Chapter 4 Rescue from a car accident

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Chapter 4 Rescue from a car accident

“Ye Fan!”

Looking at the miserable current situation, Tang Ruoxue felt unspeakable despair:

“What are you doing? What are you doing?”

“You have caused harm to so many cars and so many people, how can you be responsible for them?”

She hurriedly unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car.

She thought it was Ye Fan who suddenly ran a red light and caused the dump truck to lose control, and then a series of car accidents occurred as a chain reaction.

Tang Ruoxue rushed to the center of the car accident.

At this time, the stunned passers-by and car owners also reacted and swarmed around the accident site.

Many women looked at the bloody scene and instinctively screamed.

Ye Fan also got out of the car door.

More than a dozen injured people lay on the ground, wailing, with either broken hands or broken legs.

The driver of the dump truck also fell in a pool of blood, his body twitching constantly, but he was still breathing.

“Sissi, Sissi.”

At this time, a shrill shout rang out, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

A woman in purple clothes crawled out of a bulletproof Audi, with a peerless appearance and covered in blood.

She didn’t care, and just shouted at the collapsed back row.

There sat her baby girl.

But at this moment, it was crushed by an off-road vehicle.

The woman in purple had tears on her face and pushed the SUV with all her strength.


A black box with the code 9981 rolled from the seat to the ground.

The woman in purple ignored it completely and just continued pushing the SUV.

Tang Ruoxue rushed over: “Everyone, come over and rescue the child together.”

More than a dozen people came over and tried their best to lift the off-road vehicle.

Ye Fan also wanted to walk over, but he suddenly found that there was a seven or eight-year-old little girl in front of him.

Watermelon head, longevity locks, pink dress, very cute.

It’s just that the little girl has no smile, her eyes are empty, and she walks stiffly among the panicked crowd.

“Kids, don’t wander around.”

There were too many people at the scene, and Ye Fan was worried that the little girl would get lost: “Where are your adults?”

He grabbed the little girl’s wrist and felt the indescribable coldness in his palm.

The little girl did not respond to Mark, but just stared into the distance motionless.

“Go away.”

An aunt in red came running and saw Ye Fan standing still, she yelled at Ye Fan very angrily:

“Get out of here if you don’t want to help. Why are you blocking the road?”

Then, she pushed her butt hard and pushed Mark away a few meters.

The next second, she passed through the little girl’s body and passed through…

Ye Fan was completely stunned.

Aunt can walk through walls? Otherwise, how could the girl not fall? How could he remain unscathed?

The aunt in red ignored Ye Fan’s shock, just turned her head and pouted at him again.

At this time, Tang Ruoxue looked back and saw Ye Fan who was dumbfounded, with a pretty face mixed with anger and disappointment.

Doesn’t this bastard know that his recklessness caused the car accident?

Not only did he not come to save people and atone for his sins, but he also stood on the outside and watched the excitement. He was really a coward and a heartless coward.


Must get divorced!

Tang Ruoxue lost confidence in Ye Fan, it was really impossible to hold up the wall…


At this moment, Audi was pulled open by everyone and a large enough hole was opened, and the little girl’s entire body was also exposed.

But his cheeks were as pale as paper and there were blood stains all over his body, which made people worried.


Ye Fan’s eyes suddenly widened.

Seven or eight years old?

Watermelon head?

longevity lock?

Pink dress?

He looked at the girl who was carried out by the crowd, and then at the girl he was holding, and a chill couldn’t help but rush to the top of his head.

the same person!

At this time, Ye Fan felt the girl in his hand shake, and her figure became blurry, as if it would disperse if the wind blew.

Another person rushed past Mark and passed directly through the little girl.

No holds barred!

Ye Fan was completely stunned.

Then, Ye Fan discovered that there seemed to be an invisible rope pulling the little girl towards the darkness.

“Don’t go!”

