Chapter 24 Red Line Murder

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Chapter 24 Red Line Murder

Nine o’clock in the evening, Emperor Hall of Xia Feng Club.

After Huang Zhendong dealt with Zhang Xiaogang’s case, he reopened a private room to entertain Ye Fan.

Ten dishes and one soup, plus two bottles of expensive red wine, showed full sincerity.

Ye Fan was holding Huang Zhendong’s medical certificate while looking at the photos in Sihai’s office.

Guan Gong’s sword has been destroyed, and the murderous intention in the office has been wiped out, but Huang Zhendong’s Yintang is even darker than yesterday.

As soon as the stone of life and death turned, Ye Fan quickly understood the situation.

But before Ye Fan could speak, Huang Zhendong’s phone rang. After answering it for a moment, he frowned slightly, but still called one of his men to whisper.

“Brother Ye, I’m sorry, Zhang Daqiang came to my cousin to plead for mercy and wanted to apologize to you and me in person.”

Huang Zhendong smiled at Ye Fan: “I want them to give you an explanation and ask him to come here later.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “It doesn’t matter.”

Soon, the door was knocked again, Huang Zhendong asked someone to open it, and a middle-aged couple walked in.

The man has a Chinese-character face, is in his fifties, and is less than 1.6 meters tall. He wears a suit and leather shoes. His face is smooth but dignified.

The woman is thirty-seven or eighteen years old, with a oval face, tall figure, jewels, and a more charming walk than Sister Rong.

It was the Zhang family couple, Zhang Daqiang and Lin Ruowan.

Both of them were carrying two boxes in their hands. When they came in, they were all smiles, nodded and bowed: “President Huang, good evening.”

“President Huang, I’m really sorry. I offended you because of my lax discipline.”

Zhang Daqiang obviously understood the situation clearly: “I apologize to you for something useless.”

After he finished speaking, he put the box on the table and slapped himself twice.

Ye Fan glanced at Zhang Daqiang. He was so rude to himself. This guy was really a character.

Lin Ruowan also smiled tenderly: “Yes, President Huang, Xiaogang is confused, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Although his son has lost his hands and feet, he cannot afford to offend Huang Zhendong, and he must rely on the protection of the Sihai Chamber of Commerce.

The two of them could only knock out their teeth and swallow it in their stomachs.

Otherwise, not only will the newly acquired Disney project fail, but the profits earned in the past will also have to be spit out.

“There’s no point in apologizing to me.”

Huang Zhendong looked impatient and pointed at Ye Fan: “Brother Ye has the final say whether the matter is over or not.”

“Brother Ye? Ye Fan?”

Zhang Daqiang obviously also understood the situation. When he saw the culprit Ye Fan sitting in front of him, his eyes flashed fiercely, but soon he smiled again:

“Brother Ye, hello, hello, I’m so sorry, I can’t see the mountain.”

He took a few steps forward, nodded and bowed, and held Ye Fan’s hand and apologized repeatedly. He did not have the demeanor of a boss with a net worth of more than 2 billion.

“Please bear with me about Xiaogang.”

He quickly took out a check and handed it to Mark, one million.

Lin Ruowan clenched her fists, her pretty face turned red uncontrollably, as if she wanted to strangle Mark to death.

She couldn’t afford to offend Huang Zhendong, so she could only hate Ye Fan. After all, he was a useless son-in-law.

She also got some information from Huang Zhendong’s people. Huang Zhendong and Ye Fan were good friends because Ye Fan knew how to read physiognomy and Feng Shui.

Knowing this, Lin Ruowan concluded that Huang Zhendong was deceived by Ye Fan, which made her more determined to seek revenge from Ye Fan, who had no background.

Of course, she wouldn’t say anything more at the moment, she just took note of Ye Fan’s appearance and looked for opportunities to take revenge in the future.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhang. President Huang has finished handling it and the matter is over.”

Ye Fan pushed back Zhang Daqiang’s one million: “I just hope there won’t be a next time.”

He could feel that there was a knife hidden in the other person’s smile, but he didn’t worry at all. If the Zhang family dared to retaliate, he would trample the other person to death.

Zhang Daqiang said with a smile on his face: “I understand, I understand.”

Don’t want a next time? What qualifications do you have to say this?

Lin Ruowan’s pretty face was cold, and she sneered in her heart: “A son-in-law who comes to the house dares to show his teeth and claws, it’s really ignorant of the world.”

“Okay, let’s talk about your son later.”

Huang Zhendong sent the two of them to sit next to him: “I’m waiting for Brother Ye to help me resolve the evil spirit.”

Zhang Daqiang hurriedly stepped aside.

