Chapter 10 A kind face but a dark heart

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Chapter 10 A kind face but a dark heart
Li Longxing walked to the counter.

Sitting behind him was an old shopkeeper in his sixties.

He has a thin face and looks kind-hearted, but his pair of small triangular eyes exude a subtle and cunning light from time to time.

Seeing Li Longxing approaching, the shopkeeper said nothing and just looked at him indifferently.

“Shopkeeper, I’m here to sell some herbs.” Li Longxing said straight to the point.

“Oh? Take it out and take a look!” the old shopkeeper said without interest.

Li Longxing opened the storage ring, took out six second- to third-level herbs, and placed them on the counter.

He has no use for these herbs now. After selling them, he can buy a batch of first-level herbs suitable for alchemy.

In addition, you also need to buy a cauldron suitable for alchemy!

Seeing the six herbs on the counter, the shopkeeper’s eyes lit up.

This batch of herbs can be sold for tens of thousands of silver dollars in total.

Li Longxing asked, “Shopkeeper, do you know how much I can sell these herbal medicines for?”

The old shopkeeper said quietly, “Let me take a look first!”

After saying this, he picked up the herbs and examined them one by one.

After a while, with a sudden touch, most of the herbs were put into the storage space, leaving only one second-level herb lying alone on the counter.

Li Longxing’s expression changed, “Shopkeeper, what do you mean?”

The shopkeeper’s triangular eyes narrowed to a slit, and he sneered, “It’s not interesting. Here, these are the silver coins you used to sell herbal medicines. Take them!”


More than a dozen silver dollars fell on the counter, making a crisp sound.

“You want to covet my herbal medicine?” Li Longxing raised his brows, and an unconcealable coldness flashed in his eyes.

I thought that Dange was doing big business and was naive.

I didn’t expect that the shopkeeper here, with a kind face and a dark heart, would dare to blatantly covet his own medicinal herbs.

“Hmph, why are you greedy for your herbal medicine? Boy, if you dare to talk nonsense again, believe it or not, I will have you thrown out immediately?” The old shopkeeper smiled coldly and nuzzled at the dozen silver dollars on the counter, as if to say goodbye. The man said like a beggar, “Take those silver coins and get out of here right away, otherwise, you may be in danger!”

“Are you really sure you want to do this?” Li Longxing’s face darkened, murderous intent shining in his eyes.

“Get lost!” The old shopkeeper suddenly raised his voice and shouted arrogantly!

As the sound passed, everyone in the hall followed suit.

At the same time, several guardian disciples of the Dan Pavilion came quickly.

Under the look of the old shopkeeper, the Dan Pavilion disciples quickly surrounded Li Longxing.

Li Longxing ignored the guarding disciples, but stared at the shameless old shopkeeper with cold eyes.

“Hmph, what are you looking at? Do you think I’m afraid of you? He’s just an abandoned son of the Li family, a stinky beggar!” The old shopkeeper smiled contemptuously and said loudly, “Take these silver coins and get out of here, you stinky beggar! ”

“Haha…” Upon hearing this, all the guardian disciples burst into laughter.



At this moment, a scream suddenly echoed through the entire hall.

The laughter of the guardian disciples suddenly stopped.

All the guests in the hall were also stunned!

I saw the originally proud old shopkeeper, now his nose was crooked, his mouth was slanted, his jaw was smashed, and blood was pouring out desperately for no money.


After waking up from the shock, the whole hall instantly heard gasps of cold air.

There was an uproar at the same time!

“Who is this kid? How dare you do something in this Dan Pavilion?”

“I know him, he is Li Longxing, the famous beggar young master in the town!”

“You are so bold. You are really so bold. Dan Pavilion is the branch of Dan Ding Sect, one of the nine major superpowers in the mainland. No one has ever dared to make trouble here before!”

“This stinky beggar is dead!”
Just as everyone was talking, a sharp roar suddenly resounded through the hall, instantly overwhelming all the sounds, “Smelly beggar, you dare to hit me?”

It’s the old shopkeeper with a crooked nose and a crooked mouth!

Standing up at this moment, infinite resentment burst out from his triangular eyes, he pointed at Li Longxing and roared fiercely.

Li Longxing said coldly, “Give me the herbs immediately, otherwise, I will beat you to death today!”

“Haha, beat me to death? Just because you are a good-for-nothing stinky beggar?” the old shopkeeper laughed angrily.

It was because he recognized Li Longxing’s identity that he decided to take advantage of Mo’s batch of herbs.

Li Longxing was just an abandoned son of the Li family. He was not loved by his mother and uncle, and he was disliked by dogs when he came out.

If such a person is greedy for his medicinal herbs, what can he do to himself?

That’s tens of thousands of silver dollars, which is worth the months of hard work.

I just didn’t expect that this stinky beggar would dare to attack me directly.

“Kill me…” The old shopkeeper was about to give an order.

But at this moment, Li Longxing, who had been prepared for a long time, suddenly swayed and approached instantly. He reached out and grabbed his neck and lifted him high!

“Ahem… Damn it, let me go, let me go!” The old shopkeeper kicked his legs wildly and shouted loudly.

“Let go of my shopkeeper quickly, otherwise, you will definitely not be able to leave alive today!”

“Smelly beggar, let go!”

All the guardian disciples yelled and cursed!

Li Longxing ignored the guardian disciples, but directly grabbed the old shopkeeper’s neck and strode towards the shelf in the hall.

Being thrown into the trap of fear, all the disciples gave way one after another.

Li Longxing waved his left hand and put all the herbs on the shelf into the storage ring.

Finally, he also took away a good-looking Danding.

After doing all this, he walked straight outside the Dan Pavilion without stopping.


“Smelly beggar, let the old shopkeeper go!”

All the disciples jumped up and down anxiously.

The identity of the old shopkeeper is not simple. He is the father-in-law of the owner of the Dan Pavilion here.

Now the pavilion master is in retreat. If something happens to his father-in-law, everyone will definitely not be able to live without food.

Swish, swish, swish…

Amid the roar, all the disciples flashed and blocked the entrance of the Dan Pavilion.

Li Longxing’s eyes turned cold, “Get everyone out of my way, otherwise, I will strangle him to death!”

With a slight exertion of force on his right hand, the old shopkeeper’s face suddenly turned red and he screamed like a slaughtered pig.

A disciple roared angrily, “Boy, the old shopkeeper is the father-in-law of the Pavilion Master. Let him go quickly, otherwise, once the Pavilion Master comes out of seclusion, you will die without a burial place!”

“Yes, the master of the pavilion is cultivating Tongtian. Even if you can get out of this door, you will never be able to leave Qingyun Town alive!”

“Let him go quickly, and we can forget about what you just did!”

The old shopkeeper also turned his eyes and begged, “As long as you let me go, I can promise that I will not pursue the offense you just committed!”


“Hmph, do you think I, a three-year-old kid, will believe your lies?” Li Longxing sneered, grabbed the old shopkeeper by the neck, and continued walking out.

Since this old guy is the father-in-law of the pavilion master, he cannot be let go.

Otherwise, once he is released, he will definitely die today!

Li Longxing has made up his mind. Now that he has enough herbs, he can go to the Hengduan Mountains during this period and find a safe place to hide and practice hard!

As long as you are strong enough, no one will dare to fart again when you return to Qingyun Town!

“You bitch, let my father-in-law go!”

At this moment, a thunderous explosion resounded in everyone’s ears.

Immediately, a middle-aged man who looked like an iron tower jumped down from the ninth floor of Dan Pavilion and blocked Li Longxing’s way.

It is none other than the master of the Dan Pavilion—Li Chenfeng!

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