Chapter 33 What do you want?

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Chapter 33 What do you want?

At eleven o’clock in the evening, Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue returned to Tang’s house.

Tang Sanguo and Lin Qiuling had already gone to bed, so the young couple kept quiet.

Although Ye Fan was still talking about the old man’s condition, the Givenchy girl regarded him as a magic stick, so he could only put it aside for the time being.

Perhaps because there was no cure, Ye Fan found that the number of white awns did not increase, there were still two awns.

Ye Fan was the last one to take a shower, blow dry his hair and wash his clothes, and then opened the bedroom door.

He found that Tang Ruoxue was still awake and watching videos with the lamp on.

Tang Ruoxue was lying on the bed dressed casually.

The white silk suspender nightgown covered her body, like water waves, and extremely soft.

Most of the fair skin is exposed, and the black lace edges on the outer thighs can be vaguely seen.

Just seeing Ye Fan coming in, she pulled up the quilt and blocked all the spring sunshine.

At the other end of the video, there is a woman with an oval face, crossing her legs and sitting on the sofa. Her legs are white and outline a coveted arc.

Ye Fan knew her, and his distant cousin Zhao Xiaoyue, who had a close relationship with Tang Ruoxue, was also someone who had always looked down upon him.

“Hey, Ruoxue, you’ve recovered from your illness, why haven’t you divorced that loser yet?”

Zhao Xiaoyue caught Ye Fan’s shadow: “And you let him stay in the same bedroom with you?”

Tang Ruoxue glanced at Mark: “He is my legal husband, where can he sleep if he doesn’t sleep in my room?”

“Oh, I remember you said he slept under the bed.”

Zhao Xiaoyue raised her chin: “But the influence of a man and a woman alone in the same room is still very bad.”

“It’s best not to let my brother know about this, otherwise he will be unhappy.”

She reminded Tang Ruoxue.

Ye Fan frowned slightly. He knew that Zhao Xiaoyue’s brother, Zhao Dongyang, was a well-known second-generation rich man in Zhonghai.

He was once Tang Ruoxue’s crazy pursuer, shouting in public more than once that he would live and die for her.

But when he heard that Tang Ruoxue was seriously ill, he quickly left the country, as if he was worried that the Tang family would ask him to be their son-in-law to celebrate the occasion.

Zhao Xiaoyue also lost contact with Tang Ruoxue for half a year, and recently got back in touch through unknown means.

“I have nothing to do with your brother, so what does it matter if he is happy or not?”

Tang Ruoxue stretched her waist lazily: “Xiaoyue, you’d better not mess around with the music.”

“That won’t work. The moment I met you, I regarded you as my sister-in-law.”

Zhao Xiaoyue seemed to want to demonstrate to Ye Fan: “No one is qualified to have you except my eldest brother.”

“A year ago, if he hadn’t temporarily gone abroad to deal with things, you would have been my sister-in-law by now. Who would have gotten that piece of trash?”

“Ruoxue, when are you going to divorce that loser?”

Zhao Xiaoyue added: “My brother will be back in the next two days, and he will definitely chase you crazily.”

“Having that loser Mark Ye around you will affect the world between you and my brother.”


Tang Ruoxue looked at Mark and said with a hint of anger: “It depends on the situation.”

Ye Fan smiled bitterly, knowing that the woman was still angry.

Zhao Xiaoyue’s pretty face was dissatisfied:

“What do you mean it depends on the situation? We must divorce, otherwise how can you marry my brother? How can you enter the door of my Zhao family?”

Tang Ruoxue frowned: “Xiaoyue, your brother and I really have no chance.”

“My brother is so good, and there are a lot of women who want to marry him. Since you are my best friend, I leave my brother to you.”

Zhao Xiaoyue raised her chin: “Don’t put on airs.”

Tang Ruoxue leaned back on the pillow: “No more talking, I have a meeting tomorrow, so I’ll go to bed first.”

“Okay then, good night.”

Zhao Xiaoyue was half joking and half serious:

“But you have to be a woman and don’t let Mark take advantage. My brother needs to have a physical examination on his wedding night.”

“When something happens, I won’t be able to protect you and Mark.”

Tang Ruoxue frowned and hung up the video.

After Ye Fan blew his hair, he took out his bedding and lay down silently. He was not very good at coaxing girls.

Tang Ruoxue clenched her fists subconsciously. This bastard almost got into trouble tonight. Don’t you need to say something to me?

She felt indescribably angry when she thought about Ye Fan disobeying the advice and letting the Givenchy girl curse.

Tang Ruoxue persuaded herself in her heart not to care about Mark, but the anger in her heart couldn’t help but boil up, making her very irritable.

She opened the door to the inner room and rushed out: “Ye Fan, I want to make a three-part agreement with you.”

Ye Fan sat up: “You said?”

Tang Ruoxue raised her pretty face: “First, starting from today, make progress and don’t always be treated as a waste.”

Ye Fan’s eyes softened: “Okay.”

“Second, put away your shallow medical skills and don’t harm others or yourself.”

Tang Ruoxue snorted: “I know you are enthusiastic. When you see the patient thinking of your mother, you empathize and want to treat him.”

“But you can’t be brave. It will harm others and bring you trouble.”

She stared at Ye Fan coldly: “Promise me that you won’t practice medicine randomly in the future.”

Ye Fan nodded: “Okay, I agree.”

I just prescribe the right medicine to the situation, and it has nothing to do with randomness.

Tang Ruoxue breathed a sigh of relief: “Third, find a serious job as soon as possible. I don’t ask for a high salary, I just want you to have something serious to do.”

Ye Fan hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded: “Okay.”

“This is what you promised yourself.”

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face had a touch of gentleness: “If I find out that you have broken the promise, I will go to your mother and file a complaint.”

She raised the corners of her mouth: “Do you have any comments?”

In the past year, Ye Fan had given her nothing but humiliation and disappointment. It was hard to see hope these days, but Tang Ruoxue didn’t want Ye Fan to make a fuss.

Staying down-to-earth is what Ye Fan should do.

For this reason, she also tried her best to avoid talking about the restoration of Yunding Villa, so as not to stimulate Ye Fan’s self-esteem and cause trouble.

“What if I do what you ask?”

Ye Fan touched his head and asked with a smile: “What’s the reward?”

Tang Ruoxue thought for a while, then her pretty face turned red: “What do you want?”

Ye Fan instantly became excited: “I want to sleep with you…”

“Beast! Beast! Beast!”

Tang Ruoxue cursed a few words, then slammed the door and went to sleep.

What a beast. I want you to make progress, but you want to sleep with me. It’s so shameless.

Tang Ruoxue gritted her teeth and wanted to cut Ye Fan into pieces with a thousand knives, but found that there was no disgust in her heart…

“I just want to sleep inside…”

Ye Fan lay down leisurely, he was happy today, the relationship between the two had a qualitative change…

Then, he began to think about Tang Ruoxue’s 50 million fund gap.

Tang Ruoxue’s dilemma was also his dilemma.

Fifty million……

Thinking of this amount, Ye Fan had a headache. Although he made more than 10 million this week, it was still very far away from 50 million.

It seems that I have to work hard to make money.

Ye Fan secretly clenched his fists.

“Is the floor cold?”

At this moment, Tang Ruoxue’s words floated out.

Ye Fan blurted out: “It’s not cold…”

As soon as the words came out, Mark gave himself two slaps…

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