Chapter 5 Fake Painting

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Chapter 5 Fake Painting

At six o’clock in the evening, Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue came out of the traffic police brigade.

Tang Ruoxue looked very embarrassed.

In order to win leniency, she took the initiative to take responsibility as soon as she entered.

She didn’t say a word about Ye Fan grabbing the steering wheel. She only said that she was willing to take full responsibility. She had to pay compensation and go to jail. She accepted it.

But the traffic policeman looked at her strangely and told her and Ye Fan that they were not responsible at all.

The accident was caused by an aging front tire of the dirt truck and a puncture.

The traffic police also called out surveillance and praised Ye Fan for his prompt decision.

If Ye Fan hadn’t escaped from the place in time, they would have been crushed to death on the spot.

Tang Ruoxue was stunned.

She realized that not only had she wrongly blamed Mark, but she also owed him a thank you.

If it weren’t for Ye Fan, I would probably be dead at this moment.

Getting into the BMW, Tang Ruoxue originally wanted to apologize, but she couldn’t save her face.

She finally hummed: “Thankfully the car accident had nothing to do with you, otherwise you would have been in jail.”

Ye Fan has long been accustomed to the tough-talking style of the Tang family:

“Understood, I will be careful next time.”

Tang Ruoxue just took the blame for him, which made Mark feel soft. No matter how much Tang Ruoxue looked down on him, he still protected him in his heart.

Then, he gently touched the black box in his hand.

The box fell out of the Audi and had the code written 9981. Song Hongyan called specifically and asked the traffic police to hand the box over to Ye Fan.

She also asked Mark to accept it.

Ye Fan didn’t hesitate too much. Sissi’s life was certainly worthy of a gift.

Thinking of Sissi, there was a hint of worry in Ye Fan’s eyes. A white light barely repaired Sissi’s soul, but it was not enough to help her survive the danger.

He thought about going to see the little girl tomorrow.

Hearing Mark’s words, Tang Ruoxue turned the steering wheel and left: “You have finally matured.”

Ye Fan looked away from the distance and took advantage of Tang Ruoxue’s relaxed mood to speak:

“Ruoxue, I’m actually not talking nonsense. If you have evil energy entering your body, you will suffer bloody disasters. The car accident is a proof…”

He reminded: “You’d better throw away the amulet.”

“Shut up!”

Tang Ruoxue’s face suddenly turned dark: “Can you stop talking nonsense?”

“This is the amulet my mother asked for for me when we were traveling. Do you mean that my mother wants to harm my daughter?”

Ye Fan waved his hands hurriedly: “That’s not what I meant, but mom may have been plotted…”

“Come on, when you go on a trip and you don’t know anyone, who are the people who have enough food and support to plot against the Tang family?”

Tang Ruoxue ended the topic angrily: “The car accident just now was an accident, and the bloody disaster is nonsense.”

“Don’t tell me this again, or you’ll get out of my car.”

In her opinion, Ye Fan was just trying to please others.

Ye Fan was very helpless and stopped talking to avoid Tang Ruoxue’s disgust. At the same time, he was thinking about how to help resolve it.

The Buddha amulet is still absorbing Tang Ruoxue’s luck and vitality, and will face the threat of death again in ten days and a half.

He wanted to resolve the matter as soon as possible.


Half an hour later, the red BMW parked in front of the Phoenix Hotel.

Why come here?

Ye Fan was startled for a moment, then patted his head. Tonight was the fiftieth birthday of his father-in-law Tang Sanguo.

The Tang family booked a banquet at the Phoenix Hotel to celebrate.

“I forgot it’s dad’s birthday, I’m going to buy something…”

Ye Fan has been looked down upon a lot this year, but after all, it is a good life for his father-in-law, and he needs to express it to some extent.

“No, I bought it.”

“Eldest sister and the others will also come today. You’d better not say anything later to avoid embarrassment.”

Tang Ruoxue opened the trunk of the car, took out a gift box, and walked into the hotel without looking back.

Ye Fan thought for a moment and went in with the black box given by Song Hongyan.

Although he hasn’t opened it yet, Song Hongyan dared to give it to him as a life-saving gift. He should be able to pass it if he gave it to his father-in-law.

Soon, Ye Fan followed Tang Ruoxue to the birthday banquet hall and found that the Tang family had invited many relatives to the dinner party.

There were nearly thirty people, three large round tables were set up, and it was very lively.

Eldest sister Tang Fenghua and brother-in-law Han Jianfeng were also there.

However, father-in-law Tang Sanguo and mother-in-law Lin Qiuling have not arrived yet, and my sister-in-law is studying abroad and will not come back for the time being.

