Chapter 21 Don’t touch her

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Chapter 21 Don’t touch her


The lights in the corridor suddenly brightened, making everyone almost unable to open their eyes.

Then, a group of drunken and idle men and women walked in.

Behind them were three bodyguards in black.

Walking in front was a long-haired young man wearing a skull shirt, wearing earrings, and his eyes were full of femininity.

He put his hands in his pockets and took a few steps forward crookedly. Without saying a word, he kicked Liu Fugui away who was blocking the way.


A chair was knocked over, Liu Fugui fell to the ground with a groan, and several women screamed and fled in panic.

Liu Fugui, who was in pain all over, got up and cursed: “Why are you beating someone?”

“Don’t kick the dog that’s blocking the road and keep it for the New Year?”

The long-haired young man snorted and then walked straight to the middle.

Liu Fugui was furious and struggled to get up.

“Master Zhang?”

Yang Jingxiao reacted after being stimulated by the light. After recognizing the long-haired young man, she rushed towards him with a sweet smile:

“You’re here, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Liu Fugui, this is Mr. Zhang. He is blocking the road. Why don’t you allow Mr. Zhang to get angry?”

She easily pushed the angry Liu Fugui away.

Tang Ruoxue reached out to support Liu Fugui, who was staggering back.

Lin Huanhuan also posted: “Hello, Mr. Zhang.”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Zhang Xiaogang waved his hand impatiently:

“That photo you showed me, where is the beautiful girl who wants to borrow money?”

“Master Zhang, here.”

Yang Jingxiao quickly pulled Tang Ruoxue over: “Ruoxue, this is Mr. Zhang.”

Tang Ruoxue’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly. She was already disgusted with Zhang Xiaogang’s arrogance, but thinking about the funding gap, she had to force out a smile:

“Hello, Mr. Zhang.”

She said calmly and generously: “I want to find you working capital.”

“Ah, she is such a beauty. I thought she came from a beautiful picture.”

Seeing the seductive Tang Ruoxue, Zhang Xiaogang’s eyes lit up with a hint of drunkenness, and he took a step forward, smelling of alcohol, and stared:

“Not bad, not bad, 90% beautiful.”

“Mr. Tang, all adults, stop talking nonsense, 50 million, no problem.”

“But after nine outings and thirteen returns, I borrowed fifty million, you took away forty-five million, and after three months, you gave me back sixty-five million.”

“Looking at how beautiful you are, I’ll take five million less, but in these three months, you have to be with me whenever I call…”

He showed an evil smile:

“any questions?”

He narrowed his wretched eyes and scanned Tang Ruoxue’s slender thighs wantonly, with a strong desire to ravage the woman.

A group of companions also burst into laughter.

“Master Zhang, I’m sorry, I won’t borrow this money.”

Before Liu Fugui could say anything, Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face suddenly sank: “I’m borrowing money, not selling myself.”

Tang Ruoxue would have slapped those dirty words away if it weren’t for the sake of Lin Huanhuan and the others.


Yang Jingxiao stamped her feet when she saw this: “How can you not borrow the funds that you finally got?”

“Yes, Ruoxue, you have found so many connections and haven’t been able to borrow a penny. Master Zhang is your last hope.”

Lin Huanhuan also gave advice: “What’s the point of accompanying me? That’s all a woman can do anyway, and you can save five million in interest.”

They all borrowed money from Zhang Xiaogang and could not pay it back, but they did not dare to tell their families, so they hoped to sacrifice Tang Ruoxue to smooth things over.

After all, Zhang Xiaogang said after seeing the photo that Tang Ruoxue’s real person was just like the photo, so the remaining payment would be written off.

Now that Tang Ruoxue doesn’t lend money, won’t this push them into the pit of fire again?

Are there any best friends like this?


“Jingxiao, Huanhuan, why are you like this?”

Tang Ruoxue glanced at her best friend, then said firmly with a pretty face:

“Mr. Zhang, I’m sorry, all your hard work is in vain…”

Liu Fugui waved his fist: “Yes, you can’t borrow it.”

“Don’t borrow it?”

Zhang Xiaogang’s eyes turned cold and he pushed Yang Jingxiao away:

“It arouses my addiction and wastes my time. Why don’t you borrow it if you don’t want to?”

“I tell you, you must borrow this money.”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to borrow it. Just give me five million hard-earned money and stay with me for three more days, and the matter will be over.”

