Chapter 9 Trampled to death

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Chapter 9 Trampled to death
Li Longxing did not go home.

He took long strides and walked towards the Dan Pavilion in the town.

Most of the cultivation resources that Tan Shaomo gave him were second-level or above, and there were very few first-level herbal medicines.

For Li Longxing now, he couldn’t use it directly, so he wanted to go to the Dan Pavilion to exchange some first-level herbs to refine elixirs suitable for him.

Only in this way can one quickly rise to the innate realm.

Although Qingyun Town is only a town, it covers a large area.

In addition, the geographical location is very special, close to the Hengduan Mountains, and the economy here has also developed very prosperously.

Even some of the superpowers on the mainland have established branches here.

Dan Pavilion is the branch established here by the Danding Sect, one of the nine superpowers in the mainland.

The purpose is to purchase the herbs and demon pills of various grades from the Hengduan Mountains nearby.

It was already dark, but the entire Qingyun Town was brightly lit and bustling with pedestrians, creating a scene of prosperity and prosperity.

“Hey, stinky beggar, stop!” At this moment, a harsh voice sounded.

Li Longxing looked up, his face suddenly darkened.

The ones blocking him were a dozen dudes from Qingyun Town.

They are all Li Tian’s lackeys, and they only follow Li Tian’s orders.

Li Longxing was often bullied by them in the past.

The person who just called him a stinky beggar was Hu Mingxiong, the eldest young master of the Hu family!

Although Hu Xiong has extremely poor talent, with the Hu family’s desperate accumulation of resources, he has successfully entered the eighth level of the acquired realm!

Compared with the current Li Longxing, it is two small realms higher.

As for the remaining dandies, they are all around the fifth level of the Houtian realm.

“Haha, you stinky beggar, I didn’t see you begging during the day. It turns out you work overtime at night!” Hu Xiong saw Li Longxing looking over and taunted him again.

“Ah haha…” When the dudes behind him heard this, they immediately burst into laughter.

“Good dog, if you don’t block the way, get out of my way immediately!” Li Longxing shouted coldly.

The laughter of the dandies suddenly stopped!

Everyone looked at Li Longxing with incredible eyes.

Is this loser out of his mind? How dare you be so rude to Mr. Hu.

Hu Xiong’s expression suddenly changed, a fierce look flashed in his eyes, he stared at Li Longxing fiercely and said, “Damn waste, what did you just say? Say it again if you dare!”

He also knew about Li Longxing’s spiritual root recovery!

After all, the news that Li Tian was going to have a life-and-death duel with Li Longxing in the family disciple competition had already spread throughout Qingyun Town.

But he doesn’t care!

Even if this waste spiritual root is restored, it will only reach the sixth level of the acquired realm!

He is a strong man in the eighth level, why are he afraid of this waste?

Seeing that Li Longxing didn’t speak, Hu Xiong continued to shout arrogantly, “Trash, kneel down and kowtow thirty times to me immediately, and then get under my crotch. Otherwise, I will beat you to the point where your mother will be beaten tonight.” I don’t even know him!”

“Haha…” Everyone laughed again.

“Yes, kneel down and kowtow immediately, otherwise, once Mr. Hu takes action, you will be dead!”

“Kneel down, kneel down, kneel down…”

“Seeking death!” Li Longxing raised his right hand and slapped him directly.



Hu Xiong screamed and flew out, even his chin was slapped to pieces.

Several bloody teeth fell to the ground with a crackle.


The whole street fell silent for an instant!

Everyone opened their eyes in disbelief and stared at Li Longxing dumbfounded.

This is unscientific!

When Li Longxing met these dandies in the past, when was he not beaten to death by them?

But this time, Hu Xiong was easily slapped away by Li Longxing.
Everyone was shocked by this scene.

After slapping Hu Xiong away, Li Longxing walked away, “Everyone, get out of here!”


All the dandies gave way.

It was as if they were facing a wild beast at this moment, giving them an extremely strong sense of oppression.

“Damn it, don’t leave!” Hu Xiong struggled to get up and rushed over with a malicious look, blocking Li Longxing’s way.

“Are you really looking for death?” Li Longxing shouted expressionlessly.

“Hmph, I was unprepared before and was attacked by a loser like you. This time, I won’t be careless!”

Hu Xiong gritted his teeth and roared, raised his right hand, and slapped Li Longxing hard.



Amidst the screams, Hu Xiong flew out again and landed heavily on the ground.

His limbs twitched, and he opened his mouth and spurted blood!

Li Longxing stepped forward with his right foot, stepped forward instantly, raised his foot and stepped on his head, “Do you accept it?”

Hu Xiong roared crazily, “You have a father and a son but a son of a bitch, take your feet off me immediately, otherwise, I won’t be able to spare you!”

“What did you say?” Li Longxing’s face turned grave!

His parents are his enemies.

Now, Hu Xiong even scolded his parents.

“Hmph, so what if I scold your parents? How dare you do anything to me?” Hu Xiong shouted confidently.

The Hu family is an extremely wealthy family in the town and has raised a large number of masters.

Although not as good as the Li family, Li Longxing is just an abandoned son of the Li family, a good-for-nothing young master, so what should he fear?

He didn’t believe it, how dare Li Longxing do anything to him!

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a loud bang spread throughout the street.

Red and white splashed all over the faces of the dandies!

“Ah! You…you actually killed Mr. Hu?”

“You are dead, you are dead, you know? Once the Hu family finds out about this, they will cut you into pieces!”

All the dudes turned pale and screamed.

“Remember, don’t mess with me again, otherwise, he will be your fate!”

Li Longxing pointed at Hu Xiong, whose head was trampled into a rotten watermelon, and strode away.

I won’t offend anyone unless they offend me!

If anyone offends me, he will be punished!

The dandies dare not stop him!

After a while, they all rushed towards the Hu family.

Li Longxing ignored it. Those minions were still beyond his eyes.

He continued walking towards Dan Pavilion.

He is extremely happy at this moment!

It feels so good to be proud and proud!

Soon, Li Longxing arrived at the door of Dan Pavilion!


Dan Pavilion is the branch of Danding Sect, one of the nine superpowers in the mainland, established in Qingyun Town. The tall and majestic building is divided into nine floors. It looks like a golden rooster standing alone and standing out from the flock. It is more majestic than all the buildings in the town.

The two gilded ancient Chinese characters “Dan Pavilion” shine brightly under the illumination of several red lanterns.

Business inside was very good, with countless monks coming in and out.

The sound of bargaining is endless.

Li Longxing stepped in!

When those Dan Pavilion disciples saw Li Longxing in ragged clothes, they all looked indifferent and dismissed him.

However, the rules of the Dan Pavilion were very strict, and there was no disciple who looked down upon others and expelled him on the spot.

Li Longxing glanced at the shelves in the hall and found that all the herbs on them were first- and second-order ones!

All the alchemy materials you need are available here.

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