Chapter 8 Misunderstanding

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Chapter 8 Misunderstanding
The next day, Ye Fan got up before dawn.

He hadn’t slept all night and was feeling very energetic.

What made him panic the most was that he felt like there was a fire in his stomach, burning his internal organs.

“Is it the ginseng fruit?”

Ye Fan quickly made a guess, wondering about the changes caused by eating ginseng fruit.

No, isn’t that just a hyped fruit?

And is this poisoning, or does it have a magical effect?

Ye Fan didn’t know how to deal with it. There was no way to deal with it by eating ginseng fruit in his mind, so he could only run to the rooftop to practice the “Tai Chi Sutra”.

After breathing in and out, Ye Fan extinguished the fire, and his energy and spirit improved to a higher level.

What made him depressed was that there was a surge of power in his body.

This power surged from time to time, making him want to hit someone to vent his anger.

He tried hard to suppress the violent thoughts and finally got rid of them.

Then, Ye Fan found that there was no movement in the life and death jade.

The white side is still dull, but the black side still has six black awns.

Ye Fan searched his memory and couldn’t find a way to restore it.

This broke Ye Fan’s shortcut idea of only using the Life and Death Jade to save people.

He conscientiously studied the inherited medical knowledge.

What surprised him was that his efficiency was ten times that of yesterday, and many things he needed to understand could be understood at a glance now.

Ye Fan quickly started practicing “Tai Chi Magic Acupuncture”.

This acupuncture method has a total of nine styles, each style has nine needles, and each needle has nine changes. It can stop bleeding, remove poisons, break evil spirits, and can also bring the dead back to life. It is extremely powerful.

The first form is the Nine Palaces Returning Yang.

Thinking of Qian Qian whose life and death were unknown, Ye Fan practiced the Nine Palaces Return to Yang thoroughly.

Then the Eight Diagrams destroy evil spirits, the Seven Stars renew life, the Six Paths conquer demons, the Five Elements regulate blood, and the Four Symbols transform poison…

After finishing practicing “Tai Chi Magic Needle” in one go, Ye Fan saw that there was still some time, so he practiced a few more martial arts secret books…

Although Ye Fan doesn’t like fighting, he has to collect debt today, so he must learn some martial arts to defend himself.

After three hours, Ye Fan felt that his whole person had changed a lot.

He also found that there was an extra layer of greasy dirt on his body, which was sticky and very uncomfortable.

He quickly took a shower and found that the scars from the dog bite had disappeared and his skin had become whiter.

Even my strength has become much stronger. When I was taking a shower in the bathroom, I accidentally broke a tile.


As soon as Ye Fan came out of the shower, he heard Lin Qiuling screaming from the gym on the second floor, and her voice was extremely painful.

Ye Fan originally didn’t want to go there, but when he heard that Lin Qiuling was very sad, and Tang Sanguo and Tang Ruoxue went out for a morning run.

So he hesitated for a while and finally went upstairs:

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

In the field of vision, Lin Qiuling stood with bare feet on the yoga mat in the gym, holding her hands together and maintaining yoga movements.

Her plump and curvy body was wrapped in a black tights.

From the tall and proud to the slender waist, from the smooth back to the raised hips, and from the slender legs to the bare ankles…<br>
All of them show maturity and curvaceous beauty.

Ye Fan had to admit that the charm of his mother-in-law still existed.


Seeing Ye Fan appear, Lin Qiuling shouted in disdain: “You are useless, you can’t help, please call Ruoxue and the others.”

Ye Fan frowned: “Dad and Ruoxue went for a run. It will probably take a while before they come back…”


Before Ye Fan could finish speaking, Lin Qiuling shook her body and then fell to the floor.

Ye Fan rushed forward and hugged Lin Qiuling who was about to fall:

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

At the same time, he noticed that Lin Qiuling had a weird posture, with her hands clasped together and raised in the air, very stiff.

Ye Fan pressed her hands.


