Chapter 1 I want to become stronger

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Chapter 1 I want to become stronger
“This is my only hope now!”

Li Longxing stood in front of a magnificent manor and murmured.

He is the famous “Young Beggar”, and everyone in Qingyun Town knows it!

Uncle Dong, who depends on him for life, suddenly became seriously ill today.

With no other choice, he had no choice but to borrow some silver coins from his fiancée Liu Yanran.

After hesitating for a moment, Li Longxing rushed in bravely.

“Stop, this is the Liu family’s summer resort. Beggars and dogs are not allowed in!”

A guard blocked his way and Leng Leng spoke!

Li Longxing said quickly, “I am not a beggar. I want to see your young lady Liu Yanran…”

The guard glanced at Li Longxing. He was wearing a dirty coarse cloth robe, exuding a stench, and with a face that “everyone knows you”, how dare he say that he was not a beggar?

“Get out of here right now, otherwise I won’t blame you for being rude to you!” The guard frowned in disgust and pushed Li Longxing away.

Thinking of Uncle Dong who was seriously injured and dying, Li Longxing bypassed the guards and rushed in directly.

“Smelly beggar, stop!”

Pursued by the guards, Li Longxing finally succeeded in rushing to the main hall of the manor.

In the hall, there is the sound of silk and bamboo, and the singing and dancing of orioles.


Li Longxing slammed open the door.

The entire hall fell into dead silence for an instant.

Everyone looked over in astonishment.

Li Longxing glanced at him, and the hope in his eyes suddenly extinguished, replaced by endless anger.

I saw several cases in the hall, filled with delicacies from the mountains and seas, and jade wine.

A group of dancers were so frightened that they retreated to both sides!

Li Longxing’s eyes were red, staring at the man and woman sitting at the top!

The man’s sword-shaped eyebrows and starry eyes are extraordinary.

Women are so charming that they can captivate a country.

At this moment, they were hugging each other tightly like glue.

The woman’s long skirt has been lifted up to her knees…

It’s like dry sticks and a blazing fire, igniting at a moment’s notice.

If Li Longxing hadn’t barged in rashly, these two people might have been unable to restrain themselves and started to control Bao’s acquaintance.

“Liu Yanran, you bitch…” Li Longxing’s pupils were bloodshot and he couldn’t help but curse.

His fiancée was actually being held in someone’s arms at this moment, being played with and carelessly.

What man can bear it?

“Yanran, who is that boy?” The strange man beside Liu Yanran frowned and spoke in displeasure.

Liu Yanran’s expression changed and she murmured, “He’s just a stinky beggar in the town. Third Prince, don’t pay attention to him…”

Li Longxing felt a pain in his heart and yelled through gritted teeth, “Liu Yanran, I am your fiancé after all. Even if you steal someone shamelessly, you have to break off the engagement with me first, right?”

“Huh, don’t talk nonsense here. I have nothing to do with you anymore.”

“Get out of here right now, otherwise, don’t blame me for not remembering our old friendship!”

Liu Yanran was extremely angry, pointed at Li Longxing and screamed.

She finally managed to seduce the high-ranking third prince, how could she let this loser ruin a good thing?


He was about to order someone to beat Li Longxing out.

The third prince suddenly pulled Liu Yanran up, hugged her slender waist, and came to Li Longxing in a majestic manner.

There was playfulness and disdain in his eyes, “Are you Yanran’s good-for-nothing fiancé?”

“Get your dirty hands off.” Li Longxing yelled.

“Haha, what? Are you not convinced? Do you want to hit me?” The third prince smiled coldly and arrogantly like an emperor dominating the world.

Li Longxing slapped him away.
“How dare you be rude to the Third Prince!”

With a bang, Li Longxing’s eyes flashed with light, and he flew out like a scarecrow.

“Hahahaha…” The third prince laughed wildly.

After laughing, he looked down at Li Longxing condescendingly, his voice as cold as ice, “You know? In the eyes of this prince, you are worse than a dog. If I want to kill you, it will be easier than squeezing an ant to death!”

After saying that, he hugged Liu Yanran and turned back to his seat!

“Bitch, I’ll fight you!” Li Longxing struggled to get up and was about to rush forward.

“You are so stubborn that you are really looking for death!”

The guards of the third prince came forward again and punched and kicked Li Longxing.

Soon, Li Longxing was lying on the ground dying, blood was pouring from his orifices, and his life or death was uncertain!

All the clothes on his body were shattered, revealing a jade pendant hanging around his neck.

The jade pendant is dark yellow in color, but it is carved with countless ancient and profound strange patterns, forming the appearance of an ancient tripod.

Blood gurgled from the mouth, gradually dyeing the jade pendant red…

As the blood seeped in, wisps of golden light invisible to the naked eye suddenly emerged from the ancient tripod pattern on the jade pendant and slowly integrated into Li Longxing’s body.

Li Longxing’s head exploded…

“Don’t let this stinky beggar die in front of this prince, what a bad luck!”

Seeing that Li Longxing was motionless, the third prince waved his hand.

When the guard saw this, he dragged one of Li Longxing’s legs and walked out!

Looking at the arrogant third prince, Li Longxing felt filled with hatred.

And Liu Yanran, who was so lovable next to the third prince, was completely heartbroken!

“Third Prince, Liu Yanran, you two bastards, I will never let you go even if I’m a ghost!”

While roaring, Li Longxing was thrown out like a dead dog.

He tilted his head and fainted instantly…

It was as if the soul was out of body.

Appearing again, he was already in a huge chaotic world.

The sky is gray and heavy with vicissitudes of life.

As far as the eye can see, in the billowing gray fog ahead, there stands a huge cauldron that seems to be as high as the sky.

With three legs and two ears, it is majestic.

The bronze tripod body is engraved with countless simple and small runes.

“Historical Records of Tianyuan” contains: “Only those who are virtuous can win the tripod. Jie has no virtue, and the tripod is easy to trade. The merchants are tyrannical and moved to the Zhou Dynasty…”.

Since ancient times, the tripod has been a symbol of identity, status, and wealth in Tianyuan Continent. People use it to offer incense to harness the aura of heaven and earth, bless their lives, prosper their foundations, and prosper their families.

Although Li Longxing had a troubled destiny, he received a good education in Yandi City before he was ten years old. Seeing this bronze cauldron of heaven and earth, all kinds of thoughts immediately came to his mind!

“Gaga, I didn’t expect that after hundreds of thousands of years, I would finally taste the taste of fresh blood again…”

At this time, a burst of laughter suddenly interrupted Li Longxing’s reverie.

“Who is talking?” He was startled, raised his head and looked towards the big cauldron.

The sound came from the cauldron.

“You are not qualified to know my name yet. Since you woke me up, I can grant you a request. Tell me, what do you want?” The voice was simple and vicissitudes of life, surrounding the surroundings, as if coming from all directions.

Li Longxing thought for a while and asked tentatively, “Are any requirements acceptable?”

“Yes, anything will do!”

Li Longxing said without hesitation, “I want to become stronger, can you help me?”

Ever since he was ruthlessly driven to Qingyun Town by his family, Li Longxing had suffered a lot of humiliation.

He longs to become stronger all the time!

Coupled with the fact that he was raped in public today, Li Longxing’s desire to become stronger has reached an uncontrollable level.

Only by becoming stronger can we regain our lost dignity.

Only by becoming stronger can the couple be severely punished.

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