Chapter 23 Can’t leave

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Chapter 23 Can’t leave

I am Huang Zhendong.

These five words are like a bloodthirsty curse, lingering in my ears for a long time.

Sister Rong never expected that what Ye Fan gave was Huang Zhendong’s private number.

This means the two have a close relationship.

Huang Zhendong looks vulnerable in front of Ye Fan, but in fact he is still one of the few eldest brothers in Zhonghai.

Most of China Shipping’s gray and black industries are in his name.

Du Tianhu is the real scapegoat.

He could kill Sister Rong with just a snap of his fingers, so Sister Rong’s whole body felt cold.

“Papa -”

Sister Rong was sweating like rain, staining her charming face.

She looked at Ye Fan with difficulty, only to see Ye Fan sitting down on a chair with a calm voice.

Ye Fan poured a cup of tea: “What? Did you get through the phone?”


Sister Rong knelt down straight:

“Brother, I was blind, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

She didn’t care about her face and gave herself two big slaps.

Upon seeing this, more than a dozen security guards quickly put down their weapons and knelt down.


Zhang Xiaogang, whose face was full of anger, looked at this scene in shock:

“Sister Rong, why are you kneeling down? Get up and hold him.”

“how so……”

Yang Jingxiao and the others also stared with wide eyes and twitching expressions. Why did Sister Rong kneel down after she was so good?

Tang Ruoxue, Liu Fugui and others were even more surprised. They had no idea what was going on?


At this moment, the elevator opened with a crisp sound, and more than a dozen tough men swarmed out.

Two people even kicked away several security guards who were blocking the way.

The momentum is amazing.

There were messy footsteps, and the onlookers gathered at the door subconsciously looked back.

Upon seeing this, the club staff quickly gave way without even daring to breathe.

Even though Huang Zhendong’s head was almost turned into a rice dumpling, they could still recognize him as Chairman Huang.

The Buddhist beads around the neck and the eight-character steps are really special.

Huang Zhendong, who had gauze wrapped around his head, walked all the way, looking like a king who was all about himself.

“Brother Ye, Brother Ye, I finally see you!”

When Sister Rong looked sideways at the door, Huang Zhendong had already strode in.

Seeing Ye Fan, Huang Zhendong’s eyes lit up and his heart was completely relieved. He finally saw Ye Fan alive.

You know, this thirty-minute journey took him a full hour, just because there were constant accidents.

I almost fell down when I walked in the door.

Huang Zhendong took Ye Fan’s hand enthusiastically:

“Come on, find a quiet place and let me take a look.”

Seeing this scene, Yang Jingxiao and the others were instantly horrified, their minds roaring.

Huang Zhendong was so polite to Ye Fan?

At this moment, they were in a trance. Isn’t Ye Fan the son-in-law? How could he get involved with Huang Zhendong?

This is a respectable elder brother on the road. How can Ye Fan and He De make him be respectful?

No wonder Ye Fan has always been calm. It turns out that he is not pretending, but he is really confident.

Yang Jingxiao and Lin Huanhuan were shocked, but also felt aggrieved and unwilling.

Why is Ye Fan so awesome?

Zhang Xiaogang’s expression also changed drastically.

In terms of family wealth, his father was about the same as Huang Zhendong, but in terms of backing, the ten Zhang families were not enough to fill Huang Zhendong’s teeth.

Moreover, my father and the Zhang family did not dare to challenge the Sihai Chamber of Commerce.

Because the Zhang family relies on the Sihai Chamber of Commerce for development, demolition, renovation, and sand and gravel are all protected by the Sihai Chamber of Commerce.

Last week, the Disney project Zhang received was contracted from the Sihai Chamber of Commerce.

Therefore, no matter how unruly Zhang Xiaogang is, he knows that he will not end well tonight.


Ye Fan smiled lightly: “I can’t leave.”

“What is this called Zhang Xiaogang…”

“Forcibly borrowed money, bullied my wife, beat people, and said that Sihai was his backer and wanted to call the Sihai Chamber of Commerce to deal with me.”

“If I leave, not only will I be ridiculed by them, my wife will also continue to be hurt by them.”

Ye Fanfeng said a few words calmly, but Zhang Xiaogang and his group instantly fell into despair.

“Sihai? Backer?”

Huang Zhendong stared at Zhang Xiaogang with cold eyes: “Who are you?”

Zhang Xiaogang hurriedly said: “President Huang, I am Zhang Xiaogang…”

“do not know.”

