Chapter 32 Miracle doctor? Pooh!

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Chapter 32 Miracle doctor? Pooh!

“Are you a doctor? Show it to my grandpa quickly.”

The Givenchy girl pulled Ye Fan down like a life-saving straw: “If you save grandpa, I will give you one million.”

Ye Fan looked at the old man closely.

Within a short time, the old man’s eyes were bleeding, his throat was red and swollen, and the corners of his mouth were cracked.

Ye Fan didn’t talk nonsense and reached out to hold the old man’s wrist.

The jade of life and death turns around.

Status: Toxins spread, internal organs fail…
The old man’s situation became clear instantly.

Although Ye Fan already had two pieces of white light, which were enough to instantly revive the old man, he was reluctant to use them, and he wanted to use his medical skills to save people and accumulate a few more pieces of white light.

He took out the needle box he had brought with him and took out three silver needles. After quickly sterilizing them, he pricked them into the fainted old man.

“Tai Chi Magic Acupuncture”, the sixth form, the four images transform poison.

His technique was not very skillful, but his needle strokes were not slow. As he turned his wrist, the silver needles fell one after another.

Xiaohai, Quze, and Chize acupoints instantly shook.

Three needles lock the poison.

The old man groaned, his face full of pain.

The blood and redness in the eye will then dissipate.

Ye Fan didn’t stop and took the fourth, fifth, and sixth needles.

At this time, the crowd was noisy again, and Han’s father and mother who happened to be passing by squeezed in to find out.

When Father Han saw Ye Fan rescuing people, he subconsciously shouted: “Hey, you’re a wimp who knows medical skills?”

Mother Han was severely beaten by Ye Fan tonight, and her family’s faces were all swollen by Ye Fan, so she was filled with hatred for Ye Fan.

So he sneered bitterly: “He knows how to heal, and a pig can climb a tree.”

“You must be in the limelight, kid, be careful, don’t kill someone, you will go to jail.”

Ye Fan ignored the Han couple and calmly took three more injections.

Quchi, Hegu, and the inner courtyard trembled.

Three needles gather poison.

The toxins spreading throughout the old man’s body gathered in his abdomen like a tide.

Hearing what Han’s father and mother said, the Givenchy girl was stunned and subconsciously asked Ye Fan: “Aren’t you a doctor?”

“He is a doctor? Then I am Hua Tuo!”

Before Ye Fan could respond, Mother Han showed contempt, looked at Ye Fan and hummed:

“His name is Ye Fan. He is the son-in-law of the Tang family. He has no job and is living on a soft diet. Which hospital do you think will accept him?”

She sowed discord: “If you let him toss things like this, be careful your grandpa doesn’t get sick and die…”

Tang Ruoxue, who squeezed in, frowned: “Auntie, please practice some moral integrity.”

Although Tang Ruoxue also felt that Ye Fan’s medical skills were unreliable, she still suppressed her thoughts of complaining for the time being when she saw that he was so determined to save people.

“I’m doing it for his own good.”

“Remind him not to think that just because he knows a few people, he feels invincible and knows everything.”

Mother Han stared at Ye Fan with a strange expression: “Even the gods can’t save him if he kills someone.”

“What? You’re not a doctor?”

The Givenchy girl’s face changed drastically when she heard this, she pulled Ye Fan away and shouted: “If you’re not a doctor, why are you touching my grandpa?”

At the same moment, the old man’s body began to twitch violently, coughing, and his chest heaved violently.

Mother Han shouted happily: “I’m going to die, I’m going to die…”

“Shut up! Grandpa, what’s wrong with you?”

The Givenchy girl supported the old man and shouted: “Doctor, is there a doctor?”

Ye Fan almost fell down, steadied himself and said: “He still needs three injections. If I give him three more injections, he will be half healed.”

“Get out of here.”

The Givenchy girl was very angry: “I tell you, it’s best that my grandpa is fine. If something happens, I won’t let you go.”

Mother Han added insult to injury: “Call the police and arrest him. I can testify for you that he practices medicine without a license.”

If Ye Fan is arrested and sent to jail, she can have a good sleep.

Tang Ruoxue ran up and pulled Ye Fan up: “Ye Fan, forget it, don’t worry about it.”

“No, no, there are still three shots left, otherwise something will happen to him.”

Ye Fan broke away from Tang Ruoxue, then swayed to avoid the interception of the Givenchy girl, and the three needles swished towards the old man’s body.

The river is rolling, the dark waves are turbulent, forcing the dragon out of the abyss…

When Ye Fan was about to fall into the last needle, the Givenchy girl rushed over and knocked off the silver needle.