“Ruoxue, you are finally here.”

“Today is my father’s fiftieth birthday, why are you here so late?”

“Although your parents always love you, do you still want to take care of yourself?”

Seeing Tang Ruoxue and Ye Fan appear, Tang Fenghua and the others gathered around them with smiles and chatted with each other.

They didn’t even look at Mark.

Ye Fan didn’t care either.

But the eldest brother-in-law Han Jianfeng is still making things difficult as always:

“Ye Fan, today is my father’s fiftieth birthday. What gift do you want to give me?”

“Never say that what Ruoxue bought was what you bought.”

“You eat and live in the Tang family and still use the Tang family’s food. It’s such a great day, why should you spend some money to express it, right?”

“You can’t be empty-handed, right?”

He looked at Mark with a smile but no smile at all, with a trace of resentment in his eyes.

Although the eldest sister Tang Fenghua is also beautiful, she is far different from Tang Ruoxue.

So she regarded Ye Fan, who had embraced the beauty, as a thorn in her side.

Ye Fan calmly replied: “I brought a gift.”

Tang Ruoxue was stunned.

Tang Ruoxue didn’t know when the traffic police gave Ye Fan the box.

“Hahaha, you brought a gift?”

Han Jianfeng laughed: “Let me see, what did you buy?”

Before Tang Ruoxue could react, Han Jianfeng stepped forward and snatched the black box from Ye Fan’s hand.


A large ugly red ginseng fruit shaped like a dragon’s head appeared in front of everyone.

“Gift? Ginseng fruit?”

“The packaging is so tattered and the fruit is so ugly, it must be a street stall product.”

“Yeah, it’s still red and scary. It’s 100% chemical-injected and it’s going to eat people to death.”

“Trash is trash. On dad’s birthday, will you give me 5 yuan a piece of ginseng fruit?”

“And even if you give it away, you have to give it a normal one. This kind of ugly red thing is a fake product at first glance.”

“You don’t even care about dad’s birthday, so why are you so embarrassed to be your son-in-law? Get divorced and get out of here.”

Han Jianfeng and the Tang family relatives burst into laughter, with disdain and disgust in their eyes.

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face was very stiff, she didn’t expect Mark to embarrass her again.

She muttered bitterly: Useless things!

Ye Fan didn’t respond, just looked at the ginseng fruit in shock.

He never thought that Song Hongyan would give such an expensive gift.

Seeing Ye Fan motionless, everyone felt ashamed of being exposed, and burst into laughter again.

“Fool, look at what I gave dad, the calligraphy and paintings of Wu Daozi from the Tang Dynasty.”

Han Jianfeng took out the gift in his hand, opened it, and said proudly:

“”Moon on the Sea”.”

“I spent a lot of effort to get this. It cost 330,000 yuan.”

“As for its real market price, it’s more than ten times higher.”

“For this reason, I also found several experts in this field to evaluate it.”

Han Jianfeng made it clear that he wanted to use his gift to show off his superiority in front of his relatives, but he couldn’t show it off directly, so he used Ye Fan as an excuse:

“Ye Fan, remember, if you want to give dad a gift, you have to give it this kind of top quality.”

“Don’t bother your parents with the messy street stall goods.”

The relatives of the Tang family were amazed. A gift of hundreds of thousands was really a generous gift.

Comparing it to Ye Fan’s ugly ginseng fruit, there is really a difference between heaven and earth.

“Brother-in-law, I admit that your gift is very nice.”

Tang Ruoxue bit the bullet and rescued Ye Fan:

“But giving a gift to dad is not a comparison between high and low, it just needs to be what you feel.”

She really regretted not noticing the box in Mark’s hand, otherwise she would have thrown this embarrassing gift into the trash can.

“When you have your heart set on it, you still have to be sincere?”

Han Jianfeng sneered:

“You live and feed your parents every day, don’t you want to spend a little extra money to make your parents happy?”

“It’s clear that you don’t pay attention.”

Tang Feng’s beautiful smile hides a knife:

“Jianfeng, forget it, it’s not easy for Ruoxue. She has to support a soft-boiled guy like Ye Fan.”

The crowd burst into laughter again, filling the atmosphere with joy.

Tang Ruoxue blushed: “You…”

Although she serves as the president of Tiantang subsidiary and earns millions every year, all the money has been taken away by her parents, leaving her with very little spare money.

She really can’t afford gifts that cost hundreds of thousands.

“Ruoxue, don’t be angry. Although my gift is ordinary, it is valuable because of its authenticity.”

At this moment, Ye Fan said faintly:

“It’s better than my brother-in-law using a fake painting to celebrate my parents’ birthday.”

The whole place fell silent for a moment.

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