Chapter 2 Peerless Heavenly Spiritual Root

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Chapter 2 Peerless Heavenly Spiritual Root
Now that he has the opportunity, of course Li Longxing cannot give up.

“Let me check your body first!”

The vicissitudes of voice echoed, Li Longxing’s heart trembled and his expression was complicated.

He was full of hope, but he was also afraid of the despair that awaited him.

Because in the family’s test, he was a waste with no spiritual roots.

In anxiety, time passed quietly.

After Mo Yue burned the incense, a sudden exclamation came from his ears, “Huh?”

“What’s wrong? Senior, do I have no spiritual roots and cannot practice?” Li Longxing’s heart suddenly pounded, and his face became extremely pale.

He was afraid that the scene of the family test would happen again!

But there is still a glimmer of hope in my heart, hoping that the mysterious existence in the cauldron can change fate against the will of heaven.

“No, you are wrong. Not only are you not a waste with no spiritual roots, you actually possess peerless heavenly spiritual roots that are rare throughout the ages!”

“I didn’t expect that I would fall asleep many times and when I woke up again, I would pick up such a big leak. God will never stop me, God will never stop me, hahahaha…”

Li Longxing’s mind roared, and his eyes widened in disbelief, “Heaven… Tianlinggen? Senior, you said that I am the legendary Tianlinggen? How is this possible?”

“There is no need to doubt that you are the legendary Heavenly Spiritual Root that is unique among billions.” The simple voice said with a smile full of ecstasy.

“Then during the family test, why was it found that I had no spiritual root attributes?” Li Longxing still couldn’t believe it.

“Humph, that’s because someone secretly tampered with you, causing the pearl to be covered in dust and the genius to be shamed!”

Li Longxing felt as if he was struck by lightning, “Did you do anything?”

“Yes, your Heavenly Spiritual Root has been forcibly sealed by someone using some extremely vicious secret method. If you had not met me, in another three to five years, your Heavenly Spiritual Root would have completely dried up, and at that time, you He will be completely reduced to a waste and lost to everyone!” The vicissitudes of life’s voice sighed.

Li Longxing was shocked. He didn’t expect that he, who had been scolded as a waste, was not a waste at all!

But someone had done something to his body since he was a child, and forcibly sealed his heavenly spirit root.

The Tianling Root is the highest level and most powerful spiritual root attribute in the legend of Tianyuan Continent!

Compared with human spiritual roots, earth spiritual roots, and the five element spiritual roots, I don’t know how many times more powerful it is.

It is said that once a monk with Tianling Root embarks on the journey of cultivation, he will have a smooth journey in the future and will not encounter any obstacles at all.

Both the speed of cultivation and the understanding are beyond the reach of ordinary people!

But, who is so vicious and does such an unconscionable thing to himself?

“You bastard, if I find out who did it, I will skin you, cramp you, and cut you into pieces!”

Li Longxing’s eyes were spitting fire, he was breathing heavily, and the hatred in his heart was overwhelming.

The strong in Tianyuan Continent are respected!

That abominable black hand forcibly sealed Li Longxing’s Tianling Root, turning him into a waste and suffering all the humiliation.

This is forcing him to die.

Li Longxing gritted his teeth and secretly swore in his heart that when the time comes in the future, he will cut the mastermind into pieces.

Of course, the most important thing right now is to unlock the seal.

He quickly asked, “Since senior can see the problem, can you help me solve the problem of Tianlinggen?”

“It’s not impossible, but I have just woken up and my strength is limited. I can’t help you directly unlock the seal yet. You need to do something for me first!”

“Oh? What do you want me to do?”

“It’s very simple. Help me find a lot of heavenly materials and earthly treasures. The more, the better. In this way, I will recover quickly!”

“This…” Li Longxing frowned in embarrassment!

As an abandoned son of the Li family, how could he have any natural talents?

Even Uncle Dong’s life hangs on a thread, and he doesn’t have enough silver dollars to save him!

Going to buy Tiancai Dibao? Even more wishful thinking.

But soon, Li Longxing’s eyes flashed. Can a living person be suffocated to death?

The Li family is an ancient alchemy family inherited from the Great Yan Empire!

The entire Li family is like a towering tree with luxuriant branches and leaves.

The Li family in Qingyun Town is just a branch of the main family.

Responsible for growing some special herbs for the owner’s family.

There is a huge medicinal field in the forbidden area behind the mountain.

