan was slightly startled, but he didn’t expect that something happened in Tang Ruoxue’s company.

Liu Fugui’s eyes widened instantly: “Ruoxue, you can’t make enough money?”

“Well, there’s a little problem.”

The corner of Tang Ruoxue’s mouth was twitching. She glanced at Mark and remained calm. Since she was here to attend the party today, she didn’t care if Mark knew about the situation.

At the same time, she felt a little complicated in her heart. If Ye Fan was too useless, how could she let her best friend match up to borrow money?

Liu Fugui was wealthy and asked: “How much difference is there?”

“Fat Liu, does the difference have anything to do with you?”

Lin Huanhuan sneered: “Your family has become an empty shell. Could it be that you still sell the shell and lend it to Ruoxue?”

Liu Fugui’s eyes widened: “I am indeed an empty shell, but it is worth some money. If Xue needs it, I will sell it immediately.”

Ye Fan was slightly dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Liu Fugui to be so loyal, and Liu Fugui didn’t look like a suitor. Why was he so unhesitating?

Tang Ruoxue smiled and waved her hand: “Fugui, no need, Jingxiao helped me solve the problem.”

Ye Fan whispered: “Is the gap big?”

“Fifty million.”

Lin Huanhuan looked at Ye Fan and Liu Fugui and sneered: “Do you have one?”

Liu Fugui shut up immediately, “50 million. It was not a problem when the Liu family was at its peak, but now he is struggling to get 5 million.”

As for other rich second-generation friends, two to three million is no problem, but fifty million will probably blacklist him.

Ye Fan frowned slightly, he didn’t expect Tang Ruoxue to be short of so much money.

He found an excuse to go out, then went to the corridor outside the hall, took out the Wuhu Suzaku Card, and dialed the customer service number at the back…

“You are usually so cool, but you lose your temper at critical moments. You are really not men.”

Seeing Liu Fugui’s silence and Ye Fan going out to make a phone call, Yang Jing’s eyes were filled with contempt:

“Okay, I won’t count on you.”

She was very arrogant: “I have arranged for Zhang Xiaogang, and he will come over to meet Ruoxue later.”

Liu Fugui was shocked: “Zhang Xiaogang? But Zhang Xiaogang from the Zhang Group?”

“You have some knowledge.”

“Yes, that’s Zhang Xiaogang. He has more than a dozen engineering teams, dozens of projects, and a net worth of more than 2 billion.”

Yang Jingxiao said indifferently: “I finally succeeded in pulling the strings. Please be smarter later and greet them properly. This will be a favor to Ruoxue.”

“Ruoxue, Zhang Xiaogang is a bastard, it’s best not to borrow his money.”

Liu Fugui frowned slightly: “I have a friend who lent him one million. In the end, he sold his house and car and paid back more than ten million. He even slept with his newlywed wife.”

“Shut up!”

Yang Jing shouted Xiao Jiao: “Damn fat man, don’t slander Mr. Zhang.”

“Ruoxue, you can’t borrow this money…”

Liu Fugui ignored it: “Let me help you find a way. Fifty million is a lot for me, but I can still get 20 million by selling iron.”

“I’ll find other friends to chip in and get a loan, 30 million is no problem.”

Liu Fugui looked serious: “Yes, I will get 30 million for you to carry. Don’t borrow Zhang Xiaogang’s money.”

Tang Ruoxue waved her hands hurriedly: “No need, Fugui, I can’t ask for your money.”

“We are friends.”

Liu Fugui straightened his body: “If you hadn’t loaned me money to fight the lawsuit, I would still be in prison picking up soap.”

The family went bankrupt, and the stepmother tried to seize the last of the family property and transferred her personal debts to Liu Fugui. Liu Fugui was almost imprisoned.

At the critical moment, Tang Ruoxue lent him money to fight the lawsuit and introduced several good lawyers, allowing Liu Fugui to get rid of his debts and keep some of his family wealth.

So he was always grateful to Tang Ruoxue.

“Damn fat man, are you done yet?”

Yang Jingxiao shouted impatiently: “The little money you have is not enough to help you lose weight.”

Liu Fugui looked stubborn: “No matter what, Ruoxue must not borrow Zhang Xiaogang’s money…”


Before he finished speaking, the closed door of the box was suddenly kicked open.

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