Chapter 3 The Third Star

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Chapter 3 The Third Star

Jiang Chuyi returned to the hotel room and just opened the door and went in. Gao Ning was sitting on the sofa cursing someone.

When someone came in, Gao Ning stopped talking and asked, “How was the audition?”

Jiang Chuyi nodded, “Not bad.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” Jiang Chuyi closed the door and changed the subject: “What? Who offended you again.”

The assistant looked mysterious and came over to whisper to her: “Teacher Jiang, Xin He from Huarui is here too this time.”

She responded casually: “I know.”

Gao Ning leaned back on the sofa, crossed his legs, and continued to watch the excitement on his mobile phone, “Hua Rui is also low-key this time. He hasn’t cooperated with Xibao yet. I bought the draft for Xin He first. I want to take advantage of the popularity and go crazy.” Already?”

Everyone in the industry is well aware of Hua Rui’s usual hype tactics. Regardless of whether they have any works to produce or not, all of their artists are surrounded by scandals, and they often appear in front of the public based on their true and false romances, etc. Fans made a fuss, and the studio came out to pretend to clarify.

This kind of operation that is both upright and upright has been tried and tested repeatedly, and it has forced a lot of sense of existence.

“God damn, all the men in domestic entertainment have been drafting Ai Xinhe, and this time Zong is also included.” Gao Ning was overjoyed, “Looking at how badly he was scolded, it’s not embarrassing!”

Jiang Chuyi sat silently beside him without making a sound.

Gao Ning suddenly clicked his tongue: “Don’t tell me, Hua Rui is pretty good at this trick. Nowadays, little girls like to watch handsome guys and beauties speculate on CP.”

Jiang Chuyi didn’t answer.

Gao Ning called her, “What are you doing? Can’t you hear me?”

Jiang Chuyi groaned, “What?”

“Let me tell you, whoever was brought up by Xibao was not going to beat Bu Xiangchen?” Gao Ning became angry when he thought of this. “In the beginning, their team secretly issued a press release to pull you into some kind of on-screen CP. They are the lackeys behind you. The shitty guy became famous on Douyin, so he immediately distanced himself from the relationship, and his face was disgusting.”

Jiang Chuyi comforted her: “This kind of thing is normal.”

“So, you should be more diligent. If we want to form a CP, we will do something big. When the time comes, we will suck the blood and then abuse the fans to purify it. Are we still worried about not being popular again? Black and red are also red. It is better than sitting around at home picking at your feet. ”

Jiang Chuyi asked, “Who can I rub against?”

Gao Ning smiled: “How about you Gu Zong? I heard that you acted with him today?”

She thought about it and gave a fair evaluation, “Not bad.”

Gao Ning glanced at her sideways and sighed suggestively: “Of those in Xibao, he is the one with the most normal temper. He has been tied up many times. He is a perfect code for wealth.”

“Forget it.”

“Why forget it?”

Jiang Chuyi cast her gaze over and asked calmly, “Do you think I’m worthy?”

Not even saying whether she is worthy or not, it is still unknown whether she will offend others.

Gao Ning’s expression changed a few times, and he gritted his teeth: “Can’t you have some dreams? Even if you don’t develop well in the past two years, have you forgotten how popular you were before?”

What was the use of red before? After so long, few people remember it.

the two of them.

One is an “old” cabbage who has been struggling for many years and can only barely stay outside the 18th line, and the other is a popular star who has become famous just after he debuted.

Zong Ye is crazy to speculate on CP with her.


A few months later, the IM company assistant contacted Gao Ning and informed Jiang Chuyi that the interview had passed, and someone would come to discuss the contract process with them in the next two days.

At that time, Jiang Chuyi had just finished working in Changsha, lying in the back seat of the nanny car, chatting on WeChat with friends in the industry.

Gao Ning put down her phone and looked serious: “One piece of good news, one piece of bad news.”

“good news.”

“I passed the audition for the last movie.”

Jiang Chuyi’s eyes narrowed, “Where’s the bad news?”

“The heroine has chosen Xin He.”

Jiang Chuyi thought thoughtfully: “Oh…it’s her.”

Gao Ning commented with prejudice: “Hua Rui really spent a lot of money this time, and she really put Xin He in. With her acting skills, why?”

“Why did Xin He offend you and hate her so much?”

Jiang Chu Yixi thought for a moment, and realized that she was not worthy to be compared with Xin He. To put it bluntly, she would be beaten by her in all directions. Gao Ning acted as if he was her rival.