Ye Fan shuddered and held the little girl tightly.
His intuition told him that if he didn’t hold the shadow in his hand, the little girl would die completely.


At this time, the ambulance drove over, and doctors and nurses quickly rushed to the Audi car.

A doctor looked into the little girl’s eyes and listened for her pulse and heart.

Then he shook his head helplessly.

Seeing the doctor’s apologetic expression, the woman in purple collapsed on the ground and cried bitterly:

“Save my daughter, save my daughter.”

“Whoever can save my daughter, I, Song Hongyan, will be his ox and horse for the rest of my life.”


Tang Ruoxue also shed tears. It was really sad that the little girl like a flower was gone like this.

While others felt pity, they were also shocked by the identity of the woman in purple.

Song Hongyan, the founder of Wuhu Group, one of the few strong women in Zhonghai, with a net worth of tens of billions.

If you get Song Hongyan’s favor, you will be prosperous in this life.

Unfortunately, Sissi’s injuries were too severe and no one could save her.

“Wait a minute!”

Just when the medical staff was about to take Sissy away, Tang Ruoxue suddenly heard a familiar voice:

“She can still be saved!”

Ye Fan dragged the shadow through the crowd, kicked away the black box blocking the way, and then ran to the little girl on the ground and pressed the life gate.

Condition: Internal organs damaged, three ribs broken, internal bleeding, soul out of body…

Cause: Serious car accident.

The energy is insufficient and cannot be fully repaired. You can use the Jiugong Yang-Returning Needle to save…

There was only one piece of white light left in the jade of life and death.

What the hell, Jiugong, I haven’t even started to learn medical skills yet, how can I save someone? After learning medical skills, I am afraid that my soul will be gone.

Save her! Save her! Repair her soul!

Ye Fan roared in his heart.


A piece of white light sank into the little girl’s body.

The little girl’s face became more rosy.

“Little sister, go back, go back quickly.”

Ye Fan shouted anxiously to the little girl in his hand.

The little girl obeyed and lay down, but her head was popped out and could not fall down.


Ye Fan slapped her forehead with the Life and Death Jade and knocked the little girl’s head off.

He clearly felt the little girl’s body tremble, as if it was superimposed again.

“Ye Fan, why did you hit her on the head?”

At this time, Tang Ruoxue reacted and roared angrily:

“Don’t you think the trouble you’ve caused isn’t big enough?”

She was full of disgust for Mark.

If he hadn’t suddenly run a red light, how could this car accident have happened? How could the innocent Sissi be killed?

She reached out to pull Mark, but he didn’t move at all.

“Young man, what are you doing? The injured person is dead and cannot be saved…”

“Is he crazy? The doctors said there is no hope of recovery. What is he doing there? Is he trying to make a show of himself?”

“This kid was just watching the fun, and now he shows up. He must be trying to create hype.”

“Car accidents are hyped up, but are they still human?”

Behind him, a group of onlookers also yelled at Ye Fan, their faces full of contempt and disdain.

Song Hongyan even lost her mind: “Don’t touch my daughter…”

She slapped him across the face.

There was a crisp sound, and five fingerprints appeared on Ye Fan’s face.


Mark’s body was shaken and his face hurt, but he ignored it.

He pressed the little girl’s head with all his strength to prevent her from jumping back up.

“go back.”


At this moment, Ye Fan lightened his palm, and the little girl’s chest puffed up, and she spat out a mouthful of blood…

“Quick, quick…”

Ye Fan shouted: “Rescue…”

The doctors and the audience were completely stunned.

They never expected that the little girl declared dead by the doctor would come back to life.

After a second’s pause, the medical staff hurriedly carried out rescue operations. When the situation stabilized, they immediately contacted the hospital for surgery.

Song Hongyan was stunned at first, and then became ecstatic.

She kowtowed to Mark three times, and then followed the ambulance to the hospital.

How can this be?

Tang Ruoxue was also shocked, as if she didn’t know Mark…

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