He showed ferociousness: “Otherwise I will make you uneasy.”

Liu Fugui stood in front of Tang Ruoxue and shouted: “Are you borrowing money? It’s just forcing someone to make things difficult…”


Before Zhang Xiaogang finished speaking, a young man in a trench coat appeared from behind Zhang Xiaogang and approached without saying a word. Everyone who moved quickly had no time to react.

He waved his hand and slapped Liu Fugui hard to the ground.

Zhang Xiaogang looked contemptuous: “Damn fat man, is it your turn to speak?”

Several female classmates wanted to go over to help, but Zhang Xiaogang’s follower grabbed him and slapped him twice.

After the snapping sound, the corners of the mouths of several female classmates were bleeding.

Several male classmates took two steps forward filled with indignation. The young man in the trench coat did not hesitate to raise his foot and kicked them all to the ground.

An outstanding bitch.

Yang Jingxiao and Lin Huanhuan retreated in silence.

They all knew Zhang Xiaogang’s unkind style, and if they tried to deal with her at this time, they would only be dealt with by him.

Tang Ruoxue shouted sharply: “Zhang Xiaogang, you are too presumptuous.”

“So what if I’m presumptuous?”

Zhang Xiaogang gave a noncommittal smile with disdain on his face: “What can you do to me?”

Having said this, he suddenly stepped forward again.

Several female classmates surrounding Tang Ruoxue were hit in the face by Zhang Xiaogang from left to right.

The beauty was pale and miserable.

“There is no money I can’t borrow that I can’t borrow, and there’s no woman I can’t fall in love with that I can’t sleep with.”

Zhang Xiaogang sneered and approached Tang Ruoxue, reaching out to touch her pretty face.


Liu Fugui picked up a wine bottle.

But before he could reach Zhang Xiaogang, he was struck down by the young man in a windbreaker.

Liu Fugui coughed so much that he almost vomited blood.


Tang Ruoxue couldn’t hold it back and slapped her.

With a snap, this slap made Zhang Xiaogang stagger and take a step back.

“Master Zhang! Master Zhang!”

A dozen of his accomplices hurried forward and helped Zhang Xiaogang: “Mr. Zhang, are you okay?”


Zhang Xiaogang pushed away a few of his men to stop the young man in a windbreaker who was about to take action. He touched his burning cheeks and looked at Tang Ruoxue:

“Mr. Tang, are you going to hit me?”

Yang Jingxiao and Lin Huanhuan were anxious: “Ruoxue, what are you doing?”

Now things are going big, and maybe I will be implicated.

“Shouldn’t a scum like you deserve a beating?”

At this moment, Tang Ruoxue stood in front: “Is there anyone like you in business?”

She regretted a little why she came into contact with this kind of person, who was completely different from the businessmen she usually dealt with.

Although those businessmen are also profit-seeking and cunning and insidious, they always worry about a little face.

But Zhang Xiaogang has no bottom line at all.


Zhang Xiaogang smiled noncommittally, frivolously and dissolutely, unable to conceal his deep contempt.

“In business, those who follow me will prosper, and those who go against me will perish.”

A sinister smile appeared at the corner of Zhang Xiaogang’s mouth, and he stretched out his hand to pinch Tang Ruoxue’s face arrogantly, extremely wanton.

He seems to be a unique king who can defy any powerful existence.

“Don’t touch her or you’ll regret it.”

The cold words echoed outside the door, and then Ye Fan walked in.

Zhang Xiaogang didn’t look back at all, but speeded up to touch Tang Ruoxue.


Ye Fan suddenly shot forward, kicked the dog’s legs out of the way, and approached Zhang Xiaogang without saying a word.

Everyone who moved quickly had no time to react.

The face of the young man in the windbreaker changed drastically, and he moved his body to block it.

Ye Fan didn’t even look, he raised his leg and kicked him.


This kick caused the young man in the windbreaker to fly out, knocking over a marble table and falling to the ground.

Three ribs were broken, blood was vomiting from the mouth, and he could not get up.

His eyes were horrified, he never expected that Mark Ye Fan would be so powerful.

Ye Fan didn’t stop, reached out and grabbed Zhang Xiaogang’s finger that was about to touch Tang Ruoxue.

“I told you not to touch her, why didn’t you listen?”


With a crisp sound, all Zhang Xiaogang’s fingers were broken.

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