You can find a way to go to the medicine field to get some natural materials and treasures!

“Haha, go ahead, find the treasure of heaven and earth, call me again!” That mysterious existence seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts and see through what Li Longxing was thinking!

As soon as the voice fell, Li Longxing’s head went crazy!
The soul returns to the body!

At this moment, he was still lying in the gurgling blood.

Not far away, the Liu family’s huge “summer resort” looked like a wild beast in the night, with Wei Wei standing majestically!

“Liu Yanran, and that bullshit Third Prince, just wait for me, I will never let you go!” Li Longxing gritted his teeth and turned around angrily to leave.

If I don’t take revenge for this, I swear I won’t be a human being!

But not now, but when I am strong enough.

Return to the Li family.

I saw Uncle Dong still lying on the bed dying, his face was like gold paper!

“Uncle Dong…” Li Long felt sad and couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Ever since his parents disappeared, Li Longxing had been the one who was pooped and peed by Uncle Dong.

If it weren’t for Uncle Dong, the grass on Li Longxing’s grave would be several feet deep.

When Uncle Dong’s condition worsened, the second uncle who was in charge of the Li family branch here not only ignored him, but also repeatedly made things difficult and exploited him.

As a result, Li Longxing had to go out to beg frequently to maintain their livelihood.

In this Qingyun Town, the name of “Young Beggar” Li Longxing is so well-known that no one knows it!

This time, seeing that Uncle Dong was about to die, Li Longxing put down his dignity and went to Liu Yanran, hoping to borrow some silver coins to take Uncle Dong for treatment.

But I never expected…

“Why are you crying? Why don’t you go find the treasures of heaven and earth as soon as possible, otherwise, he will really be hopeless!”

At this time, that vicissitudes of voice suddenly sounded in Li Longxing’s mind!

“Senior, can you save Uncle Dong?”

“Of course, but…”

“But what? Senior, please speak out if you want anything!” Li Longxing said loudly.

“As I said before, I need heavenly materials and earthly treasures!” The vicissitudes of life’s voice replied.

“Okay, I’ll get it right now!”

Li Longxing gritted his teeth suddenly, let go of Uncle Dong’s cold hand, turned and left the wooden house.

The night is deep and the moonlight is like water!

Li Longxing stepped into the night and rushed toward the back mountain with long strides.

Li’s medicine field is located in a valley in the back mountain, surrounded by mountains and heavily restricted!

Just as they arrived at the entrance of the valley, a man in black floated out and shouted, “Trash, what are you doing here?”

The second uncle’s henchmen were tortured by force!

Li Longxing said quickly, “I was sent by Gu Gu. He wants a batch of star leaf grass to make elixirs.”

Wu Xing frowned, his face full of disbelief, “Why would Gu Gu send a loser like you to get herbs?”

Li Longxing said, “If you don’t believe it, you can ask him yourself!”

Wu Xing thought for a while and said coldly, “That’s all, just follow me in!”

It was already late at night, and Wu Xing really didn’t want to mobilize troops. Besides, Gu was the alchemist enshrined in the house. He had a high position and a very lonely and eccentric personality. He could do anything.

If he delayed his alchemy refining, even the second master wouldn’t be able to protect himself.

Star Leaf Grass is only a first-level herb, not expensive, so it doesn’t hurt to let him take some.

Soon, Li Longxing, led by Wu Xing, entered the depths of the valley!

A vast medicinal field is filled with densely packed herbs, ranging from the first to the fourth level.

The most important herbal medicine is the third-level Guye flower, which can only grow due to the special climate of Qingyun Town.

“Although they are just low-level herbs, they can barely restore some of my cultivation!”

An invisible aura suddenly emerged from the jade pendant around Li Longxing’s neck, like a storm, sweeping across the entire medicinal field in an instant!

All the herbs trembled and turned into a majestic and strange power, roaring towards Li Longxing!

“Senior, stop!” Li Longxing shouted quickly.

If all the herbs were swallowed by him, then he and Uncle Dong would be doomed.

“Haha, don’t worry, I only absorb some of the power of the herbs and won’t let them cut off their roots!”

When Li Longxing heard this, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief!

When the mysterious senior absorbed the power of the herbal medicine, Wu Xing couldn’t sense it at all!

Li Longxing was ecstatic inside.

As long as the mysterious senior absorbs enough power of herbs, all problems can be easily solved.

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