Chapter 2 The Captain of the Lost Home

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Chapter 2 The Captain of the Lost Home
This is not the first time Zhou Ming has passed through this door and came to the “opposite side”.

A few days ago, Zhou Ming woke up and found that he was trapped in his room by some kind of “vision”. After a strange thick fog obscured the entire world, he discovered this strange place “opposite” the door. .

After all, that door was now the only exit from his “room.”

He still remembered the confusion and confusion he felt when he first opened the door and saw the deck outside. He also remembered the shock and panic when he lowered his head for the first time and saw that he had changed his body. But after that, in order to seek With the opportunity to break through the predicament, he has boldly conducted several successful explorations of “this side”. Now, although he still doesn’t understand what happened to him, nor does he understand that this ship appeared outside his “door” “What is the situation of the strange ship? But at least, he has gained some experience and has some preliminary understanding of the ship.

Like the previous times, Zhou Ming used the shortest possible time to force himself to get rid of the dizzy feeling caused by walking through the door. Then he immediately confirmed the condition of this body. He checked the short gun in his hand. His memory compared all the details, and he finally confirmed that the items he was carrying were the same as when he left the deck last time.

“…It seems that every time you pass through this door, your body will ‘seamlessly switch’… It would be great if a camera could be placed on the deck, so that you could confirm that you pushed open the captain’s cabin door and returned to the apartment room. Will this body change when…

“It’s a pity that the items from the two ‘worlds’ cannot pass through the gate, and there is no way to bring the camera over…

“However, the mobile phone placed in the apartment recorded the scene when I walked through the gate from there. I did walk through the black fog… so it was indeed my body that ‘changed’ when I passed through the black fog. Has it become like this?”

Zhou Ming muttered. He knew that standing on the deck talking to himself like this might look a bit funny to outsiders, but he had to make some noise. On this strange, deserted ghost ship…he Need some evidence to prove that you are still “alive”.

A gust of salty sea breeze blew across the deck, blowing the black and blue captain’s uniform of unknown material on his body. Zhou Ming sighed softly, but he did not walk towards the deck, but turned around to look. Hold the door behind you.

He put his hand on the doorknob.

After turning the handle and pushing the door inward, he would see a thick gray-black fog. Through the thick fog, he would return to his bachelor apartment where he had lived for many years.

He used force in his hands to pull the door open.

The slightly heavy oak door creaked. Inside the door was a slightly dim cabin. In the dim light, you could see the exquisite tapestries hanging on the walls, shelves with many decorations, and There is a large nautical table in the center of the room, and a small door located at the deepest part of the room. There is a burgundy carpet in front of the door.

Push the door open, and you will return to your bachelor apartment. When you open the door, you will find the captain’s cabin – and the latter is obviously the “normal facility” on this ship.

Zhou Ming stepped into the captain’s cabin. As he passed the door, he habitually looked to the left – a mirror as tall as one person was fixed on the wall next to him. In the mirror, “Zhou Ming” was clearly reflected. What it looks like now.

He was a tall man with thick black hair, a short majestic beard, and deep-set eye sockets. His appearance alone seemed to have an aura of calmness and self-importance. He seemed to be over forty years old, but he was heroic. The appearance and oppressive eyes seem to blur this sense of age, and the well-made captain’s uniform shows the special identity of the person in the mirror.

Zhou Ming moved his neck and made a face in the mirror – he felt that he was an easy-going and friendly person, but the image in the mirror really didn’t match his temperament, but he soon gave up this attempt. , because he felt that instead of looking friendly in the mirror, he had changed from a majestic captain to more like a psychopathic serial killer…

While Zhou Ming was doing these actions, a slight clicking sound came from the direction of the navigation table. Unsurprisingly, he looked in the direction of the sound and saw that there were items placed on the table. A wooden goat-head statue was turning its face towards him little by little – the inanimate wooden block seemed to come to life at this moment, and the obsidian eyes embedded in the wooden face were staring at this side faintly.

The panicked memory of the first time he saw this strange scene flashed through his mind, but Zhou Ming just raised the corner of his mouth. He stepped towards the navigation table, and the wooden goat head on the table also rotated a little bit. A hoarse and gloomy voice came from its neck: “Name?”

“Duncan,” Zhou Ming said calmly, “Duncan Abnomar.”