It was okay not to touch, but when pressed, Lin Qiuling screamed again:

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.”

Ye Fan felt Lin Qiuling’s pain, so he quickly released his hand that was pressing down.

He turned the life and death jade in his palm, and a message came to his mind:

Status: Muscles and veins are misaligned, qi and blood are retrograde, and must be treated in time, otherwise they will be sprained and broken…

Cause: Excessive yoga practice leads to…

To repair insufficient energy, you can use “Tai Chi Hands” to pinch the bones…

Ye Fan asked Lin Qiuling to stand up again: “Mom, you stretched your muscles while practicing yoga…”

Lin Qiuling cursed angrily: “Nonsense, tell your dad and Ruoxue to take me to the hospital…”

“Hurry up, hurry up, it’s too uncomfortable, it’s too painful.”

She felt her muscles getting tighter and her body aching more and more.

That’s too late.

“Mom, I can cure this disease, just pinch a few bones and it will be cured.”

Seeing Lin Qiuling’s face getting redder and redder, Ye Fan scanned her acupuncture points and said:

“I happened to watch a similar health program.”

“Go away, how long has it been and you are still causing trouble for me?”

“You are not even as good as sweeping the floor in my clinic. What disease can you treat?”

Lin Qiuling scolded her with a straight face: “Get out of here quickly, don’t cause trouble in front of me, I’ll get annoyed when I see you.”

“Mom, it’s too late. If you delay any longer, the tendons in your arms may break——”

Ye Fan stepped forward and reached out to grab Lin Qiuling’s arm.

In his heart, he didn’t want to talk to Lin Qiuling, but he thought that Lin Qiuling’s disability would definitely make Tang Ruoxue’s life difficult, so he had no choice but to lend a helping hand.


Lin Qiuling was shocked when she saw Ye Fan’s hot air coming over her. Was she trying to molest herself?

She roared angrily and took a few steps back.

“Ye Fan, what are you doing?”


“I am your mother-in-law.”
She instinctively retreated, but Ye Fan was already in front of her, and his hands touched Lin Qiuling’s arms.

Skin is smooth and tender.

“Papa -”

Ye Fan pinched the Yangchi, Quchi and Tianjing acupoints with his fingers to allow Lin Qiuling’s Qi and blood to circulate normally.

Then, Ye Fan moved his fingers downward.

“Papa -”

His fingers landed on Jianzhen and Jianjing acupoints, and he squeezed hard. There were two more crisp sounds, and Lin Qiuling’s tendons were smoothly restored to their original positions.
Although her arm returned to normal, Lin Qiuling still held it high. The initial pain made her nerves highly nervous.

She was already scared.


This did not trouble Ye Fan. Ye Fan slipped his hands and landed on Lin Qiuling’s pants.

He gestured to pull it down.


Lin Qiuling roared angrily, her hands suddenly dropped, and she grabbed her pants tightly.

In order to practice yoga without restraint, she didn’t even wear underwear, only the thinnest pair of tights.

How could Ye Fan be stripped off?


While Lin Qiuling lowered her hands to pull down her pants, Ye Fan pinched her Taihang and Abdominal Points again.

Lin Qiuling’s body trembled, and the pain all over her body disappeared instantly.

“Ye Fan, what are you doing?”

At this time, Tang Sanguo and Tang Ruoxue appeared at the door, and they rushed to Ye Fan and Lin Qiuling.


Tang Ruoxue pushed Ye Fan away and said angrily: “How dare you molest my mother?”

Tang Sanguo also had prominent veins: “You little beast, in broad daylight, molest your mother-in-law? I’ll beat you to death.”

He punched Ye Fan on the shoulder.

The two of them had just returned from a morning run. When they heard Lin Qiuling shouting, they rushed up and found Lin Qiuling looking ashamed and angry, while Ye Fan was tugging on Lin Qiuling’s pants.

The picture is unsightly.

They subconsciously concluded that Ye Fan had molested Lin Qiuling.

