Chapter 7 I want a divorce

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Chapter 7 I want a divorce
“Why doesn’t he die? Why doesn’t he die?”

She had just returned to the Tang family villa, and the door had not yet been closed. Lin Qiuling, who had been suppressed for the whole night, became furious.

“Tell this trash to get out of here, get out of our Tang family.”

She pointed at Mark who had not yet entered the door and shouted:

“disappear as far as you can.”

Ye Fan exposed the calligraphy and painting as fakes in public, which not only severely slapped Han Jianfeng in the face, but also embarrassed her, the protagonist.

Even a low-income person could spot a fake, but she and Tang Sanguo couldn’t spot it. Wouldn’t it mean that they were worse than trash?

Lin Qiuling couldn’t tell everyone that she deliberately favored Han Jianfeng.

Of course, what she was really angry about was that ginseng fruit.

It’s worth three million.

Prolong life.

Ye Fan ate it all by himself for such a valuable thing.

You know, this was originally given to Old Tang and himself.

This made Lin Qiuling’s heart bleed.

It was like the feeling of three million lottery tickets being washed away by your own washing machine.

She was embarrassed, she was angry, she was frustrated.

But she will not blame Han Jianfeng and his wife, she will only hate the rebellious Ye Fan.

“Go away, do you hear me?”

Lin Qiuling screamed at Ye Fan: “The Tang family doesn’t want you, a white-eyed wolf.”

Tang Sanguo looked helpless. He wanted to say something but ended up silent.

Ye Fan did not go in to avoid noise pollution.

After practicing Tai Chi and controlling life and death, Ye Fan unknowingly became confident and calm.

“Mom, what’s wrong with me?”

Ye Fan changed his former cowardice and spoke generously:

“The painting was not given by me, but by my brother-in-law. If I want to scold him, I would also scold my brother-in-law for giving a fake.”

“Also, that ginseng fruit is what you called rubbish.”

Ye Fan faced Lin Qiuling’s sharp gaze calmly: “No matter how uncomfortable you are, you can’t resent me.”

“You think I’m out of my mind and can’t tell that the painting is fake? Is the ginseng fruit real?”

“I saw it all at once.”

Lin Qiuling snapped: “But in that case, can I slap your brother-in-law in the face?”

“You can’t hit your brother-in-law in the face, how can you hit me in the face?”

Ye Fan revealed a hint of joking: “And it’s very unfair to me to confuse right and wrong.”

Tang Ruoxue couldn’t help frowning, feeling that Mark was different from before.

“Slap you in the face? What kind of face can you have as a door-to-door son-in-law?”

Lin Qiuling became even more furious: “Is your face comparable to your brother-in-law’s face?”

“How can a stay-at-home husband who only does housework compare with your brother-in-law who is the boss?”

“Jianfeng contributes hundreds of thousands to the Tang family every year, and you spend hundreds of thousands on the Tang family. How can you compare?”

“It’s an honor for you, a white-eyed wolf, that I slap you in the face.”

She pointed at Mark and cursed: “It’s an honor, do you understand?”

In Lin Qiuling’s view, Ye Fan should bear all oppression and injustice, and resisting would be treason.

Ye Fan smiled faintly and said nothing. He just looked at Tang Ruoxue, hoping that she could say something fair.

Ye Fan was not afraid that Lin Qiuling would break her face, but he hoped that he was not alone at this moment.

He wanted to know that he had a wife.

Tang Ruoxue looked at each other coldly, slightly impatient:

“Okay, it’s late at night, please stop arguing.”

“Ye Fan, apologize to mom.”

“No matter what, mom is an elder. It’s your fault that makes her angry.”

Tang Ruoxue finally stood on her mother’s side: “Hurry up and apologize to mom.”

Tang Sanguo echoed: “Ye Fan, please apologize.”

Lin Qiuling pointed outside and shouted: “I don’t want him to apologize, I want him to get out.”

Ye Fan took a step forward and said calmly: “Mom, I want to divorce Ruoxue.”


Lin Qiuling answered subconsciously: “Just leave…”

Halfway through her words, she shivered:

“What did you say?”

Ye Fan repeated: “I want to divorce Ruoxue.”


The whole family was in dead silence.

Lin Qiuling and the others looked at Ye Fan dumbfounded.

No one thought that Mark would say such a sentence.

According to Lin Qiuling’s idea, Ye Fan should kneel down, cry bitterly and beg for forgiveness.

After all, Ye Fan was useless and couldn’t even find a job, and he needed to rely on the Tang family’s pocket money to treat Shen Biqin.

