Chapter 35 Stunned

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Chapter 35 Stunned

“Han Yue, what’s going on? Do you know Mark?”

Seeing the girl being aggressive towards Ye Fan, Song Hongyan was surprised:

“You said he was a liar and a charlatan. Is there some misunderstanding between you?”

Han Nanhua waved his hand to stop the bodyguard: “Yue’er, this is the person your sister Song brought. How could he be a liar? Don’t talk nonsense.”

“He is a liar.”

Han Yue looked at Ye Fan angrily: “He almost killed you, grandpa, last night.”

Several family members also looked questioningly, and undoubtedly felt that Ye Fan was too young to be a doctor.

Han Yue quickly told what happened last night, then stared at Ye Fan and gritted his teeth and cursed:

“If I hadn’t stopped him from getting the acupuncture in time, something would have happened to grandpa.”

Her eyes flashed with disdain: “For one million, you really don’t care.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “I gave the acupuncture last night to save people. Without my eight acupuncture, Mr. Han would have died of poisonous blood.”

Han Yue’s pretty face darkened: “You still dare to curse my grandfather?”

“Do you dare to admit in front of everyone that you have no medical experience and no medical qualification certificate?”

She was full of hostility towards Mark. When she came back last night, she was so scared when she thought about it. Grandpa was almost killed by him.

“Han Yue, Ye Fan does not have the qualifications to practice medicine and is not a doctor. I don’t understand the ins and outs of what happened last night.”

Song Hongyan stood up without hesitation: “But I can guarantee that his medical skills are absolutely top-notch.”

“Sissi’s life hung by a thread twice, but it was Ye Fan who brought her back to life with a wonderful hand.”

“As for one million, Ye Fan really doesn’t need it. If he needs it, I can give him one hundred million or one billion at any time.”

She supported Ye Fan unconditionally.

Han Yue snorted: “That can only mean that Sister Song, you have been deceived.”

“Yue’er, why are you talking? Hongyan is also doing it for my own good.”

Han Nanhua glared at his granddaughter: “Besides, I am just an old horse waiting to die now.”

“Brother Ye, I’m sorry, this is my granddaughter, Han Yue.”

“Young and energetic, please bear with me.”

Han Nanhua is always approachable.

Han Yue was furious and believed that Ye Fan was a liar, but seeing the attitudes of her grandfather and Song Hongyan, she had to suppress her anger.

“Mr. Han, don’t talk nonsense.”

Ye Fan didn’t talk nonsense: “I can cure your disease.”

Han Yue sneered: “Can you cure it?”

“Mr. Han’s situation is not so much about illness as it is about the poisonous source in your body.”

Ye Fan’s eyes became sharp: “As long as the source of the poison is killed, Mr. Han will be safe.”

Han Nanhua was stunned: “The source of the poison? But the hospital tested it last night and found no toxin in my body.”

Ye Fan answered directly: “I didn’t find the toxin because I forced the toxin out last night and the source of the poison was hidden…”

“If the toxin is forced out, doesn’t that mean it’s resolved?”

Han Yue was aggressive: “Why do you say my grandfather is still poisoned?”

Ye Fan explained patiently: “The toxin came out last night, but the source of the poison did not come out. After one night, the source of the poison secreted toxin again…”

“What nonsense!”

“Grandpa’s condition is not good, and we are indeed looking for doctors everywhere, but we are not mindless.”

Han Yue interrupted Ye Fan with an angry look on her face: “According to what you say, my grandfather’s body will produce poison on his own?”

At the same time, she complained in her heart that Song Hongyan was acting nonsense. How dare someone who didn’t even have the qualifications to practice medicine let him treat her grandfather?

I really treat grandpa like a dead horse.

Ye Fan rubbed his head: “There is really a source of poison in Mr. Han’s body…”

“Really? It’s really a poisonous source. Why can’t even the equipment detect it? And why weren’t we poisoned?”

Han Yue raised her eyebrows and said, “If you don’t learn well at a young age, do you imitate other people’s pretense? I’m sorry, you can deceive Sister Song, but you can’t deceive me.”

Song Hongyan smiled helplessly: “Han Yue, Ye Fan is really not a liar…”

“Sister Song, I won’t blame you, because you are also doing your best for my grandfather!”

Han Yue interrupted Song Hongyan: “But I don’t feel good about liars, or liars over and over again.”

“You are not welcome in our home, please get out!”

Her voice was stern, and she stretched out her hand to push Mark: “Get out, you liar.”

Ye Fan held her hand, turned the stone of life and death, and instantly understood Han Yue’s situation.

“Sister Yan, Miss Han looks down on us so much.”

Ye Fan let go of Han Yue’s hand, then pulled Song Hongyan out and said, “Let’s go.”

“It’s just that if I say anything before going out, Mr. Han’s life will not last a month.”

“He only has seven days at most. These seven days are still the time I bought last night to resolve the situation.”

“And to live for seven days, he has to keep eating cold and raw food, otherwise something will happen in three days.”

For the sake of Song Hongyan’s old friend, Ye Fan kindly reminded the Han family.

“Seven days to live?”

Han Yue was startled at first, and then became furious: “You are cursing my grandfather to death, you bastard, you are too vicious.”

“Go away, you are pretending to be a ghost, I don’t believe what you are capable of.”

Ye Fan’s reminder was regarded by Han Yue as anger that the truth had been exposed.


At this moment, there was another roar of cars outside, and then a commercial vehicle parked at the door.

The car door opened, and several young figures emerged, carrying instruments and medicine boxes in their hands.

Then, another white-haired old man came out, with an air of immortality and high aura.

Ye Fan took a closer look and was slightly surprised.

The white-haired old man is none other than Sun Shengshou, the number one Chinese medicine doctor in Zhonghai.

“Grandpa Sun, you are finally back from the capital.”

Han Yue brought her family to greet him: “You came in time, otherwise I would have been fooled by the magician.”

“Liar, let me tell you, this is Grandpa Sun, Master Sun, a great national expert. He is a real miracle doctor.”

“As for you, you are not even qualified to carry Grandpa Sun’s shoes, but you still have the nerve to treat Grandpa?”

“Why don’t you get out yet?”

She glared at Mark next to her.

“Brother Ye?”

Sun Sheng followed the sound with his hand. He was startled at first, and then he was overjoyed: “Are you here too?”

He walked directly through Han Yue and the others, came to Mark and held his hand, almost dancing and shouting:

“The one you used last time was really the Nine Palaces Returning Yang Needle.”

“You don’t know, when I went back and looked through the ancient books and compared the photos I took, I was so excited.”

He ran to the capital in the past few days and found someone to compare carefully, and finally confirmed that it was the Jiugong Huanyang Needle that Ye Fan saved people.

Sun Shengshou decided to win over Ye Fan at all costs.

Ye Fan was very surprised by Sun Shengshou’s eyes, but he still smiled and said generously: “It makes Mr. Sun laugh at the tricks of the class.”

“You are admitting it. I didn’t expect that in this world, there are people who can return the Yang from the Nine Palaces.”

Sun Shengshou was as excited as a child:

“God is really wise, brother Ye, can you help me clarify my doubts later…”

“I have a lot of acupuncture questions I want to ask you.”

“Please give me more advice, please give me more advice!”

Seeing this scene, Han Yue was instantly dumbfounded.

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