Ye Fan shook his body, and then withdrew his hands that were pinching his bones.

Lin Qiuling said aggressively: “Quick, quick, call the police and send this bastard to jail.”

Tang Ruoxue’s face was filled with disgust: “Ye Fan, you are just a beast.”

Ye Fan’s performance yesterday made Tang Ruoxue feel that he was starting to live up to his expectations.

But she never expected that Mark would be such a pervert!

Indecent mother?

She was so heartbroken!

Ye Fan looked calm and looked at Lin Qiuling coldly: “Mom, you should return my innocence!”

Lin Qiuling was startled, then looked at her flexible hands, and quickly realized that Mark was not molesting her just now, but treating herself.

But she didn’t explain to Tang Sanguo and Tang Ruoxue:

“Innocent? What innocence?”

She sneered: “Don’t you have a clear mind about what you do?”

Lin Qiuling was always thinking about the humiliation at last night’s birthday party.

“We caught you molesting your mother-in-law, what else do you need to explain?”

Tang Sanguo pointed at Ye Fan and yelled: “Get out, get out of here.”

He wanted to call the police, but he was afraid of making the family scandal public.

Ye Fan stared at Lin Qiuling: “Mom, you really don’t want to clear my name?”


A loud slap sounded.

Tang Ruoxue gritted her teeth and looked at Mark and said:

“You bullied my mother and threatened my mother to clear your name. Do you think we are all dead?”

There was burning pain on Mark’s face, and there were five more fingerprints on Mark’s face.

Ye Fan suddenly clenched his fists, but looking at Tang Ruoxue’s pale and pretty face, he relaxed again.

Touching the pain on his cheek, Ye Fan smiled jokingly, looked at Lin Qiuling, then turned and left the yoga room.

Tang Ruoxue wanted to scold him a few more words, but she saw Ye Fan’s lost face, and she couldn’t say anything for a while.

The slap just now seemed to make the distance between the two further.

Then, she glanced up and saw the camera in the corner.

Lin Qiuling likes to record every yoga practice.

Tang Ruoxue walked over and turned on the video playback.

Soon, her expression changed drastically.

“Mom, Ye Fan didn’t molest you, it was because you got your arm stuck while doing yoga, and he helped you put it down.”

Tang Ruoxue put the camera in front of Tang Sanguo and Lin Qiuling.

Tang Sanguo looked up and his old face also changed.

He had been controlled by anger just now, but now he immediately discovered the flaw when he saw the video.

If Lin Qiuling was really molested by Ye Fan, Lin Qiuling would have punished Ye Fan to death. How could she tell him to get out of here so lightly?

“Yes, I got my hands stuck while practicing yoga, and he used his poor medical skills to help me solve the problem.”

Lin Qiuling pushed her husband away angrily: “But so what? What obligation do I have to explain to him?”

“Do you want to take revenge? Do you want to beat me? Come on, beat me to death, beat your own mother to death.”

She looked so naughty and rogue that she almost rolled on the ground.


Tang Sanguo was so angry that his scalp was numb. It didn’t matter that he had wronged Ye Fan, but he punched Ye Fan unreasonably.

What should he do?

Moreover, Lin Qiuling contributed to this incident and watched it happen, but she did not stop him or explain. Wasn’t this setting him up for injustice?

“How am I, how am I?”

Lin Qiuling yelled: “The Tang family has raised him for a year, and he made me lose face last night. I can’t bear to be wronged by him anymore?”

Tang Sanguo felt that his face had been completely humiliated by Lin Qiuling, and he wished he could find a crack in the ground to crawl in.

Tang Ruoxue had a splitting headache: “Mom and Dad, you must apologize to Mark.”

“Fart, why should I apologize to the white-eyed wolf?”

Lin Qiuling was noncommittal: “If I apologize to him, can he bear it? Aren’t he afraid of being struck by lightning?”

Tang Ruoxue turned around and left the Tang family villa…

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