If fans knew that Gao Ning secretly pitted her against Xin He, it would be objective to say “landing on the moon and touching porcelain”.

Gao Ning hated her for not living up to expectations, and sighed: “Can’t you just say a few sour words? If we had her backing, I promise to make you 10,000 times more popular than her.”

However, Gao Ning just made a few remarks, and Xin He, a resourceful person, could not affect her good mood at all.

After all, IM’s positioning of Xibao has been very accurate. They have been in a unique state since their debut. So far, the aloof boy band BloodXGentle has refused to be bound by anything and has been concentrating on the stage from beginning to end.

Although many people were jealous of the heat on them and extended olive branches. However, the IM team is extremely strict and never accepts messy variety shows and TV series for its members.

This is the first time that I have chosen to cooperate with an artist in the industry, which may also be a period of transformation. Try the market waters first to pave the way for members’ future solos.

Jiang Chuyi’s ability to cooperate with them is already the best resource she can negotiate in recent years.

In addition, Gao Ning was finally able to disgust Bu Xiangchen’s manager.


Xibao’s plan is to release an album in the second half of next year. Several filming locations for the movie are set abroad. Including the post-production process, the time is tight, and Jiang Chuyi needs to spare more than a month to cooperate.

Gao Ning agreed immediately.

In the spirit of professionalism, Jiang Chuyi did a lot of homework during this period. After getting to know the information about each member, I went to the video website to search for the stages where BloodXGentle has a relatively high number of views, cached them, and watched them after work.

After the visa was issued, Jiang Chuyi packed his luggage and arrived in Beijing the night before departure.

The flight was in the early morning of the next day, and she and Xin He were going to Italy with the Western Storm people.

Winter has just begun in November in China, and the temperature has begun to drop on a large scale. Jiang Chuyi wore a thin sweater.

When she was about to arrive at the airport, Gao Ning told her again, “IM’s agent has been chatting with me during this period, saying that you are the most worry-free. I chose you this time. On the one hand, you have acted in movies before and can hold up.” Stay on camera. Furthermore, let’s try to be careful in private so as not to be photographed by the paparazzi. Don’t worry, we Chuyi have never had any scandals with male stars in the many years since our debut. Even if we have, they are just rumors, but they are clean. ”

Jiang Chuyi smiled, “Are you trying to hit you?”

“Isn’t it?” Gao Ning complained, “I heard that there seemed to be a kissing scene in the script. IM disagreed and deleted it. Even if you are not as popular as you, Qin Tong brought it out anyway. You are so cool. Is it displayed there well? There’s no need to post it back. That agent is afraid that we will take advantage of him.”

“I know.” Jiang Chuyi pointed outside, “Should I withdraw first?”

“Go ahead.”

After putting on the mask, Jiang Chuyi opened the door and got out of the car.

It was almost late at night, and a gust of cool wind blew. She shrank and tightened her windbreaker.

Xiao Zhong followed her with his suitcase, whispering gossip: “It’s so late, but there are still a lot of Xibao fans here.”

Jiang Chuyi looked back and said, “Can they get people here? IM people should go through a special passage.”

“The news must have been released in advance. They are probably going to go through the regular security check to meet the fans this time.”

Jiang Chuyi said oh.

Entering the airport lobby and changing boarding passes, Xiao Zhong suddenly grabbed Jiang Chuyi’s sleeve and said, “Teacher Jiang, look quickly.”

Jiang Chuyi turned his head in the direction she pointed.

The man from Xibao was spotted at a glance.

Even though they were dozens of meters away, they were still easy to find, and you didn’t even have to look for them specifically. The grand scene is the focus of the entire airport. The security guard stretched out his arms to form a circle, surrounded by fans wearing cheering uniforms.

Those in the middle are all good-looking, naturally attracting attention, and their height also has an advantage. Even if they are thrown into a crowd, they have the strongest sense of presence.

However, this group of fans was quite organized and disciplined. Although they were excited, they did not make any noise. They just gathered together in twos and threes, holding up their mobile phones, and followed them closely.

As they passed by, occasionally passers-by stopped curiously.

Jiang Chuyi suddenly understood how BloodXGentle could become so popular in such a short period of time.

Although they wear similar clothes, they are each handsome in their own way. It can only be said that the bragging on the Internet is not exaggerated at all. Just standing there, the few of them are a pleasing sight.