Lin Ruowan’s eyes flashed with passion. She wanted to see how Ye Fan pretended to be a ghost. At the same time, she found an opportunity to expose Ye Fan and use Huang Zhendong’s hand to take revenge.

“Brother Ye, I have smashed Guan Gong’s sword into pieces, and I also brought the peace charm you gave me.”

Huang Zhendong ignored the two of them and coughed and said:

“But these past two days, I still have bad luck. What’s going on?”

Ye Fan looked at Huang Zhendong: “Show me the peace charm.”

Huang Zhendong hurriedly took it out. It was still the same talisman, but it was stained with food juice.

Seeing such a horrible amulet, Lin Ruowan’s lips curled up in amusement.

He doesn’t even offer snacks for drawing talismans, yet he still dares to lie to others.

Ye Fan took it over and took a look, then took Huang Zhendong’s hand and turned the stone of life and death:

“You have thrown away the Peace Talisman. It is contaminated with unclean things and its power has been reduced by more than half, so the power to protect you is much smaller.”

“Also, have you bumped into dead people in the past two days?”

He asked further.

Huang Zhendong and several of his men clanged and almost fell to the ground.

They looked at Mark in disbelief.

“Brother Ye is indeed a master. He even knows that I have bumped into dead people?”

Huang Zhendong completely fell in love with Ye Fan:

“Yes, I came home from the Chamber of Commerce last night. As soon as my car left the door less than twenty meters away, someone jumped from a tall building and died in front of me.”


“A woman committed suicide while holding two children. The woman was still wearing red clothes.”

“It is rumored that he borrowed 100,000 yuan from a loan shark and failed to repay more than 3 million yuan. In despair, he jumped off the building and committed suicide.”

He told Mark what he knew.

Lin Ruowan’s eyes were disdainful. Why was it strange for Huang Zhendong to bump into a dead person?

As long as you send someone to keep an eye on him in the past two days, you can know all his actions.

Only Huang Zhendong believed in the scam that he could see through at a glance.

Zhang Daqiang also smiled disapprovingly.

“It’s this resentment that changes your destiny.”

Ye Fan looked at Huang Zhendong and said calmly: “Although the murderous intention of Guan Gong’s sword has ended, the amulet is not enough to eliminate the evil spirit on your body.”

“You were unlucky to meet the woman in red and commit suicide by jumping off a building, and you unintentionally suffered from her resentment.”

“And that resentment was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It just condensed the resentment in you into shape.”

“If my guess is correct, you must have a red line on your body.”

He stared sharply at Huang Zhendong’s abdomen.

“Come on, can you stop talking about it? Do you really think of yourself as a master?”

Hearing this, Lin Ruowan could no longer hold back, stood up and shouted:

“What resentment, what formation, what red line?”

“Can you not be boundless when you blow it?”

“It’s the 21st century now, can you tell when the evil spirit has taken shape?”

“And I’ve investigated you. You’re just a poor boy, a door-to-door son-in-law. How can you know anything about physiognomy and feng shui?”

“President Huang, I’m sorry to expose you, but I will never let you deceive President Huang.”

She looked at Huang Zhendong again: “President Huang, I didn’t mean to target him, but he is a straight-tempered man. I really can’t stand it anymore.”

“This kid is just pretending to be a ghost. Don’t believe him.”

“You’ve been unlucky these past few days, it’s just an accident.”

Lin Ruowan sprayed Ye Fan to the point of being useless, and she felt extremely happy, venting her anger at her son being ravaged.

“Shut up!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Huang Zhendong yelled at Lin Ruowan: “You know a damn thing.”

“President Huang, calm down. Ruo Wan has no ill intentions, she is just being honest.”

Zhang Daqiang hurriedly stepped forward to smooth things over and glanced at Ye Fan: “Please bear with me, President Huang and Mr. Ye.”

Zhang Daqiang has done a lot of shady business, so he never believes that evil will be punished, so he scorns Feng Shui and the like.

At first, he felt that a son-in-law who came to visit Huang Zhendong and even injured his own son must have some ability.

But now, Zhang Daqiang feels very disappointed.

If it were just such a person, I’m afraid Huang Zhendong might have misjudged him this time, and he would have to nod and bend to please him.

When evil spirits take shape, red lines kill people. Isn’t this nonsense?

Lin Ruowan didn’t want to conflict with Huang Zhendong, but she got angry when she thought that Ye Fan was caught and showed up and refused to admit his guilt:

“President Huang, we are doing this for your own good. He is definitely a liar…”

“I lied to your sister, I really have red lines on my body.”

Huang Zhendong slapped the table, and then he didn’t hesitate to lift his clothes, revealing his belly like a white chicken.

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