The wooden goat-headed voice instantly changed from hoarse and gloomy to warm and friendly: “Good morning, Captain, I’m glad to see you still remember your name – how are you in your mood today? How is your body today? How did you sleep last night? Okay? I hope you had a good dream. Besides, today is a good day to set sail. The sea is calm, the wind direction is suitable, it is cool and comfortable, and there are no annoying navy and noisy crew. Mr. Captain, you know a noisy crew… …”

“You are noisy enough.” Even though it was not the first time he had dealt with this weird goat head, Zhou Ming still felt his brain trembling at this moment. He glared at the guy almost viciously, his voice squeezing through his teeth. Come out, “Quiet.”

“Oh, oh, oh, of course, Captain, you like silence, and your loyal first mate, second mate, boatswain, sailor and lookout know this very well. There are many benefits to keeping quiet. There was once a man in the medical field… …maybe in the field of philosophy or architecture…”
Zhou Ming now felt that not only his brain was trembling, but his bronchial tubes were also beginning to tremble: “I mean, I’m ordering you to stay quiet!”

When the word “order” was spoken, the goat head finally became quiet.

Zhou Ming breathed a sigh of relief, walked over to the navigation table and sat down – now, he was the “captain” of this empty ghost ship.

Duncan Abnomar, a strange name and a difficult surname.

The moment he first passed through the black-gray mist and stepped onto the ship, he knew this in his mind. He knew that the body he was “over here” was named Duncan, and he knew that he was the member of the ship. The owner of the ship knows that the ship is sailing on a long journey far beyond imagination – he knows this, but this is all he knows.

The memory remaining in his mind was vague and thin, so that only the above-mentioned key paragraphs were left, and other details were completely blank. It was as if he knew that the ship had an amazing sailing plan, but had no idea where it was going. Unfortunately, the original owner of this ship, the real “Duncan Abnormar”, seemed to have died a long, long time ago.

The things that remained in Zhou Ming’s mind were more like the strongest and most profound “impressions” left in the world after a ghost captain died completely.

Instinct tells Zhou Ming that there is a big problem behind the identity of “Captain Duncan”, especially when there is a supernatural phenomenon (a talking wooden goat head) on the ship. The mystery of Captain Duncan may even mean something. A danger he had never imagined, but he had to bear this name in order to move safely on this ship.

Because just like the wooden goat head just now, something on this ship is trying to confirm the “captain’s identity” at any time.

Even the ship itself is constantly confirming the captain’s identity.

This feels like some kind of insurance measure, as if the captain of this ship may really forget his name at any time, and once he forgets his name, something extremely terrible and dangerous will happen. That’s why “inspection means” must be installed everywhere on the ship.

Zhou Ming didn’t know what the consequences would be if “Captain Duncan” forgot his name, but he believed that there would be no good consequences if he said his name wrong.

After all, even the wooden goat head on the navigation table doesn’t look like a kind person.

But if you bear the name Duncan Abnomar, then everything on this ship will be quite amiable.

Anyway, they don’t look very intelligent.

Zhou Ming—maybe he should be called Duncan. Duncan ended his brief contemplation and recollection, and then looked at the sea chart spread out on the table.

However, there were no identifiable routes, marks or land on the chart, and not even an island could be seen. On the surface of its rough and thick parchment, only large swaths of gray-white masses could be seen that were constantly undulating. Those gray-white, mist-like things seemed to obscure the routes that originally existed on the paper, and the only thing that could be seen in the center of the chart was the silhouette of a ship looming in the thick fog.

Duncan (Zhou Ming) has not had much experience in sailing in the past few decades, but even those who don’t know nautical charts must know that “normal” nautical charts don’t look like this.

Obviously, like the wooden goat’s head on the table, this chart is also some kind of supernatural item – but Duncan has not yet concluded its usage rules.

It seemed that he noticed that the captain’s attention was finally focused on the chart. The goat’s head that had been quiet for a long time on the table finally started to move again. It began to make a sound of rattling wood, and its neck twisted slightly. Go ahead, the twisting was relatively restrained at first, but soon the rattling noises became too much to ignore – eventually the whole head started to vibrate on the base as if it was in vibration mode.

Duncan was afraid that if this guy continued to smoke, he would dig wood for fire on his sailing table, so he finally couldn’t help but glance at it and said, “Say.”

“Yes, Captain – I have to say it again, today is a great day to set sail.

The Lost Home is waiting for your orders as always! Shall we raise the sail? “

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