Chapter 3 Border Trek

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Chapter 3 Border Trek

The stiff black face of the wooden goat head stared at Duncan who was sitting behind the navigation table. The obsidian eyes seemed to be flowing with strange light – in fact, this thing had no ability to produce expressions at all, but Duncan clearly understood from the other party. There was a certain look of expectation on that wooden face.

In fact, this is not the first time that Goat Head has urged him to “set sail”. Every time he comes here, Goat Head will urge him like this.

He even felt that the ship was constantly urging him to end this blind drifting on the sea as soon as possible and set sail to return to the right path as soon as possible.

However, Duncan fell silent. His naturally majestic face was covered with clouds. In his contemplation and silence, he was clearly aware of two problems:

First, he was the only one on the entire ship, and the size of the ship was simply crazy–as a sail-powered ship, the entire length of the ship called the “Lost Home” Duncan roughly estimated that it must be at least 150 to 200 meters away. To control such a behemoth, it would require at least dozens or even hundreds of experienced sailors. How could he drive it alone?

Second, after excluding the above-mentioned professional factors, there is still a key problem that hinders his sailing journey – he cannot sail a boat.

Duncan was a little anxious. He tried hard to imagine what would happen if he asked the weird and noisy goat-head in front of him about ship driving skills. After the hypothesis, he became even more anxious.

However, the goat head didn’t know what its captain was thinking. It just asked: “Captain, do you have any concerns? If you are worried about the situation of the Lost Home, then you can rest assured that the Lost Home will always be ready. Are you ready to sail to the end of the world with you, or are you worried that today’s voyage will be unlucky? I know a little about divination, and I wonder which kind of divination do you believe in more? Celestial signs, incense, and crystals are all fine. Speaking of crystals, do you still remember? …”

Duncan tensed up the muscles on his face, and while resisting the urge to fight to the death with the goat-head in front of him, he said in a deep voice: “I’ll go to the deck to observe the situation first – you stay here quietly.”

“I comply with your wishes – but I must remind you that the Lost Home has been drifting blindly for too long. You must take control of it as soon as possible to get this voyage back on track…”

The goat head said, and then with the sound of wood rubbing, it finally returned to its original posture.

Duncan felt that the whole world stopped for a moment.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and the resonance in his brain gradually calmed down. Then he picked up the flintlock gun on the table, stood up and walked out of the captain’s cabin.

This flintlock gun that looked quite old was found while he was exploring on the ship. He also found a one-handed sword, which is currently hanging on his waist. These two items were found by him on the ship. Guarantee of a sense of security during action.

During the past few days of exploration, he had spent a long time roughly learning how to use these two things – although so far, he had not seen any living creatures except himself on the ship.

Talking “items” don’t count.

The salty sea breeze blew against his face, and Duncan’s slightly irritable mood calmed down. He came to the deck outside the captain’s room and subconsciously looked up at the sky.

Thick clouds still cover the sky as far as the eye can see. No sun, moon or stars can be seen in the clouds. Only the turbid skylight covers the boundless sea.

This scene has been going on for a long time. In fact, since the day Duncan came to the ship, he has only seen such a sky – which even made him wonder whether normal weather does not exist in this world at all. These clouds Is the dense scene the eternal celestial phenomenon in this sea area?

Duncan turned around and saw the door to the captain’s cabin standing there quietly. On the beam above the door was a line of words engraved in some alphabet he didn’t recognize. When his eyes focused on that line of words, Its meaning came directly and clearly into his mind:

“Gate to the Homeless”.

“The Gate of the Homeless…the Homeless Ship?” Duncan muttered to himself, and then laughed at himself, “This ship does have a good name.”

Then he walked around the captain’s cabin and followed the stairs at the edge of the deck to the upper deck at the stern. There was a wooden platform here, and this was the place with the widest view of the entire ship besides the observation deck.

A heavy black steering wheel is quietly waiting for the helmsman to arrive on the platform.

Duncan frowned. For some reason, he suddenly felt a sense of urgency and anxiety, and this feeling seemed to have arisen out of thin air the moment he saw the helm.