She roared angrily: “What are you doing? Are you going to kill my grandfather?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the trembling old man’s stomach rumbled, and at the same time his body trembled and his head lifted.

The next second, he spit out a lot of food with a pop.

After vomiting, the old man recovered. Not only was his face no longer dark, but his breathing became smoother.

But Mark’s face was still solemn.

The toxin was dissolved, but the source of the poison was not forced out.

The danger has not been eliminated.

“Go away.”

The Givenchy girl pushed Ye Fan away, pointed at Ye Fan’s nose and yelled:

“I’m telling you, if something happens to my grandpa, I won’t be done with you.”

Ye Fan frowned slightly, it’s okay if this woman is not grateful, her attitude is so bad.

Tang Ruoxue pulled Mark back a few steps.

At this time, an ambulance drove over and several medical staff ran over.

They came to the old man’s side and quickly gave first aid, and quickly determined that he was suffering from heat stroke.

After some oxygen infusion, the old man slowly opened his eyes, let out a long breath of turbid air, and various indexes gradually returned to normal.

Everyone could see that the danger was over for the time being.

“Doctor, thank you, thank you.”

Seeing the improvement of the old man’s condition, the Givenchy girl burst into tears of gratitude to the medical staff:

“Thankfully you came in time, otherwise something would have happened to my grandfather. I will thank you very much.”

The medical staff waved their hands and then put the old man on a stretcher, preparing to send him to the hospital for further examination.

Ye Fan hurriedly shouted to the Givenchy girl:

“Miss, your grandfather has been poisoned. There is still one shot left to remove the source of the poison, otherwise…”


The Givenchy girl was furious: “You liar, stab my grandpa with needles and I’ll beat you to death.”

She had dinner with her grandpa and she was fine. What kind of poison did grandpa have?

The girl slapped Mark.


Before the slap could hit Ye Fan, Tang Ruoxue grabbed her wrist.

“Miss, Mark is also kind-hearted.”

“No one stood up to help at that time. He went over to help you save people. If you don’t thank him, forget it. There is no need to beat people.”

“If something happens to your grandpa, you can always call the police.”

“Hitting people won’t solve the problem.”

Halfway through her words, she suddenly changed the topic and showed an irresistible momentum:

“Besides, who do you think you are? Do you dare to hit my husband?”

“I can look down on him, but that doesn’t mean you, an outsider, can bully him.”

Tang Ruoxue was more forceful than ever: “If something happens to your grandfather because of Ye Fan, we will be responsible to the end. At the worst, two lives will be lost and one life will be lost.”

She was like a tigress protecting her calf, which made Ye Fan slightly stunned.

This was the first time Tang Ruoxue defended herself unequivocally.

The Givenchy girl was also startled, a little surprised by Tang Ruoxue’s strength, and then broke away angrily:

“You just hope that my grandpa is okay, otherwise I will ask you all to pay for it.”

She walked quickly to the ambulance not far away.

Father Han and Mother Han looked at Mark with joy.

Tang Ruoxue turned around and kicked Mark: “I told you not to mind your own business but you didn’t listen!”

Ye Fan rubbed his calf, it was very painful, but he felt happy in his heart…

He felt the woman’s concern…

Mother Han looked at Ye Fan proudly: “You are a coward, pretending to be a ghost, are you hitting the iron plate?”

Father Han also looked disdainful: “Miracle doctor? Bah!”

“Uncle, you had kidney disease when you were young, and you didn’t get proper treatment, resulting in poor kidney function.”

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes: “I frequently go to the bathroom at night.”

Father Han looked shocked: “How…how do you know.”

Ye Fan ignored him and continued: “Your liver is not good, you have strong anger, you get angry from time to time, and you also have severe fatty liver.”

Father Han looked at Mark in disbelief.

Ye Fan didn’t stop and looked at Mother Han who was gloating about her misfortune: “Auntie, isn’t she feeling well lately?”

Mother Han’s eyelids twitched: “What does it have to do with you?”

“If I guess correctly, you have had fever, headache, and bone and joint aches for the past half month.”

Ye Fan finished the diagnosis in one breath: “There are rashes on some places on your body, right?”

Mother Han’s expression changed: “How is this possible…how could you know?”

Ye Fan said calmly: “Your disease is not difficult to treat, but it must be treated in time, otherwise it will harm others and yourself.”

Father Han subconsciously asked: “What kind of disease is this?”

“In ancient times, it was called Hualiu, but now it’s called Plum Blossom.”

Ye Fan smiled, and after finishing speaking, walked away…

Mother Han was so frightened that she lost her mind: “You——”

Before she could react, Father Han slapped her in the face…

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