As a result, he wanted to divorce Tang Ruoxue.

This sentence not only shocked Lin Qiuling and the others, but also made them panic.

Tang Ruoxue also had a pretty face and said blankly: “You… want to divorce me?”

“It’s easy to get together and get together.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “For the Tang family, my value for happiness has been exhausted. If I stay, I will only be an eyesore to you.”

“Ruoxue, bring your household registration book with you tomorrow. Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the divorce.”

Tang Ruoxue’s attitude just now made him lose all his last illusions about the two of them.

She never considered herself a husband, it was all her own wishful thinking.

In my mind, the impression of my first acquaintance eighteen years ago reappeared.

It’s just that people change. The little girl who had a temper but had a clear sense of grudges is long gone…


Lin Qiuling also reacted and laughed angrily:

“How dare a freeloader dare to divorce you? Do you really think of yourself as a character?”

In the past few months, she had asked Tang Ruoxue and Mark to divorce more than once, but every time she failed due to various accidents.

Lin Qiuling wished that Ye Fan would get out of the Tang family as soon as possible.

But now she doesn’t think so.

Because this was proposed by Ye Fan on his own initiative.

Not only her daughter, but also she and the Tang family felt embarrassed.

“What qualifications do you have to say divorce?”

Lin Qiuling pointed her finger at Ye Fan and said angrily:

“Without the Tang family, you, a loser, would starve to death in less than two days.”

Ye Fan’s eyes were calm: “Get a divorce, I don’t want to have anything to do with the Tang family.”

Don’t want to get involved with the Tang family?

Lin Qiuling laughed angrily: “Okay, divorce, you can get a divorce if you want.”

“I won’t mention half a million.”

“This year, you ate at the Tang Family, drank at the Tang Family, and stayed at the Tang Family. You owe us a huge favor.”

Her voice suddenly became louder: “If you want a divorce, you can, just pay off the debt first.”

Ye Fan calmly said: “Why pay it back?”

“The Sihai Chamber of Commerce owes me a two million loan from Chunfeng Clinic.”

Lin Qiuling sneered:

“You are so capable and courageous, you can go get this money back from me tomorrow.”

“If you get it back, I’ll let Ruoxue divorce you immediately.”

She pushed Mark to death:

“Otherwise you just move bricks, sell blood, act like a duck or a dog, and pay the Tang family’s debt.”

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face changed: “Mom…”

“Shut up!”

Lin Qiuling interrupted Tang Ruoxue, stared at Ye Fan and said coldly: “Is there any problem?”

Ye Fan nodded: “No problem.”

Then, he walked silently through the hall, walked up to the second floor, and came to Tang Ruoxue’s bedroom.

The bedroom is a suite. There is a small hall when entering. Behind the small hall is an inner room.

Tang Ruoxue lived inside, and Ye Fan slept on the sofa in the living room.

This year, Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue were separated by a wall, but they had never been inside each other, let alone had any physical contact.

Lin Qiuling also mocked him as a watchdog from time to time.

Countless times, Ye Fan longed to sleep in the big bed in the back room.

But after a year, Ye Fan became more and more aware that it was an unattainable fantasy.

Tonight, Ye Fan knew that it was time to let go…

As soon as Ye Fan sat down on the sofa, Tang Ruoxue opened the door and came in, aggressively:

“Ye Fan, who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to dislike me?”

She asked unceremoniously: “Why do you divorce me?”

Ye Fan deliberately provoked her: “A crazy woman who doesn’t know right from wrong, doesn’t want a divorce and keeps it for the New Year?”

“Crazy woman?”

Tang Ruoxue laughed angrily:

“Then who are you?”

“You can’t find a job, you can’t do housework well, and you have to find a crazy woman to pay for your mother’s treatment. You are simply a waste that is worse than a crazy woman.”

She disliked Mark even more. In addition to being cowardly and incompetent, she was also arrogant.

Ye Fan said with a noncommittal smile: “Since I am a waste, I should get divorced as soon as possible so that we can get together and be separated.”

Tang Ruoxue became angry: “You have no right to ask for divorce. Only I can divorce you.”

“You think you can get back two million, Mark, don’t overestimate your capabilities.”

She smiled contemptuously: “A waste like you won’t be able to repay the debt of the Sihai Chamber of Commerce in a hundred years…”

After saying that, Tang Ruoxue slammed the door and went out.

She would never believe that Mark could recover a debt of two million.

But there was an indescribable feeling in her heart.

Because when she looked at Mark just now, she saw the depth in those eyes.

In addition, with an incomparable confidence…

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