Huang Zhendong interrupted the other party without politeness:

“The Sihai Chamber of Commerce will not be your backer, nor can it deal with Brother Ye for you.”

“I will ask your elders to give an explanation for your words and deeds today.”

“In addition, I need to let you understand that Brother Ye is a distinguished guest of the Sihai Chamber of Commerce and my brother, Huang Zhendong.”

“To go against Brother Ye is to go against me, Huang Zhendong, and my Sihai Chamber of Commerce.”

His murderous announcement made Yang Jingxiao and the others unbelievable.

I originally thought that Ye Fan and Huang Zhendong only had a little friendship, but I didn’t expect that their status was so noble and inviolable.

The Sihai Chamber of Commerce also advanced and retreated together with Ye Fan.

Zhang Xiaogang’s whole body suddenly broke out in sweat.

He is a first-class bully of women, but facing people like Huang Zhendong, he has no confidence at all.

“Who else wants to go against Brother Ye?”

Huang Zhendong narrowed his cold eyes and looked at the stunned crowd.

Yang Jingxiao and the others shuddered and froze in place, not knowing what to do.

They could not even imagine how serious the consequences would be for offending Ye Fan, whom Master Zhang needed to please.

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding!”

Zhang Xiaogang was wiping cold sweat. He knew at this moment that he was in big trouble.


Huang Zhendong slapped Zhang Xiaogang on the face:


“The woman who bullied Brother Ye, with so many pairs of eyes looking at her, dares to say she has a misunderstanding?”

Zhang Xiaogang covered his cheek: “President Huang, my father is Zhang Daqiang. I hope you can give me some face…”


Huang Zhendong slapped him again:

“Your father? Bring your father out and let him die?”

“Besides, if I give your father face, can your father afford it?”

Huang Zhendong looked around at Yang Jingxiao and the others and shouted:

“I’ll give you face, can you afford it?”

Yang Jingxiao and the others lowered their heads, even wanting to bury their heads in the soil.

For the first time, Zhang Xiaogang felt what it means to be desperate.

However, Huang Zhendong did not give up:

“Brother Ye is a simple man and doesn’t like to see blood, but I, Huang Zhendong, am determined to retaliate.”

“Those who offend Brother Ye tonight should take the initiative to stand up.”

“One person, one hand.”

“Who dares to pretend to be deaf and dumb, then use two hands.”

Huang Zhendong landed with a sound, and a chilling air enveloped the entire wing.

Seeing that the desired effect was achieved, Ye Fan smiled lightly and motioned for Liu Fugui and others to leave with him.

Yang Jingxiao and Lin Huanhuan subconsciously shouted: “Ruoxue.”

Tang Ruoxue’s steps hesitated slightly.

Ye Fan held her hand and walked out of the room.


Yang Jingxiao and Yang Jingxiao burst into tears on the spot.

Zhang Xiaogang and his followers, who clung to their masculinity, also looked pale.

Although he didn’t fall down, his legs were already shaking.

“I’m just here to join in the fun!”

A pretty woman collapsed on the ground and shouted at the top of her lungs:

“It’s none of my business. It’s really none of my business. Please don’t mess with me!”

The arrogant young man in a trench coat turned around and ran away, only to be sprayed down by the window with a gun.

The scene was quickly surrounded by Huang Zhendong’s people.

There was a lot of wailing.

Tang Ruoxue, who entered the elevator, heard the scream, looked at Ye Fan and whispered: “Ye Fan…”

“Someone has to teach a lesson.”

Ye Fan looked at the woman and smiled: “Otherwise they will still linger, and I can’t let them hurt you again.”

Tang Ruoxue said no more.

She felt that Mark had changed a lot and was much more capable than before, but it also made her feel a little strange.

She didn’t know whether to be happy or worried…

“Liu Fugui, help me escort Ruoxue home.”

When the elevator opened on the first floor, Ye Fan patted Liu Fugui, who had a bruised nose and swollen face: “Call me anytime if you need anything.”

“Okay, okay, brother, don’t worry, I will definitely send Ruoxue… no, sister-in-law home safely.”

Liu Fugui, who had been peeking at Ye Fan, was flattered and immediately agreed with joy.

Tang Ruoxue also knew that Ye Fan had something to do with Huang Zhendong, so she nodded and walked towards the red BMW at the door.

Ye Fan watched her off.

When Tang Ruoxue opened the car door, she suddenly raised her head and shouted:

“come back earlier.”

Ye Fan nodded and smiled, extremely bright…

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