IM employees went over to check in their luggage, while the rest were waiting there.

I don’t know who suddenly shouted: “Zong Ye——”

Almost instantly, the suppressed calm atmosphere immediately collapsed.

After getting started, the rest of the people shouting came and went, and the crowd began to become obviously commotion. No matter how the security guards controlled order, it was useless.

Jiang Chuyi’s eyes stopped immediately, observing them.

Wang Tan was as slutty as ever, blowing a few kisses to the screaming crowd.

Fucheng, who was beside him, had his hands in his trouser pockets, and walked five steps with a stinking face from the beginning to the end, as if he was pretending to be stupid. This person’s face shape and hairstyle are very sharp, with single eyelids, he looks very hanging, even his eyes are intense, and his aura is cold and intimidating.

Zong Ye was neither enthusiastic nor distant. He leaned slightly and signed autographs unhurriedly. Occasionally he turned his head and smiled, responding to the enthusiastic fans. He was always very reserved.

Even though he was in a popular period, he didn’t pretend to be aloof, he didn’t have that aggressive aura, and he was extremely gentle in everything he said and did.

It was far different from the first impression he made on her that day in the hotel corridor.

Jiang Chuyi thought endlessly.

Although Zongya seems polite on the surface, he may not actually be as serious a person as people think.

After all, it is now popular to give yourself a rough character.

Jiang Chuyi’s train of thought was interrupted until a certain line of sight stared back.

Her heart skipped a beat.

It seems like I have been staring at him for too long…

Zong Ye obviously noticed her. He paused in signing and looked like he was asking what happened.

Jiang Chuyi was not at all flustered by being caught, and continued to move his eyes to the next place, pretending that he was just wandering in his mind.

Even without Gao Ning’s instructions, Jiang Chuyi did not plan to have any additional interactions with them.

In the eyes of others, it would probably become irrefutable evidence of her evil intentions.


After Xiao Zhong finished checking in, passed the security check, and entered the VIP lounge, Jiang Chuyi found a place to put down his backpack.

This bag contains the plush blanket and bunny scarf that she used to sleep on, and they should not be lost if they are placed here.

She planned to find a place to have dinner first.

Jiang Chuyi usually starts to control his weight before filming. He doesn’t eat fried foods or drinks, and only orders a salad.

After eating, I wandered around for a while to eat. When I returned to the lounge, I found that everyone from IM had also arrived.

Ji Kai was sitting at the very edge, wearing headphones and playing games without even raising his eyelids.

It was hard for Wang Tan to still remember her, so he said her name accurately, “Jiang Chuyi, is that you?”

Jiang Chuyi raised a smile and replied softly, “Hello.”

Fucheng heard the movement and glanced at her, but he was probably too lazy to speak and twitched the corners of his mouth as a greeting.

Jiang Chuyi walked past them and stopped at his seat.

There was another person sitting next to him.

Zongya was wearing a black sweatshirt, with his arms folded across his chest and his legs lazily straightened. The hat of the sweatshirt was very wide and framed on his head, almost covering his entire face.


Based on the slightly undulating breathing rate, she judged that he seemed to be sleeping.

Jiang Chuyi moved the bag away gently and sat down.

The seats in the VIP lounge all have built-in massage functions. She played with her phone for a while and glanced at the QR code on the armrest.

Jiang Chuyi checked the flight and found that it would take off in an hour.

She happened to suffer from frozen shoulder recently, and now she has nothing to do.

She put her head up to study it for a while, then opened WeChat and scanned the QR code.

A few seconds later, the phone dinged, indicating that the payment was successful.

Along with the cheerful music, the mechanical female voice sounded: “Welcome to the Ikkyu shared massage chair. This massage lasts fifteen minutes. Please enjoy it~”

Zong was also awakened by the notification sound and moved his body.

He looked like he hadn’t woken up, with his head leaning on his shoulders, soft broken hair hanging on his forehead, and he opened his eyes slowly.

Jiang Chuyi smiled apologetically at him.

Putting on the headphones, she adjusted her position and lay down, waiting quietly for the massage to begin.

After waiting for a while, I didn’t know what was wrong, but there was no response at all.

Jiang Chuyi stood up slightly and turned his head in confusion. Just as he was about to check, he noticed from the corner of his eye that the person next door was also sitting upright.

She suddenly froze.

Just watching helplessly, Zongye lowered his head and looked at his face——

The chair vibrated for no apparent reason.

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