Chapter 36 Be my maid

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Chapter 36 Be my maid

Sun Shengshou is the number one Chinese medicine doctor in Zhonghai. He often goes to Longdu to treat noble people. He is a popular figure wherever he goes.

Although Han Nanhua has a net worth of tens of billions and is also a giant in China Shipping, there is still a gap between him and Sun Shengshou in terms of reputation.

Han Yue admired Sun Shengshou very much, just like ordinary people worship celebrities.

But now, she saw this top miracle doctor holding the liar’s hand with excitement on his face?

Moreover, Sun Shengshou’s eyes were filled with stars, and his enthusiastic and fawning attitude made Han Yue feel like he was in a dream.

Although Song Hongyan was also surprised by Sun Shengshou’s attitude, looking at Han Yue’s stunned expression, she suddenly felt proud.

Song Hongyan was also furious at Han Yue’s accusation against Ye Fan just now.

It was only to give Han Nanhua face that Song Hongyan didn’t get angry.

Well now, Sun Shengshou, whom Han Yue respects, is so enthusiastic about Mark, what else can he say?

“Divine Doctor Sun, he is a charlatan. Don’t let him fool you.”

Han Yue couldn’t bear it anymore and reminded Sun Shengshou: “I almost killed grandpa last night.”


Sun Shengshou was stunned for a moment, then he laughed and said: “Brother Ye is a charlatan, so I will be a charlatan.”

Han Yue suddenly looked embarrassed.

“Divine Doctor Sun, we can talk about the discussion of medical skills later.”

Ye Fan smiled lightly: “Mr. Han’s condition is serious, you should check him first.”

Han Yue nodded repeatedly: “Yes, yes, let’s see grandpa first.”

Sun Shengshou glanced at Ye Fan curiously: “Ye Fan, is it possible that you are not sure about this disease?”

Ye Fan smiled: “Doctor Sun, these things will be explained later.”

Sun Shengshou stopped asking, calmed down his excitement, and motioned for Han Nanhua to sit down on the sofa.

He first felt Han Nanhua’s pulse, then took the instruments to check carefully, and finally looked through the diagnoses from several hospitals.

Integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

Sun Shengshou was casual at first, but as time passed, his brows furrowed.

“This disease is so strange.”

An hour later, Sun Sheng shook his head: “The lungs, kidneys, and liver all have a certain degree of functional failure, but the cause cannot be found.”

“The blood tests are normal, and there are no signs of poisoning, let alone the five degenerations of heaven and man…”

“Why do I have abdominal pain like cramping from time to time and fainting at random? It’s so weird, so weird.”

He diagnosed and treated him for another fifteen minutes, then stood up and smiled bitterly: “Yue’er, I’m sorry, I can’t treat your grandfather’s disease.”


Hearing that Sun Shengshou was powerless, Han Yue and the others were shocked: “Grandpa Sun, you can’t cure it either?”

“There is no way at the moment.”

Sun Shengshou replied honestly:

“I can’t find the root cause of the disease, and the equipment can’t detect anything, so I can’t start.”

“I need to go back and think about it carefully and consult with a few more people.”

Hearing this, Han Yue and the others looked sad. They never thought that Sun Shengshou could not save the old man.

“Brother Ye, have you ever had any diagnosis and treatment?”

Sun Shengshou looked at Ye Fan: “What do you think?”

Before Ye Fan could respond, Han Yue sneered: “He said that my grandfather was poisoned and had a poisonous source in his body.”

“He also said that during the blood test, he happened to force the toxin out, and the source of the poison was hidden, so it could not be detected.”

“After a while, the poison source will secrete toxin again, and then my grandfather will be doomed.”

“I bet my grandpa would produce poison himself. Isn’t this nonsense?”

She glanced at Mark with contempt: “He also said he could cure it. Even you, Grandpa Sun, can’t do anything. What can he cure?”

Sun Shengshou’s eyes lit up: “Brother Ye, do you really have a solution?”

Ye Fan glanced at the skeleton-like Han Nanhua, knowing that he suffered a lot of torture every day, and felt a little pity in his heart:

“I can cure it, but Miss Han doesn’t believe it.”

Han Yue sneered: “Of course I won’t believe you. Your relatives say you have never studied medicine…”

Ye Fan stared at the unruly girl and said noncommittally:

“You have too much anger, endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, and often pain in the back of your head when you are angry.”

“Also, your left foot was cut last year and soaked in ice water, which left serious sequelae.”

“Now not only is he often weak, but he also gets cramps in the middle of the night.”

Ye Fan described Han Yue’s symptoms in one breath: “Every cramp hurts like a knife cutting flesh, right?”

Han Yue’s eyes widened when she heard this, staring at Mark in disbelief: “You, how do you know…”

Han Nanhua and the others were also stunned: “Yue’er, have your feet been injured? Are you still getting cramps?”

Han Yue’s eyelids twitched and she nodded with difficulty.

Last year while skating in the north, I accidentally cut my left foot and fell into an ice hole. Although I was fine, my left foot suffered sequelae.

The situation was just like what Ye Fan said. Han Yue had cramps in the middle of the night. Han Yue saw many doctors, but they all had no effect.

She is a very strong girl, so she did not tell her family about the injury to her left foot.

So Ye Fan exposed it in public, which surprised her.

Is this liar really honest?

Sun Sheng’s hands and eyes showed approval: “Brother Ye is better than me, Lao Han, Yue’er, I suggest you trust Ye Fan for once.”

Song Hongyan also nodded in agreement: “Yes, Ye Fan is really capable.”

“Brother Ye, Yue’er is ignorant, I apologize to you.”

Han Nanhua bowed deeply to Ye Fan: “You give me a free hand and give me a cure. I will accept whether you live or die.”

“If you can cure me, I will give you half of my wealth.”

“If you can’t cure me, it doesn’t matter. No matter how bad I am, it won’t be any worse.”

He was living in too much pain now, his abdomen was always cramping, and he couldn’t sleep at all. Although he also questioned Ye Fan’s youth, he was the only one who dared to say that it could be cured.

“Mr. Han’s words are serious.”

Ye Fan originally wanted to leave, but when he saw that the Han Nanhua people were neither humans nor ghosts, he felt pity for them again.

After all, the old man has a good attitude.

Han Yue subconsciously shouted: “Grandpa——”

Ye Fan looked at Han Yue with cold eyes: “Miss Han, if you don’t believe in my medical skills, let’s make a bet today.”

“If I can’t cure your grandfather today, I will never practice medicine again and leave the Han Family Garden on my knees.”

“But if I cure your grandfather, I don’t want half of Han’s wealth. I just want you to be my maid for one year.”

“How about it? Miss Han, do you dare to take a gamble?”

Ye Fan stimulated the woman: “This bet, for you, you will make a profit but not a loss.”

“If you win, you can laugh at my jokes.”

“If you lose, you just wash and cook for me for a year, so that your grandfather can escape.”

He decided to kill Han Yue’s spirit and make this ignorant woman pay a price.

Han Yue was startled at first, then gritted her teeth:

“Okay, I’ll make a bet with you. Grandpa Sun and Sister Song will be the notaries.”

“If I lose, I’ll be your maid.”

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