He had never felt this way the few times he had been here before!

As if in response to the anxiety in his heart, an unprovoked and chaotic wind suddenly blew across the deck, and the originally calm sea around him instantly became rippled, although the waves were not strong enough to affect the huge “Homeless Ship”. “What impact did it have, but Duncan’s alarm bells rang in his heart. The next second, he was driven by intuition to look in the direction of the bow of the ship.

On the sea directly in front of the Lost Home, between the chaotic and hazy sky and sea, an endless wall of white fog that seemed to reach the sky seemed to emerge out of thin air, making his eyes widen in an instant!

It was a white mist that seemed to surround and isolate the entire world, connecting the sky and the earth like a cliff and crushing over it. But what made Duncan (Zhou Ming) more wary than its palpitating scale was that that thing made He instantly thought of the boundless fog outside the window of his bachelor apartment!

The Lost Home is heading straight for that wall of fog!

Duncan didn’t know what the thick fog was, nor what was in the depths of the fog, but he instinctively felt the great danger. His survival instinct told him that being swallowed by that thick fog was definitely not a good thing!

He subconsciously rushed towards the platform where the rudder was located – and a huge feeling of powerlessness also enveloped him at the same time: Even if he was at the helm, how could he drive this huge ship away from the wall of fog by himself?

But he still instinctively came to the helm, and almost at the same time, he heard a hoarse and gloomy voice coming from a copper pipe next to the helm that was connected to the captain’s cabin. That was the voice of “Goat Head”—— The strange thing’s tone turned out to be a little panicked this time:

“Your Excellency, Captain, there is a border collapse ahead, and we are approaching the limit of reality! Please adjust the course immediately!”

Listening to the panicked voice of the goat head, Duncan almost yelled – adjusting the course is easy, but you have to conjure up a hundred and eighty good brothers who know how to sail a boat on the spot to drive this thing!

Then he raised his head and glanced in the direction of the masts ahead, and saw a few bare masts standing on the deck, and his sadness became even more overwhelming – let alone raising the sails, in fact, this ship had no sails at all. Several poles are empty!

In his excitement, he didn’t even bother to seriously think about the weird words that came out of Goat Head’s sentence just now. Only instinct made him subconsciously grab the steering wheel in front of him that seemed to be shaking slightly for some reason.

This was the first time in several days that he took the initiative to put his hand on the steering wheel of the Lost Home – the strange situation on the ship and the goat-headed repeated urging always made him doubtful and full of “steering”. Resistance, and now, he finally had no chance to hesitate.

He held the rudder tightly, and his blank mind didn’t even have time to think about how to control an empty ghost ship with one person.

Change happens in the next moment.

A sound like a roaring mountain and a tsunami exploded in Duncan’s mind, as if there were ten thousand cheering people standing on the shore to see off a ship, and as if there were thousands of shouting sailors on the deck shouting the captain’s message. The name seems to be mixed with a desolate boat song and invisible stormy waves.

A group of green flames appeared at the edge of his vision. Duncan subconsciously looked at his palm. He saw a group of green flames suddenly burst out from the steering wheel of the Lost Home, and then swept over with astonishing speed. In the blink of an eye, it was Spread throughout the body.

In the fierce flames, the flesh and blood body suddenly became hollow and illusory. The captain’s uniform became shabby and tattered as if it had been soaked in sea water for tens or hundreds of years. Under the flesh and blood that suddenly became as illusory as a spirit body, Duncan could even vaguely see his own bones – flames jumping on those crystal-clear jade bones, and the unquenchable fire flowed through his body like water.

However, he couldn’t feel any pain or heat. In the raging flames, he only felt that his sensations were spreading in all directions.

The fire swept down from the bridge, spread over the deck, over the side of the ship, and over the mast. The flames intertwined like a net, and rose from the deck like a breath, spreading along the lonely mast, and finally at sea. It interweaves with the mist to form a huge sail like yarn and mist.

The Lost Home is sailing, in front of the rapidly collapsing frontier of reality.

(Oh my god, surprise!

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